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Best Carpet Steamer

Best Carpet Steamer

We have provided our top picks which include machines that are leaders in the industry from brands that have reliable and consistent customer service records. Our objective is to help you find the right carpet cleaner for your needs. Do you need a cleaner that focuses on deep cleaning carpets, or one that includes an odor remover for pet odors? Do you need attachments that will clean furniture or do you need a machine that focuses on carpets only.

Introduction to the Carpet Steamer Reviews

Carpet is a very popular flooring in modern day homes. They provide a warm and welcoming feeling, they are soft on your feet and give the room a cozy feel. For this reason carpets are commonly found in bedrooms, hallways, dens and other spaces where families gather. Even homes that have converted living space to hardwoods, often area rugs are used to add warmth to the room.

The biggest challenge with carpets is that they collect dirt and debris. Though they hide dirt well, they collect dirt and dust daily. Vacuuming gets lose dirt out of carpet, but dirt that gets down in the carpet fibers but be more thoroughly cleaned. Since hiring a professional to come clean your carpets twice a year can get expensive, home carpet steamers have become a popular option, especially for those with your children and pets.

Your pets are like family members but they can be very hard on carpets. The carry around all of the dirt that sticks to their paws when outside, they shed and leave hair everywhere, and this hair and dirt finds their way deep into your carpets resulting in a matted and dingy look. Keeping pet stains and odors at bay will help your carpets to remain fresh and looking new longer.

In today’s modern times, the most popular and effective method of cleaning carpets is with a carpet steamers. Carpet steamers work automatically to clean even the dirtiest of carpet flooring by using a liquid cleaning solution, hot water and steam against the carpeted area. Then brushes will rotate against the carpet lifting its fibers to extract the dirt and other minerals and dispose of them into a waste water chamber. The unit will simultaneously vacuuming the area to provide a fast drying surface and much cleaner carpets.

Today there are many different options for carpet steamers that vary in size, shape, speed, and efficiency. With such a wide variety of products available it can be confusing to know which products are the best quality and will meet your family’s needs. What cleaners are the best quality and provide the highest value. We have also included a buyer’s guide which reviews features and benefits of today’s carpet steamers so you can decide which features are the most important to you.

We have gleaned through the carpet steamers on the market to find you the perfect machine for your home. Deep cleaning is a process that loosens and removes tough stains, odors and even ground-in dirt that could harm carpet fibers. Keeping your carpets clean not only protects your flooring and makes it last longer, it will also keep it looking its best for years to come. Though vacuuming is great for picking up every day dirt on the surface of fibers, only deep cleaning washes fibers, leaving carpets soft and clean.

Top 10 Carpet Steamers

RankPictureSteamerPower Cord
Length (Inches)
BISSELL Professional
BISSELL Little Green
Shark Sonic
BISSELL PowerLifter
BISSELL Essential

Best Overall Carpet Steamer

Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner

The Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner is a top pick because it outcleans rental machines and has the power to clean even the dirtiest carpets providing you with a professional grade clean without the price. The water tank has a large capacity and there are separate tanks for clean and dirty water. This removable container will make cleaning, and refilling its water compartments easier than ever. It also has a flow indicator which keeps an eye on tanks, and solution levels and will indicate whenit’s time to check the tanks. This machine is capable of removing the toughest spots and stains, and also includes a long reaching hose with a wide head and strong suction. This feature allows you to get to those hard reach areas with ease and can be used for cleaning and cleansing the steepest of stairways.

With power brushes that work in a rotating motion for dirt lifting action it never misses a beat. This allows you to get the job done the first time around without needed to go over the same stains time and time again. The Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine Professional Grade Carpet Cleanerhas the ability to clean better and dry faster than all of the leading carpet rentals. This product has also been proven to eliminate pet stains, wine stains, and even work to clean older carpets. The Bissell Big Green carpet cleaner is known to be heavy but sits on a very durable set of wheels that make transporting it easy despite the weight. Moving it from room to room is simply a matter on rolling the machine to where it needs to be.

