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With all of the choices available for car floor mats, you may not know how to choose the best one for your needs and preferences. We’ve outlined the features of the top rated car floor mats for your convenience so you can narrow the choices you have and make finding the right car floor mats for your vehicle much simpler and stress free.

Introduction to the Car Floor Mat Reviews

There are a lot of things you can do to spruce up the inside of your car. One of the most often overlooked methods of giving your car an interior face-lift is by putting new car floor mats in it. Car floor mats do more than just improve the appearance of your car’s interior it also protects it from damage to the carpeting.

The floors of your car can be damaged by children or adults spilling food and drink, muddy pets getting in and out of the car, home improvement supplies, construction supplies and even inclement weather such as snow, mud and rain. Having good quality floor mats can prevent these things from ever reaching the floors of the car.

Most cars come with standard factory floor mats but these may not hold up to the rigors you put it through or they could just wear out over time. Making sure that you have good quality car floor mats will ensure that the car’s floors will stay looking clean and nice and will protect it from any long term damage that would require replacing the interior carpeting.

Best Overall Car Floor Mat

3pc All Weather Universal Car Mats

These car floor mats may just be the last floor mats you ever have to buy for your vehicle.

Tested and designed to withstand all weather conditions, they are really the only true universal car floor mat available.  Made of high quality rubber, these car mats are built to last.

You can trim these mats to fit the area you are putting them in. They are made in a unique shape that both the driver and the passengers will enjoy.  A lot of time and research has been done to come up with a design that the company truly believes is the best out there.

These car mats are super easy to clean. Just pull them out if the car, rinse them off with the hose and let air dry or dry with a rag before putting them back in it,  That’s all there is to it. Even the messiest mud tracked in can just be rinsed away.

The materials that these All Weather Universal Car Mats are made of are odorless, non toxic and will stay flexible even in extreme cold temperatures.  These car floor mats will fit almost all vehicles including makes like Nissan, Cadillac, Honda, Chevy, GMC, BMW and more.  You will get 2 front driver and passengers mats and 1 rear side runner that goes from driver side to passenger side. They are available in black.

BDK Real Heavy Duty Metallic Rubber Mats

BDK Heavy Duty Car floor mats have an attractive aluminum metallic design that is available in red and black, blue and black or pink and black. There are 4 pieces in each set.

The heavy duty construction of these floor mats hold water, dirt, snow and other messes thanks to the durable channel construction that prevents the messes from getting onto the vehicle’s carpeting.

Each mat is two toned and made of rubber for easy cleaning.  Each piece is fully washable and has an anti-slip nibbed rubber backing. The front mats measure 27 ¾”  x 19” and the rear mats measure 16 ½”  x 19”.

Car mats are a great way to protect your car’s interior floors and also give it a new look. With these colorful metallic design car mats you can protect your car AND have bling too.

Best Budget Car Floor Mat

MotorTrend 4 Piece Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mats

This set of 4 rubber car mats are heavy duty and can stand up to the messes they may encounter.  Made of 100% rubber material, they are both odorless and flexible.

Don’t worry about them not fitting your vehicle. They have over 500 trimmable patterns that are preset and designed after the most popular car layouts.

These mats won’t crack or get deformed no matter how extreme the heat or cold.  The heavy duty construction used to create these floor mats enables them to retain their shape for years to come.

The mats have a non skid rubber needle back that prevents them from slipping and moving around.

They won’t curl up under the front pedals either when they are properly installed, which is not hard to do at all.  The ridges and grooves that each mat has protect the floors against all kinds of messes, from spilled drinks to dirt, mud, snow and water.  Carefully take the mats out when they get dirty, rinse them off and dry them and they look good as new.

You won’t have that common and sometimes headache-inducing rubber smell that other rubber mats can cause. These mats from MotorTrend are 100% odorless.  They have been approved by SGS European standard as a non-toxic material.

Top Rated Car Floor Mat Summary

As you can see, all three of these top rated car floor mats provide the protection car owners are looking for. You don’t want to skimp on car floor mats that will wear out quickly, tear, or not do anything to truly protect your car’s interior.

With any of these three, your car will look better, be protected and cleaning will be easier too. Below we have even more information about car floor mats in our detailed buyer’s guide. With this information you will be able to easily choose the car floor mats that work the best for your vehicle’s needs.

Car Floor Mat Buying Guide

Car Floor Mat Reviews

What is a Car Floor Mat?

Nothing gets dirty in your car faster than the floors.  Whether it’s the bags of potting soil you put in there that got opened, or the muddy shoes of the kids or the spilled drink that ended up there when it toppled out of the car holder, there are all kinds of “attacks” on your car’s carpeting.

Car Floor Mat1Car floor mats can prevent any kind of long term damage to your carpeting in your vehicle and also give it a nice new look depending on the type of car floor mats you get. They extend the life of the carpeting, and help keep the resale value of your car at a higher rate.

There are lots of choices out there when it comes to car floor mats. Different styles, colors and even designs are all over the internet so how do you know which ones are good and which ones you wouldn’t want to have?

With the right information, you can sort through the available choices, weeding out the ones that do not meet your needs or preferences.

What is the Difference between a Floor Mat and a Floor Liner?

They may sound the same and some may even confuse the two and think they are the same thing, but there IS a difference between a floor mat and a floor liner.  Floor mats are flexible and made from different materials, sometimes even soft ones like carpeting.  They are designed to protect from spills and stains but are not as heavy duty as a floor liner.

