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Gone are the days when mopping the floor required a dirty old bucket and a nasty, ragged mop. Most people would rather have a dirty floor then get that nasty duo out of the storage closet. Today, the steam mop is changing the way that we clean our floors. Making it easier and more efficient than ever, you can now clean your floor without the back ache, messy cleanup, and bulky storage. Steam mops are designed to allow you to clean your floors without using harsh detergents and chemicals. Steam has the power to get your floors cleaner than you ever imagined, and without the harmful chemical odor or residue.
Best Steam Mop
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1. BISSELL 1940A

Best Overall Steam Mop

5/5 Product Rating
Get the deep clean you want and a fresh scent that adds purity to your environment with the Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop. Designed for an excellent deep clean, the Bissell goes way down into the grout and crevices while leaving a subtle fresh scent that lasts for days. The fully featured steam mop comes with SmartSet Steam Control technology, allowing you to adjust the amount of steam that you need to tackle even the toughest messes. A top rated steam mop, this model is a customer favorite thanks to its variability and ease of use. Use the low setting for light cleaning, medium setting for everyday messes, and select high for tough messes no other mop can handle.

Looking for even more cleaning power? Get through the dried-on sticky spots by flipping down the Easy Scrubber feature on the mop head. The scrubber uses bristles that allow you to quickly and easily remove stubborn messes, getting deep down into crevices that you never thought possible. The PowerFresh mop comes with the handy Spring Breeze fragrance discs which impart a fine scent to your home. Simply insert the scented disc into the pocket of the mop pad and enjoy the clean, fresh aroma. The scent discs are completely optional, so you can decide when you freshen up, and when it’s ok to let it be.

Just when you thought this mop had it all, you can discover other great features such as the 23 foot power cord, a removable water tank, and two different mop pads. The first mop pad is for everyday cleaning, whilst the other features scrubbing strips for tough messes. All in all, this is an amazing steam mop that takes at-home cleaning to a whole new level. Experience the amazing benefits of the Bissell for yourself.

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2. Hoover

Best Overall Steam Mop – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
This TwinTank Disinfecting Steam Mop comes from the name that everyone can trust: Hoover. Combining Hoover SteamPlus Disinfectant solution to deliver a one two punch on germs and bacteria, you’re going to find that your home is cleaner than every before, and a generally more sanitary environment. What you get is a two tank system that gives you the ability to clean with steam alone, or to add the Hoover SteamPlus disinfectant solution with the simple turn of a dial. Although steam is a powerful cleaning substance, it alone cannot eliminate harmful bacteria that lurks on the floors of your home without a pretty hefty exposure time.

For this reason, the steam can be combined with the Hoover SteamPlus solution to remove 99.9% of harmful bacteria, including Influenza A, Swine Flu, Staph, Salmonella, E.Coli, and so much more. You get a number of accessories with this mop that are designed to make cleaning even easier, such as the carpet glide to refresh your carpets, triangle swivel nozzle that allows you to get into corners and navigate around furniture. You know when the mop is ready to use when prompted by the handy steam ready indicator.

What always makes a steam mop a top rated product is the selection of features. This Hoover mop is no exception when it comes to providing added bonuses that many other mops do not have. Take for instance the TwinTank System that lets you clean with steam alone or with the cleaning solution, allowing you to fully disinfect your floors. The Solution Control Dial allows you to quickly adjust the amount of non-toxic solution dependent upon whether you’re working with light or heavy stains. The removable tanks make filling the mop so much easier, and mean that you have to fill less often. You also get a 30 foot power cord, cooling tray, and 3 microfiber pads that are machine washable.

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3. Shark Steam S3501

Best Budget Steam Mop

4.5/5 Product Rating
Did you know that super-heated steam can sanitize your floors by 99.9%, protecting you against germs and bacteria for a deep clean on all your wood and hard floors? Well that is precisely what the Shark Steam is designed to do for you. With the two-sided Steam Pocket pads you get twice the cleaning area of other mops, and all with just a quick flip of the steam head. Enjoy easy to use features like the washable microfiber pockets which are designed to lift and lock dirt which other mops will only leave behind. You get two unique sides that are designed for professional performance and quick-drying results that will leave your floors cleaner than ever. Each pad will last you through 20 washes, and that means you’re going to get a lot of cleaning in before needing to replace.

