Best Bed Sheets

I’m sure you’ll agree that the most important aspect to a great set of bed sheets is comfort.

This was our deciding factor when selecting the best bed sheets.

If luxury and comfort are your thing, we highly recommend the Cariloha Crazy Soft Bamboo Sheets. If you want the best prices to comfort ratio then look at the Brielle Jersey Knit sheets.

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Top 10 Bed Sheets

Bed SheetsTypeThread Count
Bamboo Viscose1000+*
100% Egyptian Cotton1000
100% Egyptian Cotton400
Jersey KnitN/A
100% Egyptian Cotton500
100% Egyptian Cotton300
100% Cotton400
100% Egyptian Cotton300
100% Egyptian Cotton300
Jersey KnitN/A
*The Cariloha 100% viscose bamboo bed sheets do not have an exact thread count however they are comparable to 1000 thread count egyptian cotton. When compared side by side they feel softer. This is why we display the thread count 1000+.

You spend a 1/3 of your life in bed. So get some good sheets already.

Bed Sheet Comparison

ExceptionalSheets ExceptionalSheets View
Pinzon 400

Brielle Cotton Jersey Knit

Pinzon 500

SheetsnThings Solid Ivory

Elles Bedding Collections

SheetsnThings Solid Grey

SheetsnThings Solid White Percale

Brielle 100-Percent Modal

TypeBamboo Viscose100% Egyptian Cotton100% Egyptian CottonJersey knitted100% Egyptian Cotton100% Egyptian Cotton100% Cotton100% Egyptian Cotton100% Egyptian CottonBeech Jersey KnittedLinen
Thread Count1000+*1000400N/A500300400300300N/A250
MaterialBamboo-derived rayon100% Egyptian


Egyptian Cotton100% cotton100% Pima Cotton100 % Egyptian Cotton100% Cotton100 % Egyptian Cotton100 % Egyptian Cotton100% Rayon100% Rayon
Pocket Depth
1815 – 18171515181513 – 18161514
Hem Size
Queen Size
60 x 8060 x 8060 x 8060 x 8060 x 8060 x 8060 x 8060 x 8060 x 8060 x 8060 x 80
Queen Size
94 x 10294 x 10490 x 10290 x 10290 x 10290 x 10290 x 10290 x 10292 x 10290 x 10290 x 102
Queen Size
20 x 2821 x 3220 x 3020 x 3020 x 3020 x 3020 x 3220 x 3020 x 3020 x 3020 x 34
Flint Blue,
White, Ivory,
Sage, Blue,
Tan, Lilac
White, Ivory,
Sand, Stone
Twin, Full,
Queen, King,
California King,
Split King
Full, Queen,
Olympic Queen,
King, California
Full, Queen,
King, California
Twin, Twin XL,
Full, Queen,
King, California
Full, Queen,
King, California
Twin, Twin XL,
Full, Queen,
Olympic Queen,
King, California King,
Split King
Twin, Twin XL,
Full, Queen,
Twin, Twin XL,
Full, Queen,
Olympic Queen,
California King,
Split King
Twin XL,
California King,
Full, King, Queen
Twin, Twin Comforter,
Twin XL, Full,
Full/Queen Comforter
2 Standard Pillowcases
Queen, King,
2 King Pillowcases,
California King
Twin, Twin XL,
Full, Queen,
Queen Pillowcase Set,
King Pillowcase Set,
California King
Primary UsePure DurabilityPure DurabilityCool CottonDurability/ Softness MixCool CottonPure SoftnessCool CottonPure SoftnessPure SoftnessDurability/ Softness MixCrisp Feel


Bed Sheets Buying Guide

bed sheet buying guide

Where to Purchase

Buying a comfortable set of bed sheets is important for many reasons, many of which have to do with the quality of sleep, you get from them. A bad quality set of sheets can be annoying and affect the way you sleep. Any one of the three sets above are excellent choices and all are available in many sizes and colors for any home. They are worth the money you’ll pay and the quality is hard to beat. Choosing the best bed sheets set for your own bed is much easier once you know what other customers are enjoying. We recommend buying bed sheets online as you can often get the best price and more options than what is available in retail stores.

