Best Undercoating for Trucks

Rust can be a major issue for any vehicle—especially when it comes to your truck’s undercoating. The good news is, a quality undercoating spray can actually protect this area of your vehicle and prevent rust from eating away at your metal. 

We researched several undercoating sprays and determined that the 3M Professional Grade Rubberized Undercoating was our top overall pick. We also highlighted several quality products and created a detailed buying guide that will help you find the right spray for your vehicle.

Best Undercoating for Trucks Reviews
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1. 3M

Best Overall Vehicle Undercoating Spray

5/5 Product Rating

If you want professional-grade undercoating protection results without breaking the bank, then this product from 3M is for you. It won our top spot for best overall undercoating spray because it is easy to apply and has a rubberized coating that offers durable protection and sound deadening properties by sealing small holes and cracks.

This product is asphalt-based which typically means easier application and better sticking power—but it will come with a smell that typically wears off after a brief period of time.

This spray applies just like paint and has a no-run formula which means you don’t have to worry about any drips or messes when you apply. With this product, you can easily protect your car’s undercarriage from rust as well as corrosion and abrasion that can be caused by salt, rain, dents, dings and stones. This spray truly does it all, for the fraction of the price of a professional undercoating treatment.

Jonathan Maxwell

2. Bondo

Runner Up – Best Vehicle Undercoating Spray

4.7/5 Product Rating

This is another asphalt-based undercoating spray. This spray is heavy-duty and will deliver great protection with just a single coat—unlike other products that take several thin coats in order to provide protection. This formula is designed with easy application in mind and guaranteed not to drip or run when applied.

Like many asphalt-based sprays, this product delivers a rubberized texture when applied so that it really seals the undercarriage area. This provides sound-deadening features that ensure a smooth, quiet ride whenever your vehicle is in motion—no matter what type of surface you may be driving on.

This sound-proofing feature isn’t the only thing that makes this undercoat spray one of our top choices—it also easily protects against corrosion, rust and metal damage from road debris maintaining the quality of your truck even with consistent use.

Jonathan Maxwell

3. Peramtex

Runner Up – Best Vehicle Undercoating Spray

4.7/5 Product Rating

This Permatex Rubberized Undercoating Spray is a heavy-duty, all-purpose product that was designed for use in professional settings such as automotive shops, but is also great for the DIY-enthusiast. This product is designed to seal, protect and insulate the entire undercarriage area and with a rubberized formula it will attach directly to the underbody to prevent damage. Also, since it is rubberized, it is designed to resist moisture and rust and improve the integrity of your vehicle. 

This spray is easier to apply and has a no-drip formula that means no mess. The great part about this product is that it isn’t just meant for your vehicle—its multi-purpose design also makes it great for roofs, gutters and drainage systems. Just make sure to allow this spray to dry completely in order to ensure it provides an impermeable moisture barrier.

Jonathan Maxwell

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Vehicle Undercoating Spray Buying Guide

Best Vehicle Undercoating Spray Buying Guide

Using a vehicle undercoating spray is a great way to preserve the value of your car. Undercoating sprays are commonly used in military vehicles and vehicles that typically drive off-road or in snowy conditions. However, it is recommended that all automobiles, even those that only drive in the city, have some type of undercoating coverage.

What many people don’t realize about their vehicles is that even if you aren’t driving on particularly rough terrain. Things like dirt, rocks, salt and road debris can all end up in the under carriage of your vehicle and cause major wear and tear in your car. Many of these products are very similar and all designed to do the same thing. However, here are a few things to look for when shopping for undercoating sprays.

Undercarriage Spray Formulas

There are a few different types of undercarriage sprays, and different products are made with different key ingredients. There are three main types of products available for today’s home users.

Asphalt-Based Undercarriage Sprays

Many of the top sprays on our list are asphalt-based. These types of undercoating sprays are some of the best products if you want to seal the holes and cracks and really create a powerful barrier for your undercarriage. However, they are only the best option if you are actually using your spray on the undercarriage of your vehicle. This is because asphalt-based products are not paintable when dry—this shouldn’t be an issue if you are only using it on your undercarriage, but if may not be the best product if you are planning on using this spray on other metal objects or other areas of your vehicle.

This is typically the longest-lasting type of undercarriage spray and is not only used on trucks and cars but on all-terrain and military vehicles. This is a great product for individuals who have vehicles that see heavy road use.

Water and Paraffin-Based

Water-based undercarriage sprays are popular options available at automotive stores. These sprays are easy to apply and have fast drying times. However, they tend to be quite thin and you will need multiple coats to provide a thick barrier. One of the downsides of this type of spray is that you will not only need to provide two layers, but you may need to reapply a few months after your initial application.

Best Vehicle Undercoating Spray Buying Guide

There are also paraffin-based sprays, which are similar and also slightly stronger than the average water-based undercoating. Paraffin sprays can come in an aerosol can or in paint-on formulas. These sprays have a little more longevity than the average water spray, but still need to be applied once a year.

Petroleum and Rubber-Based

Petroleum based undercoating sprays are made with oil—this makes them a great option if you are looking to protect your undercarriage from salt and if you live in an area with a lot of snow. These types of sprays are also better at repelling water than paraffin or water sprays. These are most commonly used at professional automotive shops, and are commonly applied to new vehicles when your first purchase them. These are also available in both spray and paint on formulas.

Undercarriage Spray Consistency

The consistency of your undercarriage spray can make a major difference in how easy this product is to apply—which can make a major difference when home users are attempting to protect this delicate area under their vehicle. There are three different features to look for when it comes to the consistency of an undercarriage spray.

Consistency – A great undercarriage spray should dry hard enough to protect your car and provide a durable barrier between your undercarriage and the elements. This will protect this delicate metal from rocks and debris. However, the spray still needs to be pliable enough so that someone can still access the moving parts underneath your vehicle. If you ever need to get your vehicle repaired, it is important that the mechanic can get underneath your car and that your undercarriage spray doesn’t provide too thick of a barrier.

Best Vehicle Undercoating Spray Buying Guide

Thickness – The thickness of the undercarriage coating is just as important as the consistency. You also need to keep this in mind when you physically apply the spray. Pay attention to how many coats of this product you are going to be required to apply. A medium thickness, one-coat sprays are typically the best, as it lets you know that the product isn’t too thin—otherwise your car may still be vulnerable to things like rust and salt damage. If the product is too thin, you will need to apply multiple coats, which can still leave your undercarriage vulnerable in spots and will make the application process more difficult.

Drying Time – Drying time is another feature to look for when it comes to the formula used with your spray. Quick drying times are always preferred. If a product has a very short drying time, you may accidentally allow your vehicle to be exposed to the elements before it is completely dry—and put your vehicle at risk.


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