Most Comfortable Office Chair

If you work in an office setting, whether it is with a company or out of your own home, a good quality, comfortable office chair is very important. Having the right office chair can make a big difference in your productivity, comfort, and how you feel at the end of the work day. If your chair is uncomfortable it can cause back strain, fatigue, and even neck and shoulder issues.

Comfortable Office Chair
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1. AmazonBasics Executive

Most Comfortable

5/5 Product Rating

AmazonBasics is known for its quality products and this high-back executive chair is no exception.  Upholstered in PVC and bonded black leather, this comfortable office chair offers the user a padded back and seat that provides support and comfort all day long. 

The pneumatic adjustment feature for height makes raising and lowering your chair simple.  There are also 360 degree swivel capability and smooth-rolling casters that make movement easy.

This sleep office chair has a 250 pound weight capacity and comes with a 1 year limited warranty.  The comfortable butterfly seat and curved contours to the back to keep you supported. 

The Assembly is required and directions are included in the box.  The seat measures 25.59” wide.  This chair can be adjusted from 41.34” up to 45.08” and can also tilt back for reclining comfort.  This chair is available in black or brown.

Sarah Lytle

2. AmazonBasics

Runner Up

4.9/5 Product Rating

Another great AmazonBasics office chair is their mid-back office chair.  The bonded black leather chair has a comfortable padded back and seat that provides the user with all day comfort even on long days at the office.  

The pneumatic adjustment allows the seat to be raised from 34.84 inches up to 38.58 inches.  There is a 225 pound weight limit for this comfortable and stylish office chair. 

The dual-wheel casters are durable and allow the chair to move about easily. The seat of the chair measures 24.02 inches wide.  The AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair comes with a 1-year limited warranty and is available in brown, white, and black.

Sarah Lytle

3. BestOffice

4.85/5 Product Rating

This comfortable office chair is just what you need to sit in style and ease during your work day.  The soft, comfortable PU leather upholstery has plenty of padding and is water and oil resistant.  The arms rests also provide the user comfort while they are working.

The seat size is 20 inches by 20 inches, which gives plenty of room to sit in the 250 pound limit office chair. 

The 360 swivel feature allows the user to turn and reach needed items on shelves or in filing cabinets in your office. The seat height can be raised from 10” to 23”.

Sarah Lytle

4. Homy Casa

4.83/5 Product Rating

If you prefer an ergonomic design for your office chair you will love this Ergonomic Mesh Office chair by Homy Casa. 

The adjustable backrest, lumbar support, and headrest can be customized to the perfect height for the user. 

There are other features as well including multi-function armrests, a 360 degree swivel and adjustable seat height.

The mesh fabric is a consumer favorite due to its breathability which allows plenty of airflow at the back area to reduce sweating even when you’re sitting for extended periods of time. This chair is great for people of all shapes and sizes.

With a weight limit of 300 pounds and a high back support even tall people can sit comfortably without feeling strain in their neck and shoulders. The Homy Casa mesh office chair is easy to assemble and instructions are included. 

Sarah Lytle

5. Vanbow

4.8/5 Product Rating

Reduce the amount of neck pressure you feel with the comfortable, thick headrest that fits the curve of the neck and provides comfort for the user even when you are sitting for extended periods of time. 

The adjustable angle of the back contours to the natural curve of the body reducing body fatigue.  The pneumatic seat is adjustable to your preferred height from 40.8 inches to 45 inches.

The high density sponge cushioning reduces hip pressure as well.  The material used in construction is PU leather for the seat and environmental polypropylene for the seat back.

This chair has a weight limit of 330 pounds, making it a perfect chair for people of all shapes and sizes.  The muffled wheels and flexible rotation prevent the floor from getting scratched and scuffed.

If comfort is what you’re looking for, you have found it in the Vanbow office task chair that will recline to a 45 degree angle which is perfect for those afternoon naps. 

Sarah Lytle

Most Comfortable Office Chair Comparison




Homy Casa







Colors Available 3 3 3 1 1 7 8 3 6 5
Material Leather Leather PU Leather Mesh Fabric Leather PU Leather PU Leather Leather PU Leather Faux Leather
360-Degree Swivel    
Weight Capacity (lb) 275 275 250 300 250 300 300 280 250 250
Armrest Fixed Fixed Fixed Adjustable Fixed Adjustable Adjustable Fixed Adjustable Adjustable
BIFMA Certified              
Warranty (months) 12 12 3 12 12 12 12 12 12 12


Most Comfortable Office Chair Buying Guide

Comfortable Office Chair

There are several questions you want to ask yourself and take into consideration before you spend your money on an office chair.  These questions will help you determine what type of office chair will fit your specific needs so you have the chair you want.

  • How often will your office chair be used? - If you only have a desk for paying bills and checking emails it is less important that you worry about the type of office chair you have.  This is not the case, however, if you work in an office or work out of your home for several hours at a time.  If you work a typical office job and spend 8 or more hours doing mostly sitting work you will want to invest in a chair that puts comfort and safety at the top of the list.  
  • What type of office work do you do? – If you move around a lot when you’re working you will want to look for an office chair that has scuff-resistant casters and a smooth-rolling motion. Arm rests may just get in the way but that is personal preference.  If you work in front of a computer or you are on the phone a lot you will want to look for a chair that is very comfortable and that offers plenty of support for extended periods of sitting.  Lumbar support and a high back are two features that you will find very beneficial to sitting for a long time. 
  • How do you like to sit? - Office workers sit all kinds of ways.  Some may like to sit on the front edge of their chair while others may like a reclining position as they work.  Look for a chair that offers tilting features so you can adjust it according to how you like to sit.  If you tend to sit cross legged or with your legs tucked up under you, look for a wide seat and adjustable arm rests that won’t get in the way of your knees.  Comfortable arm rests are also important while you’re sitting for long periods of time. 
  • Do you have back, neck, or shoulder pain? - If you suffer from lower back pain, pain between the shoulders, or a stiff neck, your chair could be the culprit.  Look for an office chair that offers plenty of lumbar support, a high back, neck support and plenty of room to sit comfortably without twisting.  If your legs ache a lot, look for waterfall edge chairs to allow plenty of blood circulation and make sure your feet can rest flat on the floor.  No chair is capable of eliminating chronic pain but it can certainly help reduce it and can prevent additional problems.  

