Teacher Appreciation Week

If you’re reading this article, your life has been touched by a teacher.

Take a minute to think about the world around you and the way in which many things in our daily lives are understood and even instinctive because someone taught us how they work. Teachers are the (sometimes) unsung heroes that do so much, sometimes for so little. This week, it feels wonderful to be able to officially appreciate them during this first week of May, Teacher Appreciation Week.

There are people in this world who have become more than they ever thought they could due to a teacher never giving up on them and seeing their potential even before they could. These teachers are the champions of our children and even of ourselves. We would never would be where we are without them.

Teachers inspire us to do extraordinary things that we might have never imagined and can even steer us on a path to an amazing future that we would never have otherwise envisioned.


If you’re wondering how to show your appreciation to a teacher in your life – either past or present – start with something as simple as a handwritten, thank you card or note. As does everyone, teachers love to receive a handwritten message, especially from a student expressing their appreciation for what they learned under their tutelage.

This week, even some corporations are showing the love!   Teachers can head to their nearest Chipotle on May 2nd, 2017, show their faculty ID anytime from 3PM to close, and receive BOGO burritos, salads, bowls, or tacos. YEAH! It doesn’t get better than free food! Check out this link for details:


But to all of you teachers out there, know that no matter what you taught us, may it be reading, writing, arithmetic, art, music, sports, or even just something about ourselves, you touched our lives forever and we are eternally grateful for your love and dedication –


All your students: past, present and future