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We spent over 35 hours researching and testing 12 different types of cat brushes and found that performance, comfort, and ease of cleaning were the most important factors with consumers shopping for cat brushes. FURminator deShedding Tool for Short or Long Hair Cats scored high marks in all categories and is our overall top pick. This stainless steel cat deshedding tool is the perfect brush to get rid of the loose hair on your cat that can cause hairballs. It cleans up easily after grooming with the button-release FURejector that makes clean up a breeze. The ergonomic handle makes it super comfortable to use and is perfect for cats up to 10 pounds or so.

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1. FURminator

Best Overall Cat Brush

5/5 Product Rating

FURminator doesn’t only offer brushes just for dogs they have an excellent cat brush line as well as this FURminator deshedding tool for short and long haired cats illustrates. 

The stainless steel design is long lasting and durable and features an ergonomic handle for maximum comfort while brushing.

The FURminator cleans up easily with its push button FURejector that releases the trapped hair on the brush and makes cleanup a breeze.

This cat deshedding tool is perfect for cats up to about 10 pounds that have long hair and works well without cutting the cat’s skin or damaging their fur.

Jennifer Abel

2. Hertzko

Best Overall Cat Brush – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating

If you are looking for a great cat brush that can get rid of mats and keep your cat’s fur looking great, check out the Hertzko self-cleaning slicker brush.

This well-made slicker brush removes loose hair, reducing the likelihood of shedding related hairballs and gets rid of knots, tangles, and trapped dirt and dander too.

One of the most popular features of this cat brush is the retractable bristles that make after-grooming cleanup a breeze. Just push the button and the bristles retract where you can wipe all the loose hair, dirt, and dander away.

This great cat deshedding tool is perfect for cats with long, medium or short fur and is comfortable to use, durable and long lasting as well.  Grooming your cat regularly with this quality cat brush will reduce the amount of loose hair you see around your home. Your cat will look and feel great when you regularly brush them.

The company offers a 100% money back guarantee is you are not satisfied for ANY reason.

Jennifer Abel

3. Safari

4.5/5 Product Rating

Safari is a well-known name is pet grooming supplies.  This self-cleaning slicker brush features pins that are made from stainless steel that will remove dead hair, tangles, and mats easily and without pain for your cat.

One of the best features of this brush is the retractable pins that make cleaning the brush after grooming super easy and fast.

This is the perfect brush for daily cat grooming and is designed to be used on cats as well as other small animals. 

Using this brush on a regular basis will ensure a healthier coat for your cat and increased well-being.  You will notice far less shedding when you use the Safari brush and if your cat is struggling with hairball problems, you’ll see a reduction in those too.

Jennifer Abel

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Cat Brush Buying Guide

Cat Brush Buying Guide

You may not realize that cats need a regular grooming routine that is outside of what you see them doing on their own. Cats lose a lot of hair on a regular basis and their self-grooming causes them to ingest a lot of loose hair which can cause a lot of health problems, specifically, hairballs. Regular brushing will reduce the amount of lose hair and subsequently reduce the incidences of hairballs that can be dangerous for your cat if they cause a blockage. We have listed other benefits below to regularly brushing your cat.

Removing dirt and grime – If your cat is an outdoor cat regular grooming will get rid of dirt, grime, mats, and even pests like fleas that they will encounter on their outdoor excursions. Even if your cat is an indoor only cat, they need regular brushing to rid their fur of dust and dirt that they can get into.

Removes dead skin – Regular brushing will remove dead skin cells from your cat’s skin which in turn will improve the condition of their skin and their fur. It distributes the natural oils that are in the skin and spreads them out all over the fur so your cat’s hair is shiny and healthy looking. It also works like a massage does and keeps their muscles toned.

Cuts down on shedding on furniture and clothing – No one likes cat hair all over their clothing, couches, beds, and carpeting but a shedding cat can certainly generate tons of hair. Another problem with all of this extra loose hair is that when the cat grooms themselves they will ingest a lot of this loose hair. If you’ve ever heard or seen a cat cough up a hairball you know how uncomfortable it is for them as well as how unpleasant it can be for you to “find” the hairball unexpectedly. Regular brushing will save your vacuum too because there will be a lot less hair for the vacuum to have to deal with.

Bonding – There is no better way to bond with your cat than to brush it frequently with a brush that is designed for their specific needs. Most cats loved to be petted so with the right cat brush, grooming can feel like the ultimate petting session for them. It also gives you a chance to check on their overall health and find cuts, bumps, sore spots or anything else out of the ordinary that may need attention. If you have older cats you may find that they get tired quicker and may not be able to groom themselves the way they used to. You spending this time grooming them can help keep them healthy without them having to wear themselves out by grooming themselves.

