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We spent over 36 hours researching 10 different gas ranges and found that oven capacity, range type, and warranty were most important. The GE Profile 30” Gas Double Oven Range soared above the competition in all categories. We loved the slide-in design that made it easy to install. The double oven range gave us plenty of room to cook larger amounts of food. Another big favorite of this range is the grill/griddle that is located on the 5th burner so we could grill foods and make pancakes and eggs easily. The tri ring burner is a great feature as well.

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Best Overall Gas Range

5/5 Product Rating

This gas range from GE is one of the most impressive that you’re going to find on the market. Featuring an iron grill/griddle that runs on the center 5th burner, you’ll find that the grates are much lighter on this stove than on most other models, and they’re perfectly easy to remove for quick cleaning. GE is one of the finest manufacturers of kitchen appliances, and this gas range is certainly no exception. The performance of this device is excellent on both the stovetop and the oven. There’s even a convection function that works splendidly for even more efficient cooking. With the tri-ring burner you get basically three burners in one. It’s awesome to use, and delivers delicious results that you never thought possible. There are separate controls for both of the ovens on the keypad, which is user-friendly and easy to operate.

It’s possible to lock the oven portion of this gas range for cleaning or to keep the oven safe when children are playing nearby. You’ll find that the upper oven is the smaller of the two, and it’s ideal for cooking pizzascookiescakes, and smaller food items. The lower oven is bigger, and designed to perfectly cook roaststurkeys, and bulkier dishes. Also, the upper oven is where you’ll find the broiler, and the lower is where convection cooking is possible. Fitting flush against your wall, this gas range is considered to be a combination free standing and slide-in piece. What sets it apart is that it keeps your kitchen cool, even when cooking a number of dishes within at the same time. With all this convenience and performance, you can see why this is a top rated gas range.

Sarah Lytle

2. Frigidaire

Best Overall Gas Range – Runner Up

4.9/5 Product Rating

This Gallery Collection freestanding gas range from Frigidaire with quick preheat and true convection is the ideal choice for the kitchen connoisseur. This is a 30”gas range that is designed to be versatile, efficient, and extremely durable. With boiling times that are faster so your cooking time is reduced, you can rely upon this new Frigidaire gas range to help you speed up your time in the kitchen, thanks to Express-Select Controls and fast features like Quick Boil and Quick Preheat. Also, enjoy One-Touch Options and easy features like the Effortless Dry for the best drying performance.

This gas range is all about getting more done in less time, without compromising the performance. We all enjoy cooking from time to time, but no one likes to slave away in the kitchen for hours on end, and this appliance is designed to make the process easier, so you have time to do things you really love. With so many exceptional features, this gas range really stands out from the rest. Take for instance the True Convection feature, which makes multi-rack baking easier than ever. Effortlessly cook pizza or chicken nuggets with the touch of a button thanks to the Effortless Temp Probe and Auto Keep Warm. This also allows you to program your desired finished temperature, and it alerts you when that temperature has been reached.

Sarah Lytle


Best Budget Gas Range

4.8/5 Product Rating

Customers are consistently pleased with this gas range from GE because it cooks beautifully and uses even heat for the most delectable dishes imaginable. Constructed from strong and durable materials, the gas range features cast iron grates that are made to stand the test of time. The stove top cleans very easily with soap and water, and the oven bakes and roasts to perfection, especially when you employ the convection setting. You’ll see food that is perfectly browned, while maintaining its moisture and flavor. Working quietly and cooly, this gas range fits perfectly into any kitchen, and you’ll soon see that it’s the handiest appliance that you could imagine for speeding up the cooking process, and making it more enjoyable.

All in all, customers agree that this is one of the best gas ranges on the market, helping you to prepare beautiful food, while enhancing your kitchen with its stylish appearance. By giving you a number of cooking options that are fast and efficient, you’re going to see that you’re spending less time in the kitchen, but the time that is spent is more valuable and fun. You’re also going to be amazed at what you’re getting for the price when it comes to this gas range. Customers love how affordable it is, while still providing professional results that they can count on.

