Best Places to Eat in Nashville

Nashville is a popular vacation spot with lots to do and see. The country music capital of the world wouldn’t be all it is without the many different restaurants it has to choose from.  Whether you are vacationing or moving there to toss your hat into the country music ring, knowing where the best places to eat are can make your stay much more pleasant.

You can choose from a large array of cuisines including American, Italian, Southern and many more.  We have provided this list of the best places to eat in Nashville so you can get an idea of what is out there to discover.  Take a look at our list and see what appeals to you.  Discovering new places to eat and delicious food is always enjoyable and makes your vacation or new move even more or an experience to cherish.

Monell’s Dining and Catering

Visit: Monell’s Dining and Catering

If you are looking for a different kind of eating experience for you and your family, you can get that in large order at Monell’s Dining and Catering. This unique restaurant specializes in delicious Southern food that is served in a very special way called family style.  All three of the Monell’s restaurants are located in beautiful historic settings that add visual appeal to an already enjoyable dining experience.  There’s a lot going on at Monell’s.  Each day there are special foods that are added to their signature mainstays that include skillet friend chicken, cheese grits, cornbread, green beans, biscuits and gravy, pork chops and pot roast.   Family style eating involves guests sitting down at a large table and passing the food around the way you would right at your own table at home.  A regular saying at Monell’s is Enter as Strangers, Leave as Friends.   Everything is one set price and includes your drink and dessert too.  If you love breakfast, you will definitely want to try Monell’s Dining and Catering during their Brunch hours. There’s a lot to love about this unique restaurant that will give you plenty of delicious food to eat, socialization with people from all walks of life and a historic décor that will feel comfortable and cozy.

McNamara’s Irish Pub & Restaurant

Visit: McNamara’s Irish Pub & Restaurant

McNamara’s is dedicated to providing guests with authentic Irish food, music, friendly service and drinks at a price that is very affordable. This Irish Pub and Restaurant was opened in 2010 by Sean McNamara, his wife and two other partners who had a vision of creating a pub that provided Americans with a place that was just like what they imagine a real Irish Pub is like.  They also wanted to provide a place that felt like home in Ireland when they stepped foot inside.  McNamara’s has accomplished both.  The Pub and Restaurant has live music, a beautiful historic décor that features Gaelic sports memorabilia, tin pub signs and much more.   Not only will you enjoy the taste of the food and the sound of the music but you will love the ambiance too.  If traditional Irish fare is what you’re looking for you will be thrilled with McNamara’s menu that has plenty of Irish classics like Bangers and Mash, Sheppard’s Pie, Irish stew and Corned Beef and Cabbage along with a full menu of other fare as well.

Kitchen Notes

Visit: Kitchen Notes

Kitchen Notes is a Southern-inspired restaurant created by Executive Chef David Harker along with the Omni Nashville Culinary Team. The restaurant offers their guests classic recipes that have a unique contemporary flair that really stands out. Kitchen Notes has the distinction of having Music City’s only Biscuit Bar which is offered every day from breakfast to dinner.   Be sure to try the Tennessee Patty Melt which was named ‘Best Burger in Nashville by locals.  The atmosphere is inviting and the service staff provides guests with excellent service and friendliness that encourages them to come back often.  Every Sunday, guests can enjoy an out-of-this-world Sunday Brunch that includes delicious choices like made-to-order omelets, Belgian waffles, homemade country sausage gravy and more.  Lunch and dinner selections include lots of southern inspired dishes that you will truly love like the Rustic Meatloaf, Low Country Crab Cake or Cider Glazed Pork Belly.

Demos’ Steak and Spaghetti House

Visit: Demos’ Steak and Spaghetti House

A long standing tradition of great food started in 1943 when Jim Demos started working in the small, family owned restaurant with his father Pete; he was nine years old. The Demoses were a Greek immigrant family that knew how important it was to offer guests authentic ingredients, exceptional taste and quality prices. They have spent years collecting authentic recipes that have come from overseas, many parts of the United States and family.  Demos’ Restaurant offers guests a unique dining experience that features delicious dishes like Chicken Fettuccine, Blackened Chicken Stuffed Potatoes and a wonderful array of tasty steaks.  Everything is made fresh and the portions are great too so you definitely won’t leave hungry.  With dozens of chicken, seafood, beef and pasta dishes to choose from, there will be something for everyone at Demos’ Restaurant.