What makes this one of the top rated steam mops is that it comes with loads of features and accessories. You’ll get the rectangular mop head, Shark washable all purpose pocket, and filling flask, as well as the benefits of 99.9% chemical-free sanitization, 2-sided cleaning with the steam pockets, and XL water capacity for fewer refills, and easy swivel head steering.

All in all, this steam mop is incredibly easy to use, lightweight, portable, and really gives your hard floors a deep clean that you can’t achieve with anything else. It’s a customer favorite because it’s affordable, and is constructed from durable materials that stand the test of time. If you’re looking to get your floors seriously clean like they have never been before, then it’s time to achieve the professional results that you crave with the Shark Steam Pocket Mop.

Sarah Lytle

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Steam Mop Buying Guide

Steam Mop Reviews

What is a Steam Mop?

Steam mops allow you to thoroughly clean your floors without the hassle of the old bucket and dirty mop head. They add convenience to your life, while allowing you to kill hazardous germs, leaving your floors sparkly clean in no time. The latest models of steam mop come with amazing features and accessories that make the business of cleaning easier than ever before, and with so many models to choose from, you may feel like it’s difficult to decide. Above we highlighted the top rated steam mops, but it’s also important to do some more research so you can learn all about these cleaning tools, how to use and maintain them, and what features you may enjoy.

Benefits of a Steam Mop

Steam Mop1You’re going to be hard pressed to find someone who admits they enjoy washing their floors. It is a task that seems more like punishment than anything else, and there’s no cleaning method more daunting than the old bucket and mop method. Sometimes cleaning your floors in this way almost feels as though you’re doing more harm than good, as the bucket and mop appear to be filthier than even the toughest mess in your home. You’ve also probably had the experience of going to clean the bucket in the sink after cleaning your floors, and the bucket manages to spill its repulsive contents onto the fresh surface you just cleaned. This is a depressing moment for all.

This is where the steam mop comes in with its countless benefits that make cleaning your floors less of a chore. Gone are the days when steam mops costed a small fortune. You can now find affordable versions that take the back ache out of cleaning, and make your floors more sanitary and shiny than ever before. Lets have a look at the main benefits of owning and using a steam mop in your home.

  1. A Healthy Method: If you have young children then you know that your floors are a playing and crawling stage for your little ones. It’s essential for you to keep the floors clean and free from bacteria as much as possible, and experts say that a steam mop can eliminate 99% of the bacteria that lurks on your floors, and keep them clean for up to a week. Particularly if you own a pet who leaves muddy footprints and various debris, you’re going to love how a steam mop quickly and efficiently cleans this mess.
  2. Pleasant Smell: If you shudder even at the mention of the smell of abrasive cleaning chemicals then you’re going to love the pure smell that comes from a steam cleaner. Harsh chemical smells are bad for you and also bad for your children. Since a steam mop only uses water, it leaves your floors fresh, clean, and natural. We should always be seeking the balance between creating a clean home environment while also not compromising our health and wellbeing with the use of harsh chemical cleaners. The steam cleaner helps you to achieve that.
  3. Faster Results: With a steam mop you get a clean floor in half the time, because you don’t have to hassle with the bucket, and your floor will dry much faster than with the traditional mopping method. Because your floor dries faster, you can get an area clean and be walking on it in no time. You also don’t have that film on your floor that you get from using cleaning agents.
  4. Affords You More Time: There’s no doubt that cleaning the house is just one of the numerous tasks that you must undertake. Because using a steam mop is so easy and fast, it’s going to free up a lot of time to accomplish other things around the house, or simply spend more time with your kids, read a book, watch your favorite TV program, or put up your feet and enjoy the beauty of your pristinely clean floors.

