Diamond Buyer Reviews

diamond buyer reviews

Each of the top three companies have similar procedures. You mail in your diamonds or other jewelry, they have professional appraisers establish a value for the pieces, and then they make you an offer.


If you like the price they are offering you can accept the offer and receive a payment. If you are not happy with their value then you can have the jewelry returned to you. Each of the companies have excellent ratings with the Better Business Bureau and offer insurance and protection of your precious stones. They all offer customer service which is available for questions and concerns.

1st Place – Diamond Buyers International


  • Highest Pay Evaluation Guaranteed
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • Accredited with the BBB
  • GIA Certified
  • Brinks Security
  • 100% Insured

Diamond Buyers International guarantees that they will pay the most for your diamonds or they will send you a $50 check. They offer instant appraisals and you can start by completing the online appraisal form. Every step is 100% insured and you get paid the highest value for your diamonds.


2nd Place – WP Diamonds

  • A+ BBB Rating
  • Accredited with the BBB
  • American GEM Society
  • Brinks Security
  • 100% Insured



3rd Place – The Diamond Valet

  • A+ BBB Rating
  • Accredited with the BBB
  • GIA, IGI & EGL Certified
  • 100% Insured


Top Ranked Online Diamond Buyers

1st Place – Diamond Buyers International

Diamond Buyers International is a reputable outlet for selling your unwanted diamonds, gold, and other jewelry. Selling personal items can sometimes be difficult because of the emotion that is often attached to pieces of jewelry. To address these and other seller needs, Diamond Buyers International has created a system for those who have a need to sell diamonds. The process is fast and the payouts are high. Without having to cover the cost of a retail establishment, they are able to offer higher rates than most local dealers. They offer a free appraisal service and payment within just twenty-four hours of receiving your jewelry. Free shipping and insurance is offered for all of your items providing fast delivery and your jewelry is protected through insurance coverage. This provides both speed and peace of mind for customers. They offer the highest quality service and uphold high integrity in their business practices.


How Does It Work At Diamond Buyers International

When making the decision to sell your old, unused, or unwanted diamonds, gold, and jewelry you may find yourself asking “how?” You want to receive the highest compensation possible for your personal items, but you also want to ensure that you are doing it the most secure way possible, without damaging or losing items in the process. Diamond Buyers International has created a full proof way to satisfy every customer and offer honest, and safe transitions that guarantee the most money for your items.

The process begins on the company’s web page. Fill out the quick and easy diamond Buyer’s International intel pack form. After entering the required information you will be able to print off the diamond pack from your home or office computer instantly. This pack includes a mailing label which is used for mailing your stones and provides free shipping and insurance up to $5,000.00. The process will provide peace of mind that your jewelry will arrive safely in a tracked and insured package.

After you have mailed your items the company will receive them and have the stones evaluated by a professional appraiser. Once the items have been appraised you will receive an offer. Offers are generally available within 24 hours of the packages receipt. You then have the option of accepting the offer, and receiving a payment within 1 business day. If you are unhappy with the valuation and decide to keep your stones, they will be returned to you. Shipping is free and insurance is provided both ways.You also have the option to get a preliminary appraisal on your jewelry online before it ever leaves your home. This process will give you a better idea of what your personal items are worth. You can find this feature on the “How It Works” page by clicking the “Get an appraisal” button.


What Can I Sell At Diamond Buyers International?

Diamond Buyers International buy’s diamonds, gold, silver, platinum and other jewelry. They offer a wide range of items and accept items such as rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, loose stones, and even high-quality watches. Diamonds of all colors, cuts, shapes and sizes, are accepted for review.

If the items you wish to sell include diamonds, gold, silver, or platinum in it, no matter what is, you will be able to sell it. Diamond Buyers International has also provides a 24-hour customer service line to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.



Diamond Buyers International offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their services. They have diamond experts who use customary criteria to establish the grade and quality of the diamonds you own. If you already have an appraisal for your stones you can send it with your diamonds. If you do not have an appraisal the gemologist will establish an offer based on the quality and size of the stones.

When you mail your diamonds to the company an online account is established. You can track your mailing and respond to the offer electronically. Once you accept the offer a payment is sent immediately to the bank account of your choice.

When you chose Diamond Buyers international you are guaranteed that each of your items will be valued by a team of professionals. If you are unhappy with the appraised value, your items will be returned to you within 24 hours. Diamond Buyer’s International values every relationship with each and every customer and holds to the highest level of honesty and integrity when handling your personal items.