The rotating Dirtlifter® brushes work to lift dirt while the machine is going both forward and backward. This provides additional cleaning power without any additional work. The handle is ergonomically designed for easy maneuvering. When the cleaning power of the unit is combined with the Bissell Deep Cleaning Formula you get twice the cleaning power as the solution is designed to deep clean and loosen dirt. The Bissell Big Green comes with a 5 year warranty.

Customer’s love the power the Bissell brings in getting dirt out of the carpet and feel is does a job that is equivalent to a professional cleaning service at a much more affordable price. They love having a machine at home allowing them to deep clean carpets a few times a year and to address sudden issues without incurring fees for rentals or professional services. The attachments allow cleaning crevices, sofas and other furniture, in addition to carpets. While the unit is heavy, when filled with water, it is worth dealing with the weight to have cleaner carpets on a regular basis.

Bissell DeepClean Premier Pet Full Sized Carpet Cleaner, 17N4

The Bissell Deep Clean Premier Pet Full Sized Carpet Cleaner is a top pick because it has the power to wash the fibers, remove pet odors and stains. This is one of the best machines on the market for dealing with pet stains and odors. Bissell also has cleaning formulas that will reduce pet odors and discourage your pet from soiling the carpets again.

To give the carpet of deep clean, this machine features 12 rows of dual power brushes that rotate and beat the carpet fibersthat can pull dirt out of the deepest and dirtiest carpet. This helps to loosen the dirt from the carpet and releases that dirt to be lifted into the water tank. The unit also has brushes at the edge of the cleaner, called EdgeSweep®. This feature allows you to get right up to the baseboards for a more thorough clean. The Bissell steam cleaner uses Surround Suction® to encourage drying, leaving your carpet clean and dry quickly.

This Bissell cleaning machine comes with new Heat Wave Technology that helps maintain consistent water temperature while also cleaning and cleansing the carpet. This Deep Clean Pet Premier model also comes equipped with a Deep Reach Pet tool that cleans your carpet from the bottom-up. This added feature helps to remove the embedded pet stains and smells that come along from your furry loved ones and leaves behind a fresh clean smell with no trace of pet odors. The new Pet Hair Basket feature, traps pet hair and debris that have been imbedded deep into the carpet. In addition this Bissell also comes with a Large 1.25-gallon capacity tank that helps make for fewer trips the sink to refill it to save you time and energy.

This wonderful machine has the capability of an easy and thorough clean. The pet hair traps and the easy rinse tanks lead to it being very popular with consumers. The Bissell can also be upgraded to be able to clean your hardwood floors. So no matter what kind of pet you may have, you will never have to worry about having dirty carpet again. The unit weighs less than 25 pounds and comes with a 3 year warranty.

Best Budget Carpet Steamer

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer FH50150

The Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer is a top pick because it is a lightweight machine, as far as carpet steamers go. It comes in weighing less than 19 pounds, yet has a powerful motor to clean dirty carpets. With the Hoover power scrub deluxe system it is extremely easy to use and easy to clean with. The machine has a two-tank system that separates clean water from dirty water. There is also a separate solution tank. The tanks have a spill-free feature which helps to keep the dirty water from splashing out.It also has a quick pour spout to easily empty the tanks without a mess. This machine comes with Spinscrub technology, which means that it has a counter rotating brush system which provides 360 degrees of cleaning. The brushes are able to surround the carpet fibers and loosen dirt more effectively providing a deeper clean. The Dual v nozzle feature gives powerful and consistent cleaning from edge-to-edge. There is also a faster dry time through the heated forced air feature.

This Hoover Deluxe Carpet Washer comes with a wash/rinse selector. This feature allows you to wash your carpets with water and cleaning solution and then rinse your carpets with water to remove soap residue leaving you with a clean fresh carpet. You can help extend the life of your carpet with the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner. It is designed to clean many carpeted and fabric surfaces in and around your home and can tackle furniture as well as carpets.

