The Complete Resource Guide for Couponing

ultimate coupon guide

Couponing is a very popular activity for many people.  Not only is it great for saving money on your grocery bill it can be a lot of fun too.  To get the best from couponing, it helps to have the right resources and information so you can find the best coupons easily and on a regular basis. Whether you are shopping for bed sheets, kitchen shears, or best eyelash glue, you can find some value in this guide.

Even if you are new to couponing, these resources will be a huge help to you.  We have gathered information and links on everything that couponing involves, including how to get started, how to create a coupon binder, how to organize your coupons for maximum savings and efficiency, where to find the best coupons and much more.

These resources will be helpful to you regardless of whether you are first starting out or you have some experience and want to get “serious” about this money saving activity.  As expensive as food has gotten over the last decade, having this means of saving money when you go shopping can result in significant savings on a regular basis.

Couponing History

Do you ever wonder how coupons came about?  The links below provide the interesting history of coupons, including who put out the very first coupon. Do you know who that was? Find out below!

The Complete History of Coupons in the Modern World – Did you know that coupons have been around for over 100 years?  Learn about the very first coupon ever created and how couponing has changed and evolved.

History of Couponing – An interesting and easy to read coupon time line that shows just how much couponing has progressed and how it is still popular today.

Getting Started Resources

Never clipped coupons before?  Have you seen others use them and wonder if it’s worth it?  Couponing is not complicated but it is an art form of sorts. Learn how to get started if you are a couponing newbie with these helpful links below.

How to Start Couponing for Beginners – The 2017 guide has up-to-date information on how to get started with coupons including supplies you need, where to look for coupons, information about online coupon sites and more.

Beginner’s Guide to Couponing – This fantastic, 8 week series goes over everything you could possibly need to know about starting couponing in today’s world.

Coupon Organization Resources

Organization is the key to having the best success with couponing. If your coupons are shoved into your purse or tossed onto your desk, chances are you’re going to miss some valuable savings.  These links below help you get organized, including one link that shows how to make your own coupon binder.

How to Organize Coupons so You Can Find Them and Use Them – Being organized is one of the best ways to be good at couponing. This link leads you to information that will show you exactly how to organize your coupons so shopping is easy.

How to Organize Coupons – This interesting site has broken down the different ways to organize coupons into 8 methods and gone into detail with each.  There is sure to be one method that you will like for your own couponing.

Coupon Categories And Subcategories For Organizing Coupons – One of the most important parts of coupon organization is separating your coupons into workable categories.  This site gives you some master categories and subcategories so you can get organized and find the right coupon easily.

How to Make a Coupon Binder – Put together your own personalized coupon binder so your coupons are organized and easy to find when you’re shopping.  It’s easier than you think and fun too!

Coupon Site Resources

There are tons of places on the internet to find coupons. Some sites are better than others and don’t require anything other than signing up for the site or registering. It is not necessary to pay for a coupon site.   The links below will take you to some of the best free coupon sites on the web. Most work the same way; input your zip code and the site will show coupons that will work in your area. You will need a printer to print out your selections. – A basic, easy to use coupon site. Just input your zip code, click the box on the coupons you want and print them out.  The site is very user friendly and updated regularly.

Mambo Sprouts – If you love natural products, you’ll love this natural product coupon site.  This great coupon site is full of printable coupons for savings off of many natural and organic products.

SmartSource – SmartSource is one of the most popular online sites for finding grocery coupons. There are many brand name coupons available including Kraft, General Mills and others.  They update their site regularly so there are always new savings available.  Look for the link to their phone app below as well.

Cool savings – This is the site to go to when you are looking for the latest, up-to-date savings on thousands of products.  Deals are updated on a daily basis, making it one of the best online sites for great savings.  Coupons are easy to find and print off and there are plenty of coupons to choose from.

Grocery Coupon Network – There are tons of great coupons on this site from brand name companies like Big G (cereals) Colgate, Ziploc, and more. They update their coupons every hour so you can be certain you always have access to the latest coupons. You can print coupons as well as obtain coupon codes.  This site also does a weekly coupon matchup for over 35 popular grocery stores like Walmart for even more savings. – Another well-known, popular coupon site is  This site has a huge offering of coupons that it’s easy to find at least a couple of products that you often buy.  The site is easy to use and updated on a regular basis. They offer printable coupons as well as online coupons.

Couponista Queen – This is a great site all about coupons and saving money. You can get printable coupons, money saving tips and more. – You’ll find some different coupons here. The selection is great and includes necessities like makeup and other health and beauty supplies.  They even have coupons for the less expensive products like Maruchan noodles and much more.

Grocery Coupon Cart – This site doesn’t have a ton of coupons, but what it does have you’ll love. Products like Crest, Tide, and Skippy make this a great site to get popular coupons for famous brands.

P&G Everyday – this site is run by the well-known company Proctor and Gamble. They offer printable coupons for many Proctor and Gamble brands including Bounty, Pampers, Always, and much more.  They also offer a unique shopper card option that attaches coupons to your grocery shopper card. Just register your shopper card and clip the coupons directly to your card.

Couponing App Resources

In a society where smartphones are used almost constantly, it can be really convenient to find grocery coupons on your phone using a grocery coupon app.  We have gathered some of the most popular grocery coupon apps that will help you with finding coupons even if you don’t have your coupon binder with you.  Many of these apps help you with making shopping lists as well.  There are tons of grocery apps available to choose from. Try the ones listed below or try others you find. They are a great way to save money on your weekly grocery bill.

Flipp – Flipp allows you to search coupons and flyer deals from popular stores like Dollar General, Winn Dixie, and more.  This app can match the local deals with coupons that are available for those brands. You can create a shopping list ahead of time by looking at what is on sale on the app. The app is very user friendly and helps you save money.

Krazy Coupon Lady – This popular app offers users over 60 new deals every day for you to look through.  There are thousands of coupons from many different sites that are available to look through as well. Users can store their coupons; create a shopping list and much more.

Extreme Coupon Finder – If you are serious about saving money with coupons, you need to use the Extreme Coupon Finder app.  This app provides users with the weekly sales from all the popular grocery stores.  Once you find the coupons you want, you can send them to your email so you will be able to print them out and be ready to shop.

Grocery Coupons – Clip N Save – This easy to use, free site provides you with lots of grocery coupons to your favorite brands.  The coupons are updated daily so you are always aware of up to date sales and savings.  You will be able to clip the coupons from your mobile device and print them when you’re ready to go shopping.

Couponing Blog Resources

Blogs are an enjoyable way to learn more about couponing, get tips and tricks to try, find coupons, and much more. The 10 coupon blogs listed below feature coupons, information about saving money, how to live frugally, and other money saving tips and advice.  Most coupon blogs are not just about clipping coupons, so be sure to look around on each site for information that you may find useful in your own lives.

Hip 2 Save – This blog by Collin Morgan, mom of three and Marine wife, started the Hip2Save blog in 2008. The blog was originally started to help her family, friends, and herself save money. This is a very interesting and engaging blog that has plenty to see and learn about saving money.  Don’t forget to sign up for the notifications.

Mission to Save – Mary, the creator of this blog has a mission to help others save.  There is a lot to see on this blog including coupons, ways to save money on purchases, recipes, saver tips and a lot more.

Money Saving Mom – This blog is aptly named since it was started by a mom that is on a mission to save money and help her readers save money too.  With information on blogging, managing money, couponing and much more, you’re sure to find a lot of information that can really make a difference in your finances.

Coupons and Freebies Mom– Is there anything better than a site with great coupons? How about a site with great coupons AND freebies? The coupons and freebies mom is full of resources that will help you find money saving coupons as well as get all kinds of freebies.

Adventures of a Couponista – Want to get some recipe ideas?  How about frugal tips and DIY information?  The couponista has it all.  This is a great blog with lots of information that you will learn a lot from.

This Mommy Saves Money – You’ll find coupons, saving money tips, savings workshops and a lot more at the TMSM blog. Don’t forget to enter the fun giveaways that are offered on this blog as well.

Koupon Karen – Karen Wilmes brings savings to a whole new level with this informative and interesting blog.  Check out the coupons; get some terrific frugal ideas and much, much more.

Mojo Savings – Find coupon deals on all kinds of products and items on the Mojo savings site.  Print out coupons, get free stuff, try out some new recipes and much more.

Super Coupon Lady – Print coupons, find online deals, learn how to start couponing successfully and much more are available on this engaging site.

Freebies for Mom –  This colorful site is jam-packed with all kinds of ways to save money including coupons, special deals, freebies, prizes and much more.

Social Media Couponing Resources

There are many avenues on social media to find others who are interested in couponing and saving as much money as possible on their weekly grocery bill.  We have listed popular Facebook groups, Pinterest board, and forums for you to take a look at to see if they are a good fit.

Facebook Couponing Groups

Coupon Central – The coupon central FB group is a place where all the members love to help others learn the fine art of couponing.  There are a lot of savings to be had and this group will help you learn how to make the most of them.

Coupon Savvy 101 –  Start sharing your coupon finds with other members, ask questions about couponing and post your successful shopping trips.

Coupon with Bebe – This beginning couponers group is the perfect place to learn about couponing, talk to experienced couponers that can offer help and advice and much more.

Learn How to Coupon – This is the place to learn how to coupon. There are how-tos, tips, step-by-step breakdowns, tips, and much more.  If you want to learn all about couponing in a relaxed and friendly way, this is the group to join.

Couponing at Walmart, target and K Mart –  If you do your shopping at Walmart, Kmart or Target on a regular basis, this is a perfect group for you.  This is the place where shoppers of these stores post freebies, deals, and share their shopping trips.

Coupon Mamas – Join others on their journey into couponing where you can share your deals and be part of a community of like-minded people.

Coupon Clippers Forum – Connect with other couponers and enjoy finding the best deals and coupons on the internet.

Small to Extreme Couponing – Come ask questions, learn about how to find deals and trade coupon information. A fun and interesting group to be a part of if you have a serious interest in couponing

Pinterest Couponing Boards

Couponing 101 – A Pinterest Board that has plenty to look at regarding couponing.  Perfect for beginners as well as experienced coupon enthusiasts.– Not only will you learn a lot about couponing and find terrific deals, you’ll learn how to save money too.

Coupons for your family – Find all kinds of deals in your local grocery stores as well as online.  There are also freebies, recipes, and much more to enjoy and benefit from.

The Coupon Wizards – Find hot deals on all kinds of products, learn about Sunday coupon inserts, store match ups, and much more.

Ultimate Coupon Club – Save money, live well, find great deals and enjoy life. There is a lot to learn and see on this board.

Coupon Scissors – Help others save money, find great coupons, and have fun too.  There are a lot of suggestions here that are great for the new couponer.

The Couponing Couple –  The creators of this board are dedicated to helping people save on groceries and household items using coupons. A fun and informative board.

Coupon Forums

A Full Cup – This growing community is full of bargain hunters and couponers who are committed to helping others maximize their savings through couponing.

Coupon Forum – An active community of coupon enthusiasts. Here, you can ask questions, learn couponing tips and tricks and much more.

We Use Coupons –  Another active community of couponers that are serious about saving money on groceries and in other areas of life as well.

General Couponing Tips and Tricks

There are a lot of tips and tricks you can utilize during the couponing process to maximize your savings.  These links provide tips, strategies, and suggestions for becoming an experienced couponer.

How to Stack Coupons – Learn what coupon stacking is and how to do it so you can save even more on items.  In some cases you might even get free items or near free.

Couponers Dictionary – There is a language that is used in the couponing world that if you don’t know it, you can feel pretty lost. This link takes you to a list of common coupon lingo.

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