What is a Bed Sheet?

When it comes to getting a great night’s sleep, don’t just stop with only a good mattress. The right sheets can also help you get a great night’s sleep. In fact, you can have a terrific mattress but if you have terrible sheets, you still won’t get a restful night. There are many personal preferences that come into play when it comes to choosing the right bed sheets. In addition to personal preferences including color, pattern and how the sheet feels, there are some technical aspects that affect the way a sheet feels, such as fabric type, weave and thread count.

Different Types of Fabric

There are many kinds of fabric that are used to make bed sheets. Each fabric type can feel different and have unique properties that some users will love yet others won’t. The trick to finding the right bed sheet for you is finding the one that you feel is comfortable. The most popular choices among consumers are:

  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Flannel
  • Satin

These fabrics make up most of the sheets on the market today. Cotton is a generic description because there are several types of cotton sheets and each feels a bit different from the other. Below are some of the most commonly used fabrics in sheet making.

Cotton –

most comfortable bed sheetsOverall, cotton sheets are very popular because they have a soft feel and are very breathable. They don’t wrinkle as much as other fabrics and are usually economical. There are several types of cottons that are included under the “cotton” sheet category.

Muslin Cotton – This type of cotton is at the lower end of the spectrum and is most often used in wildly printed and character style printed bed sheets for kids. The thread count is ususally only about 140. These sheets often feel kind of rough to the touch and are a bit stiffer too.

Combed Cotton – This is a type of cotton that has been cleaned of impurities, removing all the short fibers as well. This type of cotton is extremely soft and smooth.

Supima Cotton – This long-fiber cotton is produced in the US and is very high quality, extremely soft, and durable.

Egyptian cotton – This is an elite type of cotton that is considered the Cadillac of cottons. High quality, luxurious and soft, Egyptian cotton sheets are considered the best of the best.

Characteristics of Different Cotton Fabrics


  • Made from Southern US grown cotton
  • Long Fibers
  • Durable and Soft


  • Made from Cotton grown in US, AU and India
  • Shorter fibers
  • Less soft
  • Less durable

Cotton/Poly Blend

  • Resists wrinkling
  • Doesn’t whisk away moisture as well
  • Durable


  • Less Durable
  • Silky texture
  • More threads on the surface than underneath


  • Very durable
  • Super soft
  • Uses 1-3/8″ threads which increase softness

Silk and Satin – These materials are considered much more luxurious and desirable than the materials in other sheets. They are also good at reducing sweating in the summertime. The only issue you might have with silk or satin sheets is that they can slide right off the bed if they are not fitted to the mattress properly. Most silk sheets are made from mulberry silk which is the most durable kind of silk. Another benefit to silk sheets is that they are hypoallergenic which makes them a great choice for allergy sufferers.

Flannel – Flannel sheets are most often used during winter because they can be too hot to use during the summer. They are also frequently used for baby bedding due to the softness of the material. They are made of a blend of wool and synthetic material so if you have a wool allergy you will likely not be able to sleep on flannel sheets.

Polyester – According to Best Consumer Reviews, polyester sheets are usually the cheapest bed sheets one can buy. They are not the most comfortable and are usually somewhat scratchy and stiff. It’s isn’t a breathable fabric like cotton, which means you could end up sweating during the night.

Bamboo – While not a widely used type of sheet material, bamboo sheets are hypoallergenic and come in many different colors. The time it takes to care for bamboo sheets is greater than other sheets as they need to be washed on a delicate cycle and air dried as much as possible as they are not particularly durable.

Thread Count

best bed sheets in the worldThread count is calculated by the number of threads that run both vertically and horizontally per square inch of fabric. The rule of thumb is the higher the thread count, the better quality sheets. However, this is not always the case. If your primary desire is soft sheets, then a higher thread count will be what you’re looking for.

Because high thread count sheets can be extremely fragile, you may want to stick with the mid range thread counts ranging from 400-900, espectially if you’re buying sheets for kids or teens. Even the 30-400 range is great for kid’s rooms as they tend to be much harder on their sheets than adults.

Thread count shouldn’t be the only consideration when it comes to choosing the best sheets but it definitely contributes to the quality and feel of the sheets you purchase. Another characteristic of sheets with a high thread count is that they will continue to soften over time as you use and wash them.


