The Complete Resource Guide for Grilling

Grilling is a very popular way to cook food and over the years has become an art form in many ways. Grilling used to be predominantly for cookouts but now people will grill food for ordinary dinners because it is easy to do, takes less power, and the food tastes fantastic off the grill.

The resources in this guide will cover every aspect of grilling and help you become the best griller you can be. We have researched all the different elements of grilling and found the best and most informative links to help you achieve your goal.

Grilling can be intimidating for those who don’t know how to do it but once you have the right information, you will find that it is not as difficult as you thought it was. Use the resources in this guide and your friends and family will love the results.

The History of Grilling

Grilling has been around for centuries although way back then it was just considered cooking and was performed over open fires. It did not have the name grilling and it wasn’t used just for “special occasions”, it was simply the way food was prepared.    Back in the 40s and 50s block parties and outdoor social gatherings were very popular and cooking food on a charcoal grill was the thing to do. Learn all about the history of grilling in the links below and learn how its popularity came about.

Grilling History 101: Who Made it Famous and Why? – Learn all about the history of grilling and how it came about. You’ll also learn what the first grill was (and you may even remember your parents having one) and the migration to what grilling is today.

Feeding a Fire: The Great American tradition of Grilling – Grilling has a very long history in the United States with people experimenting for centuries to find the best way to grill meat without burning it and zapping all the flavor and juiciness out of it. Learn more in this interesting article.

The History of Grilling: How Dad Came to Love it – This super interesting article teaches you all about the popularity of grilling and how it came to be a beloved pastime. You’ll also learn the difference between grilling and barbecue and how decades ago it was NOT considered the same thing the way it is now.  

Resources for Beginning Grillers

If you are very new to grilling it can feel a little overwhelming to figure out when the food is done or how to cook it without burning it to a crisp or leaving it charred on the outside and raw on the inside. These resources below are perfect for the beginning griller so you can learn the basics and grow your skills from a strong foundation.

A Total Beginner’s Guide to Grilling with Gas – Just getting started cooking on a gas grill? This link will teach you many things about the gas grill from turning it on properly to how to do zone cooking. Although this article is for the beginning griller, those with experience can benefit too.

10 Grilling Tips for Beginners – Some great tips for newbies that want to become good griller. There is a slideshow on this site with tips as well.

The Beginner’s Guide to Grilling Everything Perfectly – Want to learn to be an excellent griller?  Check out this guide for beginners that teaches how to grill everything perfectly.

Grilling 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Grilling – Grilling used to be a summertime only activity but in warmer climates that stay warmer longer, grilling can go on most of the year.  In this article, there are some great tips on using gas and charcoal grills, how to create zones and much more.

Gas Grilling Tips for Beginners – Camp Chef offers these great cooking tips that include browning and searing, heat management, smoking food on the grill, and much more.

A Beginner’s Guide to Charcoal Grilling – Gas grilling has gotten a lot more popular over the years but charcoal grilling is still favored among the old school grillers.  If you want to learn charcoal grilling this is a great resource.

Grilling Glossary – All the important grilling terms that you need to know to make cooking on the grill much easier.

Resources for Advanced Grillers

Once you have mastered the basics of grilling as a beginner it’s time to expand your knowledge and your skills. The resources below will help you do that. Increase your skills and thrill your friends and family on your next cookout.

Charcoal Grilling: Advanced Tips and Techniques Unveiled – Ready to take your grilling to the next level?  This article will help you achieve that with these advanced techniques and tips.

Becoming an Expert Griller – This excellent resource provides tips for cooking on gas grills and charcoal grills.

10 Things Every Good Griller Should Know – If your goal is to be the best griller you can be, you’ll want to learn these 10 things that every good griller needs to know.

14 of the most common grilling mistakes—and how to avoid them. –  Even experienced grillers can make mistakes when cooking on the grill. Here are 14 common grilling mistakes and how you can avoid making them.

Resources for Grilling Tools

Having the right tools is one of the most important things you can do to be an excellent griller. Even the most experienced griller will have trouble with substandard or incorrect grilling tools.

Essential Grilling Tools Checklist – An extensive list of everything you need to be an expert griller including the things that you will want to have for the table.

The Best Gas Grills – An extensive review and buying guide to help you choose the best gas grill for your needs and preferences.

The Best Grill Covers – A grill cover is crucial for keeping your grill looking good as new in the elements. Here is a review of the best grill covers on the market and buying guide that shows you how to choose the right one.

The Best Charcoal Grills – Charcoal grilling is different than gas grilling and the grills are very different too. Here is a review that covers the best charcoal grills on the market along with a buying guide that will help you choose the right charcoal grill for your grilling needs.

