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We spent over 32 hours researching and testing 15 different rabbit hutches and found that sturdiness, ease of cleaning, and designs were most important. The Adventek Stilt House Rabbit Hutch scored high marks in all categories and is our top pick. This hutch provided a private nesting box and lots of space for our rabbits. The convenient, pull out tray made cleaning the hutch super easy. The outdoor space of the hutch is fully enclosed so the rabbits were protected from any animals that could harm them. All of the hardware used in construction is rust resistant and the roof is waterproof.
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1. Advantek

Best Overall Rabbit Hutch

5/5 Product Rating

This fantastic duplex rabbit hutch is perfect for providing a great home for your rabbits outdoors while providing them with protection and shelter from the elements.

In addition to a comfortable and private nesting box, you have the convenience of a pull out tray for easy cleaning and an outdoor space that is fully enclosed with safe and secure wire to protect them from any animals.

The outdoor space is accessed by a little door that goes into the “yard”. All hardware used including the fences, latches and hinges are all made from galvanized steel so there are no worries about them rusting.

The roof is constructed from non-toxic and waterproof asphalt provides shelter and insulates the nesting box, keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the summer for maximum comfort. The auburn and white coloring looks just like traditional barn coloring and looks terrific in any yard.

The Cypress Fir that is used for these attractive and functional rabbit hutches naturally resists rotting and decaying. It is also insect resistant too. Once it is assembled it measures 17.75” L x 50.00” W x 36.50” H. It’s the perfect place for your rabbits to call home.

– Jennifer Abel

2. Prevue

Best Budget Rabbit Hutch

4.8/5 Product Rating

Crafted from weather resistant Fir and protected with a non-toxic stain, this rabbit hutch from Prevue is a great home for your rabbits. The roof is made of water resistant asphalt shingles.

The open floor design of this rabbit hutch gives your rabbits plenty of room to move around. It adjoins a nesting box area. There are removable divider walls on the inside of the rabbit hutch nesting box and a fold down entry ramp.

The lid latch and double door locks on the front cage door provide even more security for your pets. The measurements of this attractive and simply styled rabbit hutch are 46.5” L x 24” W and 36.25” H making it a great size for larger rabbits.

This hutch is designed for outdoor use to keep your pets out of the elements and protected from animals as well. It works well on a back deck or porch or in a carport. The size will fit a couple of larger rabbits or 3 mini ones. They will be dry, comfortable and happy in their new Prevue rabbit hutch.

– Jennifer Abel

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Doors 2 2 3 2 3 4 3 4 3 2
36.50 x 50.00 x 17.75 46.50 x 24.00 x 36.20 61.00 x 20.80 x 27.50 36.00 x 18.00 x 28.00 36.00 x 18.00 x 34.00 45.50 x 25.50 x 43.50 69.00 x 29.50 x 41.00 53.75 x 19.75 x 36.25 36.00 x 22.00 x 30.00 53.50 x 24.50 x 21.00
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Rabbit Hutch Buying Guide

Rabbit Hutch Reviews

All Rabbit Hutches are Not Created Equal

Rabbit Hutch1Choosing the perfect rabbit hutch for your rabbits should not be taken lightly. While it’s not a life or death decision, your rabbits will more than likely live in this hutch for their entire lives. For that reason, you want it to be a good quality hutch with features that provide your rabbit with protection, comfort, activities and space.

You want to choose a rabbit hutch that fits the needs your rabbit has, as well as its size. You also need to make adjustments in the kind of rabbit hutch you purchase if you will be housing more than one rabbit or breeding them. Don’t forget to take into consideration where your rabbit hutch will be kept. Some hutches are designed to be indoors only or outdoors only and some can work for either situation.


It may surprise you to know that rabbits have been around as pets since the middle ages. Then they were domesticated farm animals. Once the mid-19th century came around they were being bred to be shown and not just eaten or used for sport.

The first rabbits imported to the United States were Belgian Hares in 1898. Now, they are the 3rd most popular warm blooded pet in line after dogs and cats. Since they require much less maintenance than dogs and cats they make very good pets for older children who are very capable of filling food dishes, water bottles and changing bedding.


Tiered Hutches

Tiers are different levels in the same cage or hutch. There are single, double and triple tiered rabbit hutches available to choose from.

Single Tier Hutch- This type of hutch has one single level and typically has two sides, one that is open and enclosed with wire and one that is a house or nesting box. The entire hutch is enclosed with wire but the house side has that additional privacy and protection in the form of an additional roof or wooden box.

Double Tier Hutch – These two tiered hutches have internal ladder ramps to enable the rabbits to travel from one level to another. They are very good for two rabbits to provide plenty of space for both of them to move around freely.

Triple Tier Hutch – These big triple level hutches are perfect for several rabbits or if you only have a couple of them, a triple tier gives them a lot of room to run around in.