The Power Scrub Deluxe features a rinse option, automatic detergent mixing for more efficient cleaning and forced heated air for faster drying time. As a bonus, this carpet cleaner includes a value accessory pack that comes with extra tools, hose, cleaning solution and tool storage bag included for all your cleaning needs. The Hoover comes with a 2 year warranty.

Top Rated Carpet Steamer Summary

All three of our top picks will provide a powerful motor, extensive scrub brushes for deep cleaning of carpet and attachments that allow you to clean furniture, stairs and other fabric items in the home. The Bissell Green Machine and the Hoover both offer a two tank system which keeps the clean and dirty water in separate chambers. The Hoover added a spill free feature along with a pour spout for easy water exchange.

The Bissell Green Machine is the heaviest, only professional grade machine and comes with the longest warranty. The Bissell Premier Pet Machine has a 3 year warranty and the Hoover has a 2 year warranty and is the lightest of the three machines. All three machines offer quick drying features which helps the carpet to dry faster and leaves the carpet looking and feeling soft and clean.

The Bissell Premier Pet has some special features directed specifically for pet owners. There is a pet hair trap which helps to get all the pet hair out of the carpet and furniture, while placing it in a separate trap for easy disposal. Bissell also offers a pet solution which helps to eliminate pet odors from your carpets.

Carpet Steamer Comparison

Big Green





Little Green




Rotating Dual


Carpet Steamer Buying Guide

Carpet Steamer Reviews

What is a Carpet Steamer?

A carpet steamer is a product that will deep clean your carpets. Instead of hiring a professional or renting a unit, owning a carpet steamer will allow you to maintain cleaner carpets. By deep cleaning carpets on a regular basis you are able to keep the carpets cleaner, which extends the life of your carpets. Most carpet cleaners come with attachments that will also clean stairs, crevices and even fabric furniture. Newer machines might have options which will extend to cleaning other floor types like hardwoods, laminate and tile flooring.

How Do They Work?

Carpet Steamer1Traditional carpet cleaners use the same steaming method for cleaning carpets. It generally includes hot water, high pressure and cleaning solution. Most carpet cleaners work in a similar fashion. They have a motor which must be powerful enough to loosen and pull up the dirt. To start with, detergents and cleaners are mixed in with a hot water solution to break up any dirt and soil within the carpet. The very hot water and cleaning solution is forced deep into the carpet using a high pressure system. As the machine runs over the carpet it loosens the soil and residue within the carpet, and cleans the carpet fibers that are deeply soiled. The machine then rinses away the soapy solution. The soil that has been extracted from the carpet is then sucked up with a high powered vacuum before it can reach the carpet pad beneath it. The carpet is then left to dry.

Own, Rent or Have Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Having carpet professionally cleaned is the most expensive option, but does not require any work on your part. If you only clean your carpets occasionally then a professional cleaning here and there may be easier than storing and maintaining a home carpet steamer.

Renting a unit is not expensive, but costs can add up if you clean your carpets a few times a year. The other issue with renting is that you do not know the condition of the machine. It might also take longer to use since you will be unfamiliar with its operation procedures. Rental machines are generally bulkier and heavier than owning one.

Owning a carpet steamer is especially useful if you have children, pets or allergies. However, in order to have clean carpets, deep cleaning is essential. When you own a machine you can use it for sudden spills, spring and/or fall cleaning and other times during the year, when the carpet has seen spills or accidents.

How Large of A unit Do You Need?

The unit size and weight are generally based on two key features. This is the size of the motor and the size of the water tank. Since you want a strong motor and water is heavy, most machines are heavy. Looking for a carpet steamer that can be moved around easily is important. Does it have wheels which make it easy to move from room to room? What is more important to you a larger water tank that does not need to be refilled as often or a lighter machine? Answering these questions will help you to choose the best machine for your circumstances.