The Most Popular Grilling Tools to Buy on Amazon – Looking for the best grilling tools you can find?  Amazon is an excellent place to start.

25 Grilling Tools You Need This Season – Get ready for any grilling season with these 25 great tools that every griller should own.

The Best Barbecue Tool Sets – Barbecue tool sets make a great gift for any griller regardless of experience level. These sets include all the main tools you will need for grilling successfully.

Resources for Grilling Recipes

All kinds of foods can be cooked on the grill, some of which you may not have known were even possible. The following links provide you with all kinds of recipe ideas that you can wow your friends and family with the next time you have them over for an evening of food cooked on the grill.

14 Healthy Grill Recipes for Beginner Cooks – Grilling isn’t only about hamburgers and hot dogs; here are some healthy grilling ideas that beginners can try.

Quick-Fixes from the Grill – These super-fast recipes will have dinner on the table in no time.

52 Weeknight Dinners You Can Make On The Grill – A beautiful, colorful slideshow of 52 great dinners you can make on the grill and give your oven time off.

9 Easy Recipes for Grilling BeginnersTry these 9 easy to do grilling recipes that are perfect for beginners.

Superfast on the GrillWant a collection of grilling recipes that are superfast?  Here they are, and all of them take less than 25 minutes to grill.

200 Cheap and Easy Grilling Recipes – A huge collection of delicious grilling recipes that will please your friends and family.

Delicious on a Dime: 13 Cheap Grilling Recipes – Do you love to grill out but need to stick to a budget? Here are 13 delicious grilling recipes that will keep you on budget.

The Penny Pincher’s Guide to Grilling on a Budget – Did you know you can save money on your next cookout? Here is a list of tips that will help you barbecue on a budget without disappointing anyone.

16 Kid-Friendly Recipes for the Grill besides Hot Dogs – Hot dogs always seem to be a grill staple when it comes to feeding kids. Here are 16 great recipes that are kid-friendly that don’t involve hot dogs at all.

How to Make a Complete Kid-Friendly Meal on the Grill – Looking for some new ideas for the kids for dinner? Here are some tips on how to make a complete meal on the grill that your kids will love.

5 Essential Farmers Market Finds for Grilling Season – Here are some essential farmer’s market finds that will be great additions for the grill.

Yes, You Can Make Delicious Desserts on the Grill – Did you know you can make desserts on the grill? Here are some great suggestions to try.

If You’re Not Grilling Desserts Yet, These 11 Recipes Are Easy Ways to Start – If you are just getting started grilling desserts, try these 11 recipes to stat working on your dessert making skills.

50 Crowd-Pleasing Recipes for Your Next Barbecue – Looking for some great recipes for your next barbecue? Here are 50 crowd-pleasing recipes for you to try.

Plan a Large Outdoor Cookout -Grilling for a Big Crowd – Planning a cookout for a large group of people? Here is a great plan for an outdoor cookout that will feed 20-30 people.


Resources for Grilling Books

Books on grilling are very popular with people looking to learn the art of grilling or to improve their skills. Here are some great resources for grilling books you’ll want to add to your collection.

Cookbooks Grilled to Perfection – The six grilling cookbooks are essential for your home library and have stood the test of time among all others.

6 Grilling Cookbooks That Will Turn You into Summer’s Greatest Firestarter – You will definitely want to add these 6 grilling books to your library if your goal is to be an excellent griller.

The 10 Best BBQ Books to Buy in 2018 – Want to add 10 great new BBQ books to your collection? Check out the 10 best BBQ books for 2018.

10 BBQ and Grilling Cookbooks Everyone Should Own – These 10 grilling and BBQ books should be on every grilling enthusiast’s bookshelf.

Become a Grill Master: Best Grilling Cookbook for Men in 2018-2019 – If your objective is to become a great grill master, this is book for you.

The 4 Best Grilling Cookbooks in 2018-2019 – Want some great grilling books? Try these 4 grilling cookbooks that are considered some of the best on the market in 2018-2019.

Resources for Grilling Safety

Safety when you are grilling is of utmost importance especially when there are children and pets around. Take a look at these resources that address the issue of safe grilling that apply to beginners and experienced grillers too.

Dos and Don’ts That Will Keep You from Becoming a Statistic – Each year thousands of people are injured in grilling injuries right in their own backyards. Here are some dos and don’ts that will reduce the chances of injuries.

Grilling safety and insurance – If you want to be as safe as possible while you are grilling look over these grilling safety tips.

9 Outdoor Grilling BBQ Safety Tips – Safety is very important when cooking in general, especially grilling. Here are 9 outdoor grilling safety tips.

Grilling Up Summer Safety – Grilling when kids are around involves extra safety precautions that must be taken seriously.  Here are some important safety tips for when you are grilling with kids around. 