The Melting Pot

Visit: The Melting Pot

If you are looking for a different kind of experience for an anniversary dinner, birthday dinner or simply a romantic place for a night out, The Melting Pot is where you want to go. Known as the original fondue restaurant, you will be able to enjoy several different fondue cooking styles right at your table that include yummy entrees, salads and delectable desserts. As you choose your own menu, customizing it the way you want, you can choose up to 4 different courses.  Choosing the 4 course option allows you to choose your cheese, salad, main course and dessert. Then you choose one of the cooking styles that appeal to you and sauces to go along with it and let the fun begin. The Melting Pot is the perfect place for a first date as it gives a lot of time to talk while you are engaging in the fondue cooking experience.  It will be a night you will never forget.

Martin’s BBQ Joint

Visit: Martin’s BBQ Joint

When barbecue is cooked properly, it is indescribable how good it tastes. At Martin’s BBQ Joint they are serious about serving fresh food each day without excuses and without taking any shortcuts. Each day, everything on the menu will be cooked fresh that morning.  No day old food will be used here.  They don’t have a freezer or a microwave because they don’t need them.  They also don’t pre-cook anything for reheating later.  When you sit down to a meal at Martin’s BBQ Joint, you will be enjoying barbecue that can’t be any fresher or it would still be oinking or mooing.  Choose from many different dishes including spare rib platters, baby back ribs, juicy BBQ sandwiches and much more.  This barbecue is so juicy; you might want to bring a change of shirts!

Bakersfield Tacos, Tequila, Whiskey 

Visit: Bakersfield Tacos, Tequila, Whiskey 

The name Bakersfield may not sound like a Mexican restaurant but once you take that first bite of food, there will be no doubt in your mind that you are eating true, authentic Mexican food. The food at Bakersfield is simple but delicious and includes such selections as tacos, tostadas, enchiladas and much more.  Start off your dinner with a simple appetizer of delicious  chips and salsa or chips and queso.  Next order some authentic Mexican fare such as the  Chicken Chorizo that features chicken chorizo sausage queso fresco, shredded lettuce, slaw and buttermilk dressing. Don’t forget to check out their selection of over 100 American Whiskeys and Tequilas or have a signature Bakersfield Margarita.

Rodizio Grill – The Brazilian Steakhouse

Visit: Rodizio Grill – The Brazilian Steakhouse

The President and Founder of Rodizio Grill, Ivan Utrera grew up with the traditional barbecue style of eating that comes from Brazil. This is called Churrasco. The traditional Churrasco involved gauchos holding skewers of meat over an open fire that were three feet long. They carved the meat alongside the table where guests could watch the carving. Ivan had a vision of bringing this loved Churrascaria (the Brazilian word for steakhouse) to the United States. This vision compelled him to open Rodizio Grill- The Brazilian Steakhouse in 1995. Armed with loved family recipes alongside new ones He created a grill that featured juicy rotisserie grilled meats, abundant salads and side dishes and delicious desserts.  Rodizio is the first Brazilian steakhouse in the US.  They are also well-known for their traditional recipes that are handmade daily.   Your dining experience will start with choosing your meat from an incredible selection of beef, pork, and poultry and then you can discover the salad bar. Finish your experience with one of the Grill’s desserts such as the incredible New Torta Brigadier. A gluten-free chocolate lover’s indulgence that features a chocolate mousse torte that is handmade and served with sliced bananas and whipped cream that is made fresh.

Batter’d and Fried Boston Seafood House

Visit: Batter’d and Fried Boston Seafood House

The Chef and staff of Batter’d and Fried is committed to providing their guests with exceptional food, great service and a terrific atmosphere as well. They offer a large assortment of delicious dishes including, Boston-style seafood like creamy Clam Chowder, Batter’d and Fried’s signature Fish& Chips and much more.  In addition to wonderful seafood the share the Japanese art of Sushi using only high-quality cuts of fresh fish that are sushi-grade and presented in an expert manner fit for a fine dining establishment. Get ready for an evening of delicious food starting with an appetizer like Shrimp Cocktail. Next move on to the main course like Seattle Fish and Chips or create your own combo from the pick two selections.  The menu is large with a lot of truly delicious choices that will make your night unforgettable.

The Stillery

Visit: The Stillery

Finding a place that you can relax and enjoy outstanding, freshly made foodis a great way to spend any evening whether it is a special occasion or not. At the Stillery, you can choose from burgers that are juicy and flavorful,  pick a couple of tasty appetizers to share, or try  house specialties like Hanger Steak that features melted  compound butter and is served with greens and  house fries.  They also have an extensive selection of the South’s best whiskeys and local beers to choose from too.  Cocktails are served in genuine mason jars for a wonderful southern feel.  With all of these unique dishes you will get to try some amazing food that you will be sure to love whether you are eating one of their popular two-handed sandwiches or trying the Snack Board appetizer with all kinds of grilled bread, meats, goodies and cheeses.