Best Firewood Rack

If you need a reliable and convenient place to store firewood, invest in a fireplace rack. These racks enable you to store firewood for when you need it. It is much more economical to store wood on a rack than it is to run to the store every time you need wood. The best firewood rack is made from steel that is long lasting and durable with a high weight limit. Our pick, is an 8 foot rack that holds almost a full cord of wood.

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1. Landmann

Best Overall Firewood Rack

5/5 Product Rating
This 8 foot firewood rack can hold almost 2/3rds cord of wood. This rack keeps your firewood off the ground where bugs and dampness can get to it.

Your firewood will be safe and organized while it is seasoning. If the wood you are storing is already seasoned this firewood rack will keep it from getting wet.

Landmann’s firewood rack is made from tubular steel that is durable and strong, providing the rack with plenty of support. It is coated with a powder coating that is weatherproof and rust resistant.

All hardware for assembly is included. Measurements of this firewood rack are 96” x 48”. It is the perfect size for placing on your porch or deck.

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2. ShelterLogic

Best Overall Firewood Rack – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
ShelterLogic brings consumers this heavy duty firewood rack that holds1/4 cord of wood, protecting it from wood rot, mold and getting infested with bugs.

The round tube frame provides a solid place to keep wood at your fingertips when you need it. Assembly is easy and requires a ½” wrench that allows you to put it together in just minutes. Measurements of this rack are 49.9” x 46.6” x 15.5”.

The ShelterLogic firewood rack comes with a polyester cover made of 300d polyester that can be slid up or down to fit the height of the wood. It has a weight capacity of up to 1100 pounds.

The DuPont Premium finish is a durable powder coated finish that provides protection in all seasons. It is resistant against chipping, rush, peeling and corrosion. The rack is small enough to easily fit on a porch, deck or in a garage.

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3. Panacea Deluxe

Best Budget Firewood Rack

4.4/5 Product Rating
Panacea’s 4 foot deluxe firewood rack is made from solid steel construction. Measurements of the firewood rack are 48” x 48” x 14”.

This outdoor deluxe firewood rack helps cure your wood so it burns better. The firewood rack is coated with a black powder coat finish that is durable and long lasting.

This firewood rack is made from heavy duty tubular steel that provides a practical place to store wood during the summer or winter season.

Using this firewood rack will prevent your important firewood from sitting in the mud or getting rained on. This rack can be placed on the porch, deck, or even inside a laundry room or mud room if you have the space.

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Firewood Rack Comparison




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Firewood Rack Buying Guide

Best Firewood Rack
Having enough firewood is always a consideration when you have a fireplace or wood stove. Rather than trying to find wood when you run out or spending too much for it at the grocery store, you can store a large amount of wood safely and easily on your porch, deck or carport with a well built firewood rack.

Firewood racks are designed to hold larger amounts of wood from ¼ cord to a full cord. It prevents dampness, mold, bug problems and smoky fires from trying to burn damp wood. Seasoned firewood has been dried by the sun and air so it dries out properly. It is cleaner and produces much less smoke in your home. Wood that is freshly cut has a lot of moisture in it which can cause it to smolder rather than burn.

A firewood rack keeps your wood off the ground so the air and sunshine can flow around the wood and dry it out faster. Loading a firewood rack down in the spring and letting it sit in a dry area where it cure all spring and summer long will have it ready to go in the winter months when you need it. Stacking it on the ground is counterproductive since the ground has a large moisture content. It usually takes about 3-6 months to properly cure the wood.

Covering the Firewood

You don’t want to cover the firewood that is on your rack completely. Freshly cut firewood contains a lot of moisture which will affect the way it burns. To properly cure the wood, stack it on the rack and cover the top portion of the rack with a weather-resistant cover will allow it to stay dry in inclement weather while not interfering with the curing process. If the wood has already been cured, covering it completely is fine.

Popular Firewood Terms

There are some popular terms that you will hear when dealing with firewood. We have listed them for you below so you will know what people are talking about when they use these terms.

  • Cord of Wood – A cord of wood is typically two stacks of wood that measure 4 feet high, 4 feet deep, and 8 feet long.
  • Face Cord – A face cord of wood is one stack that measures 4 feet high and 8 feet long. It is typically 2 feet deep or less.
  • Length of Firewood – Most firewood is cut in 18” to 24” lengths. Measure the inside of your fireplace or wood stove so you know what length of wood you need for your stove or fireplace.

Considerations for Purchasing a Large Firewood Rack

  • Place a half cover on top of the wood stack to protect the top of the rack from rain and other weather so it can continue the curing process.
  • Choose a large firewood rack that is large enough to hold a full cord of wood properly and safely.
  • Choose a rack that doesn’t have a height higher than you shoulder level. Longer and lower is best for safety purposes. You don’t want to remove wood from a stack that is over your head.
  • If you are storing the wood outside on the firewood rack, make sure the rack is rated for outdoor use for the climate you are in.
  • Choose firewood racks that are powder coated for protection against rusting, corrosion and the weather. Stainless steel racks that have reinforced beams are the best choice for long lasting firewood racks that will stand up to years of use.
  • Make sure the firewood rack keeps the wood at least 12” off the ground to prevent moisture damage and damage from insects.

Considerations for Purchasing a Small Firewood Rack

  • Even if a smaller firewood rack is decorative it should be functional, sturdy and safe.
  • Even if you are going to keep the small firewood rack inside, make sure it is rated for outdoor use which will make it sturdy and durable.
  • Some of the very small firewood racks fold up flat so you can store them during the summer months when you are not usually having fires in the fireplace.
  • The best weight for a small firewood rack is about 15 to 20 pounds
  • Look for small firewood racks that have top covers to keep the rates low.

Choosing the Right Firewood Rack

There are a few things you will want to consider and look out for when you are ready to shop for your firewood rack. We have listed these factors below.

  • What should You Look For? – Look for a firewood rack that is sturdy and durable. If it is made from flimsy material it will not last and could pose a danger in that it could topple over or collapse. Look for iron or steel racks and pay attention to the weight limits listed. There is a lot of weight on a firewood rack and you want to be sure that whether large or small, it will safely hold the amount of wood you want to store.
  • Decorative Appeal and Style – Look for firewood racks that have decorative appeal. You want something in your home to look food too. There are many firewood racks that have different designs such as round that can add visual interest to your living room or den.
  • How Much Wood Does It Hold? – Look for a firewood rack that holds the amount of wood you want to store. Some racks only hold a few days worth of wood but others will hold enough wood for weeks or even a whole year. In general, the larger the firewood rack is the more you can expect it to cost. If you already know ahead of time how much wood you want to store, you will have an easier time choosing a rack that will accommodate that.


Firewood racks are very useful for storing and curing wood. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes that can accommodate any preference and need. The purpose of a firewood rack is to cure your firewood much faster and to prevent it from getting wet or getting bugs in the wood. Wet wood doesn’t burn well at all and can cause a lot of frustration for the user.

Purchasing the right firewood rack and keeping your firewood off the ground and top covered will make the wintertime months when you are using your fireplace much more enjoyable. The wood will be right there and it will be cured and ready to burn.

The information in this buyer’s guide is designed to help you sort through all the different kinds of firewood racks so you can choose the rack that is perfect for your wood storing needs. A wood rack is an expense that is well worth it with the cost of wood what it is today. The rack enables you to protect that wood and ensure that it is dry, useable and organized.


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