How Often Should you Groom your Cat

How often your cat should be groomed depends on the thickness and length of your cat’s fur. We have provided you with a rough guide on how often you should brush them for their optimal health.

Short-haired cats – If your cat is a domestic short-haired variety like a Siamese or Bengal brushing them once or twice a week should be enough to provide them with the benefits that brushing offers.

Cat Brush Buying Guide

Medium-haired cats – Mixed breeds and cats that have thicker fur will do better with more frequent brushing especially if they spend time outside. Three to four times each week is good unless they have super dense fur and then you should brush them every day.

Long-haired cats – long-haired casts will need to be brushed daily for best results. Prevention is always better than trying to fix something once it happens. Removing tangles, matting, and knots before they get worse will make your cat a lot more comfortable and makes it easier to treat problems.

Types of Cat Brushes

Choosing the right cat brush for your needs is the number one step in providing your cat with the proper grooming routine. With so many choices on the market you may be a little overwhelmed with finding the right brush. We have listed the different types of cat brushes available and provided some information about the differences between each one.

Bristle Brush – Bristle brushes look just like regular hair brushes for people. They have different bristle densities, different shapes, and different sizes. Cats with shorter hair can have bristle brushes that have shorter bristles that are packed tighter than a bristle brush for a long-haired cat that should have long bristles widely spaced. The bristles can be many different firmnesses from soft bristles to firm bristles. Keep your cat’s fur in mind when you are choosing the right bristle brush.

Wire-Pin Brush – Most wire-pin brushes have rubber tips which protect the cat from having its skin scratched with the wire bristles. These rubber tipped brushes work well to massage the cat while you are brushing it. This massaging action helps the skin release natural oils that make the fur shiny and healthy looking. They are much gentler on your pet than the wire brushes without rubber tips. Longer haired cats will need wire-pin brushes with long pins that can work through the hair. Wire-pin brushes are not good for cat fur that is super thick, tangled, or matted.

Slicker Brush – Slicker cat brushes are good for removing tangles and mats. These brushes are made from fine wire bristles that will work out any mats and knots without unnecessary pain to your cat. This type of brush is very good for all types of short haired cats since the wire bristles are usually too short to get through long-haired fur.

Fine-toothed Comb – If you have a cat that has a lot of large tangles or mats you will need a fine-toothed comb that you can use to work out the tangles easily. Fine-toothed combs are not meant to be all over “brushes”. They are strictly for dealing with long-haired cats that have tangles or mats that need working out. Combing your cat all over with a comb with be far too uncomfortable and could pull a lot as well.

Cat Brush Buying Guide

Rubber brushes – Rubber brushes are excellent choices for removing dead, loose hair and other debris from your cat’s fur. They are also great for massaging the skin which provides lots of health benefits for your cat. They are also good for finishing work once the grooming is over and will leave the fur shiny and silky. Some people have even used rubber brushes to remove hair from the furniture.

Cat Brush Glove – Gloves are excellent for giving your cat an all-over brushing that is easy to do and provides little to no stress for your cat. It feels just like petting them and can be a great bonding style of “brush”. The gloves are durable and washable and will last a long time with the right care.

Cat Brush Mitten – This is very much like the cat brush glove except it is in mitten form which provides a bigger surface area. This is a great choice for larger cats. If you have small hands you may not like the mitten and may prefer the more manageable glove or special brush. The brush glove and brush mitten have little tines, sometimes made of hard plastic, sometimes made of metal tines that are like a traditional cat brush. Make sure that you don’t snag your cat’s fur with the extra tines on the glove.


If you want to have the healthiest cat possible you will make grooming a regular part of your routine. Keeping their hair as free as possible from loose hair will reduce the incidences of hair balls that your cat deals with. Hairballs form in the stomach when the cat grooms him or herself and then ingests the loose hair.

Hairballs are normal unless the hair is so excessive that the cat can’t easily and normally pass the hairball in its stool. Regularly brushing your cat keeps the excess hair manageable and reduces the amount you find all over your home as well as the amount that the cat ingests when it grooms itself. With all the different kinds of brushes on the market, it is important that you choose the one or ones that will be the best for your cat’s fur. This will help your cat not have as many hairballs to deal with which protects their health. Hairball blockages can be very dangerous and require costly surgery. Using the information in this guide will help protect your cat from these health complications that are completely avoidable in the first place.

The three top-rated cat brush selections we have featured above are all high quality cat brushes that take care of a variety of fur lengths and densities. Any one of these selections makes a great addition to your cat grooming kit. If the three top selections aren’t going to work for your needs, be sure you take a look at the 7 additional cat brushes we listed in the summary section above.

In the buying guide you learned about the benefits to brushing your cat as well as the about the many types of cat brushes available to choose from. This information will help you narrow down the choices that do not work for your cat’s fur and prevent you from wasting your money and having to deal with returns and re-orders.