Best Blush

Best Blush

Choosing a top quality blush is important for the sake of your skin and to get the look you want to have. We selected 15 of the most popular blushes on the market and looked at price, product volume, brand reputation, ease of application, special features such as oil-free or water resistant and customer opinion and reviews. The three choices reviewed below are at the top of the list for all these categories.

Introduction to the Blushes

Blush is another mainstay of a good makeup bag and is used to add a healthy glow to the skin. Blush comes in many different forms and colors. To make the process of selecting the perfect blush much easier, it helps to understand a little bit about the different types of blush on the market and how to choose the right one for your skin.

The idea behind selecting the right blush is to choose shades that match the skin tone so it doesn’t look unnatural or clownish. With all of the choices available it can be challenging to decide on just one.

This buyer’s guide will help you learn what to look for when you are researching the different blush products available so you choose one that blends beautifully with your coloring and adds a natural, finished look to your makeup routine.

Top 10 Blushes

RankPictureBlushQuantity (oz)Finish
Bare Minerals
8.00Sheer, Matte
7.20Sheer, Matte
Jane Iredale

Best Overall Blush

Milani Baked Blush, Luminoso

Milani Baked Blush is a streak-free powder blush that shapes, highlights and contours the face.

Wearers of this blush will have a healthy, radiant look that adds a beautiful, finished look to your makeup.

There are matte and shimmery shades available to choose from that take you from your day to day errands to a night on the town.

This blush has a rich pigment and is very buildable so you can achieve a natural look that enhances your skins natural beauty rather than just adding color to the skin.

It is the perfect addition to your makeup bag and will give you that sun-kissed look that you’re after.

This beautiful and high quality blush comes in an elegant gold-trimmed container that you can use with your own blush brush.

Bare Minerals Blush Highlighters

Bare Minerals is a very popular brand of makeup that many love due to its natural tone and healthy glow it provides.

This blush is made from 100% pure bare minerals and is healthy for the skin.

It adds a creamy, natural tone that brings out the beauty of the skin, going on flawlessly every time.

This blush is suitable for all skin types including problem-prone skin and sensitive skin too.

The popular bare minerals name is a well trusted and loved brand in the makeup industry.

Add a soft, natural glow to your complexion effortlessly with this high quality blush that is available in a variety of colors.

It is the perfect addition to your makeup bag and can be used for casual errands, work and a night on the town. This blush comes in a convenient container with a glass bottom and black lid and can be used with a variety of different brushes to add that beautiful glow to your skin any time of year.

Best Budget Blush

SHANY Cosmetics Fuchsia 6 Color Blush Palette

SHANY is a well known name in makeup. This palette of blush colors fits right in with the other quality SHANY makeup products.

This blush product provides users with a choice of 6 colors that provide natural color and radiance to your skin.

It is made from high quality, transparent pigments that prevent it from looking or feeling heavy.

There is a combination of sheer and matte colors in this palette to choose from.

You can choose a lighter, sheerer one for during the day and a more elegant, shimmery one for a night on the town.  It has an easy to carry and use compact that has 6 different choices of color schemes.

The luxurious compact that the SHANY blush fuchsia color scheme comes in makes this great makeup for those on the go. This USA made blush is perfect for all skin types and it not tested on animals.

Blushes Summary

Blush is a popular makeup that is used to add natural looking color and definition to your cheeks and even other areas of your face. The thought process behind blush is to mimic the cheeks natural tendency to deepen in color when there is increased blood flow. This natural blush in the cheeks is equated with health and beauty. Blush provides a means of getting this natural looking blush whenever you want it.

There are many different types and colors of blush on the market and every brand of makeup has forms of blush for the consumer to choose from. With all these choices, you need to have the right information so you choose the best one for your skin type and the look you want to achieve.

Read the buyer’s guide below to learn more about how to select the perfect blush for your skin and makeup goals. This information will help you narrow down the choices so you can make an informed decision that will help you achieve the makeup goals you have by purchasing the best product for your needs.

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Blush Comparison Table


Bare Minerals








Jane Iredale


Blush Buying Guide

Blush Reviews

Basic Skin Types

blush1The first step in being able to choose the best blush for your skin is to determine what your skin type is. You will be focusing on the skin on your cheeks since a large number of people have combination skin in the nose, forehead and chin areas. Since you wear blush on the cheeks, this is the area you will need to focus on when determining the right skin type.  The 3 basic skin types are:

  • Oily – People with oily skin have a tendency to have blemishes and their skin will have a shiny appearance.  Larger pores are usually visible, especially on the nose, chin, forehead and even on the cheeks at times.  These large pores become more noticeable when makeup is applied.  If you have oily skin, it is important to choose the right blush so you don’t aggravate or increase skin problems or increase the appearance of the larger pores.
  • Dry – One of the common traits of dry skin is that it flakes. It is also prone to developing fine lines due to the lack of moisture and the skin’s natural oils.  Choosing the wrong type of blush for dry skin can result in even more drying so you need to make sure that the blush you purchase can add some moisture to the skin.  UV protection is also important for this skin type.
  • Normal – Having normal skin means that it keeps a balance of oils that prevent it from being too dry or too oily.  Pores are not noticeable unless the skin is being closely inspected. The elasticity of the skin is good as well which means fewer wrinkles to worry about. If you have normal skin, you have the most options when it comes to choosing the type of blush you use.

