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We spent over 30 hours researching and testing 12 different deep fryers and found that food capacity, heating capacity, and warranty were most important. The Waring Deep Fryer scored high marks in all categories and is our top pick. The brushed stainless steel finish looks great in any kitchen. The large capacity deep fryer holds one gallon of oil so it can fry a lot of food in a short amount of time. Cleaning is easy with the removable 1800 watt immersion heating elements. It comes with three mesh baskets with detachable handles for all your frying needs.

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1. Waring-DF280

Best Overall Deep Fryer

5/5 Product Rating
The Waring Pro DF280 Professional Deep Fryer has a brushed stainless steel finish that will look great with modern day kitchen decors. The large capacity deep fryer will hold up to one gallon of oil giving it the capability to fry large amounts of food in a short time. This is a great appliance for families. The feature that really sets it apart from its competitors is the removable 1800-watt immersion style heating element. With this removable element the unit will heat up quickly and maintain a constant temperature due to the fast recovery time. One of the challenges with low end models is that the temperature drops significantly once the food is added. This drop in temperature can result in greasy food. The immersion element has a very fast recovery time to keep your food tasting fresh.

Having a large capacity cooker allows you to cook both small and large amounts of food. The one gallon capacity will cook enough food for a family of four with each batch. It is also equipped with a pouring spout and a filter to help clean the oil after each use. This will keep the oil fresh and reduce mixing flavors between uses. It also makes clean up and replacing the oil a clean and simple job.

Other key features are the three mesh baskets. They have detachable handles for easy storage. The baskets each have a lip so you can place them on the fryer above the oil. This makes loading and unloading the baskets easier. The two small baskets are perfect if you are fryers two different foods. For example fish and fries and shrimp and vegetable tempura. The large basket is perfect for main dishes like fried chicken. The two baskets fit inside the large basket for easier storage. The baskets also feature cool-touch collapsible handles which keeps them out of the way and makes for easy loading and unloading of food.

The Waring Pro DF280 Professional Deep Fryer has an easy to read LCD screen, exact temperature control, and a sixty minute timer, providing worry free cooking. There is a large viewing window so you can monitor the food as it cooks without taking the lid off. The lid has a large handle that is easy to remove. Steam vents help the moisture to be released during cooking and reduces the steam when lifting the lid. This not only makes the food taste better, but creates a safer cooking environment.

This machine also has a 2.3 lb. food capacity which is great for family dinners. It is a very durable and beautiful deep fryer with all of the cooking and safety feature you need. The compact and modern look adds to your kitchen décor. With easy clean up you can get back to enjoying more time with your family.

Customers agree that this is an all-around great deep fryer. It has many features that make using it easy. With this deep fryer you can cook with ease and know that your food is thoroughly cooked at the perfect temperature. The stainless steel design offers a sleek look that can be stored or left on the counter top. The cleaning surface is easy and much of it is dishwasher safe. The removable element heats quickly and gives you confidence that your food will cook at the correct temperature even after the food is added. This creates better tasting food. The other favorite feature is the mesh baskets that are not only easy to clean but make it possible to cook two different foods at once. The collapsible handles provide for easy storage and the cool touch handles on the side of the unit make it very portable. The shield lid is perfect for watching and checking the food without getting popped with grease. For these reasons this fryer gets rave reviews.

Sarah Lytle

2. T-Fal FR4049

Best Overall Deep Fryer – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
The T-Fal FR4049 Family Pro 2.6-pound 3-liter deep fryer with stainless steel waffle is a top pick because of its ease of use and popular features. The deep fryer has an adjustable thermostat and a timer making it easy to cook food well. The timer is a count down and can be set from 1 to 60 minutes. The temperature control allows you to set a specific temperature depending on what foods are being cooked, so you can get that perfect cooking temperature every time. The temperature control will keep the oil at the temperature you set with little fluctuation. When your food is fried at the correct temperature, then it will taste much better.

This T-Fal appliance comes with an indicator light that lets you know when the oil is at the right temperature, eliminating the need to test the temperature with a food sample. The lid has a convenient lip that holds the basket above the oil. This is very useful when loading food into the basket and then allows the oil to drain off the food once it has finished cooking. The lid also comes with a large viewing window so you can watch your food progress. When you leave the lid on throughout the entire cooking process the temperature is able to remain stable. The viewing window allows you to watch the food cook, without disturbing the temperature of the oil.