Steam Mop Features

Steam Mop2What steam mop features are designed to provide are increased ease of use, setup, filling, convenience controls, and ease of maneuvering. The more features your steam mop has the more fast and efficient cleaning at home with be for you. Lets take a look at the features that really make a steam mop stand apart from the rest.


Reservoir capacity will dictate how long you can steam before needing to add more water to the tank. There’s nothing more frustrating than a mop with a small steam capacity that you need to keep refilling, particularly if you have a large home with a lot of floor space. Reservoir capacity can vary greatly from model to model, with some working at the highest setting for as much as 45 minutes, and others for less than 10. If you only plan to use your steam mop for small spills, then this low capacity is going to be fine for you, but if you have some tough jobs to tackle in your home, then you want to look for a mop that features a larger capacity.

Steam Control

This is a feature that you will find in most steam mops, and it allows you to control the amount of steam that is delivered. This is a great feature when you want to vary the steam output dependent upon the surface you’re working on and the size of the spill.

Add-Water Indicator

Many steam mops will have a light that warns you when it’s time to refill the reservoir. This is very handy as it will give you a heads-up before you go for broke. This is not an essential feature but you will find that it makes it a lot easier for you.

On/Off Control

You will find that some mops have a convenient switch to turn the mop on and off, as opposed to just pulling the plug. This is a great feature and is just another element that will make cleaning easier for you.

Swivel Head

This feature will definitely ease maneuvering through tight spaces. This is something that you definitely want, because there is no benefit to having a steam mop that can’t get around corners, behind furniture, etc. The easier the mop is to use, the greater benefit you’re going to get out of it, so be sure to look for a mop that can easily navigate your home environment.

Built-In Vacuum Cleaner

Very few models have this feature, but it might be a good solution for you. Adding a vacuum cleaner to the steam mop makes it a two-in-one powerhouse that gives you a total cleaning experience.

Detachable Steam Generator

Some steam mops will allow you to detach the working end from the base so that you have the convenience of using it as a hand-held steamer. This is a great option that makes the mop even more portable, allowing you to tackle hard to reach places and out of the way surfaces.

Power Cord

Steam Mop3You will find cord lengths for these devices range anywhere from 16 to 30 feet. If you have a short cord it may limit you to a small cleanup job in a small room, and it should be noted that using an extension cord is not advised with these high wattage appliances. A longer cord gives you the freedom to go from room to room with ease.

Additional Accessories

Some other accessories that are available with various steam mops include tools for cleaning carpets, blinds, windows, drapes, car upholstery, and much more. These attachments make your steam mop multi-functional and increase the diversity of the mop’s applications.


Owning a steam mop is an amazing way to ease the effort that goes into cleaning your home, while also providing a cleaner and healthier environment. There are so many models on the market that provide different features that make them stand out from the rest. Finding the right steam mop for you means doing some research to understand the features that are available to you, and what benefits these features have to offer. It’s also important to determine how much you’re willing to spend on a steam mop, in what ways you’d like to use it, and how long you’d like it to last. All of these factors will help to narrow your search and lead you to the right mop.

We explored the top rated steam mops on the market, and these are the tried and true models that customers love and deliver consistent performance. Should you not desire to own one of these mops, then it’s easy to go online and read about other mops that come with different price tags and styles. No matter which mop you choose, you’re going to want to select something that cleans efficiently and with ease. Understand how much space you are going to be cleaning with the mop, as this will determine the size that you’ll buy, as well as reservoir size.

Steam mops are designed to make your life easier, and give you sparkling, clean floors that you can be proud of. Perfect for homes where there are small children or pets, you’re going to find that you can effortlessly clean even the most stubborn messes with very little drying time and without having to use harsh chemical cleaners. Whether you’re purchasing the mop for yourself, your housekeeper, or someone you love, you’re going to find that everyone is a little happier when the environment is cleaner and the effort is minimal.


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