What Customers Are Saying About Diamond Buyers International

  • I recently got divorced and no longer wanted the engagement and wedding rings…TheCompany made it very fast and easy, and I was offered a much better price than from other competitors.
  • Diamond Buyers International gave me the best price. They were fast, efficient…and walked me through the whole process.
  • I highly recommend this company for selling your unwanted jewelry and diamonds. They are very honest and trustworthy.
  • My grandmother left me several diamonds and I didn’t have use for all of them…I didn’t know their value…Diamond Buyers was very honest and helpful giving me a very generous appraisal and simple procedure.
  • Best prices for your diamonds…Top notch customer service…Easy and quick shipping, evaluation, offer and payment process. No more pawn shop sales for this guy!

Customers love the fast and efficient process and the ability to print everything needed from online. If you agree with their appraisal value they send you a check or can transfer money into your account the next day. If you do not agree with the appraisal they send your diamonds back. Customers also love the security. The shipping is paid and insurance is provided for all the jewelry that is mailed to them. This gives customers confidence that their precious stones are safe at all times. They are generally happy with the value placed on the stones and feel the pricing is generous.



2nd Place – WP Diamonds

If you’re looking to make some extra cash and clean out your jewelry boxes, WP Diamonds has a seamless system that will provide high evaluations and fast customer service. WPDiamonds offers everything you need in a simple and easy to understand process. This will enable you to get rid of unwanted jewelry and end up with extra money in your pocket. The company buys not only diamonds, but jewelry and watches as well. They will give you a fair offer for both the stone and the setting. WP Diamonds has received full accreditation from the better business bureau, which means you can be confident in choosing WP Diamonds as your jewelry dealer and know that it will be a professional and honest transaction. WP Diamonds is owned by the White Pine Trading LLC, one of the world’s largest recycled diamond, watch and jewelry companies.

How it Works At WP Diamonds

Their process is simple. The first step is to determine what diamonds you want to have evaluated. You will then send them to the company in a postage paid and insured package. WP Diamonds has chosen FedEx as their designated mail carrier and guaranteed insurance coverage for all your items being sent, granting you peace of mind and ensuring a safe delivery. When the company receives your items they will then be evaluated by an expert team of professional appraisers to determine a fair an honest appraisal price for each item they have received.

One feature that is unique to WP Diamonds is that the evaluation areas are monitored and filmed 24 hours a day. The cameras offer live streaming giving you the ability to watch how the evaluation process is conducted. You are able to visually experience the great care being used while interacting with your items as well as aiding in any insurance claims, should there be any.

The next step in the selling transaction will be an offer. After your diamond or jewelry items have been thoroughly examined you will receive not one, but several offers from dealers. At that time you will either accept or decline the offers given. Should you accept an offer WP Diamonds will then mail you a check for the amount agreed upon. If you decide not to sell your items the company will mail you your items back promptly and insure the package on its way back.

One of the added features at WP Diamonds is, at any point during a transaction you have the ability to navigate to the website and have a live chat with one of the professional customer service representatives who will answer any questions or concerns you may have. Customer service is also available by phone to aid in the buying, and selling process.

What Can I Sell At WP Diamonds

At WP Diamonds there are lots of options for both purchasing and selling items. Here are just a few of the many things you may sell to WP Diamonds. Diamond rings, wedding rings, solitaire rings, engagement rings, and eternity rings are purchased. The company will pay for both the loose stones as well as the value of the gold, silver or platinum settings. You can also find Cartier Jewelry, David Yurman Jewelry, Tiffany Jewelry, and other fine jewelry to purchase. This feature allows you to trade in your diamonds rather than receiving cash if you choose. There is also a wide variety of watches including Rolex, IWC, Omega, Breitling, Cartier, Jaeger LeCoulture, and Patek Philippe. All of these unique and one of a kind brands are bought and sold through WP Diamonds.


WP Diamonds is an extremely reliable and honest company where you can sell or buy jewelry, watches and Diamonds through a quick and easy process. With their large team of experts with years of experience in the trading and selling of jewelry. You are certain to get the most honest and best quality experience. The company has dedicated themselves to consumer protection, ethical business practices, and development of superior gemological skills and knowledge. All of your items are shipped free and insured up to $200,000. You are guaranteed that all your items will be safe and secure as they make their journey to the experts. The company has an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)which gives customers around the world confidence.

What People Are Saying About WP Diamonds

  • I was a bit skeptical about selling a diamond online…but…my experience was painless and worry free. I would definitely recommend them, and will be using them again.
  • Outstanding service, the entire process took less than forty eight hours…The instructions were simple and easy to follow.
  • The offer I received at WP Diamonds were higher than anywhere I had previously gone…and was issued a check on the spot.
  • The staff at WP Diamonds were extremely friendly and openly answered all my questions.
  • This was my first time ever selling jewelry online and WP Diamonds made it a very smooth transaction…and offered my more than I would have imagined.

