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We spent 20 hours researching and testing 15 different kinds of hair dryers and found that heat settings, speeds, and warranty were most important. Allure’s Professional Hair Dryer scored high marks in all categories and is our top pick. This professional grade hair dryer is lightweight and has 2 speeds and 4 heat settings to choose from. It contains a concentrated nozzle that directs the heat exactly where you want it. The special tourmaline ionic ceramic technology will dry your hair 80% faster than other models with minimal chance of over drying which can damage the hair.
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1. Allure

Best Overall Hair Dryer

5/5 Product Rating
The Allure 1875W Professional Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer is a super lightweight hair dryer with 1875 watts of power that make styling your hair a breeze.

The concentrator nozzle directs the condensed air flow exactly where you need it, and controls frizzing which can be very common with hair dryers.

The Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic technology not only dryers your hair 80% faster, it minimizes over drying and potentially damaging the hair as well. You will get exceptional volume that will look great without spending tons of time getting it done.

The sleek design makes you feel like you have a professional hair styling tool in your hands and gives you that feeling of having salon dried and styled hair every day. This great hair dryer emits negative ions that seal and smooth the hair’s outer layer which means fewer frizzes and more shine for your hair styles.

You have 4 heat settings and 2 speed settings to choose from to adjust to what your hair needs. Thick hair needs different drying speed and heat than fine, fragile hair and with this hair dryer that’s exactly what you can do. The unique cold shot button directs a burst of cold air to seal in your style and reduce the frizzies that make your hair look dry and unhealthy. You will love what the Allure 1875W Professional Hair Dryer can do for you.
Sarah Lytle

2. BaBylissPRO Nano

Best Overall Hair Dryer – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
With 2000 watts of drying power, 6 heat and speed settings and the lightweight ergonomic design, the Babyliss Pro could end up being your best hair dryer to date. It has a cool shot button that gives a burst of cool air at the end of your drying time to reduce frizz and “seal” in your hair style, keeping it looking fresh and healthy.

The concentrator enables you to direct the heat exactly where you need it. Cleaning is easy with the removable filter so your hair dryer can last a long time and not get clogged with hair and other dust. The sleek, attractive design looks just like the professional dryers used in salons and the performance is on par with professional grade dryers as well.

The Ionic technology is present in this hair dryer, utilizing the advanced techniques of negative ions to smooth and de-frizz the hair so it looks perfect every time without sacrificing health.

The Babyliss is a world leader in European Professional Products and it is backed by a limited 4 year warranty so you don’t have to worry about anything being wrong with it. You will love the light blue color as well and won’t want to be without it to style your hair whether you are getting ready for a date, work or just hanging around the house.

Sarah Lytle

3. Conair Tourmaline

Best Budget Hair Dryer

4.7/5 Product Rating
Conair is a household name when it comes to hair styling products. Everyone has come to know them for their style and performance. The Conair 1875 Watt Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer continues the tradition of exceptional quality.

This tourmaline ceramic ionic system helps your hair dry fast while preserving its beauty and health. No more over-drying or frizzing thanks to the ions that are emitted from the tourmaline ceramic that gives you static free hair that doesn’t get damaged by hot spots caused from over drying.

The ergonomic grip makes it easy to handle. It has three heat settings and two speed settings for flexibility that matches what your hair needs. Not all hair textures need the same amount of drying time. You can use the low speed setting with low heat if you have fine, fragile hair and the higher settings for thick or super long hair.

Finish everything off with a shot of cold air that reduces frizz and seals your hair style in so you look great for hours. You get two convenient attachments with the Conair 1875. One is a concentrator that helps you straighten your hair for sleek shine and movement and the other is a diffuser which is perfect for drying naturally curly or wavy hair to lock in that wave and give it lots of volume with no frizz.

Sarah Lytle

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Hair Dryer Buying Guide

Hair Dryer Reviews

What is a Hair Dryer?

Hair Dryer1A hair dryer is a much used styling aid that many women with hair of all lengths and men use to get ready for the day. A hair dryer provides the ability to get ready much faster, as it dries the hair in a few minutes rather than it taking hours to air dry. They are used not only to dry the hair but as styling aids as well.

There are many different styles and types of hair dryers on the market today so if you can learn some tips on how to choose the right one for you, your decision will be much easier and you will end up with a dryer that you will enjoy using. Your hairstyle is an important part of looking and feeling good, so having the right tools which include the best hair dryer for your needs, can ensure a great look every day.

Choosing the Right Dryer

When you’re in the market for a hair dryer, there are several things that you should consider before making your purchase to ensure that you are getting the right one for your needs. Following these basic tips can provide the user with the knowledge to get the best hair dryer they can that will meet their expectations.