Ply is not a commonly heard term, but it pertains to the thickness and heaviness of the sheets. Ply refers to how many fibers are twisted together before they’re woven into a sheet. When two or more fibers are twisted together, the thread count can actually double or triple. This is not the same meaning as a high thread count so be careful that you understand this correctly.

The higher the pl, the heavier the weight of the sheet. Sheets that are over 1000 thread count usually are 2 ply. Heavier ply generally means a more durable sheet as well.


There are several different types of weaves that are used when sheets are being made. A weave is what creates the textured look or feel of the sheets and is created by interlacing the thread. Most standard weaves consist of one stitch over with another one under.

Percale Weave – This is the most common weave for bed sheets and the easiest to find. It’s closely woven and noticeably tighter than the standard weave used in sheets. It’s not a glossy weave and has a smooth and crisp feel to it.

Pinpoint – This weave has two stitches over and one under. It is nicer than a standard weave sheet but is not as soft as a sateen sheet.

Sateen Weave – Despite souding similar, a sateen sheet is not the same as a satin sheet. Sateen weaves are four stitches over and one under which gives it a luster that is reminiscent of satin sheets. Because it is a soft and silky material, this type of sheet can be very appealing to some.

“Feel” Preferences

Consumers have many different preferences when it comes to the feel of a bed sheet set. Some may like a crisp feel while others will prefer something more luxurious. Below is a simple “feel” chart that suggests the type of sheets you might like based on your preferences.

If you like your sheets to feel:

  • Lightweight and crisp feeling sheets……………..choose Percale weave.
  • Silky and Luxurious feeling sheets………………….choose Sateen weave
  • Soft, T-shirt feeling sheets……………………………..choose Jersey weave
  • Soft, cool feeling sheets……………………………….. choose Cotton fabrics with a slightly higher thread count
  • Soft, smooth feeling sheets………………….………..choose Modal fabrics
  • Crisp feeling sheets………………………………….…….choose Cotton/Poly Blend

Different Sizes

best bed sheets everThere are usually many different mattress sizes in people’s homes so knowing what size you’re buying for will help you choose the correct size sheets. Make sure you measure your mattress before you start shopping, especially the height. Knowing what size you need, will prevent you from buying a bed sheet set that won’t fit properly.

You will need to measure from head to toe and from side to side. Again, make sure that you measure the thickness of the mattress. Write the numbers down so you don’t forget when you’re shopping. Below we’ve outlined some specific information about mattress sizes that will help you determine what size sheets you will need.

Twin Size – This size bed is for one person and is the size bed most often found in children’s rooms.

  • Flat Sheet – 66″ x 96″
  • Fitted Sheet – 39″ x 75″
  • Pillow Case – 20″ x 26″

Twin Size Extra Long (XL) – You will usually find this size bed in college dorms. It’s longer than a traditional twin but is the same width.

  • XL Flat Sheet – 66″ x 96″ (there is no XL flat sheet made and a standard flat sheet for twin beds will work just fine.
  • XL Fitted Sheet – 39″ x 80″
  • Pillow case – 20″ x 26″

Full Size – Two smaller or one medium sized person can fit on a double bed comfortably. Sometimes teenagers enjoy having a full size bed to themselves if space permits.

  • Flat Sheet – 81″ x 96-100″
  • Fitted Sheet – 54″ x 75″
  • Pillow case – 20″ x 26″

Queen Size – Two people can comfortably sleep in a Queen sized bed. This is the size most often used in guest rooms and also in hotel rooms with two beds.

  • Flat Sheet – 90″ x 102-106″
  • Fitted Sheet – 60″ x 80″
  • Pillow case – 20″ x 30″

King Size – There is plenty of room in a king size bed for two people plus more (those who have children will understand this completely)! Some couples love having breathing space and enjoy the extra space a king size bed affords. The king size bed can also be called the Eastern King.

  • Flat Sheet – 108″ x 102-106″
  • Fitted Sheet – 78″ x 80″
  • Pillow case – 20″ x 36-40″

California King Size – This is a popular mattress in the Western part of the US and is longer and narrower than the traditional Eastern King.

