Best Drain Cleaner

We can all agree that a drain cleaner needs to work quickly and easily no matter what you are trying to unclog.

This was our main testing criteria for selecting the best drain cleaner.

If you are short on time, then check out Pure Lye Drain Opener. It’s an amazing product that eats away whatever bad stuff is in your drain, clearing it up in no time.

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1. Pure Lye

Best Overall Drain Cleaner

5/5 Product Rating
This Pure Lye Drain Opener comes in a 1 Lb bottle and is an industrial strength liquid drain cleaner which is also biodegradable. The sleek packaging makes this cleaner easy to use and it’s sure to unclog your drain in no time. We all know how drains can build up layers of residue throughout the years which is why we picked this drain opener as it ensures that you can beat even the toughest clogs.

Because it is industrial strength, you can be sure that this is the right solution and a great choice for either your home or commercial property. There are a lot of drain openers to choose from, and the choice is much easier when you know you have a liquid that is just as powerful as any manual de-clogging tool. This cleaner comes in a larger-sized bottle so you can be sure it will last you for quite a while.

When you’re ready to unclog even the most stubborn drains, it’s important to have a solution that is tough enough for any clog affecting your drain. This is on of the top drain cleaners because customers have seen that it will get the job done every time.

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2. Whink

Best for Hair

4.8/5 Product Rating
There’s nothing more stubborn to get out of your drain than a hair clog and this product from Whink is designed to cut through that clog in less time than the competition. With its professional-strength formulation, you can simply pour through standing water to get it to the hair and get the job done. With its ample, 32-ounce capacity, you’re getting enough solution to tackle hair clogs well into the future.

It’s called the Hair Clog Blaster for good reason. It successfully blasts any hair out of your drain in no time. If you find that your sink is often clogged with hair, then the greatest investment you can make is to have a giant tub of this stuff on hand for when the next clog strikes.

Perfect for either commercial or residential use, this drain cleaner hair clog remover is the solution for even the most stubborn clogs you can imagine. Also, since there’s nothing more unappealing than having to manually pull hair from your drain, it’s great to know that there’s a drain cleaner that gets the job done while keeping you out of contact with the mess.

Sarah Lytle

3. Drano Max Gel

Best for Shower

4.6/5 Product Rating
This top-selling product from Drano is their most powerful soap scum and clog remover. The Max Gel is one of the best drain cleaners that comes in an 80 ounce package and it’s the top-selling product. We all have come to trust Drano for keeping our sinks free of soap scum clogs but this product takes it to a whole new level with its Max Gel that can break through even your most stubborn clogs in no time.

This Drano formula can be used in any drain in your home to get rid of clogs fast. Perfect for both residential and commercial use, this product is considered to be the very best and it comes at a price that most consumers can afford. When you don’t want to mess around with products that give you average results, you should shoot for this product so that you’re guaranteed a clear drain in no time.

Keep in mind that because this is such a powerful product it should never come in contact with your skin and must always be stored safely and out of harm’s way. Be sure to keep it away from children and pets.

Sarah Lytle

4. RID-X

Best for Toilet

4.5/5 Product Rating
RID-X drain cleaner is specifically formulated to drain toilet clogs. Its advanced formula breaks down waste better than any other. Whether you are using a septic tank or public sewage, RID-X is your best choice.

Pour 8 oz of RID-X drain cleaner in your toilet once a month and you’ll stop any problems before they occur. Don’t worry if its too caustic or not. It is safe for all types of plumbing and breaks down toilet paper, waste, vegetable matter and proteins.

This drain cleaner formula has been scientifically proven to keep your toilets clean and break down waste with ease. Each bottle is enough for a three month supply.

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Drain Cleaner Comparison

Pure Lye


Drano Max


Drano Drain





Type Powder Liquid Gel Powder Gel Powder Powder Powder Gel Powder
Quantity 1 lb 32 fl oz 80 fl oz 24 fl oz 32 fl oz 2 lb 4.2 lb 4 fl oz 1 qt 2 lb


2 – 5 5 – 10 15 – 30 15 – 30 15 – 45 5 – 10 15 – 30 5 – 15 15 – 45 5 – 10
1,000 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,500

500 / 1,000
/ 1,500

500 1,500 1,500
Total Packs 1 1 1 3 1 1 8 1 1 1


Drain Cleaner Buying Guide

drain cleaner buying guide

What is a Liquid Drain Cleaner?

Liquid Drain CleanerWhen your drain is clogged, you’ve got a problem on your hands that you will want to solve fast. There’s nothing more annoying than a sink filled with stuck water and the overwhelmed feeling you might have when it comes to finding the right product to get the clog out. There are tons of liquid cleaners on the market but most of them are not nearly as effective as they claim to be.

Finding that right liquid cleaner for your situation comes down to good research in order to determine which is the most effective. With so many to choose from, we hope it’s helpful that we did the research for you to determine the top-rated liquid cleaners on the market. These are definitely the best of the best and they’re going to help you to get that clog out in no time.