Customers love that they are treated with respect at WP Diamonds. The process is fast and easy to understand and they feel they receive excellent pricing. The packages are insured up to $200,000 meaning even large stones can be mailed with confidence. The free mailing and insurance along with a fast turnaround, makes WP Diamonds a top pick.

3rd Place – The Diamond Valet


The Diamond Valet is your one stop shop for all of your diamond selling needs. With almost one hundred years in business, the diamond valet was established to purchase unwanted or unused diamonds you may have in your home. The company has provided a way for the public to be able to sell their diamonds across the nation in a professional, and simplified fashion. The Diamond Valet will purchase any quality of diamond ¾ carats and larger, both certified and uncertified stones are included.

How it Works at Diamond Valet

The first step is to complete the consultation and evaluation form from the website. This will include basic information such as your name, phone number, email, and details about your particular diamond(s). Upon completion of the form you will receive a quick, easy and completely free quote that will give you more information about the potential value of your current diamond.

Following the introduction forms the next step is to receive a free return package that will enable you to mail even the largest diamonds completely free. You will find the ability to print the packaging labels from home for added convenience. Mailings both to and from the company are postage paid and insured, giving you peace of mind and the up most confidence about choosing Diamond Valet.

Once your diamonds have been mailed Diamond Valet has a team of highly qualified experts to inspect and evaluate the diamonds you have sent. Once they have established the quality of the stone the company then compares that quality to other similar stones being sold in the market. The ability to “shop it” with a dealer network will help to ensure you receive the highest price possible for your stones. You are guaranteed to receive up to four of the highest offers from the dealer network where you can then decide your diamonds fate. At this point an offer is given and you have the choice to accept or reject the offer. If you choose to accept the offer then you will be sent payment. If you decide not to take any of the offers given by the dealer network your precious diamonds will be returned to you immediately in an insured package.

What Can I Sell At Diamond Valet

When you decide to sell your precious gems it’s common to wonder exactly what the company is willing to buy. Diamond Valet strives to collect a wide range of diamonds including engagement rings, wedding rings, diamond stud earrings, and diamond tennis bracelets. Including pieces from retailers such as Kay Jewelers, Zale’s, Reeds, and Jared’s. The Diamond Valet is open to purchasing certified and non-certified diamonds as well as any style or quality of stone. They accept both loose and mounted stones. When you send a mounted stone you will receive an offer based on both the value of the stone and the value of the setting. Diamond Valet only accepts stones that are ¾ carats and larger.

In addition to buying and selling diamonds, Diamond Valet is also known for buying and selling previously owned watches. The process is the same whether you are looking to sell a diamond or a watch.


The Diamond Valet is an honest company with almost one hundred years in the diamond and jewelry trade. When working with this company you are guaranteed a secured transaction and your precious stones will only be evaluated by the highest qualified professionals. Selling your personal items can sometimes be difficult but, the experts at Diamond Valet have created a breakthrough system in buying and selling diamonds that even the most inexperienced seller can understand and complete with ease. With free shipping and full insurance, you can be confident about your transaction. They have a customer service center that is available for any questions or concerns.

What Customers Are Saying About Diamond Valet

  • This service was professional and prompt…I was very pleased with my experience with Diamond Valet and will be passing along the good vibes to friends and family.
  • The company is very honest and was open to answering all my questions throughout the entire process…I would highly recommend them and will be selling more diamond jewelry to them again soon.
  • My selling experience was great. The shipping box was simple to use and the offers I received were very fair and professional.
  • There is no question the Diamond Valet cares about their customers. They were fair and friendly, and I am happy I got to work with them.
  • When I heard the Diamond Valet purchased watches as well as diamonds I had to see for myself. I have a lot of diamonds I am not using along with several old watches…I was very happy…and almost doubled my money compared to what I would have made if I had sold them locally.

Customers love that they can receive an initial value for their stones before mailing in their pieces. This provides a starting point and establishes expectations for the customer. Customer also have a lot of confidence in working with Diamond Valet because of their knowledgeable and helpful customer service representatives. The company also ensures the shipments both way providing additional protection for the customer’s valuables.



Introduction to the Online Diamond Selling Reviews

sell-diamonds-onlineIn life we realize that diamonds may last forever, but we might not want to be the forever owner. When this happens you look for ways to sell your diamonds and still get a fair price. Some common reasons for wanting to part with diamonds include divorce, inheritance pieces you do not want to keep, or needing money. Regardless of the reason you choose to sell your diamonds, finding a buyer for the diamonds can quickly become a top priority.