Carpet steamers come in full size, compact and even hand held units. The full size machines will have the most powerful motors and the largest water reservoirs. The compact units will be lighter in weight and will not take up as much space to store. Hand held units are meant for stairs, furniture and area rugs, rather than wall to wall carpet. These units will have very small water reservoirs and limited motor power.

Features That Affect performance

Carpet Steamer2Water Tanks are an essential part of a carpet cleaner. Some units have separate tanks for clean and dirty water. Other only have one water reservoir and then perhaps a bag that captures the dirty water. The larger the tank the less often the water must be emptied, but the heavier the machine will be.

Cleaning Solutions are the ingredients that will loosen the dirt. It is important to read the warranty information as some manufacturer’s state that if you do not use their cleaning solutions it could void the warranty. As a result you want to check on the types of solutions available along with their prices as this will be an ongoing cost of carpet cleaning. The good news as that manufacturer cleaning solutions do an excellent job of loosening dirt. Some cleaners have additional ingredients that will tackle odors, especially with pets.

Heaters are found in many, but not all machines. The heater will heat the water and keep the water hot during the cleaning process. Hot water is an important element when it comes to loosening dirt. Having the water remain hot through a heater, while you are cleaning will provide more consistency with temperatures and allow you to remove more dirt and stains from the carpet.

Brushes are an important element to carpet cleaning. There should be a lot of brushes on the rollers so that the carpet fibers are all moved around to loosen and release the dirt. Some cleaners have brushes along the bottom and also along the sides of the roller. This will ensure that the carpet is cleaned from edge to edge allowing you to cover a room faster without having to go over an area two or three times to ensure coverage. The brushes while you run the machine and agitate the carpet to help release dirt and grime and also pick up things like dog hair and remove stains.

Motor and the pressure it provides will determine the level of cleaning that is achieved. Stronger motors can get into deep or plush carpets and loosen dirt at the root of the carpet. Weaker motors will only clean the dirt near the surface leaving stains when it dries.

Attachments add to the convenience of using a machine. They allow you to get to hard to reach places, clean stairs and fabric furniture. The attachments generally do not come with brushes but rely on the hot water, cleaning solution and power of the motor to clean those hard to reach surfaces.

Length of Hose. The longer the hose the further the unit can reach for cleaning edges, stairs and other places. When the machine is heavy a longer hose adds to the convenience of use.

Length of Cord is also a factor and will help you be able to clean an entire room without having to unplug and re plug in the unit. When working with water and electricity it is best if you can plug the cord in a location that is not being cleaned. This will reduce the chances or the cord getting wet.

Indicator Lights are convenient in that they let you know when the water needs to be changed or the cleaning solution is running low.

Tips for Using the Carpet Steamer

Carpet Steamer3

  • Clear the room. If you can move furniture and clear the area as much as possible.
  • Vacuum the floors thoroughly before using the steam cleaner
  • Add very hot water and cleaning solution to match your needs. The hotter the water is the better the machine will clean.
  • Systematically cover the room starting from one corner and methodically moving over each section. Be sure to thoroughly cover the area. Going slow will give the brushes a chance to beat the carpet fibers and loosen the dirt.
  • Let the floor completely dry before walking on the carpet or returning any furniture.
  • If you are using a cleaning solution that is not all natural it is best to open the windows to prevent fumes from lingering in the room. If you are very sensitive to cleaning solutions wearing a mask might be a good idea.


When you have cleaned your carpets for the first time you will be amazed at how soft the carpet feels to the touch. Carpet cleaners can also take areas near doors and entranceways that can become discolored from wear and return them to the original color and feel. If you have carpets in your home, deep cleaning them to remove built up dirt and grime will give the room a fresh feel. You will have confidence to let your children play on the carpet without wondering what they are playing in.

Carpet steamers have had many advancements over the last several years providing you with a better clean and faster drying times. Newly added features have made carpet cleaners easy to use and very effective.


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