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We spent over 56 hours researching and testing over 15 different types and brands of motorcycle gloves and found that proper fit, dexterity, and comfort were the most important factors that consumers looked for when they were shopping for motorcycle gloves.  FREETOO Motorcycle and Outdoor Gloves scored high marks in all categories and is our overall top pick. These heavy duty gloves are designed with alloy steel parts for protection of the knuckles and hand in the event of any kind of wreck. The palm of this glove provides the maximum degree of anti-slip performance and full array of grasping conditions.

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Best Overall Motorcycle Gloves

5/5 Product Rating

FREETOO motorcycle gloves are made to protect your hands and fingers in the event of a motorcycle crash.  They fit snuggly on your hands and feature a Velcro wrist strap that is adjustable for the maximum proper fit. 

These motorcycle gloves are not bulky and stiff; they offer plenty of movement as well as the dexterity you need and want.  The vent design and breathable materials used in construction of these gloves make them a huge favorite with riders.

The reinforced palm, double-stitching, and knuckle padding are intended for heavy use and provide lots of protection. You’ll also enjoy superior grip with a double layer palm made of synthetic leather for a non-slip grip that doesn’t interfere with your riding at all.  These great motorcycle gloves come with a three month warranty.

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2. ILM

Best Overall Motorcycle Gloves – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating

If you’re looking for gloves that provide maximum protection in the event of an accident, you’ll love ILM steel knuckle motorcycle gloves.

They are designed according to the human body and provide plenty of superior protection for the finger joints that are made with anti-collision protection.

You will have a full range of handlebar grasping conditions and a great anti-slip feature on the palm that has been designed using 3D plastic lines that are non-slip as well which increases the amount of anti-slip protection offered.

These gloves are windproof, waterproof, and will keep your hands warm as well as protection. You can even wear them in temperatures below 40 degrees. Choose from several sharp-looking colors including blue, red, green, and black. A variety of sizes are available as well. 

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3. TitanOPS

4.4/5 Product Rating

If you want to have the ultimate protection for your hands when you are on your motorcycle, you will need to have the right kind of quality gloves. 

These TitanOPS hard knuckle motorcycle gloves are the perfect gear to keep your hands protected during rides while not negatively affecting your activities.

The TitanOPS full finger  gloves feature hard knuckles for the ultimate in protection that will lessen impact while protecting from abrasions, cuts and other potential injuries. The gloves are designed to fit snugly while still allowing plenty of movement and dexterity. 

The adjustable wrist strap ensures the gloves fit properly and snuggly and the padded palm adds more protection as well as proper grip. Riders like how easy these gloves are to put on and take off. 

These quality motorcycle gloves are great for long term riding and can be machine washed as needed. The materials used in construction are resistant to odor and bacteria so you won’t need to wash them often but when you do, the gloves will dry very fast as well.

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Type Full / Half Full / Half Full / Half Full Full Full Full Half Half Full
Size M – XXL M – XXL M – XXL S – XL L – XL XS – XL S – XXL XS – XXXL S – XXXL S – XXXL
Color Green / Black / Tan Multi Color Multi Color Multi Color Multi Color Black / Red / White Black Black Multi Color Multi Color
Material Synthetic Leather Plastic Leather Lyrca Polyester Leather Lycra Goatskin Leather Lambskin Leather Perforated Leather Stretch Polyester
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Motorcycle Gloves Buying Guide

Motorcycle Gloves Buying Guide

There are several things you should consider when choosing the right motorcycle gloves for your needs and preferences. We have listed these considerations below.

Riding Style – They type of riding you do will determine the best motorcycle gloves will suit you the best. If you do a lot of causal cruising there are cruising gloves that are simpler in design and have a traditional look riders love. Racing gloves have a lot of bright colors and armor for added protection and touring gloves have a lot of features and weather protection. These are just a few of the different kinds of motorcycle gloves available. We’ll go over all the different types down below.

Climate – the climate and weather you will be riding in plays a large part in choosing the right gloves. If you ride in more extreme weather you will want to look for waterproof or all-weather gloves. Leather is great for dry weather riding. Some riders choose to get more than one pair of motorcycle gloves if they will be riding in a variety of seasons and weather.

Budget – If you’re on a budget when you decide to get a pair of motorcycle gloves look for the gloves that have the features you want rather than just looking at brand names. If you check reviews and customer comments and the gloves get positive reviews, you can save some money and still get a quality product.

Length – When it comes to finding the right pair of motorcycle gloves for your rides, a longer length is generally preferred. Gauntlet style or long cuff gloves extend the protection they provide past your hands over includes your wrists. If you are even in a slide on your bike your jacket sleeves can be pushed up which leaves your wrists exposed. Having longer gloves will keep this area protected.

Motorcycle Gloves Buying Guide

Touchscreen Compatible – Nowadays people carry all kinds of electronics that have touchscreens including cell phones, tablets, and even laptops. If you ride with electronics you will want to find motorcycle gloves that feature touchscreen compatibility which will enable you to work your electronics while your gloves are on. Some riders prefer fingerless gloves to make it easier to navigate their phones but that does sacrifice protection to do so.

Types of Motorcycle Gloves

Below we have listed the different kinds of motorcycle gloves that are on the market along with an explanation of each so you can differentiate between the styles of gloves available.