Several years ago jewelry stores and online companies began to offer services for purchasing gold and silver from consumers.Precious metals pricing was fairly consistent across buyers because valuing the pieces was based on weight and the current gold or silver prices. The program became extremely popular as millions of consumers emptied their jewelry boxes filled with old gold, platinum, and silver jewelry they no longer wore. Those services have now been expanded to reach the needs of those with precious stones like diamonds and have been met with similar enthusiasm.

With “buy here” signs everywhere, both at store fronts and online, how do you know who will give you a fair price. How do you know how much your stones are worth and how do you protect and insure your precious stones during the sales process. These are common questions and concerns consumers have when it comes to parting with your diamonds and other valuable jewelry.

Diamonds are expensive items and the price, value and quality of the stones is more subjective than with gold. Gold and silver have a set rate based on the weight, can be offered. This made pricing across buyers much more consistent than with stones. A diamond’s value is not as cut and dry. What is the quality of the stone and how will the buyer use it? These factor into what someone is willing to pay for a diamond stone. Then there is the value of the setting and any additional stones that may be included with the piece of jewelry.

best-place-to-sell-diamondsMost buyers who do not want to find an end user (consumer) for their diamonds and thus often turn to internet sources which tend to pay more than local stores and dealers. With the high value of precious stones, seller’s need to be sure to use reputable buyers, because internet scams abound. Anyone is able to put up a professional looking website making it can be very difficult to distinguish reputable companies from the internet con artists. This can also be true with sites like eBay and Craigslist.

To ensure that you are treated fairly and can have confidence in your selling experience, we have selected the top three online companies that offer fast and efficient processes and fair prices for diamonds. Our objective is to take the confusion out of the diamond selling process. To help with the process we have also created a buyer’s guide which will walk you through what to look for, how to determine your stones value, and the options for selling.This will help you make an educated decision along with getting the most for your precious stones.

Top Rated Online Diamond Buyers Summary

Diamond Buyers International offers the largest range of products which they buy. This includes gold, silver, platinum and other metals in addition to diamonds. WP Diamonds and Diamond Valet really focus on diamonds and the other metals as a secondary. The secondary emphasis also includes watches for all three companies.

WP Diamonds is the only top pick that provides live streaming where you can watch as diamonds arrive and see the process. This gives customers more confidence in the care that is taken for their jewelry and diamonds. They also have the highest insurance coverage at $200,000.

Diamond Valet will only accept stones that are ¾ a carat or larger, where the other two companies will accept stones of all sizes.

Both Diamond Valet and WP Diamonds compare values with a number of wholesale markets and in essence shop your stones to receive the highest possible price. This will result in most sellers having multiple buyers to choose from. The idea is that competition will increase the overall asking price resulting in higher offers to sellers.

No matter which company you choose you will be assured that the company will offer you a fair price and will take particular care to secure your expensive items. This gives customer’s confidence during the process of selling your diamonds.

Diamond Selling Buyers Guide

Where to Sell Diamonds

When it comes to selling diamonds one of the first questions is where? Selling old jewelry has become popular over the last few years. This has moved from selling gold and silver to selling gems such as diamonds. As a result an entire market has been created focused on meeting the needs of those looking to sell their diamonds that they no longer want.

There are two basic markets that buy diamonds. The retail market and the wholesale market.

Retail Markets require the seller to find the buyer directly.

Sell Directly to Customer. Diamond sellers can choose to find the buyer directly through eBay, Craigslist or other online websites. The benefit of this route is that you will gain the most money for your stones. The weakness is that it is time consuming, can be costly for appraisals and advertising, and could take months to sell. To accomplish this you should have your jewelry appraised and then prepare to sell it at a discount. If a customer wants to pay full retail, they will go to a retail store. They are searching these sites for a discount.

Sell Through a Pawnshop or Consignment Store. Letting your diamonds be held by a consignment store will provide the highest sales price, but after the consigner takes their cut, then you will be left with a smaller percentage. When selling with a consigner you will still need to be patient as it could take months to find a buyer, but it will not require your time or safety to be at risk, which is a concern when dealing with strangers through eBay or Craigslist. Pawnbrokers often take items on consignment (meaning you get paid when the item sells) or they will buy it from you at a wholesale price.

Wholesale Markets can be found locally and online

Local wholesalers include pawnshops and some jewelry stores. The biggest advantage of these sources is that they can usually appraise and give you money immediately. The downside is that generally they will offer the lowest price of all the options. They have a storefront and higher expenses and they must consider how long it will take them to sell it and if they will sell it loose or in a different setting.

