Best 10 inch Subwoofer

Having a great audio system, whether in a vehicle or in a home theater system, is a great way to improve the listening experience of your favorite music and movies too. Subwoofers are an important part of having a great listening experience. They provide the means in which to hear the deep bass sounds that round out the sound of TV, radio, movies and more. We did some in depth research to locate the top products in the subwoofer industry. They were compared against each other in the areas of size, performance, brand recognition, quality materials in construction, ease of installation, and much more. These three choices topped the list in all of these categories, making them easy customer favorites.

Best 10 inch Subwoofer
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1. Rockford Fosgate P1S4

Best Overall 10 inch Subwoofer

5/5 Product Rating
Rockford Fosgate subwoofers are unlike the traditional plastic substitutions due to the fact that they use anodized aluminum voice coil formers. These provide the subwoofer with exceptional heat dissipation.

The aluminum also acts like a heat sink which also dissipates thermal build up on the voice coil as well. The result is a subwoofer that stays cool during SPL conditions.

Your speakers will have the ability to handle continuous power not instant demands for power which can damage voice coils over time. This power handling conforms to the CEA-2031 industry standards. Slight adjustments will be possible to the speaker even when it is mounted due to the Flex Fit frame that uses the slots where it can rather than a single screw sized hole.

This 10” subwoofer is the first in the Rockford’s Punch series. The Kevlar fiber reinforced paper cones provide deep, thumping bass that you can feel in your body while it’s playing. The VAST technology increases the surface cone area by 25%. It comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of one year.

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2. Infinity

Best Overall 10 inch Subwoofer – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
If you want a significant audio experience while driving around in your car, you will want to take a look at the Infinity Reference 10” subwoofer for a test drive.

With breakthrough engineering and innovative design and materials, you will see why Infinity products are more often than not, out in front of the competition.

The sleek chrome steel look is flashy as well as being accurate sound wise so not only does this subwoofer sound good, it looks good too.

The detail and accuracy of sound will please your ears, making your audio experiences more enjoyable than you’ve experienced before. The 10” dual voice coil subwoofer offers 800 watts of power and offers more wiring choices which allows the listener to drive the subwoofer without bridging.

The high efficiency poly woofer cone has a large-roll rubber surround that gives you the clean bass you’re looking for. The pole pieces are vented so you have even more cooling power. The Infinity subwoofer comes with a one year warranty.

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3. Rockford Fosgate R2D4

Best Budget 10 inch Subwoofer

4.5/5 Product Rating
The construction of this 10” subwoofer is designed to provide the listener with the best quality sound as possible. This subwoofer is easy to install and works well with sealed and vented enclosures.

It requires very little space, has good overall sound performance and produces extra bass as well. It is suited well for country, meta and rock music. Many like this subwoofer because it makes the music sound better without costing an arm and a leg.

Listeners will find that this 10” subwoofer is not well suited to dance music, r & b or Rap due to the fact that it does not produce a lot of bass which is the foundation of that genre of music.

The anodized aluminum voice coil former prevents overheating so the subwoofer doesn’t incur any damage. This subwoofer is optimized for sealed and vented enclosures so you will have some flexibility when it comes to the cases you have to choose from. This 10” subwoofer comes with a one year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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10 inch Subwoofer Buying Guide

10 inch Subwoofer Reviews

What is a 10 inch Subwoofer?

10 inch subwoofer1Subwoofers are loudspeakers that produce intense, deep bass sounds that are not possible with other types of speakers. The bass of the music is the thumping sounds in a song that you can literally feel when they are being played. If you ever encounter a vehicle at a stoplight that you can feel the thumping in your car, that is the bass and that car has subwoofers in it that can produce those sounds.

There are many different types of 10” subwoofers on the market. From one subwoofer to another, there may not be much difference at all, as most of them do the same type of work. 10” subwoofers are responsible for producing some bass but not usually the exceptionally deep, thumping sounds.

10” subwoofers are very common aftermarket sizes. Even though it isn’t very common, sometimes a vehicle will use a 10” subwoofer rather than two- 8” sized subwoofers. The size of the subwoofer you get will depend on what type of music you enjoy and listen to most often.

The 10” size offer good bass response and a lot of clarity as well. They definitely offer more bass than the 8” models do but do not get the real deep sounds that the 12” and 15” subwoofers produce. 10” subwoofers are usually pretty easy to install in your vehicle since they can be used in the factory location that your 8” subwoofers are located.

All you will need is a few modifications to the factory location or you can find a place that won’t take up any passenger or cargo space. Under the seats is a potential spot that would be good for a 10” subwoofer.

Types of Subwoofers

There are two kinds of subwoofers that you can choose from. Each has their different characteristics which we have outlined below.

Passive Subwoofers – Passive subwoofers will need an amplifier to power them as they do not have their own power supply. They are most often used when the listener has a separate amplifier for bass or if the surround sound system has a built in amplifier for the bass in the receiver. Passive subwoofers have connections for speaker wires but nothing else. They are typically used in car stereo systems as a big speaker or part of a group in a box.

