Best Slippers

I’m sure you’ll agree that slippers should be warm, cozy, and comfortable.

That was our top criteria for selecting the best slippers.

If you are ready to sit back and put up your feet, the BEARPAW Loki Shearling Slipper scored high points in all of those features and is our top pick.

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1. BearPaw Loki

Best Overall Slippers – Women

5/5 Product Rating
These simple, soft and warm women’s slippers have a durable sole that can withstand being worn outside as well as inside so you don’t have to change your shoes just to run to the trash can or mailbox.

With soft suede uppers and a shearling collar you will have maximum comfort and style too.

The sheepskin lining regulates your temperature so your feet stay warm. You’ll notice a lot less foot fatigue with the slippers as well.

Due to the inner lining that these slippers have, be sure to order a size larger than what you normally wear.

If you wear a half-size, order ½ size larger. These imported slippers are a great addition to your wardrobe and you’ll find yourself looking forward to getting home and slipping them on for the rest of the evening. The heel is only about ¾”and the rubber sole is non slip. You can get these great slippers in a variety of colors and sizes.

Sarah Lytle

2. Cody Tamarac by Slippers International

Best Overall Slippers – Men

4.8/5 Product Rating
If you’re looking for warm and comfortable you won’t have to look further than Tamarac Men’s Cody Sheepskin Slippers.

The durable rubber outsole means you can wear these comfortable slippers outside with no worry of the bottoms being ruined.

The genuine fleece lining is super soft and comfortable as well and the elastic goring provides a flexible fit.

Made of attractive suede, your feet will feel great whenever you put these on.

Comfort is enhanced with the cushioning memory foam foot bed.

These slippers are perfect for cold weather and will keep your feet warm on those trips outside to walk the dog, grab the mail or drop off a bag of trash to the trash can.

These wonderful slippers are available in a variety of sizes and colors to fit every preference and need. They make fantastic gifts too!

Sarah Lytle

3. Bobs from Skechers Women’s Keepsakes Delight

Best Budget Slipper

4.6/5 Product Rating
The padded foot bed and shock absorbing midsole give you loads of walking comfort with these great slippers from Skechers.

The attractive faux fur on the insole, collar and lining as well as the cable knit sweater appearance gives them a look that is unique and appealing.

The clog design is easy to slip on when you need to quickly grab your shoes and run a quick errand or get the mail.

The sweater knit fabric that makes up the upper has an embroidered logo and they look attractive and stylish enough to wear out all day on a casual outing. No worries about messing up the slippers with the rubber outsole that is great for all terrains.

The lowered back enables quick slip ons and comfort as well as a snug fit that won’t constantly flop off your feet. The heel is a comfortable 1” and the insole is made of memory foam to ensure a custom fit that will be great for YOUR foot.

These great Bobs by Skechers are available in a variety of colors and sizes for every person’s needs. Get several pair to match different casual outfits and always look stylish and ready to go.

Sarah Lytle

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Moc II
MaterialRegular Suede
Man-made Outsole
Regular Suede

Man-made Outsole

Knit Fabric
Faux Fur
Faux Fur
Regular Suede
Faux Fur




Faux Fur

Heel Height

Size5 – 11 B(M) US7 – 16 D(M) /
5 -11 B(M) /
5 – 11 B(M) US5 – 12 B(M) US7 – 16 B(M) /


5 – 12 B(M) US7 – 18 B(M) US5 – 13 B(M) /
2A (N) /
5 -11 B(M) US
Warranty1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year


Slipper Buying Guide

Slippers Reviews

What is a Slipper?

If you’re looking for a pair of slippers, you might be overwhelmed at the sheer number of choices you have available. This buying guide will be a helpful guide that can assist you in narrowing down those choices and will make finding the right slippers for your needs and preferences much easier. When you know what you’re looking for and you understand the different elements that make one pair of slippers better than another, you will feel much more confident about your choices.

Slippers are also sometimes called house shoes because they are predominantly worn in the house. Over the years, slippers have changed a lot in style and materials and people are wearing them outside the house too. They’re not just the little terry cloth slippers they used to be. Now they can be made of many different materials and many have durable rubber soles that can handle being worn outdoors too.

Sippers are lightweight, comfortable and the perfect shoe for wearing at the end of a long day. They are extremely popular in the cooler winter months because they do a great job of keeping your feet warm. Some slippers even have some therapeutic properties that make them a great choice for people that have sore and aching feet.

This buying guide’s objective is to give you information about the types of slippers that are available, where to shop for them and how to decide which ones will meet your needs from the tons of choices available.


Natures Sleep Open Toe Visco Slipper 1.20.09Slippers have grown to be so popular in the United States that they are worn outdoors too on casual outings and errands. They are no longer just for wearing indoors on your way from the bed to the bathroom. People wear them to the grocery store, to the mailbox or post office, to the trash can to drop off bags and even to a casual lunch or breakfast with friend or family.