  • Flat Sheet – 102″ x 110″
  • Fitted Sheet – 72″ x 84″
  • Pillow Case – 20″ x 36-40″

Mattress Thickness Matters

With the popularity if pillow-top mattresses, the standard depth isn’t necessarily the depth of your mattress. You need to know the depth of your mattress you so you get the correct fitted sheet. A fitted sheet that doesn’t, have deep enough pockets (the part that fits around the corners of the mattress) will often result in the sheet being pulled off the corners, especially when you’re sleeping. This can be very disruptive to a good night’s sleep.

If you can’t find the right size fitted sheet for your thicker mattress, it is recommended that you purchase a flat sheet which is the next size up from your mattress size and simply fold the ends underneath.

  • Regular depth – 7-9″
  • Deep depth – 15″ and under
  • Extra Deep – 16-22″

The Ideal Linen Closet

best place to buy bed sheetsWhen it comes to making sure you have everything you need for a perfectly comfortable bed, there are some guidelines that you can follow. These are not set in stone, but if you want to be prepared and have comfortable, stylish beds that your family and guests rave about, you’ll want to consider following these recommendations.

Master Bed

  • Get 2 or 3 sets of sheets to match your master bed size. This will include a flat sheet, fitted sheet and 2 pillow cases. You’ll need more pillow cases if you have more than 2 pillows on the bed.
  • Two mattress pads, one will be on the bed while the other is in the linen closet. Mattress pads are typically washed every 2-4 weeks.
  • Two pillowcase protectors for every pillow used on the bed
  • One blanket for winter (store in linen closet during hot months)
  • One blanket for summer
  • One bed skirt (if you use them on your beds)
  • One comforter or quilt

Guest Beds

  • 2 sets of sheets per guest bed. After your guests leave, don’t forget to wash all the linens and remake your guest beds immediately so they are ready if unexpected company arrives.
  • One mattress pad for the bed
  • Two pillow cases for a twin, four for a full size bed
  • One summer blanket
  • One winter blanket
  • One comforter
  • One bed skirt if you use them

Children’s Beds

  • 2 sets of sheets per child’s bed
  • Two pillows per twin bed, 4 for full size
  • Two mattress pads per child’s bed (one in closet, one on the bed)
  • One summer blanket
  • One winter blanket
  • One comforter or comforter set

Care and Cleaning

Taking care of your sheets isn’t difficult but it is important to clean them properly so they last a long time. Follow the tips below to keep your bed sheets looking and feeling like new.

  • Watch Your temperature – Most sheets call for machine washing in cold water. Having too much heat in the water or in the dryer will age the fabric and make it wear faster. It can also fade the colors.
  • Water and Detergent FIRST – Start the water in the washing machine, then add your detergent before putting in the sheets. This prevents undiluted soap from getting on the sheets and staining them. It’s also hard to rinse it all out of the sheets when you add the detergent on top.
  • Watch those Extras – Most of the time extras, such as bleach, can be hard on the fabrics and break them down. Bleach in particular can weaken and even yellow materials. It is rare that bed sheets would need bleach. Regular, good-quality detergent is sufficient.
  • Change the sheets every week – Changing the sheets weekly is good for the body and good for the sheets as well because it extends the life of the fabric.
  • Avoiding Wrinkles – You can avoid wrinkles in your cotton sheets if you take them straight from the dryer when they are done, before they cool and either fold them or put them back on the beds. If they DO get wrinkled, throw a damp sock or washcloth in the dryer with your wrinkled sheets for about 10 minutes and this should take care of the problem.

Color and Pattern Options

best quality bed sheetsOne of the great things about bed sheets is the array of colors and patterns that are available in all sizes. It can be difficult to decide which color or style to get but here are a few tips that can make the decision easier.

Since bed sheets come in so many different colors and patterns, it’s very easy to mix and match and come up with great color schemes that will match your decorating style. If you buy your sheets singly, this becomes even easier as you can buy the flat sheet in one color and the fitted in another, etc.

Many people like to buy coordinating colors to go with specific patterns. This gives a fresh, new look to the pattern, especially if you get several sheets in different but coordinating colors. It also keeps the pattern from becoming too overwhelming.

