The Complete Resource Guide for Cat Owners

Cats are one of the most popular pets a person can have, running a close second to dogs.  Despite their oftentimes aloof behavior, cat owners adore their cats and take a lot of time to make sure that their cats are happy, healthy, and well taken care of.  Owning a cat has a lot of great benefits that go along with it.

There are studies that have been done that show that the act of petting a cat can reduce stress. With all of the stresses that people have in their lives nowadays; this is a great reason to own a cat! With all of the benefits that come with owning a cat, it isn’t all roses. Sometimes there are problems that need addressing or your cat will get sick. This is all a part of owning a pet.

Before you adopt or purchase a cat, it is important to know the basics that are involved in owning a cat or cats so you can be the best cat owner you can be.  This resource guide is full of links that will provide all the information you need to take care of your cat properly and ensure that it is a healthy, happy member of the family.


Miscellaneous Resources for Cat Owners

There are many resources on the internet for cat owners to enjoy. If you’ve never owned a cat before there are some things you will want to learn and be aware of before you bring home that new kitten or cat. These general resources will help you build a good foundation as a cat owner.

Important Things You Should Know Before Bringing a Cat Home – General information about cats and their personalities so you know what you’re in for with your new pet.

22 Ways Cats Make People Happier (And Healthier)! – There are a lot of benefits to owning a cat that you may not be aware of. Here are 22 reasons to get a cat that you’ll enjoy learning about.

5 Cat Care Mistakes You’re Probably Making – Read this article to make sure that you are not (or do not if you haven’t gotten your cat yet) making these common cat care mistakes.

Cat Care Essentials – Basic cat care to make sure that your cats are healthy and happy including diet, grooming, and exercise.

Basics – Daily Essentials (Supplies) – Before you get your kitten or cat it is important to understand the supplies you will need so your pet has everything it needs. This article lists out the daily essentials you’re going to need.

7 Simple Ways To Make Your Home Cat FriendlyIs your home welcoming to a cat? Here are 7 ways to make sure it is.

Suffering From Allergies? You Can Still Adopt a Cat – Don’t let allergies stop you from you from enjoying cat ownership. Here are some suggestions on how to deal with your allergies and not let it affect you owning a cat.

7 Ways Cat Lovers Can Celebrate International Cat Day – International Cat Day is a great time to celebrate cat ownership. Here are 7 ways you can enjoy this great holiday.

15 Cat Cafes You Need to Visit Now – Ever been to a cat café?  If you are a cat lover but do not have a cat of your own yet, you are going to love going to a cat café.

Cat Breeds for New Cat Owners

Below are some informative resources on cat breeds. There are many different kinds of cats available. Some breeds are better than others for certain circumstances. These resources will help you get to know the different breeds so you can decide which ones are suited to your household.

The Ultimate Guide to Different Cat Breeds (100+ Feline Breeds) – A great resource that teaches you about all the different amazing breeds of cats

Top 16 Kid-Friendly Cat Breeds – If you are looking for the perfect cat breed for your kids, take a look at these 16 suggestions.

The Best Low Maintenance Indoor Cat Breeds for Apartments and Small Houses – Do you live in an apartment or small home? Here are some of the best low maintenance cat breeds that are just perfect for small homes.

Purebred vs. Domestic (Mixed Breed) Cat – Which is the best cat for you to get, a purebred or domestic (aka mixed breed) cat?  This article will tell you the pros and cons of each.

How to Choose between Purebred and Mixed Breed Cats – More information on how to choose between a domestic or purebred cat.

Choosing a New Kitten or Cat

You’ve made the decision to purchase or adopt a cat or kitten so how to do you which one to choose? The following links will give you some information on how to choose the perfect cat for your home and family.

Choosing the Right Cat for You – This article has important things to consider when looking for the right cat for your family.

6 Signs You May Be Ready to Get a Cat – Are you considering getting a cat? Here are six signs that indicate now just might be the perfect time to take the plunge into cat ownership.

Choosing a Cat or Kitten: Which is Better for You? – How do you know whether to get a cat or a kitten? Here are a few tips that will help you make that decision.

15 Questions You Should Ask Cat Breeders – If you are buying a kitten from a breeder there are some questions you will want to ask.  This article provides you with 15 important questions to ask them before you commit to buying from them.

Adoption Vs. Buying From Breeder – Choosing between adopting a cat and purchasing one can be a tough decision. Here are some things to consider about each choice.

10 Steps for Choosing the Right Shelter Cat for You – If you have decided to adopt a cat your decisions aren’t over. With all the available cats in shelters these days how do you know which one is the right one?  Here is some good advice on choosing the right shelter cat.

Resources for Kitten Care

Kittens are soft, cuddly and completely adorable. There is a lot of care involved in making sure your kitten is healthy and taken care of. The resources in this section will help prepare you for kitten ownership so everything goes smoothly.

Bringing a New Kitten Home – Before you bring home your new kitten, there are several things you will want to know such as when the best time to bring your kitten home is and the first vet visit.

Kitten Proofing Your Home – Kittens are little balls of fluff so bringing them into a new area can be a little frightening for them. This article helps you understand how to kitten proof your home to make it as safe and welcoming as possible for your little fur ball.

Cute Overload! 100 Super Cute Kitten Names – Looking for the perfect name for your little kitten? Here are 100 fantastic kitten names that may be just perfect for your little kitten.

Kitten Care: Must-Know Tips for Raising Kittens – Taking care of a kitten is a little different than taking care of a cat. Here are some good tips on raising your kitten.

10 Tips for a Happy and Healthy Kitten – Follow these ten tips to ensure your kitten is as healthy and happy as possible.

Caring for Neonatal Kittens – If you are caring for kittens less than 4 weeks of age there are some very important things you will need to do.  Read this informative article on how to care for kittens, newborn to 4 weeks of age.

How Old Is That Kitten? Kitten Progression: At-a-Glance – A terrific week-by-week guide for your kitten so you understand their progression developmentally.

Feeding Your Cat

Nutrition is one of the most important ways to keep your cat healthy.  Feeding them the right way and the right amounts can go a long way toward preventing illness, obesity, and underweight problems.  The resources below will provide you with all the information you need about feeding your cat properly.

Feeding Guidelines for Cats – An informative guide for feeding your cat properly no matter what their age. 

How Much Should I Feed My Cat? – If you are unsure how much and how often to feed your cat, this article will help you with understanding your cat’s dietary needs.

Diet & Nutrition – An excellent guide on diet and nutrition of cats including dealing with the obese cat, the underweight cat, and many other food related issues.

Food Allergies & Intolerance in Cats – Cats can have food allergies just like people and dogs can. Check out this information on how to identify a food allergy in your cat and what you can do about it.

The 6 Most Common Food Allergies in Cats – If your cat is wheezing, chewing on his paws, rubs the hair off his sides or other similar behaviors, chances are it has a food allergy. Here are 6 common food allergies that cats can have.

Can Cats Have a Raw Food Diet? – Cat parents can provide their cats with a raw food diet that keeps them healthy, strong, and taps into their natural instincts.

Should You Feed Your Cat a Raw Diet? – Excellent information on the raw food diet for cats and whether you should feed your cat that way.

How to Transition Your Cat to a Raw Meat Diet – Want to feed your cat a raw meat diet?  Here’s how to safely transition them to this new style of eating than they are probably used to.

Are These Myths about Healthy Cat Food True or False? – Let’s clear up some common myths about healthy cat food. An interesting true or false quiz.

Cat Treats and Snacks: What’s Healthy? – Want to give your cat special treats? Read this article on knowing what is healthy and what isn’t.

Wet Food vs. Dry Food for Cats – Should you feed your cat wet or dry food or both? Here is an informative article that will shed some light on this common question.


Your Cat’s Behavior

Slideshow: Top 10 Behavioral Problems in Cats – A great slideshow that shows the top 10 behavior issues cats can have and what to do about them.

10 Common Cat Behaviors Explained – What does your cat’s behavior mean? Look at these 10 common cat behaviors and learn what they mean.

Cats 101: Decoding Common Cat Behavior – Learn the basics of cat behavior and how to decode what your cat is really saying.

How to Understand Your Cat – Having some trouble with your cat or kitten? Read about these common behavior problems and how to deal with them.

Cats and Kids – Resources for Happy Coexistence

It takes dedication and awareness to ensure that you kids and your new cat or kitten can live together harmoniously. Here are some great resources about integrating kids and cats into the same household so everyone is safe and happy.

Introducing A New Cat To Your Kids – Once you have decided to get a cat and purchased or adopted one, you will need to know the best way to introduce them to your kids. Here is a resource that helps you do this successfully.

7 Best Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds – If you are concerned about your child having allergies, here are 7 breeds that are hypoallergenic.

Cats and Children: 10 Things Every Parent Should Know – If you have kids and cats there are certain things you want to watch out for.  This article will help.

Teach Kids and Cats to Interact Safely – Learn how to teach your cats and your kids to interact safely.

Cats and Babies – If you have cats and you are bringing home a new baby there are some things you will want to do to ensure the safety of both of them.

Cats and Kids: A Primer for Parents – A great primer from the ASPCA on teaching kids to be around cats safely.

5 Tips for Teaching Your Kids How to Properly Handle a Cat – If your children are younger, it is important to teach them to handle your cats or kittens gently and safely. Here are 5 tips that will help you teach them properly.

Health and Wellness Resources

Cats 101: Basic Health & Care Tips to Keep Your Cat Healthy – Here is some basic information on how to keep your cat in great condition and happy.

10 Weird Cat Behaviors That Could Be Signs of a Sick Cat – Since animals can’t talk, you have to watch their behavior to know if they are feeling okay or not. Here are 10 odd behaviors that you may see your cat doing that could indicate they are not feeling well.

What to Do When Your Cat Won’t Eat – Most cats have no problem eating whatever you put in front of them as well as things you would rather not eat.  If your cat stops eating completely, it could be a sign of a serious problem.

11 Cat Emergencies That Need Immediate Vet Attention – If you’re unsure of when to take your cat to the vet, here are 11 emergencies that you should take them to the vet immediately.

15 Human Foods That Are Safe for Cats – There are some people foods that are perfectly safe for your cat. Here are 15 that they can safely eat.

Foods that are Dangerous or Toxic to Cats – Pay attention to this article that discusses the foods that are very dangerous for cats to eat.Knowing these foods can help keep your cat safe.

How Often Should You Take Your Cat to the Vet? – A great resource that will help you learn when and how often your cat should go to the vet.

How to Know if Your Cat Is Sick – Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if your cat is sick. Here are some things to watch for.

Issues that Could Mean Your Cat Is Sick – Check out these warning signs of a sick cat to help you identify when something may be wrong.

Resources for Training Your Cat

Even though it may not seem like it, training your cat is very possible with the right information and approach. These resources will provide you with information on how to train your cat to do a number of things from using the litter box appropriately to sitting quietly for the vet.

Cat Training: How to Train Your Cat the Easy Way – A great training resource that will provide you with the tools and know-how to train your cat effectively.

Techniques for Obedience Training Your Kitten – When you first get a kitten, it is a good idea to start an obedience training program. Learn how to do it the right way in this article.

Why You’re Probably Training Your Cat All Wrong – Check this article to see if you are making any of these common training mistakes with your cat.

How to Train a Cat to Stop Doing Almost Anything – 9 steps with pictures on how to get your cat to stop doing almost anything you don’t want it to do. A great resource for correcting problem behaviors.

How to Teach a Cat Tricks – A fun article on how to teach your cat to do tricks. (yes, they can learn!)

Harness Training: So You Want to Walk Your Cat – Want to take your cat for a walk?  Here is some good information on how to harness train your cat.

Here’s How to Train a Cat to Do 5 Life-Changing Things – Here are 5 things you can train your cat to do that are life-changing.

Resources for Exercising and Playing with Your Cat

Cat Toys: How to Keep Them Clean and When to Throw Them Out – It is important that your cat have safe, clean toys to play with. This article will show you how to keep them clean and when it is time to replace them.

10 Cat Exercises Your Pet Will Enjoy – It’s important to make sure your cat gets plenty of exercise. Here are 10 exercises that your cat will enjoy doing.

20 Ways to Exercise Your Cat – Looking for new ways to exercise your cat? Check out these 20 suggestions.

6 Simple Tips for Exercising Your Senior Cat – If your cat is up in years it is still important for them to get adequate exercise, it will just need to be adjusted for their age level. Here are 6 simple ways you can exercise your senior cat.

Fat Cats: Questions and Answers for Getting Your Tubby Tabby Back into Shape – Is your cat overweight?  Check out these Q&A’s on getting your cat back into healthy shape.

9 Fun Ways to Play with Your Cat – Not sure how to play with your cat? Try these 9 fun ways.

Four Games That Tap into Your Cat’s Animal Instincts – Four terrific games that you can play with your cat that will appeal to its instincts.

How to Play With Your Cat the Right Way – >There is a wrong way to play with your cat and a right way that will have them enjoying play time every day.

10-MINUTE GAMES TO PLAY WITH YOUR CAT NUTRO™ – Did you know that you can play fetch with your cat?  Check out this and other fun 10 minute games your cat will love.

Safe Play between Cats and Kids – Teaching your kids to play with the family cat properly can make for lots of safe family fun for all of you including the cat…here’s how.

Resources for Cat Books

People love books on a huge selection of topics. If you’re a cat owner chances are you’ve got some cat books on hand or you want to get some. Here are some great resources that will lead you to some of the most popular cat books on the market.

A Purr-fect Selection: 14 Best Books for Cat Lovers to Read Right Meow – A selection of 14 cat books, non-fiction and fiction that even some who claim to hate cats will love.

34 Must-Read Books For Cat Lovers – If you’re a cat lover you will want to take a look at these 34 must have cat books that are sure to please. 

The Best List Of Awesome Books For Cat Lovers – Looking for some new cat books for your collection?  Here is a list of the best books for cat lovers.

The Best Coffee Table Books for Cat Lovers – Love looking at pictures of cats? These coffee table books will be a big hit with friends and family that come over to visit, especially kids.

Top 5 Essential Books for New Cat Owners – Just get a cat? Here are five books that you will want to have on your shelves.

10 Recommended Books on Cat Care – 10 Great books you should have on hand for cat care advice

The Best Books About Cat Care – looking for some great books for your home library on taking care of your cats? Check out this list.

Here, Kitty, Kitty… 20+ Children’s Books That Are the Cat’s Meow – Encourage your cat loving children to read by having plenty of cat books on hand. Here are 20 suggestions that they may love.

50 TODDLER & KIDS CAT BOOKS | BEST CAT BOOKS FOR KIDS – Check out this selection of 50 of the top cat books for children of all ages from toddler to preteen.

Blogs for Cat Owners

Blogs are a fun way to connect with other cat lovers. There is a huge selection of cat blogs on the internet that cover anything from care and feeding to living with cats and humor. Here is a selection of resources that will lead you to some of the most popular cat blogs on the internet today.

Top 50 Cat Bloggers – This popular review site offers a great list of the top 50 bloggers. See if there are any that appeal to you.

Our 30 Favorite Independent Cat Blogs – Tuxedo Cat provides readers with their favorite independent cat bloggers that you may love. See if there are any new ones for you to discover.

Our Picks for the Best Cat Blogs of 2018 – See what the Meow Blog has to say about their picks for the best cat blogs of 2018.

Top 51 Cat Blogs You Must Follow in 2018 – PetLovesBest – Pet Loves Best shares this great list of 51 cat blogs that they consider to be “must follow”. Check them out for more enjoyable cat reading.

Top 35 Cat Blogs You Should Know About – All About Cats thinks you should know about these 35 cat blogs…do you?

Social Media Channels for Cat Owners

There are many social media channels that have great resources for cat lovers. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube… all three of these are a great place for cat lovers to enjoy meeting other cat lovers and enjoying these special furry pets.


The Best Facebook Groups for Cat Lovers

11 Cat Groups on Facebook to Share the Love for Cats with Other Cat People

Fantastic Feline Facebook Groups You Should Follow

5 Famous Felines to Follow on Facebook


Top Cat Instagram Accounts to Follow For Cat Lovers

15 Top Cats of Instagram

Top 13 Cat Instagram Accounts


10 cats made famous by YouTube

Best YouTube Channels for Cat Lovers

YouTube Videos your cat will love


7 of the Most Popular Cat Related Twitter Accounts

36 Top Cats on Twitter That You Have To Check Out

The 7 Funniest Cats on Twitter

5 Twitter Accounts to Follow for Emergency Kitten Pictures