International Workers’ Day/May Day – What’s it All About?

Many companies and workers all over the world are celebrating, although others are protesting, International Workers’ Day, which falls on May 1st every year.  Your nationality, life experiences and current job will likely be the determining factor as to which way you see May 1st – either as a day to celebrate or as an opportunity to protest.


Many people celebrate May 1st as May Day and see it as a chance to enjoy the advent of Spring.  Some countries, such as the UK, give workers the day off to celebrate and enjoy their day off.  This gives workers a chance to get out and enjoy a bit of celebration.


But, for many countries, May Day marks an important date in their cultural heritage – often in very different ways as some people see it as a celebration and some people see the day as an opportunity to incite change and point out injustices in their lives.  Many countries have long standing history that is tied to this day.



Also, all around the world, it’s not uncommon to hear workers protesting and demanding more jobs and/or higher wages and pointing out the struggles they encounter day to day as they live paycheck to paycheck despite working long, hard hours.


Some workers around the world even mark the day with defiant rallies and marches demanding better working conditions.  This year, in Paris, protesters got out of hand and the riot police had to be called in to get them under control.




Sometimes the protests even expand from distain towards their jobs to the current politics of their country as they point out what they feel are political injustices.


On a more positive note, companies are getting involved and are speaking out and celebrating their workers and staff for all their hard work.



No matter your take on which way you feel is best to spend May 1st every year, we hope you accomplish your goal to get your voice heard.