As an added safety measure, this unit also has cool touch handles. There is one on the lid and on either side of the fryer. The mesh basket also comes with a cool touch handle. This makes it safer to lift the lid or move the unit without risk of being burned. The other safety feature to the fryer is a magnetic plug.

The T-Fal FR4049 Family Pro 2.6-pound 3-liter deep fryer will hold up to 2.6 pounds of food and holds 3 liters of oil. This makes it large enough to prepare meals for a family of four. The heating element is 1600 watts, which will provide the power needed to heat and maintain the temperature of the oil. Both the pot and the frying basket can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The T-Fal FR4049 Family Pro 2.6-pound 3-liter deep fryer comes with a one year warranty.

Customer’s love this T-Fal deep fryer with all the features that make it easy to use. The cool touch handles makes it very safe to use and prevents accidents. The mesh basket is easy to clean and has a lip which makes loading and unloading food safe and simple. Having the magnetic plug was an added safety feature customers like having on the appliance. Mostly they love that the unit is so easy to use. Just plug it in, set the temperature, place the food in the basket, set the timer and you are ready to eat in a few minutes. With so many convenience foods available, packaged perfectly for deep fryer use, customers feel they can have dinner ready in a few minutes, reducing the number of times they eat out due to lack of time. This fryer can bring families together and provide quick easy meals or snacks for friends, family and gatherings.

Sarah Lytle

3. Cuisinart CDF-100

Best Budget Deep Fryer

4.6/5 Product Rating
The Cuisinart CDF-100 compact 1.1-liter deep fryer is a top pick because it is both compact and sturdy with a brushed stainless steel finish, which gives it a modern look that will match any kitchen décor. The Cuisinart has some great features which includes a stainless steel exterior that makes cleaning easy. The single basket will hold up to ¾ of a pound of your favorite foods. This is the perfect size for a couple, college students, RV, or other use where space is at a premium. It will cook just enough for two people or enough appetizers for an afternoon snack. The base holds up to 1.1 liters of oil.

With the Cuisinart you will be cooking in minutes, as the smaller unit heats up oil quickly. It features a non-stick die cast bowl, which helps to maintain an even temperature during cooking, which will rebound quickly after food has been added.

The Die cast bowl is made of a material which provides for easy clean up. The non-stick surface prevents residue from sticking to it and makes cleaning the oil easier. This feature will allow the oil to be used multiple times before it needs to be changed. When it is time to clean it can be wiped down with a cleaning cloth or a paper towel.

The capacity on the Cuisinart CDF-100 is perfect for apartment dwellers, couples, singles, and making snacks after school. The compact design takes up very little counter space and is also easy to store in the cabinets. Additional features include temperature settings up to 375 degrees, which is high enough to fry most foods. The see through lid enables you to monitor the food while it is cooking, without having to lift the lid. In the lid there is a washable filter, which when kept clean, will help eliminate odors from cooking.

The handle at the front of the fryer remains cool, even during cooking, which allows you to access or move the fryer without getting burned. There is also a cool touch handle attached to the basket. The mesh basket comes with a lip that helps with loading and unloading food items. The unit also features an indicator light which lets you know when the oil has reached the correct temperature.

Customers love the compact size and simplicity of use, with this fryer. It heats up quickly, maintains an even temperature and is perfect for a few people. You can fry any food you want in just a few minutes. The cleanup is easy and it takes up very little room. While it does not have the bells and whistles of many more expensive models, for basic frying needs, this unit gets the job done producing restaurant quality results. It is very simple to use, just set it to the correct temperature and put your food in. A few minutes later your snacks or dinner are ready to enjoy. The non-stick bowl helps make the cleanup a snap, and the safety plug prevents accidents with the hot oil.

Sarah Lytle

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Deep Fryer Buying Guide

Deep Fryer Reviews

What is a Deep Fryer?

Deep Fryer1A deep fryer is an appliance that stores and heats oil for frying. The oil can be stored in the fryer, if it is used frequently. If the fryer is used infrequently it is best to store the oil in the refrigerator to prevent it from becoming rancid. Any oil can be used in the fryer. They have heating elements which heat the oil. Often these heating units are on both the bottom and sides of the unit creating an even heating surface for more even cooking than can be delivered in a fry pan or Dutch oven. The biggest convenience are oil storage, even cooking temperatures for better quality food, and being able to reuse oil for several uses.