Rabbit Hutch2There are several things you should think about and look at when it comes to picking the right rabbit cage for your rabbits. Thinking about these things before you purchase will prevent you from getting something that doesn’t work for your situation.

    • How much room do you have? – The best scenario is to purchase the largest cage you can that will fit in the space you have. Rabbits are very happy in large cages, so the bigger the better.
    • Where will you keep the rabbit hutch? – Outdoors is the best place for a rabbit hutch since you will be able to get a larger one for outdoor use than you could get indoors. If you must have the rabbit indoors, you can get a smaller, indoor cage, but make sure the rabbit gets out of the smaller cage and has some running around time either in a play yard of some kind or around the room if they are supervised.
    • How big is the rabbit that you have or are getting?The size of the rabbit or rabbits that you get will definitely determine how big the rabbit hutch needs to be. Giant rabbits need a lot more room than a standard or mini.
    • How many rabbits do you have or are you getting?The more rabbits you have the more room you will need. There are some incredibly beautiful rabbit hutches that can house many rabbits while still providing them plenty of room and shelter. It is better for rabbits to have a friend or buddy and not just be one rabbit alone. You should ideally have 1 square foot of space per pound that your rabbit weighs. You also want to have enough room for them to hop three or four times in a row without bumping into the sides of the hutch.
    • Are the rabbits the same sex? – Unless you want a lot of baby rabbits, it is best to keep males and females apart. If you want rabbit babies, then having both sexes is fine, just make sure you read up on rabbit breeding practices and know what you need to do to encourage healthy rabbit babies being born.
    • How secure is the rabbit hutch? – Making sure your rabbits are safe is your responsibility as a pet owner. You can achieve this by making sure the rabbit hutch is secure. This is especially true if the hutch is outdoors because wild animals and even other domestic animals like cats and dogs can get into an unsecured hutch and cause serious problems and injury. Make sure locks, doors, latches and all the wires are secure and closed.
    • What kind of protection from weather does it have? – Your rabbit’s hutch needs to provide protection from the elements for them, especially if it is an outdoor hutch. Waterproof roofing and a secure nesting box are two important elements that provide protection. Ventilation and insulation of some kind is another factor to prevent the rabbit from freezing in the winter or overheating in the summer.
    • Protect the wood from the rabbits’ teeth – Rabbits are chewers and if they can reach the wood portions of the rabbit hutch, they will have a blast chewing as much wood as they can. When you research hutches, make sure that wire covers the wood portions and that no exposed wood is accessible to them.
    • Get the right flooring – Outdoor hutches have metal wire flooring that will allow the rabbit’s droppings to fall through. It is not good for them to be on wire all the time so it is important to get a hutch that has solid flooring as well for them to stand on. They can get sore hocks from being on wire day in and day out and that can lead to infections. At least 1/3 of the hutch needs to be solid, made from safely treated wood or covered with no-wax flooring.
    • Quality Construction – Quality will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer so it is important to check out the company that has made the hutch you are considering. Look for guarantees, warranties and look at reviews from those who have bought and used the hutches that you are looking at. You want to make sure that you get a hutch that is sturdily made and not flimsy or finished incorrectly or poorly.
    • Easy to Clean – A rabbit hutch needs to be thoroughly cleaned every week so it needs to be easy to clean. Different hutches have different designs, so look for designs that have slide out trays for waste or easy methods of cleaning. Large top openings are also helpful for making sure the nesting box is clean and dry as well. You also want to be able to easily reach the water bottle and food dishes too.
    • Raised off the Ground – Make sure you get an outdoor hutch that is raised off the ground to prevent the dampness from getting to your rabbit. This is why most hutches are on stilt legs of some kind. Others have casters which also work for keeping dampness off the bottom of the hutch and away from your rabbit.

Rabbit Hutch3

  • Make sure it’s high enough – One of the traits that a rabbit has is to rise up on their hind legs to check things out. If the rabbit hutch is too short, they will bump into the top and not want to do it anymore. Having a hutch that allows them to do this inquisitive move will allow them to behave the way they would in the wild and they will be much happier for it.


When a rabbit has the proper home they will be healthy, happy engaging pets that love interaction and socialization. When a rabbit shows aggression especially if they were not acting aggressive previously, it can be an indication of ill health, boredom or unhappiness of some kind.

Making sure that the rabbit hutch you purchase has plenty of room, is safe and secure, has places for them to hop around in, sleep in and get away from it all in, goes a long way towards having a rabbit that will be around for years.

The information in this buyer’s guide will help make the process much simpler when you start looking for rabbit hutches for your rabbit or rabbits. The top rated models we reviewed are all excellent quality and provide the things that we have covered when looking for a good, long term rabbit hutch.

Having the knowledge you need prevents you from spending money needlessly or getting a rabbit hutch that will not work for your situation or rabbit.


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