In Search of the Best Baby Nightlight

With the many times that we parents and caregivers find ourselves awake during the night, who doesn’t long for the perfect nightlight!   When we need to wake up and tend to our children the last thing we want is a nightlight that’s glaring at us and waking us to the point of not being able to get back to sleep.  We’ll do anything to help ourselves and our babies get a good night’s sleep.

There are many great reasons to use a good night light.  Many children are uncomfortable sleeping in the dark and yet we don’t want them to be kept awake by a bright light.  Night lights are designed to offer a soft glow that will actually help your children sleep.  A night light is also a bonus to parents as it makes it much easier to check in on your children without having to wake them.  You might even be able to change a diaper or two without fully waking your baby if the light is just right.

We at Thoroughly Reviewed set out to help by researching the top, baby nightlight.  We based our decision on our stringent list of criteria that includes ease of use, efficiency, and the adjustability.

The hands down winner and our top product is the Q5 Wireless Adjustable Night Light from HAMSWAN.

HAMSWAN Q5 Wireless Adjustable Night Light

Ease of Use

This nightlight couldn’t be easier to operate.  With literally the wave of a hand above the light (as long as you are within approximately 10 inches), you can turn the night light on or off and also adjust its brightness.  It also comes with an eye-caring LED that offers a warm, soft light source that does not have any radiation.  It also offers a non-flickering light to help induce a relaxing glow to keep you from jarring awake while you’re tending to your child.


This product is fully wireless.  It charges with a micro-USB that usually takes 3 – 4 hours to fully charge the unit.  Depending on the brightness that you use, the battery will last anywhere from 4 to 100 hours on one, full charge.  You even have your choice of green or blue which will likely match any baby’s room and with its wireless capability, you can move it around the room to whichever location works best.


Nobody wants to fiddle with cords and switches in the middle of the night – especially in the dark while holding a baby or young child!  One of our favorite aspects of this night light is its ability to be adjusted without even touching it.   All you need to do is wave your hand over the light to either turn it on or off.  Genius!  This is a win for us.

Whether it is your newborn baby, toddler, or school-age child, you will be offering them safety and night time assurance with this well-made and easy-to-use night light.  They will have fewer night awakenings and minimally disturbed sleep (and maybe even a full night’s sleep!) when you use the Hamswan Q5 Night Light.  With its soft, relaxing glow, your children will feel reassured during the night and won’t find themselves fully awake and be calling out for you.  And more sleep is a win-win for everyone!