Printable Grilling Safety Sheet –If you want to remember the safety rules you should follow or remind others who may be grilling at your home, here is a printable grill safety worksheet that will ensure you remember everything you are supposed to.

Grill Safety for Pets – Grilling around pets can come with potential hazards especially if your pet is super active. Here are some safety tips to remember.

Misc. Resources for Grilling

There are many different aspects to becoming an accomplished griller such as knowing how to maintain and clean the grill, how to teach kids to grill and much more. These misc. resources cover many different aspects of grilling to provide you with a solid foundation in all things having to do with grilling.

Grilling With Kids: Teaching the Basics – Teaching kids the basics of grilling can take away any fear they might have of the grill and set them up for a lifelong love of grilling out.

Grilling with Kids: Fun for Everyone  – Grilling with children is a terrific way to spend close time with your child and should be done with safety in mind.

Clean and Maintain Your Grill – Keeping your grill clean and maintained is very important if you want to have that grill last as long as possible.

Gas Grill Maintenance Checklist – A helpful checklist that will help you keep your grill in excellent working order.

How to Keep Your Grill Clean – Great tips for cleaning your grill and keeping it clean and rust free between uses.

20 Best Gifts for the Grill Master – If you are looking for good gift ideas for the griller in your family, here is a list of 20 great items that any grill Master would love. 

Charcoal Grill vs. Gas Grill Throwdown:The debate between gas grilling and charcoal grilling is discussed. Can this endless debate be settled once and for all?

Charcoal or Gas Grill: Which is Best? – Although gas grilling has become more commonly used, charcoal grilling is still alive and some people even prefer it. Which do you like?

Grill Storage Tips for the Winter – If you live in a climate that turns very cold in the winter, you probably won’t be doing much grilling during the cold months.  Here are some helpful storage tips for putting your grill away safely.

30+ Genius Ways to Throw a Better Backyard Barbecue – Want to throw a backyard party?  Here are 30 great ideas for a terrific backyard barbecue that your friends and family will love.

Resources for Grilling Blogs

Blogs are a great way to get some great grilling advice as well as find new recipes, new grilling tools and to connect with other like-minded people that love grilling. Below are some links that list the popular grilling blogs on the internet currently.

Top 44 Blogs To Visit If You Want To Be a Grilling Master – Don’t spend hours searching for good grilling blogs. This site brings you 44 of the best blogs you can follow if you want to be a grill master.

Top Five Best BBQ Blogs – This list of the five best BBQ blogs will give you some great blogs to read and get information from that will help make you a better griller.

Best Grilling and Cooking Blogs to Follow Right Now – This handy list of great grilling blogs makes finding some good blogs quick and easy. The list has been updated for 2018.

Top 10 Grilling and Barbecue Bloggers on Twitter – Here are ten blogs that are popular on Twitter as well.

The Texas BBQ Forum – Even though this is not a blog, it IS a popular BBQ forum that is very active. Register and interact with other grillers and BBQ-ers

Resources for Social Media Channels for Grillers

Social media is the best way to interact with other grillers to share ideas, recipes, and tips about this popular and exciting activity.



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Resources for Online Grilling Classes and Courses

There are several places that a budding griller can take online grilling classes and courses.  We have listed these resources below. Be aware that the majority of these classes have a fee.

25 Essential Grilling TechniquesA great online class brought to you by Craftsy that goes over the 25 essential grilling techniques. This intermediate class is low cost and fun to take.

Introduction to Grillinga terrific grilling course brought to you by Online cooking school.  This low-cost course provides a year of access for one low price.

Resources for Outdoor Grilling Decorating

Many people love to entertain outdoors.  Some have elaborate set ups with built-in grills and outdoor kitchens and some like things much simpler. Here are some great links to dressing up your outdoor grilling area.

13 Upgrades For Your Outdoor Grill Area – 13 fantastic ways to upgrade your outdoor grilling area.

20 Outdoor Kitchens and Grilling Stations – Want to create a grilling space that will be the envy of all your friends and family? Take a look at these 20 terrific ideas from HGTV

Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas – Everyone loves a beautiful outdoor grilling area. Take a look at these beautiful outdoor kitchens to get inspiration for your own backyard.

20 Awesome BBQ Grill Design Ideas for Your Patio – Pinterest brings you 20 stunning BBQ grill designs for your backyard grilling area.

How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen – Want to build a great outdoor kitchen? This Old House will show you how.

15 Amazing DIY Outdoor Kitchen Plans You Can Build on a Budget – Want to upgrade your backyard grilling area but don’t have a big budget?  Here are 15 DIY projects for great outdoor kitchen areas on a budget.