In this buyer’s guide, we’re going to take it a step further and discuss some facts you need to know before purchasing the best drain cleaner. If you’re a home owner, you will inevitably have an issue, at some point in time, with clogged drains. It’s an unsightly issue that needs to be tended to as quickly as possible.

Before you call a plumber and spend a huge amount of money on having it fixed, you want to consider purchasing a high-quality drain cleaner that will get the job done for you for much less money than a plumber. Once you get that drain unclogged it’s also a good idea to learn how to always keep it unclogged. You’ll definitely want to prevent yourself from ever having to go through the process again.

What Makes a Drain Cleaner Stand Apart?

It can be tedious work to shop for a drain cleaner, especially when you keep trying new drain cleaners that don’t work. You can find them in stores and online but many of them don’t perform as they claim. Bold claims made on the front of a package are no indication of how a product is really going to perform.

You need to stick with the tried and tested brands that consistently stand out from the competition but it can take some time to determine which they are. What really makes a cleaner stand apart is its performance and this performance will likely be praised online by past customers. Going online to read reviews will quickly tell you which product is worth buying and which is a waste of time.

Pre-Purchase Considerations

  • Type of Blockage: You need to first determine the level of blockage that you’re experiencing. You can experiment by pouring boiling water into the drain to see if it gets it to move at all. If this doesn’t work then it may be a difficult clog and time for a professional to come and fix it. There are some clogs that liquid drain cleaners simply cannot fix. A lot of clogs are more than soap scum and require a heavy duty drain opener that dissolve hair. However, in this situation you can still keep the plumber at bay if you’re willing to use a drill or hand powered snake in combination with a chemical cleaner. This two-fold method usually does the trick for tough clogs. If you have experience with home repair and tools, then you can purchase an industrial tool similar to the ones that plumbers use and you won’t have to employ a plumber.
  • drain cleaner for shower

  • Type of Cleaners: Also consider that enzymatic drain cleaners are another type of product that you can use. These usually come in a dry-powder form which gradually dissolves any built-up residue. This is great for slow running drains or for those that do not urgently need cleared. Lastly, take into account the way you use the pipes you’re wanting to unclog. Most blockages will occur in your kitchen sink drain and are usually a build up of grease, soap scum and food waste. You’ll also get frequent blockages in the shower due to dirt and hair. If you have one of these types of clogs, then a chemical solution is going to be the most practical solution. A chemical solution, like the top rated ones mentioned above, will dissolve this waste in no time. Nowadays, you can even find fume-free products that can accomplish this without the strong, pungent smell of chemicals.

Do take note that if your home has a septic tank then chemicals are the wrong choice as they will interrupt the performance of your septic tank. In this case you will want to opt for a manual pipe cleaning tool or natural enzymes.

The Cost to Unclog Your Drain

The great thing about the best drain cleaners other than cleaning soap scum is that they’re all quite affordable and they certainly beat having to call a plumber. In fact, the best drain cleaners cost almost nothing compared to hiring a professional or buying an expensive drain clearing tool.

That’s why it’s such a smart choice to have one of the above drain cleaners around your home at all times. Some of the more advanced products are going to cost slightly more than those you can find at the drug store but the price difference is nominal.

Keeping Your Drains Clear

It’s smart to learn how to keep your drains clear in the first place so that you only need to use your drain clearing liquid infrequently. One of the biggest culprits is hair, soap scum and grease, so be sure to install a mesh cover over the drain in the tub and shower so that hair accumulation won’t clog the drain over time. Also, be sure that you know what can and can’t go down your toilet and sinks. For instance, you only want toilet paper to go into the toilet and should absolutely avoid placing paper towels, Kleenex, feminine hygiene products, or Q-tips in your drains.

These items will definitely clog the toilet over time and no liquid cleaner is going to be able to stand up to them. Also, be sure you’re keeping hair from going down your bathroom sinks. However, should the hair accumulate and create a clog, at least you know that there are liquid hair clog drain cleaners that can get the job done even though prevention should be your first line of defense.

drain cleaner for toiletWhen it comes to your kitchen sink, you need to keep anything from going down the drain unless you have a garbage disposal. That means buying a mesh cover at your local hardware store to catch food items so you can throw them in the trash. Should you have a food disposal, then you won’t need to worry about this, but just know that grease and waste can still build up over time and clog the drain.


Liquid drain cleaners are the ultimate solution for cleaning stubborn drains and soap scum that don’t require a tool. The formulations seem like magic; effortlessly unclogging without you needing to get your hands dirty. But not all drain cleaners are created equal and some merely do not live up to their claims at all. We highlighted the best drain cleaners and chose them because they actually do what they claim and come at a price that most consumers can afford.

When you’re ready to purchase a good, effective liquid drain cleaner for your home or place of business, you can feel confident when you buy one of these top-rated winners. They use powerful, industrial-strength formulations to get the job done and they’ve been tested and proven to unclog even the most stubborn clogs.

In our buyer’s guide above, we talked about the various kinds of the best drain cleaners in order to help you to find the solution that you need. When it comes to a liquid cleaner that can undo the most stubborn clogs, the all-natural formulas you find at the health food store isn’t going to cut the mustard. You need an industrial strength product that uses chemicals to get your drain to break free.