Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens

Choosing gifts for teens can sometimes feel like a challenge, especially if the teens want all the latest gadgets and trendy things.  If you have teens that you are buying Christmas gifts for you will want to keep several things in mind before you purchase anything.

Knowing something about what they like, the hobbies they participate in, the things they do in school and their dislikes will help you choose the right gift.

We have listed 10 great gifts for teens that could be just what your teen would love.  Some of these gifts are better for girls and some for guys and they cover all kinds of budgets.   The best age range for the teen gifts we have chosen is the 13-15 or 16 age range.   If none of these suggestions work for you, use the ideas to come up with some great Christmas gift ideas for teens on your own.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens

Customers love the beautiful craftsmanship of this horse trinket box.

If your teen loves horses like so many do, she or he will love this wood jewelry trinket box with a horse on the lid.  The horse is in 3D and is raised on the lid.

It is a beautiful box that is just perfect for keeping special keepsakes, jewelry or nothing at all and it just sits on the dresser, desk or side table as a beautiful knickknack.

If she (or he) loves decorative boxes, this one will surely top their list of favorites.  The craftsmanship is excellent.   The faux wood looks like real wood thanks to the high quality details.  This makes a great stocking stuffer for the horse lover.

Customers love the imagination and ingenuity they have to use to solve the puzzle.

This puzzle box game can be an ingenious gift box that they have to solve to get the gift out. If you have gotten them something small, this is the perfect way to present it to them, especially if it is a gift they have been really wanting.  Having to solve the puzzle first will drive them crazy in a good way.

This is a great way to give your teen cash as a present. Rather than just opening a gift card or envelop, they have this cool puzzle that makes them use creativity to get to their cash.

One the puzzle has been solved and they have retrieved their gift, the box csn be used as a box for money or as a secret box for treasures.

Customers love the challenges this game offers and the head to head competition that it promotes.

This fun game is based on the popular National Geographic Channel TV series.  Brain Games is a great game for the whole family to play on family game nights.

All you have to do is be the first player to complete challenges in 4 different categories first. The categories are Vision, Mind and Body, Language, and Logic.

This is a more advanced game so it is recommended for ages 14 and up.  It can have 3-6 players and is made in the USA.  You will be able to go head to head with other contestants to test your vision, logic, physical skills and language skills. It is a game that is fun to play and challenging too.

Customers love the impressive light show that goes on as soon as they turn the switch on.

If your teen loves cool things, this will top the list.  This unique rotating star has a sky moon cover. It has 2 different cover; a sky moon cover and a cosmos cover protector.

It comes with a 1 ½ meter usb cord and several LED colors including warm light, green light, blue light, red light and provides soft coloring for the user in whatever room it goes in.

It has a rotating base, more light and makes a perfect night light for any age teen. This unit is powered by 4 AAA batteries.  Or uses can use a USB cable.  It makes a great night light for any room, especially a teen’s bedroom. They will love the effects.

Customers love the different colors and types of gel pens that are available in this kit.

Many teens love to draw and color. This large 60 pack of gel pens provides plenty of opportunity for them to color and draw.

The gel pens are premium due to the silky gel ink that saturates the medium you are working on with plenty of color.  They are professional quality and are enjoyed by both occasional colorers and avid artists.

These gel pens don’t bleed through and they are non toxic and acid free.  These are the perfect gel pens for scrapbooks as well as professional projects.

They are also acid free and won’t turn the paper yellow over time.  There are no duplicates in colors in this set.  The teen will get 60 different colors to enjoy.

Buyers of these gel pens get access to FREE EBooks and also have a lifetime subscription to any new coloring eBooks that are available.

Customers always like this bag for their teens who have tablet or reader or other gadgets. 

This attractive messenger bag is perfect for the teen that has a tablet or reader.

It is made of thick canvas with cowhide leather trim and fine stitching.  The main compartment has two functional pockets and a zippered pocket.

This messenger bag can hold a tablet, netbook, Ipad, or a 12” laptop or notebook. The readers like nook and kindle fit as well. The bag has a button closure and the strap is 52” and is fully adjustable.

This bag has a distinct vintage quality to it.  It is great for guys or girls although it is mostly carried by girls and women.  The practical, spacious bag has plenty of room for your tablets and other items.

Customers love the physical activity this scooter encourages.

Younger teens that are looking for a great means of transportation may consider this Razor kick scooter.  This is the original scooter that is made of aircraft grade aluminum and has bright green highlights.