A floor liner is the perfect thing to use in the back of an SUV or station wagon if you are hauling things like construction materials, gardening supplies, or pets of any kind.  A liner is made from plastic or rubber and has edges that rise up high so anything spilled on it get directed away from the floor.

If you live in a region that has a lot of rain or you live on or run a farm, kennel, stable, construction, or landscaping business, having a floor liner in the back of your SUV or station wagon will be a real floor saver.  Floor liners are typically used for much larger spaces, such as the back of an SUV but it is possible to get custom made floor liners for the floorboard of your car if you desire that level of protection.

Just be aware that the edges of the floor liner are raised which isn’t the best design for using on the floorboard of a regular vehicle.  Fortunately there are rubber floor mats that are very heavy duty that can handle heavy use.

Types of Car Floor Mats

There are several different kinds of floor mats on the market.  What determines which kind of floor mat you need is how your car is used.  If you do construction or some other kind of physically messy or dirty job, you will need a heavier type of floor mat than if you just drive your kids to school and activities.

  • All Weather Floor Mats – If you have seasons in your region that involve extreme weather, all weather, waterproof mats are a good choice for you. They can protect the car’s interior from muddy rains, big snowstorms and other weather related messes.  It’s easy to mess your car’s floors up with muddy, wet shoes. When you have all weather floor mats down, you’ll get the mat dirty not the carpeting.  The mats can be removed and washed easily and your floors will not be ruined.
  • Custom Floor Mats – Many floors mats come in specific sizes especially for certain makes and models of cars. This doesn’t work for every car and if your car has been modified, it makes it that much harder to match up a floor mat with your car’s interior floors.  For this reason, a universal floor mat that can be trimmed is the best choice.  Some even have preset patterns of popular cars to follow when trimming for the best fit possible.
  • Car Floor Mat2

  • Novelty Floor Mats – There are a ton of novelty floor mats on the market today. You can choose from an array of colors, characters, brand names, car brands and more.  Novelty floor mats can add a lot of splash and pizzazz to your vehicle and can also add an element of your personality to it when you use something that is a favorite of yours.

Car Floor Mat Materials

There are a few different types of floor mat materials that you can choose from.  The two most common materials are:

  • Rubber – Rubber may not sound very fancy, but there are many sharp looking rubber floor mat styles out there.  The benefits to having rubber floor mats are that they can handle any type of wet situation, whether it is from rainy, muddy shoes or a spilled drink. They are also more durable and can handle heavy traffic and frequent washings.  If you live in super hot weather, you will want to be certain to get all weather floor mats that can handle extreme temperatures or you may find that the rubber cracks and gets stiff.
  • Carpet – Floor mats made from carpet of some kind are best suited to very light use.  They can show stains and dirt just like your unprotected car floors would, so if you are not careful to keep them clean as they get dirty, your floors will still look dingy and dirty.  Although the carpet floor mats can protect the regular car floors from moisture, the carpeted car mats can become wet and will need to be taken out and dried so no mold or mildew forms.  They are softer and more comfortable, but since it’s your feet that encounter them, this may not be a big consideration you are concerned about.

Protecting Your Carpets From Everyday Culprits

Your car’s floors encounter all kinds of things on a daily basis.  We’ve outlined some of the most common things you will be protecting your car’s interior from by using car floor mats.

  • Stains and Spills – Spilled soda, coffee or juice can decrease the resale value of your vehicle with the stains they leave. There is no way to prevent a drink from being spilled unless you have an absolute “No food or drink” rule in your vehicle, which most people don’t have. Because of this, it is better to be proactive and protect your car carpets from the spills that can occur.  Especially when you are using rubber mats, clean up becomes super easy.  If you get the floor mats with the ridges, it will prevent the liquid from sliding right off the mat onto the carpet anyway.
  • Dirt of all Kinds – You encounter dirt everywhere you go. You can track it in on your shoes from the yard, the children can track gum or dirt from school, the tools you have in the trunk or the gardening supplies you bought earlier.  Even your pets can track mud and dirt in.  Add heavy foot traffic to the mix and you have the recipe for lots of ground in dirt and grime that can ruin your car’s carpets.  Floor mats protect your car from this dirt and provides a fast way to clean it up without harming the original carpet.
  • Car Floor Mat3

  • Wear and Tear – Wear and tear on your car’s carpets can still occur even if the interior is never spilled on. Resting your heels on the carpet on a regular basis can cause worn sports to show up.  Your carpet can look drab, dull and even torn.  This will most definitely lower the retail value of your vehicle. A car floor mat can also prevent these worn spots from occurring since you will be putting your heels on the floor mat and not the actual carpeting itself.  If you do a lot of driving there are even floor mats that have extra heel pads to stand up to heavy use.


Even though getting new car floor mats may not sound very exciting, what they can provide and protect from should excite you. Knowing that there is something you can get that easily protects your car’s carpets from being stained, soiled, torn, worn down and otherwise ruined means that your car will not lose resale value because of the interior. This resale value is important if you ever want to sell your car or use it for a trade-in for a new one.

When you choose your car’s floor mats, you will have a lot of choices available. You can choose rubber or carpet, novelty or plain, colored or neutral. It is actually one of the accessories your car needs that gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to finding something that you really like. You can really let your imagination run wild.

The three top rated choices we shared with you here are customer favorites for style, easy clean up, ease of installation and performance. They are durable and long lasting to boot. When you go to find the right car floor mats for your vehicle, a little research can go a long way. You will be able to find the best floor mats for your car’s interior and your own personal style.


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  3. MotorTrend 4 Piece Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mats – MotorTrend 4 Piece Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mats