Racing – A lot of features and effort is put into racing gloves because of the importance of protection needed and the demands that are put on them. Racing motorcycle gloves are almost always long or gauntlet style gloves. They have a lot of armor and protection in the event of a crash at high speeds. They are created with thinner palms so the rider has plenty of throttle control and a lot of ventilation as well. Sport bike gloves have to be able to handle abrasions and high speed impact but also need to have plenty of dexterity. They are made from thick textiles or leather and have a lot of carbon five, plastic, or metal armor. These gloves typically have a lot of knuckle armor for maximum protection and are offered with short or long cuffs. Racing gloves have a lot of ventilation and some are waterproof.

Gauntlet – This term is used for motorcycle gloves that are long and cover the whole wrist area protecting it as well as the hands. Many of the rain or winter gloves are gauntlet style to keep cold and moisture from affecting your hands. Gauntlet style motorcycle gloves offer the maximum protection from crashes and the weather as well.

Summer – If you ride a lot in warm weather short gloves will offer plenty of protection for the hand and fingers without covering the wrist. If you ride in warm weather you will not need the long sleeves that gauntlet gloves provide. Summer gloves have plenty of ventilation and are perforated to keep your hands dry and cool. Make sure that the perforated parts of the gloves are not in high impact zones including the palm and the sides of the gloves. Some summer gloves will have ventilation in the knuckle area which you may or may not want.

Cruising – If you do a lot of cruising on your motorcycle you want gloves that will go with the type of dress style cruisers usually wear. Cruising gloves are the largest category of all the motorcycle gloves since it is a diverse style of riding. The majority of cruising gloves are made of leather with little to no armor or padding. Some styles offer perforations for ventilation and some styles have insulation for riding in cold weather. Cruising gloves offer abrasion protection and are definitely the most comfortable to wear of all the different styles. Some cruising gloves have padding in the palm area made of gel to reduce vibration. Glove lengths range from short to mid-length and gauntlet.

Touring – Touring gloves are a lot like racing gloves in design with added padding and armor. They do not have as much armor as racing gloves do. In touring gloves the armor is usually integrated into the glove rather than added on top. Many styles of touring gloves are waterproof and can handle a variety of weather conditions. Lengths range from short to gauntlet.

Waterproof – Waterproof motorcycle gloves are perfect for those who do a lot of riding in rainy weather or humid climates. Gore-Tex is the best waterproof material used and the most popular but there are other kinds on the market that are good as well.

Motorcycle Gloves Buying Guide

Heated – If you live in a cold climate or do a lot of cold weather riding, heated gloves may end up being your favorite piece of equipment. Wind chill around your hands when you are riding can get really intense and nothing feels good about having frozen hands and fingers. Regular winter gloves may keep your hands warm but there is no additional protection with those gloves. Cold weather, heated motorcycle gloves will offer the warmth while ensuring the protection is there as well. Most are waterproof as well and are gauntlet style for more cold weather protection.

Off-Road – Off-road motorcycle gloves don’t offer much in the way or armor and are usually made of thin material. They are mostly designed to maintain your grip rather than protect your hands. They are much less expensive than street motorcycle gloves because they don’t have all the added protection. Off-road or MX gloves provide a lot of dexterity which is needed for this type of riding. Most MX gloves are made with tough leather along with stretchy synthetic parts where movement is required. The palms of off-road gloves are made with reinforced leather and some have padding. Most styles offer perforations for ventilation which will keep your hands cool and dry. Depending on the company, some styles may even have built-in armor.

Fingerless – There is no real protection provided by fingerless motorcycle gloves but they offer a great visual appeal. Some styles can offer hand and knuckle protection but the fingers are completely unprotected. This style of riding glove is very popular with cruisers. Most fingerless gloves are made with leather and the majority does not offer any added padding or armor. They are not good for cold weather riding either.


There are plenty of different motorcycle gloves available for riders of all different styles of riding. The right motorcycle gloves are very important for protecting your hands from the elements as well as protecting them from abrasions, cuts, and injuries in the event of a motorcycle crash.

The three top-rated motorcycle gloves we have reviewed above are great examples of high-quality gloves by great manufacturers. Each of these selections are made with protecting the hands and fingers as top priority while still offering the rider comfort, dexterity, and grip.

If you are looking for a quick purchase, choosing one of these three top-rated selections is the way to go. If you are not sure of what you want or these selections are not what you are looking for, you can use the information that we have included in the buying guide to help you sort through all the motorcycle gloves available so you can narrow the field down.

It is important that you know what you want in a motorcycle glove before you purchase one so make sure you take the advice in the buying guide and look at the type of riding you do most often, the type of motorcycle you own, and the weather you ride in most often. These things will definitely help you decide on the type of motorcycle glove that will fit the best for your personal needs and riding style.

The information in this buying guide will help remove the overwhelming feeling you can have trying to figure all this out on your own. With motorcycle gloves being such an important piece of safety equipment for riders, you want to ensure that you have chosen the best and highest quality gloves you can afford. This information will help you do that.

Don’t forget to check customer comments for extra information on any motorcycle gloves you are interested in. You will be able to find out things like how easy they are to put on and take off as well as how durable they are and how much airflow they offer. Customers are happy to share their experiences when they purchase a product, good and bad, and that will benefit you when it comes to choosing the perfect pair of gloves.

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