BeautyBlender Review from Ashia Davis

2016 Thoroughly Reviewed Marketing Scholarship Winner

The innovative Beautyblender has been considered a revolutionary beauty tool. The eco-friendly reusable sponge gives consumers great coverage without product waste. Even with all of the thousands of phenomenal reviews and consistent wins for Allure’s Beauty product of the year, people are pretty hesitant to spend $20 on a 2-inch-long sponge. Although the initial $20 seems a tad extreme, I believe that the sponge’s product pros outweigh all of the cons surrounding the cost.

The Beautyblender Sponge is advertised as the key to flawlessly applying foundation. The Beautyblender features an open cell structure that fills with water when wet. The material allows the sponge to become “full” so makeup product will rest on top of the sponge, instead of being absorbed up like other make-up sponges. The open cell structure prevents product waste because it allows you to use less product every time you apply. It evenly distributes the perfect amount of cream, powder, or liquid products into the skin. The exclusive material is guaranteed to provide a streak-free application with minimum product waste. I can personally testify that the Beautyblender performed exactly how it was advertised.

I have experienced this product first hand and I can say that it is all that it is cracked up to be. When I first received the product, I fell in love. The sponge was immensely soft. The color was cute and vivid. The egg shape allowed me to blend in both small and large surface areas. At first, I thought that I could only use the sponge with liquid based makeup. Nonetheless, the Beautyblender exceeds my expectations yet again! I was able to not only use liquid based foundation and concealer, but also power products. The only flaw in my experience with the Beautyblender was paying the initial $20 at the register. I did not know if I should be spending $20 on a sponge. However, the $20 was the best makeup investment I have ever made. The Beautyblender actually allowed me to save money from reducing my product waste that I experienced with other sponges. Although, $20 may seem like an expensive novelty price for a sponge, do not let the hinder you from purchasing this little handful of happiness.

The Beautyblender brings makeup lovers the perfect solution to their boring process of applying foundation. Consumers enjoy putting on their makeup on with the Beautyblender. Feeling the sponge expand in your hand when wet and feeling the incredibly soft sponge dab on your face is the new highlight of the makeup applying process. Sample blending becomes immensely quick and easy with the Beautyblender. The product does such a fantastic job of melding the makeup product into your skin. The beauty blender even blends in foundation that does not exactly match with the consumer’s skin tone. So now consumers can get a tan without worrying about having to buy new foundation the next day. The Beautyblender sponge will work in a product so well on a consumer’s face that no one will notice if the color does not exactly match their skin tone.

The product placement for the Beautyblender was phenomenal. The Beautyblender doubles in size when wet and feels even softer than its original feel. The sponge returns to its normal size when dry, making it compact for travel bags for makeup users on the go. The cute shape along with the vibrant color, makes this product almost unstoppable compared to any other makeup sponge

No other makeup sponges exceed the various features of the BeautyBlender. Nevertheless, critics believe that one sponge, Real Techniques, comes close of being on the same level of Beautyblender. The Real Techniques sponge’s retail price is $7.95, making the sponge less than half the cost of the Beautyblender. The Real Techniques sponge approximately produces the same results as the Beautyblender, but without a similar simple process. The Real Techniques sponge is considerably larger than the Beautyblender, making it harder for consumers to blend in makeup product around the eyes and nose. The Real Techniques sponge will get the job done, but it is more inconvenient than the Beautyblender. Also, the Real Techniques sponge falls far behind when compared to the Beautyblender in longevity. The Beautyblender’s eco-friendly reusable sponge lasts about 6 months with the proper care, while Real Techniques lasts up to 3 months. So yes you are saving $12.05 initially while purchasing the Real Techniques sponge, but when you have to keep buying 2 sponges every six months you will be paying almost the same as you would if you purchased one Beautyblender. In my opinion, you might as well buy the Beautyblender with easier application features for the same price. Plus, you might even be able to stretch out more usage time with the Beautyblender and save some money.

As you could tell, if I have not already make it clear, I would totally and completely recommend the Beautyblender. I believe that it is the best makeup application tool on the market right now. It is eco-friendly, non-disposable, edgeless, cute, high-definition sponge is one that every makeup user should purchase. Its soft material is pleasurable when touching skin and its bright colors are pleasing to the eye creating a fun experience for the user. Makeup users are no longer forced to sit in dreariness with the fun Beautyblender. Not only does the Beautyblender provide a fun experience, but also an effective one as well. Makeup users are able to blend their product in a shorter time and also a more convenient way. Its unique shape provides easy application without struggle around eyes or nose. For anyone who might feel hesitant about spending the initial $20 for the Beautyblender, I would say that it is worth the investment. Instead of spending $5 and $10 on sponges that will last 1-3 months, you might as well spend $20 on a sponge that last longer and provides a better experience. The Beautyblender