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We spent over 39 hours researching and testing 10 different brands and types of wifi thermostats and found that ease of use, ease of installation, and accuracy were most important. The Nest Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat scored high marks in all areas and is our top pick. This innovative thermostat makes controlling the temperature in your home easier than ever. There’s no monthly fee required and it works well with any iPhone, Android, computer, or iPad. There are many different alerts this thermostat can provide including when it is time to change the filter or if you lose the internet.

WiFi Thermostat Review
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1. Nest

Best Overall Wifi Thermostat

5/5 Product Rating
With its newer, slimmer design, the 2nd generation Nest Learning Thermostat is enclosed by a solid stainless steel ring and works with 95% of voltage systems. It’s called a learning thermostat because it literally learns the temperatures that you like, and can turn itself down when you’re away. You can control this thermostat anywhere in the world over a solid wifi connection. The Nest literally programs itself, and by doing this it can save you up to 20% on your heating and cooling bill. Once you tell it what to do, you can leave the rest to the Nest.

With the use of any smartphone or computer, you can finally stop wasting energy and start experiencing more comfort. Did you know that your thermostat controls about 50% of your energy bill? That’s as much as combining your fridge, TVs, lighting, stereos, and computer combined. The challenge is that there is so much energy that is wasted on heating and cooling your home to excess or at inappropriate times. Programmable thermostats are designed to alleviate this waste, however they are just too complicated and few of them actually save energy. The Nest is superior because it makes saving energy simple. This device features custom schedules that save you both time and money. And with the use of your phone, you can easily change temperatures, adjust schedules and settings, and see exactly how much energy you’re using from anywhere on the planet.

Thanks to all this innovation, the Nest is one of the most popular wifi thermostats on the market, and when you use the mobile or web app, you can even see detailed energy history for the last 10 days, giving you a better sense of just how much energy you’re using. Nest will also send you an energy report every month with tips to help you save even more. Private, secure, and reliable, the Nest is going to change the way you use energy.

Sarah Lytle

2. Ecobee3

Best Overall Wifi Thermostat – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
Ideal for homes with more than one room, the Ecobee3 eliminates the frustration of having a toasty warm kitchen and chilly bedroom. Regular thermostats will only read the temperature in one room, but the Ecobee3 remote sensors always bring the perfect temperature to the rooms that matter most to you. Using a smarter wifi thermostat technology with remote sensors, the Ecobee3 is smart and easy to use, creating the perfect environment in your home which can be controlled from your smart phone or computer.

The Ecobee comes with one remote sensor when you purchase it, but it can work with up to 32 sensors that measure temperature and occupancy in your home. The more sensors you add to your package the smarter the Ecobee becomes at making your home the perfect temperature in the places that matter most while also saving you money in energy costs. The Ecobee stands out from the rest because it has special features that do truly make it smarter and more intuitive than even your average wifi thermostat. By being able to tell when a room is occupied, the device will deliver the right temperature to the places of the home that are being inhabited. The device can also tell when you leave the home, thereby adjusting the temperature and saving you money.

The Ecobee is a top rated wifi thermostat because it is smarter than the rest. You get all the features that other wifi thermostats provide, such as being able to control the system from your phone, set schedules and change programs, with the added benefit of an intuitive system that can tell where your home needs heating and cooling and where it doesn’t. With a device this smart, you literally don’t even have to think about changing the temperature in your home anymore, and you’re going to be amazed at the savings when your energy bill comes in the mail.

Sarah Lytle

3. Honeywell

4.5/5 Product Rating
Wifi is changing everything, and finally this remarkable technology has made it easier than ever to control the thermostat in your home from anywhere. It’s also possible to create your own unique look to match your home or office decor. This remarkable wifi thermostat from Honeywell is just what you need to be able to have the ultimate control over your comfort level and energy usage. The device can even give you reminders when it’s time to change a filter or when it picks up on extreme home temperatures.

There’s no monthly fee to enjoy the service of this remarkable thermostat, and it is designed to work in conjunction with any iPhone, iPad, Android, or computer. With a number of different programming options to choose from, you can pick something based upon your home or small business schedule, or choose a program based on your utility company’s peak rate pricing. There are also a number of intelligent alerts, hi/lo temperature notification, loss of internet alert, and connection restored notifications. Also, the customizable touchscreen comes in full, vibrant color and is bright and easy to read. You can even view the local weather report and see a 5 day forecast.

Confused about whether your home needs heating or cooling when you are away? The device can even determine automatically what your home needs for the perfect atmosphere as soon as you step in the door. With all these features, it’s easy to see why Honeywell is the leader in home automation, and their wifi thermostat is one of the top rated in the industry. Put yourself on the path to a more comfortable home environment and hospitable business environment with this amazing device that takes the effort and guesswork out of heating and cooling.

