5 Must Have Tools for Around the House

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If you are very handy around the home, you may want consider doing a few DIY projects to maintain its overall attractive appearance. Since people all over the internet are offering various kinds for useful hacks, you can do a lot of projects without having to break too deep into your wallet. From building attractive shelves for the kids’ rooms, to adding an extra walk-in closet in the master bedroom, there are so many different projects you can do today to update your home.

Getting started, however, is one of the biggest challenges you may face. Since gathering the right type of equipment and tools is essential to doing everything correctly, you will want to know what you will need to have on hand.  We’ve compiled a list of 6 Must Have Tools for Around the House.

1. Hammer and Mallet

When collecting tools for your home, you may want to start with the very basics. In specific, two of the most important, a hammer and a mallet. A hammer is normally used for driving nails into wood and other materials, while a rubber mallet is used for doing the same or similar functions. For instance, when you buy your first hammer, you may use it to hang up all of the pictures on the walls, assemble and repair various kinds of furniture pieces, and tackle other jobs that the family needs to be done. Though a hammer and a mallet can be used for the same reasons, there are still some distinct purposes that makes their functions a little bit different. One of which is involves using a mallet to pound finish wood pieces without damaging the wood. This type of pounding cannot be done with a hammer because it will more than likely damage the furniture.

2. Cordless Drill

Another key tool that’s usually always needed when you are starting home improvement jobs around the home is the cordless drill. In fact, because the cordless drill can be used for so many different things, it is a staple in virtually any tool box. These cordless drills work by rechargeable batteries so it is best to choose one that is very powerful so that they do not quit prematurely. Particularly, if you are looking to start a large and hefty home improvement project for your family. Cordless drills are also very handy to have around the home for both small and large jobs. Most people love the cordless drills because they are portable enough to travel around without limitations and restrictions. For instance, these drills can be used for projects inside the home and outdoors too. So, both the newbies and the seasoned users alike can grab a cordless drill so that they can make full use of its capabilities.

3. Socket Wrenches

Home Socket Wrench Tool

If you want to complete all of the jobs around your home with ease, you should grab another popular tool from your local hardware store. It is also that is a must have any toolkit, which is the socket wrench. These wrenches are ideal and essential for a wide variety of different projects around the house ,including the assemble of various kinds of furniture items. It does not matter if it is a chair that is being made for the kid’s room or a table that is being used in the family room, people can use their socket wrench to complete both small and large jobs.

It is also important to note that some furniture comes assembled and there is no need for taking out the tools at all. However, when the manufacturers ship out furniture that requires additional assembly, you can take out your socket to ensure all of the screws are tightly in place.

4. Pliers

Because nothing can be more difficult and frustrating than pulling out a very small piece of metal without the appropriate tools, you should make sure that you have everything that you need before starting your home improvement projects. With that said, for those of you who are interested in which tool is designed to assist you with pulling out small pieces of metal out of wooden object, you may want to ask about the function of the plier. Pliers are idea for these types of situations, especially because you can easily pull out metal pieces without a lot unnecessary hassles. In fact, most men will grab their pliers quickly when they do not want to struggle with getting something out of the wood that they are working with.

Pliers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they are designed for many purposes. Therefore, you may want to have them around the home to get a good grip on something when it is needed. For instance, you may use pliers to pull out a pipe or a rod from a object that needs to be repaired. Or, you may need to use a set of pliers to twist wires that need to be repaired. Or, if the wires on a device is to long, pliers can be used to cut them with ease so that they will not be too long.

5. Tape Measure

A tape measure is also a tool that you will need quite often to start and complete your home improvement projects. Even when it comes to hanging up a big picture on the wall, a tape measure is needed to make sure that is centered properly. Additionally, the tape measure will always come in handy when you are trying to figure out how much space is needed to install a set of book shelves in a room. Or, you may want to find out how tall and wide your new appliances should be so that you buy the right items from the appliance store. Whatever the case or situation, a tape measure is used for a wide range of home improvement projects and repairs. Also because each room in a home has its own diameters, a tape measure is used to prevent people from having to guess or act off of incorrect measurements.