Online Wholesalers provide a fast payment that is generally higher than you can get from a local wholesaler. Many companies only buy and sell diamonds, gold, silver and so forth, helping them to specialize and have retailers ready to buy their inventory. This helps them keep costs down and enables them to pay more for your stones. The downside to online stores is that there are many sites that are scams and do not want to deal honestly with clients. Using a certified online diamond buyer will help to ensure you are working with a real professional company.

What Is Your Diamond Worth

Diamonds are graded by different qualities which determine their value. Gemologists and other certifications are required to accurately access a diamonds worth. The main elements to the value of a diamond include the cut, color, clarity and carat of the stone. Online dealers will also consider the value of the setting and any precious metals or stone in the piece, in addition to the diamonds value. The GIA has created a grading scale which enables gems to be rated and valued with greater consistency.

Cut or shape of the diamond. The most common shape is a round brilliant cut. This shape will have at least 58 facets or angles which help the diamond reflect light. Diamonds can come in round, princess (square), pear, heart, oval, emerald, baguette, marquise, and trillion shapes. The round reflects the most light and is the most popular. This is often found as a solitaire to reflect the most light. The princess cut is the next most popular.

Color of the diamond. Most diamonds become more valuable the less color they show. Color is rated from D to Z based on the lack of color. D, E and F are the best making them virtually colorless, where Z will have a lot of yellow in the stone. In addition to traditional diamonds there are fancy diamond stones that appear as yellow or brown naturally.

Clarity of the stone refers to its imperfections. Stones have natural imperfections which impact the lights ability to reflect off the facets on the stone. Inclusions are imperfections that are found within the stone and blemishes are found on the outer surface of the stone. Clarity is determined by the number of imperfections, their size and position and who they impact the appearance. The fewer the imperfections the more valuable the stone will be. Clarity is graded from flawless (FL), internally flawless (IL), very very slightly included (VVSI), very slightly included (VSI) slightly included (SI) and included (I). There are sublevels within each grade.

Carat or size of the stone refers directly to its weight. A carat is a metric measure meaning 200 milligrams of weight. Each carat weight is divided by 100 points to provide a nearly exact weight for each stone. When quality is the same, the larger the stone the more valuable it will be.

All four of these factors are taken into account when establishing a value on a stone. Dealers, who are not the ultimate user, will also calculate their costs to sell the stone along with a profit margin. Thus you may find that your offer is well below what you paid for the diamond if you bought it in a retail setting.

selling-diamondsEven given the above grading system different labs can produce different grades for your stone. This is because there is a level of subjectivity to diamond evaluations. Retail stores are known to use labs that produce a higher grading to raise the value and price of their stones. A grading that comes from GIA (Gemologist Institute and America) and AGSL (American Gem Society) are highly respected grading systems known for consistency in stone grades.

Considerations before Your Sell Your Diamonds

Emotional Detachment

Diamonds generally represent things we feel strongly about. Whether we received it as a gift from a loved one, inherited the diamonds, or got them in a divorce settlement, there are strong feelings that go with the diamonds themselves. Parting with them will also be met with emotion. While that emotion can range from sadness to relief, understand that getting the best value requires you detach yourself from the emotional connection.

Get an Unbiased Appraisal

diamondIf you have a large stone it is wise to get the stone appraised by a party who does not have a stake or interest in the sale. They will be able to help you understand the retail and wholesale values and what offers you can expect. When an appraiser gives you a value of $5,000 that does not mean a wholesaler will pay that. They will generally offer you under or around a wholesale price because they have to find an end buyer or sell it to a jeweler.

Ask Yourself, Why Now?

What is your top priority? Is it to sell it the fastest, get the best price, or just part with it?Many consumers rule out finding a retail buyer because it forces them to deal with the emotional side much more than selling it to a dealer.

While local stores can give you cash today, a good online wholesaler can get you cash in a few days and have produced very efficient and fast processes to get you paid quickly at the highest price for the level of work. Online buyers provide the balance between getting the best price in a fast turnaround.


When you are ready to part with precious stones like diamonds, you generally want to get rid of them quickly and efficiently, while still getting a fair price. The online diamond buyers offer more than most local stores and provide a fast and efficient process. Instead of spending a lot of time and money trying to find a buyer yourself, the online process will do the work for you.

With the demand for diamonds rising around the world, the market for re-selling old diamonds is strong meaning you will be able to get a good price, when you are ready to part with old diamond stones or jewelry.


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  2. The Diamond Valet – http://www.thediamondvalet.com/
  3. WP Diamonds – http://cdn3.wpdiamonds.com/

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