Because they are designed to be so comfortable and they feel so good on your feet, people simply do not want to take them off. With this increase in popularity, slipping manufacturers are creating slippers that are available in a variety of colors and that look stylish and not sloppy or dowdy.

Different cultures have different outlooks on slippers. In the United Kingdom, wearing slippers into some stores is prohibited due to the lazy and sloppy image they feel slippers convey. In Eastern Cultures, house slippers are extremely common due to the tradition they have of not wearing outdoor shoes in the house.


There are so many different styles and types of slippers available that there is sure to be one for every person’s needs and wants. You can choose from styles that are heavier or lighter weight, that have different cushioning levels, different materials and different levels of support as well. Below we’ve outlined several of the different types of slippers that are on the market today.

  • Closed Back Slippers – closed back slippers are similar to regular shoes and have a heel section that holds the foot inside the slipper. Closed back slippers come in all styles, some with a hard sole for outdoor use as well and some with just a soft sole that are more suited to indoor only use.
  • Slippers for Diabetics – These slippers have a very specific purpose and that is to offer those who have diabetes relief from common issues they have with wearing regular shoes or slippers. They are normally seamless so there is no irritation to the foot and offer extra room for the big toe. Swelling is a common problem for diabetics and this type of slipper accommodates that by being adjustable.Some styles have two removable foot beds in case the user wears custom made orthotics that need to be put into the slippers. Many diabetic slipper styles are open toe for extra comfort. Although they can be pricey and feel like regular shoes once the inserts are in, people who have diabetes often swear by the comfort they provide.
  • Moccasins – This is a very popular style of slipper that is typically made of leather or suede. The soles of moccasins are usually hard and made of rubber or leather. This enables the user to safely wear them outside due to the increased protection to the feet. They are not usually cushioned very much and because they are typically insulated, you may notice that your feet sweat in them. This can be reduced by wearing thin socks.
  • Novelty Slippers – You seen them all the time, especially at Christmas time cute, fluffy slippers in the shape of puppies, kittens, cartoon characters and more. Novelty slippers are not meant to be worn outside or provide support; they are used for indoor use. They are typically large and bulky due to the “characters” they are usually made into and can be quite hot.
  • Therapeutic Slippers –Therapeutic shoes can be very expensive but they are usually more than worth it due to their higher quality design and the comfort they provide. You can expect therapeutic slippers to have 5 basic characteristics:
    1. Circulation not restricted
    2. Feet are cushioned
    3. Moisture is absorbed
    4. Lightweight
    5. Soft and seamless padding on the inside of the slipper
  • Orthopedic Slippers – Another pricey slipper is the orthopedic slipper. You can expect to get maximum support from this type of slipper which is what they are designed for. They have built in supports that help the bodyweight get distributed evenly which can help alleviate foot pain. Most orthopedic slippers are custom made because the support needs to be what the wearer needs and can’t be generic.
  • Sandal Slippers – While this style is not as popular, they are still popular enough to be produced and sold. Sandal slippers look like flip flops that are fluffy and soft. They have a flat sole that is usually made of rubber and have two straps that meet between the first two toes. They offer no support or even any real protection but can be great in the summertime because they keep the feet cool and protect the bottom of the feet as well. Many people who wear these types of slippers may find the strap uncomfortable if it is TOO fluffy and wide.
  • Sling Back Slippers – This type of slipper may also be known as slip ons, croc style, or open back slippers due to the fact that they don’t have an enclosed heel. Some may not even have a heel strap. This style is the most common and the oldest style of slipper on the market. Most often there is a large amount of cushion provided making them extremely comfortable to wear.They don’t offer much in the way of protection since the heel is open but wearers usually love the ease in which they go on and come off. They are perfect for quick errands or trips to the mailbox.
  • Boot Slippers – Although these slippers can cause a lot of sweating, they offer the most protection for the wearer. They are usually made of sheepskin, suede or fleece. They slide on and off just like a regular boot and normally have a harder sole which also protects the bottom of the foot. These slippers can be worn for casual outings as well and are great for winter time. They may not be a good choice for warm weather due to the heat they trap in but for those cold months, they are definitely a user favorite.
  • Slipper Socks – While no technically “slippers”, many people like wearing slipper socks because they provide the feet with a bit of protection from the cold and they’re very comfortable to wear. Slipper socks are thicker than regular socks and have soles that have grippers on them or sometimes even soles made of suede or leather. They can be all different colors and may even look like regular moccasins if they are designed with yarn stitching. They are not meant to be worn outside alone or under shoes and don’t protect the feet from stepping on hard things such as rocks and sticks outdoors. They are however the most inexpensive and clean very easily in the washing machine.

