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We spent over 45 hours researching and testing 12 different types of snow blowers and found that power capacity, fuel source, and ease of use were most important. The Toro Electric Snow Blower scored high marks in all areas and is our top pick. This 18″ snow blower provides you with plenty of power to clear your walkways and driveways. With the Toro snow blower, you will be able to move as much as 1,100 pounds of snow per minute which makes clearing driveways and walkways fast and efficient. The ergonomic handle is easy to hold onto comfortably and includes additional features such as a lift handle, quick level and zip deflector.

Snow Blower Reviews
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1. Toro 38472

Best Overall Snow Blower

5/5 Product Rating
If you are looking for a powerful snow blower to help clear your driveway and walkways, the Toro 18” Electric Curve Snow Blower might be just what you’re looking for.

It is the most well known and popular brand of electric snowblower in the US. This power house can move as much as 1,100 pounds of snow each minute, making fast work of clearing the areas you need to clear.

It has an 18” clearance and 12” intake for fast clearing. The Power Curve technology is perfect for preventing any annoying clogs and clears your driveway and sidewalk all the way down to the pavement.

The ergonomic handle is easy to hold and joins other features such as a zip deflector, lift handle, quick level and more.

The Toro Snow Blower is perfect for all of your snow clearing needs. The 160 degree chute controls where you blow the snow you’re clearing and is fully adjustable. The lightweight design of this snow blower makes it easy for almost everyone to use.

Because it is electric, you won’t need to worry about gas or oil maintenance. Just plug it in and you’re ready to get to work. This snow blower will throw the snow up to 30 feet out of the way. It comes with a 2 year warranty and features a handle that folds for easier storage.

Sarah Lytle

2. Snow Joe SJ623E

Best Overall Snow Blower – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
This super easy to use snow blower by Snow Joe is perfect for medium sized driveways and sidewalks that you need to remove snow from.

This 13 amp Electric Snow thrower features power that can move up to 550 pounds of snow every minute. The two blade rotor is resistant to cold and abrasion and is durable and long lasting.

The cutting path is 18” wide and 8” deep making fast work of getting rid of snow that is in your way.

The adjustable chute rotates 180 degrees and allows users to control exactly where the removed snow ends up. It is easy to turn and maneuver thanks to the all-terrain, easy glide wheels. Your driveways and sidewalks won’t be damaged by the scraper blade that allows you to clear all the way down to the pavement.

The instant start makes this blower easy to start and the electric feature allows for no tune ups, no gas and no oil.

The 20 watt halogen light illuminates your path even in lowlight conditions. The ergonomic grip makes it easy to hold the handle comfortably and without tiring. This snow blower from Snow Joe is your answer to clearing all the snow out of your way on driveways and sidewalks with far less effort than doing it by hand does.

Sarah Lytle

3. Snow Joe SJ621

Best Budget Snow Blower

4.5/5 Product Rating
For those looking for a machine that is easy to use as well as powerful enough to handle heavy snowfall on driveways and sidewalks that are large, Snow Joe Electric Snow Thrower has what you’re looking for.

The 13 ½ amp motor can help you move up to 650 pounds of snow every minute. This snow blower gives you the power that normally comes with a gas powered snow blower without the hassle and extra expense of buying gas.

It has a strong, durable rotor that has 4 blades that are made of heavy grade steel and will cut 10” deep and 18” wide on every pass of the blower.

You will be able to clear 2150 sq ft of snow every hour. The 20 watt halogen headlight allows you to work in low light conditions if needed.

The adjustable snow chute rotates 180 degrees and allows the user to decide and control where the snow is thrown. The pivoting, easy glide wheels make the Snow Joe easy to handle on turns and straight-aways as well. It features a scraper blade at the bottom of the blower that will take the snow down to the pavement.

This model does not require tune ups, gas or oil making it much more efficient and easier to use. It has ETL approval and offers users a two year warranty. If you’re looking for help with those snow piled walks and driveways, the Snow Joe is what you need.

Sarah Lytle

Snow Blower Comparison

Toro 38472

Snow Joe SJ623E

Snow Joe SJ621

Toro 38361

Snow Joe iON18SB

GreenWorks 2600502


Power Smart

Toro 38371

Snow Joe SJ618E


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Snow Blower Buying Guide

Best Snow Blower

Things to Consider

Snow Blower1When choosing a snow blower, there are things you want to ask yourself that will help you determine the power and type of snow blower you need and will get the best results from.