If you’re going to mix and match your best bed sheets, opt for getting a good mix of patterns and solids so every time you change the sheets you’ll have a bit of a different look. If you love a particular floral print for example, get the fitted sheet in a coordinating solid color, the pattern you love in the flat sheet, and the pillow cases can be solids also or even one of each. Ideally, if, you have four pillows on the bed, you can get two patterned and 2 solid pillow cases and coordinate them.

This makes a very attractive bed and one that is a pleasure to get into at night, especially if the sheets are crisp and clean and of good quality.

Folding Flat and Fitted Sheets of Any Size

Folding sheets neatly seems to be a task that challenges many people, especially fitted sheets. Here are some simple directions you can use to fold your bed sheets neatly so they don’t wrinkle and so they don’t take up unnecessary space in your linen closet.

Fitted Sheets – Grab all four corners of the fitted sheet and slip your hands into the top and bottom corners of the right side of the sheet. Now that your hands are inside each of the corners fold the sheet in half with both right sides together. Next slip, each corner in the bottom corners on the left side of the sheet. Lay it on a table or bed, and arrange the corners neatly. Now fold the sheet carefully so it makes a relatively flat square.

Flat Sheets – Folding flat sheets is much easier. Get the top two, corners of your flat sheet and match them up with the two bottom corners. Next you will fold the sheet in half so all four corners are together. Once you’ve done that, fold neatly in half and in half again. Continue folding neatly until it is the size of a small square like the fitted sheet.

Washing Sheets Properly When Someone is Sick

what are the best bed sheetsWhen someone in your home is sick, making sure that you wash the bedding properly is important to help them feeling and getting better. If they are contagious, cleaning the bedding properly is of utmost importance. This is one of the reasons why having several sheet sets will come in handy as you will need to wash them daily. It may be a good idea to buy a few sets of plain white sheets so that if someone is sick, the sheets can be bleached without ruining colors.

When you’re taking the sheets to the laundry, be sure to put them in a basket. Carrying them in your arms can cause germs to remain on your clothes and spread the illness to you. If you’re susceptible to illnesses, wear gloves when handling the bedding.

Any stains that are on the sheets should be treated before washing and then the sheets should be washed in the hottest water setting possible using chlorine bleach. If you have colored or patterned sheets you can use pine oil to disinfect them. Hang the sheets on the line, in the sun, to dry them and that will help kill even more bacteria and germs.

Make a Great Bed

A well-made bed looks neat and orderly and can be such a pleasure to climb into at the end of a rough day. It’s easy to neatly make a bed by following these simple steps.

  1. Get all your supplies together which include a clean set of sheets, a clean mattress pad if you use them and anything else you will want to put on your bed.
  2. Remove the used linens and toss into a laundry basket. Shake out your mattress pads and comforters as well as your throw pillow and pillow shams. This fluffs them all back up if they’ve become flattened by sleeping.
  3. If you’re putting on new bed skirts or mattress pads, take the used ones off and replace with the clean ones.
  4. Starting with the fitted sheet, slip the corners of the fitted sheet over the corners of the mattress. Adjust the sheet as needed to make sure seams are straight and neat.
  5. Put the top sheet on the bed evenly and fold the ends under using hospital corners. The sides of the top sheet can be left untucked. Make sure there is enough sheet up at the top of the bed, but not TOO much.
  6. Put your blanket on next if you’re using one and then your quilt or comforter. Make sure that it hangs evenly, with straight seems.
  7. Fold the top sheet down over the blanket. Place your pillows at the top of the bed. Fold the blanket over the pillows towards the headboard or top of the bed. If you have more than two pillows, place the other two at an angle against the first two. It’ll give the bed a finished, neat look.


Bed sheets are one way to really improve your quality of sleep. There are so many types, materials, and colors to choose from. With the information in this buyer’s guide, you’ll never look at buying sheets the same way again. You should now have all the knowledge you need to make the perfect choice for your beds and create a comfortable home. We’ve discovered that the most expensive sheets on the market are not necessarily the best. Reading this guide will teach you how to pick the best bed sheet set.


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