Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

Buying a gift for your dad can be frustrating if you’re trying to rush and grab anything around, but if you know what his interests and likes are, that frustration flies right out the window. Dads are just like any other man in your life that you buy Christmas gifts for.

The objective is to find something that lets him know how much you appreciate him.  Take into consideration what he does for a living, is her retired, what does he like to watch on TV or eat…all these things can make choosing a gift for him

There are a lot of gift ideas for dad that is sure to please him and be useful to boot. They don’t have to be excessively expensive but you don’t want to choose cheaply or poorly made items either.  Taking the time to find a good gift for your dad will show him that you appreciate him and show your imagination and creativity as well.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

Customers love this simple but classy mug that says it all in three simple words.

This may seem like a simple choice for a gift but your dad will appreciate the simple sentiment. This clear glass mug holds 13 ounces of liquid and has the text on both sides of the mug.

They are dishwasher and microwave safe so he won’t have to worry about special cleaning instructions or damaging the mug by accidentally sticking it in the dishwasher.

This will fast become your dad’s new favorite mug and will remind him every morning when they have his coffee that you appreciate him. This mug is guaranteed that you will be satisfied with the quality and the text is guaranteed to stay on as well with no rubbing off or fading.

Customers are raving about this full scale day planner and goal tracker.

Dad can always use something that helps him stay organized. This ultimate personal tracker and organizer has plenty of features that will keep even the most unorganized person on track.

It is eco-friendly and looks great. The planner measures 7” x 10”. It is printed on recycled paper and is undated so it can be used no matter when you purchase it for them.

It is the perfect notebook to help your dad convert his big goals into daily tasks that he can do on their own or delegate.

Your dad will really appreciate this well thought out and put together planner and will more than likely purchase another for themselves when this one gets filled up.

Customers agree that this is the perfect golf cooler for all your golf outings.

If your dad is an avid golfer, this cooler bag will be a great addition to his golf supplies.  This bag will hold up to 12 cans along with ice to keep them nice and cold for those hot days on the course.  The liner of this golf cooler has been heat sealed with a no-leak liner.

There is a pocket in the front for golf balls, snacks and a golf tee holder as well as holding other small items. The adjustable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry this cooler bag. This cooler bag is the only thing he will need to keep his drinks and snacks cold while on the course all day.

Customers love the large, easy to read display that can be seen from anywhere in the room.

If you’re looking for a nice gift to give your dad for his dresser or his desk in his office, how about this atomic self adjusting and setting wall clock from MARATHON?

The display is a large 4” high and is super easy to see no matter where he is in the office.  It offers many features including a choice between 12 and 24 hour display format, and indoor temperature display, 8 time zones and will adjust itself for daylight savings as well.

Along with the time, the clock shows the day of the week, date, and month too.   It takes 2 AA batteries to run, which are included with the clock.

The brushed steel look of this clock goes well with any office, bedroom or den décor and it can be set on the desk or shelf if you don’t want to hang it on the wall. It is perfect for the office, school, home or hospital too.

Customers love the smooth and consistent writing that they achieve with this beautiful bamboo pen.

Dads of all kind use pens and what better gift to give them than this beautiful fountain pen writing set?  Even if they never use it for actual writing, it looks elegant and stylish displayed on his desk.  He will love this handcrafted pen that has a matching case made from bamboo.

This is a perfect pen for calligraphy, so if your dad loves calligraphy or wants to learn something new he will be even happier about this elegant gift.

Due to the fact that the pen is created from real bamboo, colors and textures will vary from pen to pen. This makes them even more unique.

This pen will work with any type of international size cartridge and there is an ink converter that is designed for bottled ink that is inside the barrel of the pen.

Customers love this unique and elegant way to track temperature and barometric pressure.

This incredibly beautiful thermometer with a barometer made into a glass globe. The inspiration behind this set is Galileo’s instruments.  Your dad will be blown away by the beauty and design of this piece and will proudly display this in their office or on the mantle at home.

The colorful spheres that are in the thermometer will rise and fall according to the changes in the atmosphere. They are weighted so they will respond to temperature changes. If the temperature is higher the balls will sink, if the temps are lower, the balls will rise to the top.

The storm glass will be able to forecast changes in the weather several hours before they happen. The wooden base that these are mounted to is 8” long and 8” high.  The thermometer is 11” high.  This whole piece is gorgeous and will be the topic of many conversations.