This scooter folds up for easy transport.  The wheels are 98mm inline-style wheels made of urethane and have ABEC 5 bearings for durability.

The rear fender brake allows for quick stops and the entire scooter weighs 6 pounds making it super lightweight to carry.  It has a 6 month warranty and is good for younger teens 13-1 5 years old.

Customers love the multifunctional capabilities of this little wonder device.

This wonderful device has many functions.  It is a Bluetooth speaker; touch LED lamp, MP3 player and alarm clock.  It connects easily and can pair with Bluetooth 4.0.  It is compatible with all of the Bluetooth devices.

The light has 4 levels of brightness and has an adjustable warm LED light that has a cool touch sensor on the top.  The digital 24 hour alarm clock with sleep mode is yet another great function of this item.

The soft light makes it a perfect night light that will help teens of any age relax and fall asleep peacefully.

The long lasting battery will support up to 15 hours of light and 11 hours of music playing.  It can be easily recharged within 2-4 hours with a USB.  The Bluetooth range is 10 meters.

This multi-functional device does a lot of things that a teen needs.  It is perfect for the bedroom, living room and any other room they may want to put it in. Your teen can set the alarm so they don’t miss school or important appointments and also listen to music while soft light fills the room.  They will love this device.

Customers love all the useful features that this sports watch offers teen girls.

This girl’s watch is the perfect gift for a teen on the go.  Features include a chronograph, hourly chime function, EL backlight, alarm, water resistance up to 330 feet, and date and time.  It has a long battery life with Japanese high quality movement.

There are 9 colors to choose from and a soft rubber watch strap that is super comfortable for them to wear. It fits watches 11-19cm.  It is a good watch choice for girls that are active and participating in sports.

Watches are always nice for a teen to have so they can keep track of their engagements and responsibilities.  This is a great, simple watch that looks terrific and has most of the features of an adult watch.

Customers love the large variety of makeup and high quality products this makeup case has.

Here’s another great gift for a teen girl that she will flip over.  This SHANY makeup train case includes lots of pro makeup that comes along with it.

Included in this case is pro eye shadows, blushes, lipsticks, nail varnishes, face powders, liners for lip and eyes, applicators and a case that will keep all of this wonderful makeup in one place.

If your teen girl is just starting to wear makeup, this is the perfect kit to get her.  She will be excited by all the beautiful colors and make up.  None of this make up is tested on animals.

The leopard print of the case is fashionable.  She will enjoy choosing the look she wants to achieve each day and now she has the means in which to create that look.

Choosing the Right Christmas Gift for Teens

When it comes to choosing the right gift for a teen, the main thing to keep in mind is that there are a lot of gifts that you can choose from that aren’t the latest and greatest fads and trends.

Sometimes those fads and trends can cost a lot and it may not be in the budget.  If this is the case, don’t worry, you can still find terrific gifts that your teens will love.

We have listed some important tips and pointers for you to think about before you start shopping. Following these tips will keep things from turning stressful and frustrating.

Dos and Don’ts to Remember


  • Make a list for yourself of things your teen does, talks about, likes, watches on TV, does in school and any extracurricular interests they have. This doesn’t need to be a perfect list, just a few in each category is fine. The purpose of this list is to give you gift suggestions that will cover these different categories.
  • Ask them for one or two big items that they would love to have if your budget allows. It doesn’t mean you will get both big items but if you can choose one and afford it without hurting yourself financially, this would be a great item to choose as the main gift. The rest of them can be filler gifts and stocking stuffers.
  • Remind your teens that just because they ask for something or make a list, it doesn’t mean that they get everything on their list. Christmas is a time of giving and teens love to get gifts but they need to be realistic too.


  • Put a lot of pressure on yourself to buy a ton of gifts, especially if you can’t afford them. That is why we help you choose gifts that they are going to like.  This takes the pressure off of trying to compensate for the wrong gifts.  We will help you choose the right gifts that will fit your budget perfectly and provide your teen with gifts they will love.
  • Wait until the last minute to go shopping. The more shopping you can do earlier, the more stress-free the shopping trips will be. If you start early enough you won’t even have to go into a store unless you want to.

Teens are not as scary as they appear when it comes to buying Christmas gifts.  All it takes to please them is paying attention to the things they like and do.  If you do that, you are guaranteed to get gifts that they will enjoy using.