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Wifi Thermostat Comparison



Honeywell 9580

Honeywell 2300

Lux 100

Lux 9600

Honeywell 6350

Honeywell 6450

Honeywell 7600

Battery Power
Hardwired Hardwired Hardwired Alkaline Alkaline Alkaline Alkaline Alkaline Alkaline Alkaline 
Battery Size Li-ionLi-ionLi-ion2 AAA132 AA2 AAA2 AA2 AALi-ion
Universal Universal 24-Volt Heating
& Air Conditioning System 
24-Volt Heating

& Air Conditioning System

Universal 24-Volt Heating

& Air Conditioning System

Universal Universal Universal 
Periods per
Programmable Day 
LCD Pixel Display24-bit8-bit8-bit8-bit8-bit8-bit8-bit8-bit8-bit8-bit
Power SourceC-WireC-WireC-WireBatteryBatteryBatteryBatteryBatteryBatteryBattery
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320F – 1040F 320F – 1040F 320F – 1040F 400F – 1000F 450F – 900F 450F – 900F 400F – 1000F 400F – 1000F 400F – 1000F 320F – 1220F
Warranty2 Years3 Years1 Year1 Year3 Years3 Years1 Year1 Year1 Year5 Years


Wifi Thermostat Buying Guide

Best Wifi Thermostat

What is a Wifi Thermostat?

You’ll find that there are numerous benefits to owning a wireless thermostat. Older homes were often built with complicated wiring systems, and some existing thermostats are completely outdated and need to be replaced with newer technology in order to perform at peak condition and lower energy costs. There are so many settings available on a wireless system that they’re simply appealing for the convenience they provide. No matter what your motive, installing a wifi thermostat in your home can improve your overall control, ease of use, and comfort in your indoor climate.

History of the Thermostat

Wifi Thermostat1A gentleman named Albert Butz is responsible for inventing the thermostat. In the last two decades of the 1800s he patented his thermo-electric damper-regulator, which then led to an automatic temperature control, and finally the invention of the thermostat. He later revised this technology so that it would work more efficiently. Ever since his invention, people around the world have come to expect an ability to control the climate in their homes or places of business.

Originally, the motive behind the thermostat was to easily create cooler temperatures during the day and warmer temperatures at night. Finally in the 1960s the thermostat was able to control humidity as well. The digital thermostat didn’t arrive until the 1980s, and this also came with more buttons and complex settings. In the 1990s special features such as detailed programming and reminders were added to thermostats overall benefits.

Today, wireless thermostats are incredibly popular as they are easy to use and control. Many of these devices use touchscreen technology and offer superior control over indoor climate conditions. What’s more, the technology of the wifi thermostat continues to advance with each passing year. There’s no telling what the future of the thermostat will be, but there’s no doubt that customers can feel even more control, ease of use, and comfort in their home climate.

Top 10 Benefits of Owning a Wifi Thermostat

Wifi thermostats are designed to connect to your home’s wifi network so that you have control through use of your smartphone, tablet, and computer anytime and anywhere. Even if you’re on vacation, working late at the office, or on a day trip, you can check in on your home using the smartphone app. You can also set various schedules throughout the day to maintain higher or lower temperatures during peak and off peak times. This allows you to save money on your electricity bill.

  1. Wifi allows you remote access to your thermostat no matter where you are.
  2. You can download free mobile apps for the ultimate in remote control.
  3. These apps are available for smartphones, tablets, or computers.
  4. Even if you have multiple thermostats at various locations, you can manage them all with one device. This will help you with energy management which directly effects your energy bill.
  5. Receive High and Low temperature alerts through email, phone, or online.
  6. Be able to view local weather reports directly from the app or on the thermostat.
  7. Filter change reminders alert you to the actual run time of your equipment.
  8. Adjust fan controls remotely.
  9. Most wifi thermostats feature temporary vacation or away hold features.
  10. Enjoy the benefit of automatic software updates.

Wifi Thermostat Features

Wireless thermostats are loaded with features these days, as top brands such s Honeywell, Lux, White Rogers, Tekmr, and many more compete to create the most advanced wifi thermostats on the market. This is a good thing for consumers as it leads to the invention of devices with superior functionality and programming options. That being said, each brand has its own unique settings, so it’s not possible to get every possible feature in one thermostat. As you investigate what might be the perfect wifi thermostat for your home, be sure to understand all the features that are available, and which are a priority for you.