Why Purchase it?

There are many reasons that slippers can be a very enjoyable type of footwear to own and wear. For those who haven’t discovered the joys of slippers yet, we’ll outline some of the benefits that you will enjoy when you purchase a pair of slippers that you like.

  • Slippers are more comfortable than shoes – At the end of a hard day, slipping out of your work heels, work boots, or other type of work shoe and into a comfortable pair of slippers can give you a feeling of being re-energized. It’s also good for your feet too.
  • Slippers are quieter than shoes – Walking around in shoes can be a lot louder than a pair of slippers. The soft or rubber soles are not noisy at all which is great when other family members are sleeping.
  • Protects Floors – Some floors are prone to showing marks from shoes. Wearing slippers ensures that your floors will not have hard to clean and unattractive scuff marks all over.
  • Protects the bottoms of your feet Walking around barefoot can be nice sometimes but it can also cause you to have rough feet. In addition to that, you can step on objects that can hurt the feet. Slippers protect you from stepping on something that can hurt the foot, and can even protect you from banging your toes into something.
  • Better and safer than socks alone –Slippers can provide some traction which is beneficial if you have tile or hardwood floors. Slipping on these surfaces is not uncommon in socks, but with the rubber or leather soles that most slippers have, you don’t have to worry about slipping.
  • Keeps feet warm in the winter –in the cooler months, slippers will keep your feet from getting cold which in turn keeps the whole body warmer. Not all sippers are good for summer use for this reason alone, they keep the feet TOO warm. But for those nights or days when you’re home and is blustery and cold outdoors, having your feet toasty warm feels perfect.

Slipper Materials and Construction

There are many different types of materials that are used to make slippers. You can easily find styles for men and women that are made from leather, suede, faux leather, canvas, velour, wool and even cotton. The soles of slippers are most often made of synthetic or genuine leather, rubber or cloth of some kind. (In the case of the terry cloth or canvas styles)

Overall, the slippers made of animal skins are longer lasting, more durable and warmer. They also tend to have more attractive styles available. The benefits of the cloth, canvas or terry cloth slippers is that they can be washed in the washer, keeping them a lot cleaner than the ones made from suede or leather.

Leather is cleanable but not quite the same way and once suede gets dirty or stained, you might have to have professional cleaners get the stains out.What should determine the type of material your slippers are made of is what you need from them. If you need something that will protect your feet and be waterproof, getting fabric or cloth slippers would not be a good choice.

How to Find the Right Size?r

How your slippers fit are important because if they do not fit properly, you will not wear them or you won’t like wearing them. The whole idea to buying slippers is to have something that you enjoy slipping into at the end of the day. Depending on the style you want, your slipper may be a bit loose or it will fit perfectly like a pair of shoes. The slippers that are sized like regular shoes tend to be the moccasin styles with the hard soles you can wear out. The softer, cloth, canvas or fluffy varieties will be much looser. You want to get the best fit you can, even with the fluffier slippers so they are not causing you to trip and fall. Below is a chart that can help make sense of the size conversions that slippers usually follow. Not all slippers are sized the same so be sure to check the sizing charts when you’re ordering to ensure you’re getting the right size and check customer comments also to see if the slippers run true to size, larger than true to size or smaller.

There are two manufacturer’s sizing numbers due to the fact that each of the two manufacturers has a different sizing scale they use. When you are shopping for slippers, there will be sizing information for you to check with so be certain that you do.

Size XS– Can either be a) shoe size 6 to 7 or b) shoe size 5 to 6

Size S – Can either be a) shoe size 7.5 to 8.5 or b) shoe size 7 to 8

Size M – Will be shoe size 9 to 10 from both manufacturers

Size L – Can either be a) shoe size 10.5 to 11.5 or b) shoe size 11 to 12

Size XL – Can either be a) shoe size 12 to 13 or b) shoe size 13 to 14

You may also find that certain slippers are available in varied widths as well of:

  • Regular
  • Narrow
  • Extra Narrow
  • Wide
  • Extra wide

If You want Warm Slippers

When it’s cold outside, one of the pleasures of life is slipping into a pair of slippers that keep your feet warm. There is a belief that the Chinese culture has that cold feet can lead to many health problems, one of which is respiratory illness. Recent research that has been done that is linking being cold with a negative influence on the immune system. So with this in mind, keeping your feet warm is not only comfortable, it’s good for your health too.

Slipper2Warm slippers are beneficial because they allow air flow around the feet much more so than socks do, which keeps them dry. This prevents fungal growth and infections. Warm feet also help the rest of your body stay warm.

There are several different types of warm slippers that you can choose from. Two of the factors involved in choosing the right warm slipper is the temperature of the flooring you will be walking on most of the time, and how often you will be using the slippers. We’ve outlined the different types of warm slippers available for your convenience which can make the choice much easier when you start shopping.