Comfortable Office Chair

  • What kind of flooring do you have? – Casters roll smoothly on hard floors but some literally screech to a halt on carpeting. The best thing to do if you have carpeting in your office is to get a wide chair mat that will enable you to move freely back and forth in the chair without it getting stuck on the carpeting. 
  • What décor do you have or prefer? – Chairs come in all different styles so finding one that matches well with your office décor should not be a problem. You can choose from leather, mesh, and fabric.  Mesh is good to promote plenty of airflow and keeps you cool, making it a good choice for hot regions or you find yourself sitting for long periods of time without a break.  Leather is very luxurious but can retain heat and cause sweating. This is the case with vinyl as well although vinyl is easier to clean.  Fabric is prone to staining and can be hot or scratchy if you sit for a long time. If you choose a chair upholstered with high end fabric it will be more breathable and can even have stain repellant applied to it to deter staining.

Features to Look For in an Office Chair

Check out the list of features that office chairs can have that we have listed below.  These features are the most popular with consumers and make your office chair comfortable and enjoyable to use.

  • Weight Capacity - Weight capacity is important if you are really tall or have a larger frame or extra weight. No one wants to sit in a fragile, flimsy office chair. Every office chair has a weight rating.  It is important to pay attention to this number so you don’t choose a chair that is under your weight needs. This can cause the chair to malfunction early on so it has to be replaced. 
  • Seat Size – This is another important feature in a comfortable office chair. When the sides of the chair or the arms are digging into your legs or sides you will be uncomfortable and irritable all day long.  Look for an office chair with plenty of seat room and you will be much happier at the end of the day. 
  • Durable Upholstery – Look for upholstery that offers airflow and comfort. Stain resistant is also a big plus especially if it is a fabric chair.  Leather is very popular but make sure that you get up on a regular basis and walk around to avoid getting overly heated in the chair.  Look for strong stitching and seams should not be located where they can irritate your legs or back. 
  • Adjustable Features - Office chairs have tons of adjustable capabilities to choose from including reclining, tilting forward, seat height, lumbar support height, armrest height, and other handy features like tension control. Look for the kind of adjustability that you need to ensure a comfortable sitting experience. 
  • A Good Warranty - Office chairs are used every day for long periods of time. Make sure that your office chair has a good, solid warranty from a reputable company.  The longer the warranty the better. Make sure it is inclusive as well, especially if you have paid a lot for it.  Depending on the company, some warranties may only cover defects and breakage, while others may cover normal wear and tear. 
  • Lumbar Support – This is very important for people who sit in an office chair for long periods of time. High quality office chairs have lumbar support. The better ones have adjustable lumbar support that can be adjusted to fit the small of the lower back.  This support can help reduce the chances of back strain. 

Comfortable Office Chair

  • Wheel Base – Pretty much all office chairs have a wheel base but your flooring will determine the kind of wheels and wheel base that will work the best. If your office has carpeting, look for office chairs that specify they do well rolling on carpet. Rolling is very beneficial in an office and prevents you from having to reach and stretch all day long or get up and down out of the chair. 
  • Swiveling base – You want your office chair to be able to swivel freely so you can turn to access different parts of your desk. If it doesn’t swivel your arms and shoulders can get really tired from having to stretch to reach things all the time. 
  • Fabric Quality – If you choose a fabric office chair make sure the fabric is stain resistant and comfortable to sit on even for long periods of time. Some fabric can feel really hot or scratchy if you sit for several hours. Fabric can also be ripped or torn easily so look for strong stitching and closed weave so pens and pencils can’t get caught in the fabric. 
  • Ease of Assembly – Most office chairs require assembly but some can be a lot easier to put together than others. Look for office chairs that state they are simple to put together and that they have included instructions. Most will not take too long and don’t usually require special tools or if they do they are included.  Most office chairs take about an hour or so to put together.  It may be easier to have someone to help you as there are some steps that are much easier with four hands.



Having a great office chair is a lot like having a great office assistant.  It offers support, easier working conditions, and even a place to relax when things get tense.  Having a good quality office chair can make a big difference in how you feel mentally and physically at the end of your work day.   A lot of people spend many hours a day at their desk so having a great office chair can reduce pain, stress, and fatigue in your arms, back, shoulders, and neck.

If pain is a big problem for you, there are plenty of Ergonomic designs available to choose from that match all kinds of décor. Purchasing an office chair is a definite investment in your health, sanity, and productivity.  You should do your best to choose the best office chair you can afford to get and try to keep that budget as high as possible. 

Not all expensive chairs are good chairs so make sure to do your due diligence and research the brand, the reviews and comments and the features before you spend your money on it.  A less expensive chair may be a lot better according to consumers, which is why it is so important to check out those reviews and comments.  You can’t take ALL of them at face value since many are not gotten honestly, but you can tell by the number of overall stars and reviews whether it is a really good product or not. 

The reviews, comparison chart, and buying guide we have provided for you are all designed to help you acquire the knowledge you need to sort through all the different choices, determine which chairs fit your needs and work style the best, and choose the one that will make your work day much better.