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Flip flops have been around for a long time with different versions showing on murals in Egypt as far back as 4000 B.C.  Flip flops have been made from palm fronds, rawhide, wood, and other natural materials for centuries. They are considered the most egalitarian footwear you can get.

Modern flip flops are much sturdier and last a lot longer than those natural versions did years ago. There are many different styles, materials, price points, and color choices available now. This comfortable, convenient footwear is popular with men, women, and kids of all ages.

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Most Comfortable

5/5 Product Rating

The casual flip flops for women from Clarks feature a floral foot bed and strip on the midsole. They are comfortable and lightweight with a man-made upper, fabric thong and synthetic sole as well. 

They are the perfect flip flops for wearing to the beach, the pool, on the boat, or for any other casual outing. The fabric thong provides comfort for the feet that won’t irritate or chafe between the toes.

Sizes available range from 5-12 (US) and there are 15 great colors to choose from.  If you’re looking for comfort, fun prints, and casual footwear for those water related activities, these are the perfect flip flops for the job.

Sarah Lytle

2. Teva

Runner Up

4.9/5 Product Rating

Teva is a company that supports your outdoor lifestyle with excellent products that make being outdoors more enjoyable.

These ready-for-the-water flip flops feature a decorative thong with cross straps, an EVA foam outsole that is lightweight and provides some shock absorption and much more. 

The polyester webbing dries fast and is very durable as well. The Mush™ cushions on the top sole conform to the shape of your foot for incredible comfort that lasts all day. They are available in sizes 5-12 (US) and have 33 incredible color choices to choose from. They are perfect for going to the beach, running quick errands, going to the pool or hanging out in the yard.

Sarah Lytle

3. Sanuk

4.8/5 Product Rating

These Yoga Mat flip flops from Sanuk are made from real yoga mats and provide plenty of cushy comfort with every step you take.

The Sanuk flip flops feature a rubber sole with a ¾” heel and ½” platform.

These ultra-comfortable flip flops are available in a range of sizes from 5-11 (US) and there are 20 different color choices to choose from. There is European sizing as well so they can be enjoyed internationally.

Sarah Lytle

4. Teva Mush

4.7/5 Product Rating

Teva, a respected name in footwear, also created a flip flop just for men.  This Mush II flip flop for men feature a cotton/canvas webbing upper, EVA, dual-density midsole, outsole with plenty of grippy traction and much more. 

These are the perfect flip flops for quick errands, days at the beach or pool, or for being out in the yard during cookouts, gatherings.  Men can choose from two different neutral colors and there are sizes available that range from 7-11. (US men’s sizes)

Sarah Lytle

5. Kadee

4.5/5 Product Rating

Everyone has heard of the brand name ‘Crocs’. They are durable, comfortable, and long lasting. 

These women’s Kadee II flip flops feature a durable synthetic sole, a TPU toe post that is soft and doesn’t chafe and has the original Croslit foam cushion for the ultimate comfort while you are wearing them.

Women can choose from 13 beautiful colors and have sizes available that range from 4-11. If you’re looking for the perfect flip flops to wear to the beach or pool, or you like the casual, easy comfort of footwear you can just slip into last minute, these Kadee II flip flops from Crocs are perfect.

Sarah Lytle

Most Comfortable Flip Flops Comparison






Old Navy





Size 5 – 12 5 – 12 5 M – 11 M 7 – 16 4 – 11 5 – 11 4 – 17 12 6 – 12 9 – 10
Material Synthetic Polyester Synthetic Canvas Synthetic Synthetic Nubuck Canvas Canvas Leather
Sole Synthetic Synthetic Rubber Synthetic Synthetic Rubber Rubber Rubber Synthetic Synthetic
Gender Women Women Women Men Women Women Men Men Men Women
Platform (in) 0.50 0.75 0.50 0.75 0.50 0.75 0.50 0.75 0.50 1.00
Warranty (months) 3 12 12 12 3 Limited Lifetime 12 20 12 Limited Lifetime


Most Comfortable Flip Flops Buying Guide

Most Comfortable Flip Flops Buying Guide

Kinds of Flip Flops

There are several different kinds of flip flops on the market for you to choose from.  You may be surprised how many different kinds of flip flops there are once you start researching. We have listed the most common types below.

  • For the Beach – Beach flip flops are almost always going to be water resistant for obvious reasons. They are designed to provide comfort and have a simple design that can be rinsed off easily should you get them covered in sand.  Some flip flops are a little more durable in design and offer EVA outsoles which are very durable and arch supports as well. The more durable the construction, the longer you will have them.
  • For Strolling – If you love wearing flip flops in place of tennis shoes or sneakers, you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of designs that work great for those who like to wear them around town. Look for styles that have leather or fabric construction as they are more durable.  Strolling flip flops can have features such as EVA cushioned midsoles, rubber outsoles for maximum traction and durability, and style designs that look great with casual shorts, sun dresses, and even jeans. 
  • For Adventures – Although flip flops are not a good choice for hiking and backpacking, the heartier, technical designs are well suited for light walks through easy terrain. Flip flops that are designed for light adventures are often stiff and durable due to the molded rubber soles that they are made with. These soles protect your feet and allow the flip flops to last longer. Many technical styles are also water resistant which makes them great for walking in wetter conditions such as crossing a stream or walking in the rain.  Some adventure style flip flops have contoured foot beds for maximum comfort. 