What are your Hair’s Needs? – Hair comes in all textures and lengths so identifying your own personal hair needs is very important when it comes to getting the right hair dryer. Hair texture can be very fine and fragile or coarse and curly; thick or thin, long or short. Your hair’s length is one factor to take into consideration because long hair takes longer to dry than short hair. In addition to the hair length and texture, users should consider the kind of hair styles they want because some hair dryers are better suited to certain styles than others.

What’s your Budget? – It may not seem important to set a budget, but since hair dryers come in all price ranges from the very cheap to the super expensive, having an idea of what you want to spend on your hair dryer can be helpful in narrowing down the array of choices. If you use your hair dryer every day to achieve the style and look you like, investing in a more expensive model may be a better idea because you will have to worry less about having to replace it often. Another reason to invest in a higher grade model is because excessive heat can really damage your hair so having a high quality professional hair dryer can mean less damage and frizz which translates to healthier hair.

Pay Attention to Reviews – Even once you start narrowing down your hair dryer choices, you could end up with quite a long list. This is where customer reviews can come in handy. People are normally very happy to share their opinions and experiences with others when they have purchased a specific product. You can learn a lot by reading what they have to say about performance, durability and features. Asking some hair stylists can be another avenue to get some great information about a hair dryer’s performance. Although many hair stylists use professional grade equipment, if you use your hair dryer on a daily basis, you may feel it’s worth spending the extra money to get a great quality dryer that will take care of your hair and not dry it out excessively.

Compromise if Necessary – Try to be a little flexible in your hair dryer purchase. If you have a set budget but find the absolute perfect hair dryer for a $10.00 more, it may be well worth it to you to spend that extra ten dollars to have exactly what you want. If every style you look at is WAY over your budget, take a look at the features they’re offering and see if you can get a professional grade hairdryer with fewer bells and whistles for less. While you don’t want to break the bank when purchasing one, you don’t want to sacrifice the health of your hair either.


Hair Dryer2Hair dryers have a lot of different features that they can offer that will address different styling needs. By knowing the different features that are potentially available, you will be able to shop for the right hair dryer with more efficiency and confidence.

CeramicThis is a feature that works for all hair types and is used to add shine to the hair while protecting it from frizz and damage.

Ionic TechnologyThis sounds very technical and while it may be relatively new in terms of being included in many hair dryer models, the benefits of ionic technology are plentiful. Ionic technology means that negative ions are emitted during the drying process which shorten the drying time and smooth the hair at the same time. This eliminates that “fuzzy” look that hair can have from being dried too long.

TourmalineThis increases the effectiveness and intensity of the ionic technology and adds even more shine to your hair.

Cool Shot ButtonA feature that is relatively new to the scene is the cool shot button which shoots cold air at the hair style and sets it. It also adds shine to your look as well.

High Air Flow- The increased air flow a hair dryer can have decreases the amount of drying time your hair needs which means less heat damage.

Concentrator – This is an attachment that is used to direct heat to a specific spot and is great for certain hair styles.

Diffuser – This is another attachment that it used for hair styling and is usually used for those with curly hair to define the curls rather than blow them into disarray and make them look frizzy and overly dry.

Heat Settings – Most hair dryers come with multiple heat settings although it may be only 2 or 3 different ones. There will usually be a low heat, mid heat and high heat setting. For fragile, thin hair the low heat setting is usually more than sufficient and will not excessively damage the fine hair. Thick hair can handle the higher heat settings but even that, in a cheaply made hair dryer can cause damage.

Speed Settings – Hair dryers can also have different speed settings that determine how fast the air is blown out of the hair dryer. Again which setting to use is based on the type of style you want, and the texture and length of your hair.

Matching the Dryer to your Hair Type

Matching your hair type to the dryer setting you use can prevent excessive hair damage and allow your hair’s beauty to really come out. Below we’ve outlined the best match up for hair types and heat.

Fine Hair – Best dried on a low heat, low speed setting since fine hair can look frizzy super quickly. Using minimal heat protects the hair’s cuticle and also helps dry limp hair keep some of the moisture which will help it look less limp.

Hair Dryer3Medium Hair – You can use pretty much any setting and any speed to dry medium texture hair but lean towards the lower heat to style without overly damaging and drying your hair. Make sure there is plenty of air flow to get efficient drying.

Coarse Hair – Using high heat on coarse hair will keep it from overly frizzing. It can smooth flyaways and the strong air flow will condition the hair cuticles of coarse hair as well. Use the cool air shot if your chosen dryer has it, to set the style.

Curly Hair – People with curly hair should only use a diffuser which will always give them full and intact curls that are not frizzy and fuzzy. It also softens the hair and adds shine to it as well.


The right hair dryer not only dries the hair it makes it look great too and can actually improve the health of the hair when used properly. Professional grade hair dryers are a better choice, like the top rated hair dryers we’ve reviewed above, which have added features such as tourmaline, ceramic and ionic technology to give better results and far less damage if not eliminating it completely.

The right information and knowledge about what your particular hair texture’s needs are can lead you to the right choice for you that you will be happy with both in performance and in final results.


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