Powered Subwoofers – Powered subwoofers have their own power connection and needs no special wiring configurations. It has a built in amplifier as well. The powered or active subwoofer is most often used in home theaters, commercial movie theaters, and also in surround sound systems. They are usually seen as a single subwoofer, not as part of a grouping and can be used as a self contained speaker instead of separate speakers.

Features to Look For in a Subwoofer

You want to make sure that you choose the best subwoofer you can get for the budget you have set for yourself. Knowing the features that you prefer is a part of the process of sorting through the numerous choices available. Doing this will enable you to come up with the right model that will give you the sound quality and ease of use you want.

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  • Driver Size – If you want super deep bass, you will need to have a large driver. The larger the driver is, the deeper the bass will be. Smaller drivers have better response times which can cause a problem in terms of finding the sound you want and sometimes it is better than best car horn available for your car.  If the driver is too large, you will find that it may not produce enough of the rapid sounds to keep up.

    Driver size is a personal preference. If it’s heart pounding bass you want, you will have to get the right size subwoofer to drive that deep bass and an 8” subwoofer won’t be able to do it. 10” subwoofers and larger can keep up with a multitude of tracks while they produce the lowest sounds. If you want window cracking bass, look for the 15” to 18” subwoofers. They are perfect for delivering that deep sound you’re looking for.

  • Response Frequency – 20 Hz is as low as the human ear can detect. If you want a subwoofer that can detect sounds that low, you will usually end up paying a lot more for them. Amore affordable choice will be a subwoofer that goes down to about 35 Hz or so.
  • Front Facing – A front facing subwoofer is mounted so the sound is heard from the side or front of the subwoofer enclosure.
  • Down-Firing – The down-firing subwoofer directs the sound downwards towards the ground. One is not better than the other. It is a matter of choice which one a buyer chooses.

Enclosure Types

The box that the subwoofer goes into is called an enclosure. There are sealed enclosures and vented enclosures. The design of the enclosure will definitely affect the performance of the subwoofer, so it is important that you choose an enclosure that fits the type of subwoofer you have and that makes the most of the sound you have. The most popular factors that buyers look at when it comes to enclosures are: Bass Reflex and Acoustic Suspension.

Bass Reflex – A bass reflex enclosure uses the sound from the rear side of the diaphragm to increase the performance and efficiency of the system at the low frequencies the bass sound produces. A tuner port adds to and extends the base response. Bass reflex enclosures tend to not have the accuracy that acoustic suspension subwoofers have.

Acoustic Suspension – One problem that can come up with deep bass sounds is distortion. Acoustic suspension subwoofers reduce this bass distortion. They use sealed enclosure to increase the bass response and improve the sound. It takes more amp power to run an acoustic suspension subwoofer than it does bass reflex speakers.

Other Considerations and Factors

  • Crossover – Whenever there us an electric circuit that has been built into a subwoofer that is designed to divide the audio signals and sends the right signal to the right speaker, it is called a crossover. The result of the crossover is improved speaker performance and it protect the speakers by making sure that each one only gets the frequencies it can handle. A good crossover frequency is about 100Hz.
  • Size – Subwoofers can range anywhere from 4” to 20”. The larger the subwoofer the deeper and louder the bass will be. 10” subwoofers are about the middle of the road, providing some good bass sounds but not the deep, deep sound that some prefer. The best way to choose the right size subwoofer is to measure the space where you will be putting it. The smaller the space, the smaller the subwoofer can be and still achieve good sound.
  • Customized Sound – There are some subwoofers that have pre-set modes that allow listeners to customize the bass response according to what is being played. These built in aids can also be customized to the acoustics of the space that the subwoofer is in too. There are other subwoofers that allow the listeners to set the placement. Where the subwoofers are will affect the sound. The subwoofers that have built-in microphones are usually the most expensive and are capable of taking a sound sample auto adjusting the settings according to the information that sound sample provides.
  • Controls – Some subwoofers can be controlled via a remote control. This is a great feature if convenience is important to you. The wireless remote makes changing the settings super easy and efficient and you won’t even have to get up to do it. Remotes also come in handy for audio systems as well. Sometimes they can be difficult to learn the curve, so be sure to read the manual so you will understand what you are doing.
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  • Integration – When adding a subwoofer to an already existing home theater system, you want to be sure that the new subwoofer fits in well with what you already have. Some systems have filters for integration, matching of input sensitivity for component output, gaining adjustment for main speaker matching, or just adjusting the sound to what your preferences are.


If you want a fairly simple way to add the wow factor to your audio system, getting a 10” subwoofer will do that. When you purchase a good quality subwoofer, you will be able to hear the bass of a song or movie much more clearly which will add so much to the audio or listening experience.

Before you get started with your search, make sure that you know if you want a passive or active subwoofer and then find the best one that will fit your specific circumstances. There are many different options that you will have in choosing the right 10” subwoofer.

This buyer’s guide has given you the information you need to make the right decision for your preferences as well as the place you are putting the subwoofer. With the information we have provided, you will know what the features provide and will be able to make a choice accordingly.


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