  • Mukluks–These are slippers that go farther up the ankle than most and are designed similar to a “boot” of sorts. They typically have a sole that is made of leather and we often used for hunting and when wearers needed to get about quietly. Even though these slippers are more for wearing outside, if you have an older home that is colder and the floors are un-insulated, you will like what these do for your feet.
  • Fur Slippers –If you’re looking for a way to keep your feet ultra warm, look no further than fur slippers. Putting these slippers on cold feet can almost instantly warm them up. The fur they are made of immediately starts reflecting your body’s heat. Fur also allows for air circulation, which is good for the feet.
  • Sheepskin Slippers – Sheepskin is similar to fur slippers but it does feel a bit different and isn’t usually as comfortable as other fur slippers. If you don’t need to wear slippers for more than an hour or so each day, sheepskin will work fine.
  • Wool Slippers –This material is great for insulating and keeps your feet dry but the unfortunate thing about it is that few people can wear it without their skin getting irritated. Wool actually makes tiny scratches on your skin that become more irritated with movement. If you have thick skin on your feet, you may not have this problem.
  • Cotton Slippers – This is a great light use slipper when having to walk across cold floors in the winter months. They wear out quickly so if you plan on using them often you will want to get something heartier. Cotton slippers are great to have on hand when you want to run out to the mailbox or trashcan quickly and keep you from having to dirty your good slippers. Cotton slippers wash easily in the washing machine.

If You Want Boot Slippers

Many slipper lovers prefer the boot style slipper which keeps your feet and ankles warm and comfy in the cold winter months. Most boot slippers can be worn indoors or outdoors. There are several different types of boot slippers on the market. When you are looking for just the right pair of boot slippers there are a few things that you want to take into consideration.

Where do you plan on wearing them? – Where you plan on wearing your slippers will help you choose the right material that they are made of. It will also help you decide what type of sole you want your slippers to have.

  • Indoor– indoor boot slippers were not meant to withstand the harsher use of outdoors so they are typically made of soft material all over, including the sole. Sometimes they might have a nonskid or thin rubber sole. If these slippers are worn outdoors often. They will wear out quickly.
  • Outdoor – Outdoor boot slippers are practical for outdoor use and are made from heavier duty materials. They most often have a thick rubber sole that can stand up to the grass, gravel, dirt and sidewalks of outdoors.

Depending on the manufacturer, boot slippers will sometimes look like regular slippers while others may resemble regular shoes that would be worn outdoors. If you’re looking for a pair of slippers that would work at home or on a quick errand, durable boot slippers are just the thing you need.

When do you plan on wearing them? – There are many different lengths and warmth ranges that boot slippers can come in. One of the factors that are involved in choosing the right pair for your needs is to think about when you’ll be wearing them the most.

  • Indoors and Outdoors – If you live in a cold weather climate and will be wearing your boot slippers inside and out, you may like a tall pair of boot slippers that go up to the knee or close to it. Sheepskin boot slippers would be a great choice and they look great too. They also provide more warmth than knitted or fleece slippers will.
  • Around the House for Comfort – If comfort after a long day on your feet is your goal. A shorter pair of boot slippers would fit the bill nicely. The materials can be anything as well if you have no plans to wear them outside.


You can get boot slippers in many different colors. If you plan on wearing them outdoors often, you will find that black and brown will be the least likely to show dirt marks and stains. If you’re only going to be wearing them indoors on carpet or wood floors, your color choices are endless. Some slippers even have patterned designs.

Sole Materials

Slipper3The soles of your slippers will get a lot of use so it stands to reason that you will want to take a look at this part of the slipper when you’re making your choices. The soles of the boot slipper determine how long they will last and how durable they are. Commonly used materials for boot slipper soles include:

  • Leather– this type of slipper is a lot more expensive than foam or rubber. Leather lasts a long time, is very durable and when taken care of well, looks fantastic no matter how many times you wear them. If you plan on only wearing your slippers indoors, suede is a great choice. If you know you’ll be wearing them outside in various weather conditions, you will like the harder, thicker sole material.
  • Foam – This is a good material for wearing indoors and outdoors. Foam is a softer material that is perfect for protecting floors and wearing on carpets. If they get dirty, they wash easily. The foam thickness will vary from style to style but it will be a determining factor in how hearty they are for outdoor use.
  • Rubber – these are perfect for outdoors and are usually very durable and waterproof to boot. They are also very attractive. You can wear them indoors too and they are extremely easy to keep clean and looking good.


If you don’t already know the joys of wearing slippers, you will want to try them. Whether you want slippers to wear both indoors and outdoors, or you are looking for a great easy going slipper, this guide has shown you the things that are most important when looking for the perfect pair for your needs.


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