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I’m sure you can agree that when choosing the right wireless presenter you must have a great operating range, easily available battery requirements, and a solid warranty.

That was our top criteria for selecting the best wireless presenter.

The Logitech Wireless Presenter scored high marks in all categories and is our top pick for you to deliver a solid presentation.

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Top 10 Wireless Presenters

RankPicturePresenterRange (Inches)Warranty (Months)
Logitech R400
3Amerteer472Limited Lifetime
Logitech R800
Kensington 33373
600Limited Lifetime
Kensington 72426
Kensington 72427

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What is a Wireless Presenter?

Wireless Presenter1At one point in time, people thought that owning a laser was pretty futuristic, but once laser presenters came on the market, everyone had to have one. These handy devices help you to point out various things during your presentation, while also controlling the slide show and performing numerous other functions. Popular among executives who need an efficient way to highlight certain areas of the professional presentation, and even among amateurs who want to point out various things during the day, a presenter is affordable and can get the job done for anyone.


Laser pointers hit the height of their popularity in the 1990s, and since then there have been numerous makes and models on the market. Each pointer has various different features that work well under different situations and for different needs. You’re going to want to take into consideration the power of the laser, the size of the device, as well as the cost of the pointer.

  • Laser Pointer Powers: The most important feature that you want to take into consideration is the power of the pointer. This will dictate how the presenter is going to perform and the types of jobs that it is suitable for. This power is measured in milliwatts, which is written as ‘mW’, in the laser pointer description. The rating measures the output of power from the presenter. The typical presenter that is used for presentations is going to feature 5 mW of power, and these are definitely the safest and most common that you will find on the market.
  • Presenter Size: When you’re looking for the right presenter, you need to decide what size you need. Some people want a small laser keychain that is easily portable and can be kept on your person, while others want a large presenter that has many buttons and helps you to control several aspects of your presentation. There are some pen lasers that are popular in offices and can be stored easily, but they don’t allow you other features that presenters do. Larger models are higher in power, but it’s not as easy to carry them around outside the office. They’re going to require more batteries, but these are definitely going to give you more features that you may find handy.
  • Presenter Cost: The cost of your presenter is going to depend upon the number of features that it has as well as the power of the laser. You’re going to find that the higher the wattage, the higher the cost. You can get a compact laser pointer at a low cost, but these aren’t going to allow you to do as much during your presentation. For a powerful handheld laser pointer you can spend up to hundreds of dollars, but the majority of presenters are going to cost this much or more if you want them to last for years to come.


In the past you could only get laser pointers in red, but now there are a number of different colors to choose from, because lasers today can safely recreate other wavelengths of light. You can select various different colors for different uses.

  • Red Laser Pointer: This is by far the most popular color, and they’re the least expensive pointer that you will find. It’s easier to manufacture a red color than any other color in the spectrum, and this is the only color that is available in the smaller sized presenters.
  • Wireless Presenter2

  • Green Laser Pointer: Green colored presenters are becoming more popular these days, and they’re more expensive than the red colored ones. These lasers are more powerful than the red lasers, and they’re also much brighter and can be seen from farther distances. This also makes green lasers more dangerous, so it’s important to never point it near someone’s eyes or up at the sky towards airplanes.
  • Blue and Violet Lasers: The blue lasers are the same kind that are used in Blu-Ray technology. Only recently have blue laser pointers become available, and now there are even violet pointers, which feature the last color in the visible spectrum. It’s nice to use a blue pointer because it changes the atmosphere of your presentation.


These lasers can sometimes be very dangerous, dependent upon the kind of laser that you use. They can be hazardous to the eyes and skin, and they can even start fires. That’s why it’s important if you’re using these presenters to use caution. The more power the laser the more the user should follow safety measures as closely as possible. Never point a presenter towards someone’s eyes, and always read the manufacturer’s precautions before using it. You need to always take care to adhere to proper laser pointer operation.


If you’re looking for a cheap laser that is on a key chain, then there are a number of different manufacturers that make them. But if you want a high quality presenter, there are going to be a few key brands that make the best ones. The top rated presenters above are from the brands that are considered the best, but there are also a few other brands that make them. Buying from a name brand is a smart choice because it means that you’re getting a product that you can depend upon. Buying a cheap model from a brand name that you don’t recognize may mean that you’re going to have to replace the presenter quite soon because it isn’t built from durable materials and the technology isn’t as good.


Laser pointers and presenters are incredibly useful for presentations, and they’re also fun and entertaining for children and pets. Keep in mind that they aren’t toys though, because there are serious safety considerations that you must take into account. You must carefully evaluate your needs when it comes time to buy a laser pointer, and when you know how you’re going to be using it it’s going to be much easier to find the right pointer for you. If you’re going to be using the presenter for a substantial amount of work, then it makes sense to spend a bit more money on a presenter that is going to stand the test of time.

Wireless Presenter3There are some very powerful presenters out there that are going to offer you lots of features while helping to facilitate your presentations, and these are the ones that you should invest in when you are going to be using the device a lot of the time. The results of using a presenter can be wonderful when you purchase the right device, and that’s why it’s important to do your homework so that you can find something that is really great. Always take into account your budget before you purchase, and get yourself something that fulfills all your needs.


Finding the right presenter comes down to knowing how you’re going to use it most of the time. If you’re someone that gives presentations frequently, then finding a high quality presenter is key. If you’re only going to be using the device once in a while, then you can afford to get something that isn’t as high in quality and still reap the benefits. The top rated presenters that we mentioned above are the ones that customers consistently feel are the highest quality, while still coming at a price that seems reasonable. When you need a presenter that is going to seriously get the job done, then you can purchase one of these products with confidence. If you choose to continue your search for the right presenter, then the buyer’s guide will help you to understand what is out there, so that you can make the right decision. No matter which presenter you buy, you’re going to see that it will help facilitate your presentations, so that you can make a lasting impression.