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We spent over 40 hours researching and testing more than 10 egg poachers and found that ease of use, performance, and cost were the most important factors with consumers who were shopping for egg poachers. COZILIFE Silicone Egg Poaching Cups scored high marks in all categories and is our overall top pick.  These colorful egg poaching cups are easy to use and produce perfect poached eggs without the hassle.  They are easy to clean and will last a long time with proper care. These fun egg poachers are non-toxic and eco-friendly as well. They are the perfect way to enjoy delicious poached eggs whenever you want.

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1. Cozilife

Best Overall Egg Poacher

5/5 Product Rating

Cozilife silicone egg poaching cups are bright and colorful, adding splashes of color to your kitchen while providing you with an easy way to prepare poached eggs.

Made from premium, food-grade silicone that is BPA free, these eco-friendly poaching cups offer simplicity that everyone will appreciate.

There are so many things that make Cozilife silicone egg poachers convenient and even fun to use.  You can even teach kids to use them and won’t worry about them using the cups due to the fact that they non-toxic, FDA approved, and have a temperature tolerance of 40 degrees to 405 degrees.

These bright, stackable egg poaching cups are easy to store and can be tossed into the dishwasher to clean. The design of the cups allows them to stand on the counters without falling over and they can be used in the microwave too.

In addition to poaching eggs these cups can be used to steam vegetables, make hard-boiled eggs without the shell (just extend the cooking time), melt chocolate, and even make desserts. The Cozilife Company offers unconditional refunds or returns for any customer that is not 100% satisfied.

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2. Excelsteel

Best Overall Egg Poacher – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating

Excelsteel offers this non-stick egg poacher that makes preparing poached eggs quick and easy.  

The cups are coated with a non-stick coating and have individual handles so you can remove them from the boiling water safely and easily.

This easy-to-use egg poacher makes it simple to make a variety of dishes including poached eggs on toast, Eggs Benedict, toasted English muffin, and much more.  The pan is designed with long lasting stainless steel and measures 9” in diameter.

You will be able to make 6 poached eggs at once with the Excelsteel pan. Cleanup is easy and all the parts of the egg poacher pan are dishwasher safe.  Other features of this great pan include a sturdy riveted handle and encapsulated base.  The stainless steel is rust resistant so with proper care you can plan on having this egg poacher pan by Excelsteel for years to come.

In addition to poached eggs, the egg poacher can double as a regular frying pan once you take the egg poaching cup insert out so you don’t have to get a second pan. You will not have to worry about burned fingers and hands since the knob and handle is stay-cool even during the poaching process.  The vented lid is made of glass so you can watch and see when the eggs or other foods you are cooking are done.

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3. Cooks

4.5/5 Product Rating

Cooks Standard egg poacher provides a fast, easy way to cook poached eggs any time you feel like having them.  The pan is made from hard-anodized aluminum that is heavy-duty and durable.

The design includes three non-stick layers that are interlocking and provide terrific heat conduction. 

The glass lid is made from tempered glass and allows cooks to see the progress of the eggs so you know when they are done.

There are four egg cups that fit into the pan and have a non-stick coating that makes food release easy.  The handle of this egg poaching pan is made of stainless steel and is riveted on for extra strength. 

This pan is not induction stovetop compatible but it works fine on electric, ceramic, gas, glass, and halogen stovetops.  The pan is oven-safe up to 350 degrees and is dishwasher safe.

Sarah Lytle

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Cooks Standard

Nordic Ware



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Cups 4 6 4 2 6 4 4 6 7 4
Material Silicone Stainless Steel Anodized Aluminum Silicone Silicone Silicone Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Silicone Steel
Color Blue, Red, Green, Yellow Chrome Chrome White Blue Blue, Red, Gray, Violet Chrome Chrome Blue Black
Temperature Tolerance (℉) -40 to 405 < 350 < 350 < 425 < 425 < 450 < 350 < 350 < 425 < 350
Warranty (years) 10 1 10 5 Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime 10 10 1 10


Egg Poacher Buying Guide

Egg Poacher Buying Guide

Before the invention of egg poachers the only way to make them was to crack an egg into a pan that holds simmering water that has been swirled. The original process of poaching eggs can be really complicated and frustrating for people to do.

Egg poachers use the steam from the water to cook the eggs so you do not have to try and get the finished product out of water. Additionally the poachers have separate egg cups so you can easily cook several poached eggs at once without them sticking together.

Types of Egg Poachers

There are many different types of egg poachers available on the market. We have listed the different kinds below so you can get an idea of what is available and which type will work the best for your personal needs and preferences.

Non-stick egg poacher – This type of egg poacher offers plenty of convenience and simplicity. The eggs come out of the cups easily and they are super simple to clean. There are many styles of non-stick egg poachers to choose from including 2 egg poachers for singles and 4-6 egg poachers for families. Many of the egg poachers that are non-stick have removable inserts for the egg cups so you can use the pan for cooking other things as well.

Electric Egg Poacher – There are several price ranges, styles, and sizes of electric egg poachers that you can look at when you are shopping. Electric egg poachers are self-contained so no microwave or stove is needed. Some models allow you to poach as many as 7 eggs at once.

Microwave Egg Poacher – Microwaves are a very popular way to cook foods, especially when there isn’t much space or there isn’t a stove such as in a dorm, hotel room, or even an efficiency apartment. Microwave egg poachers can be individual egg cups or a unit that has cup inserts. Microwave egg poachers are typically very inexpensive and popular due to their convenience, low price, and ease-of-use. Some styles are less than $10!

Egg Poacher Buying Guide

Silicone Egg Poacher – One of the most popular types of egg poachers are silicone egg cups. The allow you to poach the eggs evenly without hassle. Silicone poachers are available as individual cups or can come in sets with a clear lid so you can see your progress. Cleanup is easy, food release is easy and they usually come in a variety of bright, fun colors too.

Stainless Steel Egg Poacher – Stainless egg poachers are another very popular choice for the stovetop. Since they don’t have a non-stick coating you will want to poach the eggs using oil, butter, or cooking spray so the eggs don’t stick. Some stainless styles have lids that you can see through so you can monitor the cooking. Stainless egg poachers typically have space for 4 or more eggs to be cooked at one time which is convenient when more than one person is eating. Some stainless varieties have removable egg poaching inserts so you can use just the saucepan as well for cooking other things.

Egg Poacher Features

There are several things that you will want to look at when sorting through the many different egg poachers on the market. Below, we have listed the things you will want to look for and compare before you purchase your egg poacher.

Type – There are several types of egg poachers for you to choose from. What sets one apart from another is how those eggs are poached. There are poachers that are just designed for the stovetop which are typically pan style and made of stainless steel or that are non-stick. Others are for microwave use and then there is the electric, standalone type that requires no microwave or stove. Which type you choose is largely up to personal preference in terms of how you prefer to cook the eggs.

Capacity – Egg poachers come in a variety of capacities. There are single egg cups made of silicone, silicone egg poachers that have several cups in one unit, and egg poaching pans that can handle anywhere from 4-6 eggs at a time. Some electric models can cook 7 eggs at once. What will help you decide what size you need is determined by how many eggs you need at one time. If you are trying to poach for several family members at once, buying a single or double egg poacher will take a lot of time to get everyone their food.

Materials – The material that an egg poacher is made of plays a big part in how it is used. Egg cups or poachers made of any kind of metal can never be used in the microwave. Some of the single egg cups are made of plastic making them useful for microwave but will melt on top of the stove.

Egg poachers are typically made of stainless steel, anodized aluminum, plastic, silicone, or a combination of materials. The egg poachers made from stainless and hard-anodized aluminum are the longest-lasting and most durable of all the materials and with the proper care can last for years to come. Anodized aluminum is also the best heat conductor.

Egg Poacher Buying Guide

Pay attention to how you want to poach your eggs to decide what material you want your poacher to be made of. If you do choose silicone or plastic, make sure that it is BPA-free so there are no harmful vapors coming from the poacher when you cook.

If you are looking for easy food release and cleaning, look for egg poachers made with non-stick coating. This ensure easy food release and makes cleanup a breeze. Another benefit to non-stick coating is the fact that it enables you to poach the eggs without the need for butter or oil, making a healthy breakfast even healthier.

Usability – One of the important features to look for when you are looking for stovetop egg poaching pans is a handle that stays cool. Some of the pans for poaching eggs have steel handles that will heat up along with the pan and require the use of a pot holder. Finding a pan with a stay-cool handle ensures that you do not get burned while poaching your eggs.

Another feature that is beneficial is a lid. It is even better if the lid is clear so you can monitor the progress of your eggs during the poaching process. Removable cups are another great feature that will make poaching eggs much easier and more enjoyable. This feature allows you to get the eggs that are done out of the pan so they don’t overcook.

Maintenance – If an egg poacher is difficult, time-consuming, or just a pain to clean it will not be very enjoyable to use it. Non-stick coatings ensure easy cleaning as does poachers that are encased on the outside with stainless steel. There are individual egg cups that are lined with non-stick coating as well so you don’t have to purchase an entire pan just to take advantage of the ease of maintenance that non-stick coatings offer.


Poached eggs are just as popular now as they were decades ago but there is a big difference in the ease in which they are prepared now. Gone are the days where you had to get the water swirling just right so you could pour the egg in and then fish it out without breaking the yolk. With the invention of egg poachers you have a variety of methods that you can utilize to enjoy this delicious method of cooking an egg.

The top-rated egg poachers that we have reviewed above are great examples of just some of the terrific products on the market that allow you to poach eggs with ease and get great results. All three of the selections we have above are popular with consumers for their performance, ease of use, and quality materials so choosing any one of them ensures that you will have a quality egg poacher that will last and provide the results you want.

For those who want to look around more before purchase, the buying guide will be a helpful aide in understanding the different types of egg poachers available as well as the materials that are used, the utilization that each type has and how to look for the quality products and pass over the ones that will not provide the results you want.

The knowledge this buying guide has given you will make the process of sorting through all the different choices on the market much easier and less confusing. You will understand the descriptions better and will be able to make a confident decision on the right egg poacher for your needs. Make sure that you have determined what your needs are before you shop. This is one of the most important steps you can do to ensure you choose the right egg poacher that will be everything you want.

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