May 3rd – World Press Freedom Day

On May 3rd every year, UNESCO sponsors World Press Freedom Day. This year, together with the Government of Indonesia and the Press Council of Indonesia, they have co-sponsored the day’s events and co-organized the Prize Ceremony which takes place in Jakarta, Indonesia.


For the occasion, Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary General, prepared a video message for all citizens, worldwide, to understand the global importance of World Press Freedom Day:


Journalists, writers, and even cartoonists are joining the platform which celebrates the fundamental principles of press freedom, evaluates freedom of press around the world, and defends the media from any attack on their independence.



One of the most important actions of the day is to pay tribute to journalists who have either been jailed or even lost their lives while exercising their profession.  It is also used as a day to bring attention to, and call out for the release of Journalists who have been imprisoned or otherwise detained.


National celebrations and local activism takes place around the world as UNESCO leads the worldwide celebration and organizes symposiums that establish global themes which need to be addressed. The penetrating theme of the conference this year is keeping the press, as well as its readers, in a critical state of mind while reporting and consuming news.


Reporters Without Borders ( is an independent NGO based in Paris, France. It holds a consultative status with the United Nations, UNESCO, and the Council of Europe among other organizations. The group staunchly advocates for reporters’ rights and publishes a multi-lingual website that aims to share truth-based facts about the situation that faces the press throughout the world.


No matter if you live in a third world country, a developing nation, or the most modern city in the world, you have a right to know the happenings of the world around you. Freedom of information is a fundamental right in any democracy and yet nearly half of the world’s population does not have access to news that is freely reported. Everyone deserves to have an unbiased, critical eye, such as the press, watching world events and ensuring that decisions are being made for the greater good.

Here’s to all the press people, journalists, photographers, and support staff who risk their lives every day to bring to light that which we cannot ignore.


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