  • How much snow will you be clearing? If you’re clearing 8” of snow or less than a single stage blower will work just fine. For medium and heavy snow falls, you will want to select a two stage model which has a more powerful engine and better intake area as well.
  • How large is the area you are clearing? If you’re clearing a short driveway or walk a single stage will be just fine. If your driveway is longer than 60 feet you will want to choose the two-stage which has more power.
  • What kind of snow are you clearing? If it is light powdery snow, your single stage motor will handle this just fine. For heavy, wet snow, use a two stage blower that has strong impeller that will prevent the heavy snow from clogging and cut right through that hard packed snow with augers that are serrated for easy cutting.
  • What is the terrain I am clearing like? – Push type blowers are good for even surfaces that are level but if you need something that can handle rocky, uneven terrain. Sometimes tire chains will improve the snow blowers traction in bad weather.

Types of Snow Blowers

There are several different snow blowers on the market. We’ve listed each one along with the best uses for that type.

  • Single stage electric snow blower – are easy to start and will not need near the amount of maintenance as the gas powered models do. They tend to be smaller and more compact than other types and require an outdoor approved extension cord to use.

    Single stage electric snow blowers are great for small driveways and sidewalks. If you live in an area that only gets light snowfall, this snow blower is the perfect choice. It is also good for budget conscious buyers that are looking for a good snow blower for less money. Single stage snow blowers can come in electric, cordless or gas powered varieties.

  • Two Stage Snow Blower – These gas powered blowers can handle 8” snowfalls with ease and are best for clearing larger areas. The engine driven wheels handle all types of terrain easily and prevent the user from becoming tired.

    Snow Blower2Dual stage or two stage snow blowers are great for areas that have experienced heavy snowfall all the way up to a foot tall. The construction of this two stage blower is strong and durable so it can easily handle heavy, wet snow and ice too.

    A two stage snow blower is good for professional contractors that have a snow removal business as it can handle the long work times and large amounts of snow. For larger driveways and walks you will want to use the two stage blower so the snow us blown all the way off the driveway. It can even be used on gravel driveways.

Snow Blower Features

You want to find a snow blower that has a lot of the following features which make the snow blower much easier to use and handle. These features are listed below.

  • Electric starter – this allows the snow blower to be plugged into a three prong power outlet safely rather than having to use a recoil starter like a mower has which can be hard for some people to operate.
  • More power engine for either gas or electric. This helps the snow blower get rid of more snow at a faster rate and lessens the time you have to be outside clearing walks and driveways.
  • Greater width and higher intake height – These two features determine the size of the path that you are cutting with the snow blower with each pass. The wider the cutting path the more snow you can take care of at one time.
  • One handed operation – This is always beneficial so you can adjust the blower if necessary while you are clearing floor.
  • Speed Controls – This will allow users to control how fast or slow the snow blower moves forwards and backwards while clearing the snow.
  • Power steering – If you want easy maneuverability and simple turns and handling, get power steering.
  • Easy glide wheels – You will be able to easily steer your snow blower with good, all terrain wheels. Some models even have two tires on each side that produce even better grip while in motion.
  • Good tracks or tread – There are some models of snow blowers that changing the wheels out for all terrain wheels will help it handle a lot better.
  • Remote chute control – Chute controls allow the user to direct where the blown snow is going to land and stay.
  • Joystick chute control – This is another option for chute controls and is even more convenient and easy to use to direct the removed snow out of the way.
  • Extended chute – An extended chute prevents blow back of the snow that you are removing. It tosses the snow farther out of the way so there is no worry of the snow blowing right back where it was in the first place.
  • Drift cutters – This feature cuts through the deep snow and helps move it into the auger where it can be throw out of the way
  • Headlight – A headlight is a great way to improve illumination in the areas that you are working, especially in lower light conditions.
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  • Heated hand grips – This is a great feature that makes working outside in the cold much more tolerable. The heated hand grips keep your hands much warmer which allows you to work for longer periods of time.


Purchasing a good quality snow blower can reduce your workload tremendously in the wintertime when snowfall is heavy. Deciding which snow blower to get will depend on the budget you have, your average yearly snowfall, the size of your driveway and walks, the amount of times you will be using it each season. You don’t need to purchase a snow blower that is way above the usage you will use.

For example, if you have a small driveway and sidewalks and have light snowfalls in the wintertime, you do not need a high powered snow blower that is capable of handling 60 foot driveways with a foot of snow on them.

The information in this buyer’s guide and the reviews of the three excellent snow blowers we have featured is designed to help make the process of finding the best snow blower for your work load and other needs.


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