What Kind of Oil Should Be Used?

Choosing an oil with a high smoking point is best for deep frying. If you use an oil like olive oil, which burns at lower temperatures, it will impact the flavor of the food because the oil will burn. One of the cheapest oils is a vegetable oil. It has a high smoking point and is one of the least expensive oils. You can purchase it in the form of shortening and it will harden as it cools and will maintain over several uses without breaking down.

Other oils that can be used for deep frying include canola, corn, peanut oil, safflower and sunflower oil. Vegetable, corn, and canola oils have very neutral flavors and will enhance the flavor of the food without changing it. Peanut and sunflower oils have a distinct flavor which could change the flavor of the food, even though they both have high smoking points. These oils are also more expensive.

Common Features Found With Deep Fryers

Temperature Controls will be found with every deep fryer. Some have knobs which allow you to select the temperature, while others have LCD screens which allow you to select a specific temperature. Lower end models only offer an on off switch or high medium and low temperatures. Higher end models might allow you to select the item you are frying and the unit will automatically choose the correct cooking temperature. The more sophisticated the temperature control, the higher the price.

Fryer Capacity is one of the most important features because this determines how much you can cook at a time and will also determine the overall size of the deep fryer. For those looking for a compact design having a ½ gallon bowl is enough to fry for one or two people. For families and larger groups look to get one with around a 1 gallon capacity. This will provide enough oil to cook for a family of 4 without overcrowding the food.

Number of Fryer Baskets will determine how much and how you cook the food. Most fryers come with one basket about the size of the fryer bowl. This is generally adequate for most home cooking needs. However, if you plan to do a lot of frying or like to entertain you may be cooking different foods that need to be fried for the same meal. On these occasions having multiple baskets will allow you to fry different foods that have different finish times, at the same time. Want to fix fish and fries, put fish in one basket and fries in another and you can plan so they are both hot and ready at the same time.

How Easy Is It To Clean The Fryer? This is another important question. One reason people who own fryers hesitate to use them is the cleaning. Many fryers do not take cleaning into account and the oil must be poured and filtered before being placed back in the fryer. When you are dealing with hot oil, this can create a situation where safety is a consideration. Many newer models have spouts which make it easier to pour the oil and internal filters which help to keep the oil clean. Some units even have indicator lights which will let you know when the oil needs to be changed. The more sophisticated the cleaning system, the higher the price of the fryer.

Magnetic Plug. This feature is found in many fryers and will cut the power if the deep fryer is bumped or moved. This can prevent spills of hot oil.

Cord Length. Since deep fryers should not be close to open heat (gas stoves) and should not be used with an extension cord, having a long enough cord to reach an outlet safely is essential to using the appliance safely.

Deep Fryer2Cool Touch Handles. Look for these on the sides, the lid and the basket. The unit generally gets very hot during cooling and it is essential that you be able to access the fryer safely. Having cool touch handles eliminates the need to find a hot pad in order to open or move the unit.

Vent for steam. When steam is vented you get better quality food, but it also reduces the amount of steam that builds up during cooking. Without a vent to let moisture out you must be careful opening the lid after cooking, as the steam will be very hot.

See Though Lid allows you to monitor your food without lifting the handle. One of the keys to successful frying to keeping an even cooking temperature. Each time you open the lid heat escapes and the temperature falls. This can impact the quality of the finished product. The see through lid allows you to cook without having to open the lid to check for doneness.


Deep Fryers are a very popular appliance because they provide a way to make fried foods quickly and easily. It can be a very cost effective appliance to own if you like home cooked meals. There are many convenient foods that are packaged perfectly for using in a deep fryer, adding to the high level of convenience.

If you want to enjoy your favorite comfort foods, while spending more time with your family, then a deep fryer might be the perfect appliance to add to your kitchen.


  1. Waring-DF280-Professional-Brushed-Stainless Deep Fryer:
  2. T-Fal FR4049 Family Pro 2.6-Pound 3-Liter Deep Fryer with Stainless Steel Waffle:
  3. Cuisinart CDF-100 Compact 1.1-Liter Deep Fryer: