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People cook for a variety of reasons. These reasons include feeding their family, for enjoyment, and in specific careers and jobs.  Even if you don’t know anything about cooking it is possible to learn and there are tons of resources that can help you do that. Whether you just want to learn enough not to burn toast or you aspire to become a trained chef, there are plenty of avenues available that will help you accomplish your cooking goals. We have listed tons of valuable resources below that cover every aspect of cooking from its history to classes and courses on how to improve.  These resources will help you with all of your cooking aspirations and provide a lot of helpful tips, tricks, and information as well.


The History of Cooking

The Food Timeline – Mesopotamia through ShakespeareIf you’ve always wanted to know who the very first cooks were, or how people started eating certain foods, you’ll get a lot of answers here.  This link is jam packed with interesting facts and information about cooking and food.

The Food Timeline – Food History and Origins – Ever wonder who invented the potato chip?  Or what the Romans ate?  This timeline of food origins will fascinate anyone who has a passion for learning where the foods they eat came from and how they evolved.

Restaurant History – Do you love learning about where things came from?  Are you interested to know when the first restaurant was opened?  The Food Line does it again with this fascinating account of the food service industry. Be prepared to spend a lot of time on this site. It’s really interesting!

The History of Cooking – An interesting time line of food related history that will surprise and engage you. Learn where your food came from in an easy to follow format.

Resources for Beginning Cooks

Learning to cook usually begins for most people when they are children. Learning how to make a sandwich is probably one of the first things children learn to do.  It can be overwhelming to imagine learning to cook whole meals, but with the right resources, beginning your cooking journey can be a lot easier. The links below are perfect for newbie home cooks that are just getting started.

Slow Cookers for DummiesSlow cookers, also known as crock pots, are wonderful kitchen appliances to have, especially if you are just learning to cook.  This slow cooker cheat sheet makes cooking with them a lot easier and almost failure-proof if you follow the tips listed. 

Essential Kitchen Tools for Beginner CooksWhen you are first getting started with cooking, it’s understandable that you wouldn’t know what kitchen tools are necessary and which ones are for more advanced endeavors. This article listed the essential kitchen tools that are perfect for the beginning cook to have on hand. 

18 Professional Kitchen/Cooking Infographics to Make Cooking Easier and Faster Don’t let the word “professional” throw you. These infographics can easily become a beginning cook’s “bible”.  From cooking methods to grilling information to egg charts, these valuable infographics will help every beginning cook feel a lot more confident.

10 Easy Recipes for the Beginner Cook – 10 great starter recipes that will get any beginning cook started on the right path.   They are simple to make and taste delicious.  Cook one of these meals for your family and they will think you are a skilled chef.

40 Easy Cooking RecipesAnother great collection of great breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes that are perfect for the beginning cook.  Make delicious dishes such as Berries and Yogurt Breakfast Tart for breakfast or Simple Slow Cooker Beef Chili for lunch.  Having company over?  Try One Pot Lemon Shrimp Pasta. You will love these easy to make recipes and so will your friends and family.

Cooking Tips for Absolute Beginners –  When you’re first starting out, cooking can be scary.  The basics of cooking are what all great recipes stem from.  Learn the basics and you have an excellent foundation to increase your skills and your knowledge.  The tips you will find through this link will help you master vegetable prep, boiling pasta correctly and much more.

Resources for Intermediate to Advanced Cooks

Once you have the basics out of the way, you may want to increase your skills and your knowledge to become an even better cook.  We’ve listed some great resources below that will help you take your cooking skills to the next level.

57 Things You Can Do To Be a Better Cook Right Now If you’re ready to take cooking to the next level, take a look at these 57 tips that will improve your skills and knowledge. These tips are easy to understand and easy to implement as well.

Guide to Fresh HerbsBeginners don’t use fresh spices very often, simply because of nervousness or uncertainty of how to do it successfully.  This link will provide you with the information you need to learn about using fresh herbs in your recipes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

10 Quick Ways to Become a Better CookTake your cooking skills to the next level with these 10 tips that can help you up your game and expand your knowledge.  These tips will definitely help you become a more confident and accomplished cook.

Guide to Fresh Herbs –  As your cooking skills increase it is a normal progression to start cooking with spices and fresh herbs.  This link will provide you with some information about different types of fresh herbs so you can feel comfortable about adding them to your dishes.

The Ultimate Infographic Guide to Spices– Spices are to a cook, what paints are to an artist.  Proper use of spices can enhance the flavors of a dish and take it from mediocre to spectacular.  These spice infographics provide some great information on how to incorporate spices into your dishes in a simple to understand way.

10 techniques Every Cook Should Know –  There are many techniques that a cook learns as they improve in skill and knowledge.  As you progress out of the beginner stage and enter the intermediate or advanced cooking stage, you should make it a point to know how to perform all of these techniques well.  This link will help you with that goal.

Resources for Cooking with Children

Children love to help in the kitchen.  Most of the time this love starts with helping mom or dad bake cookies or make a cake. Cooking is a great skill to teach any child and it will serve them well throughout their lives.  The links below are all about cooking with children and cover recipes to tips for making cooking with your kids safe and fun.  Note:  Please do not allow children to cook in the kitchen without adult supervision

21 Fun and Delicious Recipes You Can Make With Your Kids –  These 21 delicious recipes are easy for kids to help prepare and they taste great too.  From taco pizza to lasagna cups, these great ideas will have your kids wanting to cook all the time.

Motherlode – Kids Cook –   A great kid’s cooking section with lots of recipe ideas that come with fun photos of children making the dishes themselves.  Your child will enjoy looking through these recipes, looking at the photos of other kids cooking and then trying the recipes themselves.

Kidspot – Cooking with Kids – This unique site combines cooking with learning by offering several recipes that will help teach them everything from fractions to letters.  There are also craft and science recipes available on this site as well.

100+ Kid Friendly Recipes – You’ll never run short of new ideas to try with this great link that provides over 100 recipes that are perfect for cooking with children. Your children will enjoy helping you create meals that the whole family can enjoy and they’ll learn how to cook things that they can make even as they get older.

14 Easy Recipes for Kids to Make on Their Own – These fun, delicious recipes are so easy to make, your kids can make them by themselves (with parental supervision)  Included are dishes like Salad Snack on a Stick and Fabulous French Toast.  These recipes are a good way to get your child interested in cooking at an early age.

Cooking with Your Children – There are many reasons that it’s a terrific idea to cook with your kids.  This informative article explains all of the benefits that your children can actually get when you take the time to spend quality cooking time with them.

Top 10 Kitchen Safety Rules for Kids – Safety during cooking is important for adults AND children.  Because children can be impulsive and quick, it is important to teach them kitchen safety from the very first interaction in the kitchen.  This link provides you with the top 10 rules that should be followed when cooking with kids.

Cooking Safety – A Checklist for ParentsThis handy safety checklist ensures that you are thinking about safety the whole time your children are doing anything in the kitchen. Teach your children these safety rules and there will be a lot less likelihood of accidents occurring.

Useful Cooking Hack Resources

Cooking hacks are always fun to find since they usually make your life easier or make certain cooking tasks much simpler to perform.  We have listed several links to some ingenious cooking and kitchen hacks that you will definitely want to add to your own skill set.

20 Basic Cooking Hacks Everyone Should Know – brings you 20 great cooking hacks that are easy to do and that make life much easier in the kitchen.  Learn these hacks and you will impress your family and friends with your cooking knowledge.

22 Cooking Hacks That Will Make Your Life SO Much Easier – Make life easier in the kitchen with these fun cooking hacks that you may never even thought of doing.  From melting cheese on tacos without them falling over, to creating heart shaped whipped cream topping for your hot chocolate, you will love having these skills. 

17 Egg-Cooking Hacks That Are Borderline GeniusCooking eggs is a common activity that people do often in their homes.  You will love these 17 egg hacks that can take the complicated aspects out of cooking eggs whether you want to poach them or create the perfect, easy omelet.

48 Kitchen and Food Hacks That Will Change Your Life – Have fun learning these 48 cooking and kitchen hacks that will make certain tasks easier and are just plain fun to do.  You can never know too many cooking hacks!

Cooking Blog Resources

Blogs are always enjoyable to read, especially if they are written well, are entertaining, and informative.  We have listed 5 excellent cooking blogs below that you may love.

Smitten Kitchen –  Deb Perelman loves food…cooking it, discovering things about it and writing about it. Her blog, the Smitten Kitchen, is a reflection of that passion for food and engages the reader while teaching them great information about cooking and preparing terrific recipes.

Foodie Crush –  Heidi, the creator of Foodiecrush has a long standing love of food since she won a blue ribbon at the State Fair when she in 4th grade.  Foodie crush has tons of great recipes and articles about cooking and food that you will love reading about.

What’s Gaby Cooking –   This charming blog includes lots of recipes as well as articles about other things like travel and special entertaining menus and articles as well.  There’s a lot to see on this colorful, well-written blog.

A Cozy Kitchen –  Adrianna shares recipes and her opinions on life in this entertaining blog that includes lots of color photos and entertaining stories.  If you’re looking for an interesting cooking blog, this is one to browse through.

TarteletteHelene Dujardin is a blogger, photographer and food lover that shares her love of cooking and Pastries with her readers.  A former Pastry Chef in a French Restaurant, she provides readers with beautiful photos, recipes and much more about all types of food.

Popular Cooking Television Shows

The Food Network, The Cooking Channel and other networks have tons of cooking shows on for people to enjoy.  From reality type shows to more instructional ones, there is plenty to enjoy if you are looking for some great television viewing.  We have listed several of the more popular cooking shows that you may want to check out.

Barefoot Contessa – Come join host Ina Garten and learn about cooking, party ideas, and much more. This TV show has been around for a while and is a favorite among home cooks everywhere.  

Everyday Italian –  If you love Italian food, you’re going to love this show.  Host Giada De Laurentiis is known for her appearances as a Food Network Star judge and mentor as well as her TV cooking shows.  Learn easy and delicious Italian dishes that you can make for your own family whether it’s a weeknight dinner or a special occasion.

30 Minute Meals – If you know anything about cooking then you know about Rachel Ray. 30 minute meals is a great show for learning how to create terrific meals in less time than it takes to go get takeout.  Expect this show to become one of your favorites!

Giada at Home –  Giada is back with a show that shows just how much she loves cooking, food and sharing with her viewers.  You’ll learn all about entertaining, California style whether you want to create an intimate dinner for two or you’re having a festive party.

The Pioneer Woman –  Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond entertains viewers with her delicious recipes that she makes for her family on their farm.  You’ll learn step by step how to create excellent meals that the whole family will love.

Trisha’s Southern Cooking –Come join famous country singer Trisha Yearwood as she takes you to the kitchen to learn all kinds of delicious southern dishes that you can re-create at home. The show is filmed right in Trisha’s own kitchen and has a warm, fun feel to it that viewers love.

Cooking Product Reviews

Social Media Cooking Resources

There are plenty of cooking groups, cooking boards, youtube channels and cooking forums to enjoy for foodies and wannabe chefs.  We have listed some of the more popular ones that you may enjoy being a part of if you are looking to engage in a social media community with similar cooking likes.


Cooking 4 Kids –  Share recipes, ask for advice, ask questions or provide answers to other parents’ questions about feeding your children.  This friendly group is active and there is a lot to enjoy and benefit from.

Get Cooking – This open forum is the perfect place to share recipes and enjoy anything foodie.  Members can post recipes; add friends, link to other cooking and recipe groups and much more. They encourage active members so jump in and have fun.

Southern Comfort Cooking –  Comfort food is loved by most for many reasons.  This group is all about sharing comfort food recipes and ideas.  They’re not all from the south but the members of the group share a love for southern comfort food that makes for a fun community to be a part of and get to know.

Cast Iron Cooking – If you have a love for cast iron cookware and use it every chance you get, you’re going to love this group. Cast Iron cooking is all about cast iron cooking, care of cast iron cookware and much more.

Depression Style Cooking – Back during the Depression it was necessary to really stretch money so finding the most inexpensive ways to feed their families became very important.  This interesting and unique group is all about cooking on a budget. None of the recipes contain expensive ingredients or specialty items.

Cooking 101 Basics –  Learn all about basic cooking in this group. Members can enjoy recipes from other members, ask cooking questions and learn all about the cooking basics that are the foundation of becoming a good cook.


Cooking Tips and Tricks –  If you love the Magazine Real Simple, you’ll love this board.  Here you will find the best short cuts, tips, and tricks that you can use in your own kitchen.

Cooking Tips –  There are lots of really great pins on this board. Learn the baking conversions or all about onions.  If you love cooking tips, this is a perfect board for you.

Fabulessly Frugal Cooking Tips –  Do you know all the uses that vinegar has? Or how about how to freeze Zucchini successfully. This board provides tons of informative pins that will make your cooking and kitchen life much easier.

 Cooking Hacks – Have fun checking out this cooking hack board that has over 500 pins for you to check out. If you love learning about cooking hacks, you’ll enjoy this board.

Healthy Cooking Tips –  Are you trying to eat healthier?  Take a look at this board that has plenty of pins that offer tips for you to cook healthier.


Tasty –  A huge collection of videos that show you how to make tons of delicious, easy to make foods.  These videos are addictive so watch out and don’t watch them while you’re hungry!!

Laura in the Kitchen –There are lots of easy to make, fast recipes on this Youtube channel.  You can also get some great cooking tips and skills as well.

The Domestic Geek –  Look for new recipe postings every Monday and Thursday plus look over past videos for excellent recipes that you will love trying at home.

Gemma Stafford –  Gemma has TONS of video playlists chock full of delicious recipes and how tos.  From pastries to cookies to pizza Gemma will share with you how to create the foods you want to cook.

Simple Cooking Channel There are over 900 videos on this great cooking channel.  Enjoy learning how to make everything from homemade bubble gum to crispy salami chips.

Cooking Forum Resources

Cooking forums are a great place to interact with other people that have a love of cooking and food related topics.  The forums listed below are all active forums where you can meet people, ask questions and get answers, as well as provide answers for other people’s questions when you know the answers.

Discuss Cooking – An active forum where you can ask questions about cooking procedures, recipes, substitutions and much more.  There is also a ton or recipes available in this forum as well.

Chef Talk This interesting forum is dedicated to cooks and chefs in the professional field of cooking but even home cooks will find a lot of value and interesting information here.

Cooking Bites – Another active forum that has plenty of conversations going on where you can join in, get to know others with a love and interest in cooking and get those questions answered.

Cooking Forums – This forum is still active, although not as active as the two listed above.  There is still a wealth of information to take in from the older conversations and questions as well so don’t discount the value and interest this forum could provide.

Food Banter – a large forum jam packed with recipes, questions, and answers that all pertain to cooking.  You’ll learn a lot here and have fun doing it.

Resources for Cooking Classes and Courses

Craftsy Free cooking classes.  Learn knife skills, common cooking mistakes and how to fix them and other skills with these 6 free classes.

The Kitchn’s Cooking School – 20 lessons in 20 days is the platform for this great online cooking school.  This fun cooking school will teach you a lot.

Smart Kitchen – Learn everything from the basics on up.  You will need to sign up to receive the lessons.

Free Online Cooking Classes –a great listing of all paid and free cooking classes that are available online.  If you want to take classes or courses to improve your cooking, this is a great resource list that will seve you well.

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