Sarah Lytle

Gas Range Comparison

GE 950


GE 985



GE 920

GE 990

Bertazzoni Professional


BTU20,00017,00020,00017,00018,00020,00020,00018,00018,500 18,000
(Cu. Ft.) 
4.303.003.403.902.303.404.302.402.40 2.00
Upper Oven
(Cu. Ft.)
(Cu. Ft.)
Oven Racks3232233222
Slide-InFreestandingFreestandingFreestandingFreestandingSlide-In FreestandingSlide-InFreestandingSlide-In
Touch Electro

Digital Electro
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Gas Range Buying Guide

Gas Range Reviews

What is a Gas Range

Gas Range1When you’re looking for optimal performance in your kitchen, the answer is owning a state of the art gas range. Serious cooks prefer a gas model because it has quick response times and offers you elements that heat faster and can maintain a low heat more precisely. You’ll find that dual-fuel ranges will combine a gas cooktop with an efficient electric oven, for the ultimate cooking experience. Gas ranges are big sellers these days, providing the ultimate in performance and value. Offering you the perfect blend of superb cooktop heating and simmering with an ample oven, many ranges also provide a cooktop warming zone that will keep side dishes warm while you finish a main dish. All in all, finding the right gas range for you can be daunting, with so many choices out there. But here are some components and features that you should look out for.

How to choose

What you really want to look out for are test scores. If you’re someone who enjoys baking, then compare ranges that have impressive baking scores. You also want to look out for a roomy oven that allows you to cook large dishes for friends and family. If you’re someone who absolutely loves a great steak, then you want to keep an eye out for high broiling scores.

What sets one gas range apart from the rest are features. You want high-powered burners or elements that provide you with quick heating. Also, expandable electric smooth top elements allow you to match burner size with the size of your pans. Models that have five rack positions give you added flexibility when cooking on more than one rack, and those with dual ovens will allow you to roast a turkey and bake a pie at the same time, while employing different temperatures.


When purchasing a new gas range, be sure to keep high-tech options in perspective. Just because a range has a lot of features doesn’t mean it excels in performance. Here are some of the features to consider, and while you read about them, be sure to note which are a priority for you.

  • Control Lockout: This features lets you disable the oven controls. Lockout is recommended if the electronic oven control panel is at the front of the range.
  • Convection: You’ll find that many mid and higher priced ranges will have one or more fans to circulate the hot air allowing for a convection function. Some models even have additional convection heating elements. What this feature allows you is reduced cooking time, especially when you’re cooking larger roasts.
  • Digital Display: You’ll find this feature on most models, and it displays the temperature and other information in a clear fashion.
  • Double Ovens: With double ovens you get two separate cavities that allow you to roast turkey and bake pies at the same time, and at different temperatures. There are some ranges that have a smaller top oven with a larger one below, but some models have two same-sized ovens. The convection feature will usually be found in the bottom oven, but sometimes there will be convection cooking in both ovens.
  • Electronic Touchpads: Be sure that these are well placed and visible while you are cooking.
  • High Power Elements or Burners: You want to look out for at least one high power element or burner on the range, especially when you’re cooking for large groups. When you can achieve high heat, it’s easier to sear or stir fry, and you can heat large quantities of food more quickly. A high power element is one that can achieve 2,000 watts and sometimes 2,500 watts or more. Your gas range should have high power burners that are 12,000 BTU or more.
  • Hot Surface Light: This handy light warns you when the surface is still hot, which enhances the safety of the appliance.
  • Induction: With induction you get an electro-magnetic field that heats pots directly, which is ideal for precise simmering and control. Induction heats a large pot of water 20%-25% faster than a plain electric stovetop.
  • Raised Edge Around Cooktop: This handy feature helps to contain spills and makes cleanup much easier.
  • Gas Range2

  • Self-Cleaning Cycle: Most gas ranges have this feature, which uses high heat to burn off spills and spatters inside the oven. There is usually an automatic safety lock that prevents the oven door from being opened until the cleaning cycle has finished and the oven is cooled.
  • Five or more Oven Rack Positions: You’ll find that the more oven rack positions that you have the better. It allows you to adjust the size of the food and distance to the broiler element or flame.
  • Smoothtop Surface Elements and Coils: The less expensive models will use coils on the surface. Smoothtops, however, offer both radiant and induction heating, and they make it easier to clean spills and require less cleaner. Coils do happen to be sturdier and easier to replace, but more cleaning time is required.
  • Time/Delay Start: This features allows you to set a time for the gas oven to start and stop cooking. Even though this is not essential, it’s always important to never leave the oven on when you’re not attending to it. Never keep food in a cold oven for too long, as well.
  • Warming Drawer: This is a handy feature that helps keep plates and food warm, and is a great option when you are entertaining for friends and family.
  • Variable Boil: Most gas ranges will have this feature. It is designed to provide adjustable settings for foods that require either slower or faster cooking.


Gas range ovens are the perfect addition to your kitchen when you’re ready to take your cooking to a whole new level. They provide you with a number of features that traditional ovens don’t have, making it easier than ever to cook faster and more efficiently. There are also a number of components that allow you to make diverse dishes, and cook different foods at the same time, and at varying temperatures. Owning a high quality gas range allows you to multitask in the kitchen like never before. Unleash the personal cooking genie within, and take the steps to find the perfect gas range for you.


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