Most Comfortable Flip Flops Buying Guide

  • For Urban Use – Some people love flip flops so much that they become the go-to footwear that they wear for everything. Date night, classes, errands, recreation…it doesn’t matter what they’re doing; they will be wearing flip flops when they do it.  If you love to wear flip flops the majority of the time, look for stylish designs that have braiding, beading, glitter, and other designs on them that can be coordinated with your wardrobe.  If you live in the city, look for designs that offer plenty of cushion to absorb the impact from walking on miles of concrete. 
  • For Water Activities – If water sports are your thing, there are plenty of flip flop styles that will complement your water loving lifestyle. Look for flip flops that offer plenty of traction when you are in wet, slippery conditions.  You also want to look for a style that has a thong that doesn’t loosen up when it gets wet and that if it is made of material that it dries quickly.  Flip flops for water activities are going to be water resistant and that means you can rinse them off easily if they get dirty and they will dry fast when they do get wet. 


Flip Flop Features to Consider

  • Style – The majority of people care about how they look from their shoes to the top of their head. Flip flop enthusiasts are no different. They want to find flip flops that accommodate their lifestyle while also complementing their clothing style as well. Leather is a very popular choice since it goes with virtually every kind of outfit and works for men, women, teens, and kids too.  If leather is too simple, there are tons of brands out there that offer “designer” flip flops that come in a huge variety of colors and prints.  Some even have rhinestones, glitter, and other things to make them dressier and unique.  Look for brands that are good quality so the flip flops will last. The main idea is to choose what you like and what illustrates your style as well as what feels good to walk around in while you are going about your day. 
  • Value – Flip flops have price ranges all across the board from $5 for a super cheap pair for over $100 for a super technical brand name pair. Higher prices don’t always mean a better flip flop so make sure that is not your only consideration when looking through the different styles and brands.  Certain features and materials may be important to you that are not to someone else and vice versa.  It is crucial that you choose features and construction that YOU like and that fit your lifestyle.  You do want to get the best flip flop for your money so value comes into play but look at the features and construction as well to make sure that you are choosing a good quality pair. 
  • Comfort – This is probably the most important feature you can look for in a pair of flip flops. What makes a pair comfortable for you will depend on what you are doing while you are wearing them as well as how they are made. Midsoles, thong materials, and other construction factors play a huge part in how comfortable the flip flops will be when they are on your feet.  If you like a lot of cushioning, look for flip flops that have EVA-foam midsoles that provide softer, cushy places for your feet. Some that have built in arch support can also be really comfortable for those who like the extra support. Decide what features make the flip flops comfortable for you and concentrate on finding pairs that have those features. 

Most Comfortable Flip Flops Buying Guide

  • Water Resistance – How your flip flops handle being wet is important to consider when looking at the different choices available to you. If you will be around the pool or beach a lot or you like to cross streams on your walks, you want to find flip flops that can stand up to being wet without breaking down. Ideally you want to find a pair of flip flops that are made from materials that handle water well and dry quickly. 
  • Durability – There are some flip flops on the market, namely ones you find in dollar stores that only cost a couple of bucks that do not last long at all. You may be lucky to get a few wears out of them before the soles crack or the thong breaks. They are also lacking in comfort especially when you wear them for anything more than maybe shower shoes. Some brands offer durable rubber soles, and even repairs like strap replacement or resoling so you can fix the flip flops you invest more money in up front. 
  • Support/Stability – A good summer shoe like a flip flop needs to offer stability and support. Good construction means your feet will be comfortable and the potential for foot pain or even injury is reduced significantly. If you spend a lot of time in flip flops you will definitely want to focus on finding a pair that offers the support you need for lots of walking and activity. No one wants to hurt with every step. The wrong pair of flip flops can make all your activities a pain in the feet…literally. 
  • Traction – Most people don’t really think about traction when they are shopping for flip flops but this is an important feature that makes wearing flip flops for hikes, stream crossings and even walking through the park much nicer and safer. You don’t want to wear a pair of flip flops that cause you to slip while you are out walking. That is dangerous for many reasons and can result in injury. Don’t just look at outsole traction; be sure to look at footbed traction as well.  Both are important when you are walking in less than ideal conditions.


Finding the right pair of flip flops can open up a world of comfortable walking that leaves your feet open to the air and comfortable even on the hottest of days. Not all flip flops are created equal, so it is important to look at comfort, traction, style, and other factors when you are sorting through the large number of flip flops on the market before you make your decision.

This guide was put together to make the shopping experience much easier and less overwhelming for you.  We have listed top rated flip flops on the market and provided you with information about each of them. We have also included five detailed reviews of the ‘best-of-the-best’ so you could see if any one of them fit your needs and preferences. 

Last but not least we have included a buying guide that provides you with information on what to look for when you are searching for that perfect pair of flip flops.  All of this knowledge is designed to help you understand the differences between flip flops and to discover your own style needs and practical features that will fit your lifestyle.

When you are ready to begin your search, start off with determining your specific needs including where you will be wearing your flip flops and how often you will be wearing them.  If you don’t plan on wearing them very often, it is not going to be necessary to look for a long lasting pair.

If you want to live in your flip flops, durability and comfort should be at the top of the list.  Whatever your goals are, this guide has provided you with the knowledge to make a confident decision on the right pair of flip flops for your needs.