Customers love this heavyweight, old fashioned lamp that casts a beautiful green light that comes from the green shade.

If your dad has an elegant office with a lot of dark furniture, he will flip over this gorgeous banker’s desk lamp.  It is designed in the classic banker’s style with a green shade made of glass, metal construction on the base with an antique brass finish and a hanging on/off pull chain.

The lamp comes with a 13 watt CFL bulb that will conserve energy when the lamp is in use. The banker’s lamp measures 14 ¾” tall and looks fantastic on any type of wood desk.  There is a 90 day limited warranty provided with this product.

He will be surprised and pleased when he opens this classic banker’s style lamp from years gone by.  He’ll feel like he took a step back in time.

Customers rave about the durability, style and classic great looks of this beautiful attaché case.

This brand new leather attaché case is professional and clean and has a ton of features and details that will make it a favorite of your dad for all of his business meetings and paperwork.

It measures 19” x 14” x 1” in its expanded form.  It has high quality hardware with an easy to hold handle and 4 metal feet that protect the bottom of the briefcase from getting scratched.

The Alpine Swiss Briefcase is made from genuine leather and is durable and long lasting. Your dad will get to enjoy this stylish case for many years.

It has expandable folders for all of the dad’s important papers and a section that is perfect for business essentials such as pens, calculators, business credit cards and much more.

The combination locks can be set to two different number sets so you can lock each side separately. Your dad will be pleasantly surprised when he unwraps this wonderful gift that will be a great accessory to his workday.

Customers love having all these wine accessories in one place to use for dinner parties and gatherings.

If your dad is a wine enthusiast, he will really love this 9 piece wine set.  Add a bottle of their favorite wine to the gift and they will have a gift that he can enjoy with friends or family.

Included in this set is:

  • Wine aerator
  • Wine stopper
  • Rabbit lever style wine bottle opener (corkscrew design)
  • Two extra corkscrews
  • Wine foil cutter
  • Drip ring
  • Thermometer
  • Wine pourer and stopper

All of this is housed in a beautiful gift box made of Rosewood.   This wine accessory set is a beautiful gift for dad that can be appreciated over and over again with every wine bottle that is opened.

Customers love the long lasting durability of this set, even after months of use it will still look perfect.

Another beautiful gift for your dad is this genuine leather, 3 piece desk accessory set.  It is made from bonded leather and has a soft, felt backing.  It has all the things he will need to keep his desk straight and organized.

Included is a pen cup, letter tray for incoming or outgoing mail and a desk pad that measures 30” x 18”.  Your dad will love how this elegant set makes his desk look.  The genuine leather is durable and will last for years.

Choosing the Right Christmas Gift for Your Dad

As you can see from the wonderful suggestions above, purchasing a gift for your dad is not as difficult as one might think it is.  All it takes is a little bit of thought and planning and you’ll be able to find some excellent gifts to choose from that your dad is going to love.

There are a few things that you will want to remember when it comes to giving a gift to your dad.  We’ve outlined these tips and pointers below for you to keep in mind while you are doing your shopping. Following these tips will help you find the perfect gift for your dad whether he is a professional in an office, retired or working somewhere else.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Have the gift you choose wrapped in beautiful wrapping paper or wrap it yourself carefully and elegantly. A beautifully wrapped present is a joy to see and builds excitement over what is inside.
  • Find out what your dad likes and dislikes and try to choose something that will match up with that. Some of the suggestions above are for his office itself, which is fine, especially if it is an item he needs.
  • Don’t overcomplicate the gift buying process by thinking your dad is too complicated to buy for. Even if he is the highest powered businessman, there are things he will do, like, and enjoy. Find out those things and that’s where some suggestions can come from.


  • Choose gag gifts for your dad even if they have a good sense of humor. It is better to give sincere presents for Christmas. Even if he or she laughs, a silly gag gift is not something they can really use and it could end up getting re-gifted.
  • Set a reasonable budget and stick to it. Just because you are purchasing a gift for your dad, that doesn’t mean you have to choose something expensive or out of your budget.  You don’t want to aim for cheap, but setting a moderate budget is just fine.

Remember the tips we’ve given you and the gift suggestions and see if any of them fit your dad.  Purchasing a gift can be so much fun if you don’t lose sight of the reason you are giving it which is show your dad that he is appreciated and loved.   He will appreciate the sincerity and will truly enjoy the gift you’ve given them.