How to Write Beautiful Wedding Vows

How to Write Beautiful Wedding Vows

When it comes to that special day, there is nothing more important than wedding vows. If you don’t take the time to write them in advance, and you end up stumbling over what you want to say, the whole moment can be ruined (and no one wants that!). The key to writing beautiful wedding vows is to think them through and write them down in advance. You have to find the words to express what inspires you about your future spouse and write it down. Let’s face it, not everyone has a talent for writing but when it comes to that special someone, writing from the heart speaks volumes. If you’re having difficulty getting started, below is a collection of tips to help you write touching vows for your special day.

Give Yourself Time

Allowing yourself to think and find the best words to express your feelings can’t be done at the last minute. Carve out some time just for you to sit down and think about how to express the way you feel about marrying the love of your life. What was the very first thing you noticed about him or her? Where did you first meet? When you take the time and are not rushed, you will find that not having a tight time constraint will help you write more easily.

How to Write Beautiful Wedding Vows

Keep Them Private

Before the big day, while crafting your wedding vows, try not to let anyone else influence them. Keep your words private and to yourself. If you haven’t started writing yet, you might start to get nervous about getting it done which can make the writing more difficult. Start with a rough draft and don’t worry about grammar or how it sounds.  Just get the words and ideas out first. After this you can refine them into what you exactly want to say. Then, pick a good location and keep them safely hidden until your wedding day.

Use a Thesaurus

Some people forget about this trick. Dictionaries are wonderful in assisting with spelling, but when it comes to thinking of a way to say something uniquely, a thesaurus can be a wonderful resource. For example, if you want to say, “I vow always to admire you.” Look up ‘admire’ in a thesaurus. Here you’ll find alternative words that mean the same thing such as cherish, treasure, and hold dear. Be sure to closely check the exact meanings because each will have a slightly different context and mean something different. A thesaurus just gives you close equivalents, but you will have to choose the most appropriate word to fit your emotions.

Write from the Heart

The best and most meaningful wedding vows are those written from the heart. Let your “voice” out in your writing. Your partner will know they’re your words when they hear them and be deeply touched. Think about your life together and how you’ll grow as a couple. He or she will know that you took the time to put your thoughts on paper – even knowing that you would be sharing them in front of all of your wedding guests. You might want to talk about how you envision your future together, even ten years on, at your tenth anniversary, and what life will be like. This is often one of the most precious moments of the entire wedding ceremony. While you might think that deciding your vows on the spot is okay, most people are not good at this, and any awkward pause can make for an uncomfortable situation.

How to Write Beautiful Wedding Vows

Don’t Borrow

Maybe you don’t feel that you are a gifted writer. Maybe you struggled through English class yet you want to write the very best wedding vows you can. You want to show your love for your future spouse to the whole world. It would seem easy to ask your friend for their vows but it wouldn’t truly be from you, and it wouldn’t be sincere.  The same goes for copying vows from the internet.  Although it’s fine to read through examples online, just use them as ideas and don’t directly copy them. Doing so will make your vows insincere.

To write beautiful wedding vows that will make your true love feel special, don’t borrow someone else’s words from a famous movie, song, or even a famous quote. However, certain quotes are fine to use if they expressly share the interests if you and the one you love. Personalize your vows and feel free to include inside jokes. Again, the more personal, the better.

With a bit of time and effort, you’re sure to have a beautifully written set of wedding vows to share with your future spouse.