  • Compatibility: This is obviously the most important feature because a wifi thermostat that is incompatible is of absolutely no use to you. Do make sure before purchasing that the thermostat is compatible with your heating and cooling system. This is basically the very first question that you should ask yourself.
  • Remote Access: Wireless thermostats will come with a remote control, and wifi thermostats can even be controlled on your smart phone or computer. Both of these methods allow you to adjust the temperature without having to go to the thermostat itself. Decide which method works for you. Some of the latest technology comes with smart apps that allow you to easily control from your phone and also viewing usage history.
  • Wifi Thermostat2

  • Outdoor Data: Many wifi thermostats will also give you data on outdoor weather. That comes in handy when you want to check the weather in the morning prior to going out. It’s also convenient to check the thermostat for time, indoor and outdoor conditions, and settings, all from one screen.
  • Loss of Connection Indicators: Many wifi thermostats will send you an alert when there’s a loss of wifi connection, and also when this connection comes back on. This is important because it informs you on your phone when the system has stopped working.
  • Ease of Programming: Many wifi thermostats allow you to create different programs for different days. These unique settings allow you to have a customized experience that saves you both time and money. Say you spend more time in your home on Saturdays and Sundays, then it’s useful to have a different program that accommodates your presence on these days. Look for a wifi thermostat that is easy to program, and takes the complication out of customizing your system.
  • Display: A nice, bright backlit display makes it easier to operate your thermostat, even when you change settings during the night. It’s also a good idea to consider a large display with enhanced font size. Many displays are even designed to look like a small computer with monitors that are colorful and have good resolution. Many of these can be customized so that you can choose a background image that goes with the decor of your home. When purchasing a thermostat, keep in mind that it’s the display that really sets a product apart from the rest.
  • House Codes: Did you know that because wifi thermostats are growing in popularity, it’s actually possible for you to accidentally control the thermostat in your neighbor’s home? To prevent this, companies developed what are known as house codes. That means that there will be a code assigned to the system, and therefore a neighbor’s device will not interfere with your own settings. Be sure to find a wifi thermostat that embraces this kind of conflict-free functioning.
  • Memory Function: Many wifi thermostats will save information for you, such as usage trends and settings. This is a great option to look for as it allows you to analyze your energy usage and therefore have a better understanding of your energy bill. Various smartphone apps will make it even more convenient to clearly see how you’ve been using your thermostat.
  • Security Features: It’s best to find a wifi thermostat that uses a password to protect your system. This is especially helpful for those who have small children who may accidentally reconfigure the system. This is also great if you run a business and don’t want visitors to change the thermostat settings. This also prevents you from having to hide your system in your place of business.
  • Smart Tips: Many wifi thermostats will even provide you energy tips by analyzing your energy usage. This helps people to save energy and money in the long run.
  • Unique Features: Every wifi thermostat is different, and there have been a number of different features invented to make certain thermostats stand out from the rest. Look for additional capabilities such as language settings, holiday themes, nature themes, and fun screen savers. You can also find devices that allow you to choose between digital and analog clocks, night hour dimming, and special alerts. These added features aren’t entirely necessary, but they are nice to have.

Finding a Wifi Thermostat Online

You can find wifi thermostats in your local stores, but these stores will most likely not have a tremendous selection, and that’s why looking online is a great option. It’s also difficult to compare various products when you’re in the store. Doing your research and purchasing online gives you more options and more understanding. When you can clearly compare and contrast the features of various thermostats, you put yourself in a much more opportune position to purchase the right one for you.

Wifi Thermostat3Once you find the perfect wifi thermostat for you, you’re going to find that getting your indoor climate to the right temperature is easier than ever before. Wifi thermostats come with a variety of features and customizable settings, and with each brand competing to create the best system, there are a lot of unique systems out there that offer superior technology and performance. Begin by determining which features are most important for your home or business, and then compare prices, styles, and features online. This will take the guesswork out of finding the perfect thermostat.


Purchasing a wifi thermostat is a wonderful way to save you both time and money, adding convenience to your daily life while also achieving the ideal inner climate in your home or place of business. There are so many wifi thermostat systems on the market, that it can seem daunting to find the one that’s right for you. When searching for the perfect system for you, it’s best to do your homework and narrow down your search by doing plenty of research. Once you know more about these remarkable machines and what features they have to offer, you’ll be better able to choose the perfect thermostat.

We’ve explored the top rated wifi thermostats on the market, and all of these models are loved for their ability to provide you with mobile connectivity and more control over energy usage in your home. If one of these models isn’t the right fit for you, then it’s easy to go online and compare and contrast other systems. No matter what you eventually choose, it’s important to first define your priorities and decide which features are the right choice for you. Once you know what you’re looking for it’s a lot easier to narrow down the competition.

No matter which wifi thermostat you choose, you’re going to see that controlling the temperature in your home is easier than ever before. Gone are the clunky, complex wired thermostats of the past as we see greater and greater innovations in wifi technology. In the future, there is no telling what you’ll be able to do with your wifi thermostat, and how easy it shall be to control it from your phone. Since pretty much everything is going wireless and wifi, isn’t it time that you took the plunge and purchased one of these remarkable wifi thermostats?


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