Seasonal Changes

You may notice that your skin does different things at different times of the year. Most often, cold temperatures will dry out the skin faster due to the heat sources that are used. This can be combated through the use of a humidifier which will add some moisture to the air.

When temperatures are high, humidity and heat will increase the oils in your skin, making your face oilier. A good rule of thumb is to purchase two types of blush one for each season, to compensate for the changes your skin will go through during each time.

Types of Blush

There are several basic types of blush available to choose from.  You will want to consider things like brand reputation, shelf life, ease of use, ease of application, age market, how much of the product there is, price, color selection and other special features when you start shopping around.  We have listed the different types of blush below with some information about each type.

Powder – Powder blush is probably one of the most commonly used types by all age groups and skin types.  It typically comes in a solid cake of powder that is in a compact of some kind. This type of blush lasts a long time and is not usually very expensive.  Inside the compact there may be a small brush or makeup pad that you can use to apply it, although you may prefer to use a separate blush brush. There are some powder blush formulas that are loose as well and come in a shaker type container.  Some of the pros to using a powder blush include:

  1. Long lasting
  2. Cost effective
  3. Easy to apply
  4. Absorbs oils on the skin
  5. Wide variety of colors
  6. Available in all brands

blush2There are some drawbacks to using powder blush as well for those who have dry skin, as the powder blush and dry nature of the product can accentuate fine lines and wrinkles in the skin.  In addition, some people find that applying loose blush powder can be a little messy.

Cream – Cream blush is good for achieving a beautiful evening look that is soft in appearance.  Cream blush can come in pencil form, stick, jar or a soft cake.  It is best applied with a makeup sponge although some like to use their fingers.  Apply cream blush over foundation and under a finishing powder for the best look.  Some of the pros to using cream blush include:

  1. The intense color they provide
  2. Produces a soft, transparent look
  3. Adds moisture to dry skin
  4. Blends easily.

Some drawbacks to using cream blush include the shorter shelf life and the fact that it is more likely to smudge or rub off than powder is.  It is not usually advised to wear cream blush on oily skin.

Liquid or Gel – These types of blushes are usually packaged in jars, tubes or bottles.  They blend easily and give a beautiful sheer color that is not overdone.  There are different varieties of liquid and gel blush including oil-free and water-resistant. They are a good choice for people who engage in a lot of outdoor activities.  Some of the concentrated liquid blushes offer more intense color.  They are applied with a makeup sponge or the fingertips. Some pros to using liquid or gel blush include:

  1. The transparent effects it offers after application
  2. The natural fresh look it provides
  3. It dries quickly
  4. Can be used by those with oily skin due to the oil free varieties available
  5. Blends easily
  6. Provides a fresh, youthful look

Some of the drawbacks to using liquid or gel blush include the difficulty in getting it to apply evenly. This can improve with practice though; it can be messy, it has a shorter shelf life, is more expensive usually and may require you to wash your hands after application.

Mousse – Mousse is a type of cream blush but it is lighter and more airy in consistency.  It applies easily with the fingers and in most often packages in a jar or pump.  Mousse blush provides a look that is comparable to powder blush but it has the flexibility and smoothness of cream blush.  Some of the pros of using a mousse blush include:

  1. Dries quickly
  2. Gives the appearance of a powder blush on the skin
  3. Is easier to apply than cream
  4. Works well on dry skin

Some of the drawbacks to using mousse blush are that it can rub off or smudge easily, it has limited colors and a shorter shelf life and the air content involved reduces the cost effectiveness of the blush.

Matching Blush to Skin Tone

blush3When you match the color of the blush you purchase to your skin tone, you will get a more natural, attractive look. The basic points to remember are to match warmer complexions (those containing yellow undertones) to warmer blush colors like peach, bronze, coral and brick red (which is a red with yellow undertones). If your skin has more blue undertones, stick to colors like mauve, pink, lavender and blue-red. You will also find that cool colors match with silver better and warm with gold.


Blush is a major part of most people’s makeup routine. With all of the choices available, it is important to have a good idea of what you need to achieve the looks you want. Once you know the skin type you have and what skin tone you have, you can sort through all of the different types of blushes and select the perfect one for your needs and preferences.


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