The Complete Resource Guide to Metal Detecting

Metal detectors have been popular for a very long time. They are easy to purchase but using them can be a little complicated if you don’t know what you are looking for or how to use all the different settings they can have. There are laws in place about the use and etiquette regarding metal detectors so it is important to make sure that you know what those are and abides by them.

Don’t let these laws scare you off from getting one though. They can be a very interesting and exciting hobby when you know what to do and how to do it. The resources in this guide will help inform you about all aspects of metal detecting from the laws involved in the purchase of the right kind of metal detector for what you want to do with it.

Use this resource guide to educate and inform yourself on how to use, purchase, and take care of your metal detector along with where the best places to use it are and what to do if you come across historic finds.

The History of Metal Detecting

Learn about the history of metal detecting and how it became a popular hobby.  Metal detecting is a great way to uncover relics from the past. It has been used for locating lost items and over the years has become a fast-growing, popular activity for people of all ages. Take a walk on the beach one morning and you are almost guaranteed to see one or two metal detectorists.

History of Metal Detectors – Some interesting information about the where metal detecting came from and who is responsible for its invention.  

The History of the Metal Detector – Want to know where metal detecting came from? Do you like to learn about the history of different things?  Learn about where metal detecting came from in this interesting article. 

History of the Metal Detector – Did you know that the first very basic metal detector was created in 1881 by Alexander Graham Bell?  Learn even more about this popular hobby in this article.

Metal Detecting Laws and Etiquette

Metal detecting is a lot of fun and can be really exciting but there are places you are not allowed to use one that you should be aware of so you don’t get into trouble.  These links will help you understand metal detecting laws and provide you with the knowledge of where you can and can’t engage in this fun hobby.

Laws Regarding Metal Detecting on private property, State property, and Federal property – Learn about the archeological laws regarding metal detecting and what certain states laws are before you go out and start hunting.

Metal Detecting Laws: Where Can I Detect Treasure? – A great article on where it is legal to use metal detectors and what is allowed.

Metal Detecting Laws- Controversial & Unconstitutional, But You Need to Follow Them – There are many rules and laws governing where you can dig or use detectors. Whether the laws are controversial or not doesn’t matter; what matters is that you know what they are and what is allowed so you don’t get in trouble while using your metal detector.

Metal Detecting – Know the Laws – Before you venture out of your own yard with your metal detector, it is important that you understand and know the laws.  This site will help you know and understand what is legal and what isn’t.

Etiquette in metal detecting – There is a certain etiquette you should observe when going out on metal detecting outings. This list will give you some pointers to follow.

Metal Detecting Etiquette – MDHTalk provides an extensive article on metal detecting etiquette that will give you a full foundation on metal detecting.

Misc. Metal Detecting Resources

The links in this category will provide you with an array of information that isn’t covered in any of the other categories. This general metal detecting information is interesting, helpful, and gives you some great tips and knowledge about this hobby.

How Metal Detectors Work – Metal detectors can be simple in design or very complicated depending on the model and degree of professionalism. Learn about how these interesting devices work.

10 Of The Best Spots To Find Treasure In A Park – Want to use your metal detector in your neighborhood park?  Here are some great tips for detecting in parks that will help you have a great time.

Hunting Diamonds & Gemstones With A Metal Detector – Some great information on using a metal detector to hunt for gemstones and even diamonds including the best places to look for these treasures.

Beach Metal Detecting Guide: How to Read the Beach – Live near the beach and love going out in the morning with your detector?  Learn all about using it at the beach including the best time of day to go.

Finding Treasure – You’ve taken your metal detector out and you’ve found treasure…now what?

25 Best Metal Detecting Places You Can Check Out – Looking for inspiration on where to use your metal detector?  Check out this great list of 25 places you may want to use your metal detector.

Metal Detecting Code Of Ethics – If you are a metal detecting enthusiast that has been doing it for years or you are just getting started you will want to take a look at this code of ethics and follow them as much as possible.

Best Metal Detector – If you are looking for a good metal detector you will want to take a look at this in-depth review and buying guide that lists the three top-rated detectors on the market.

Types of Metal Detectors – A description of the different types of metal detectors available.

Metal Detecting Coin Shooting Tips – Finding old coins is one of the most enjoyable activities you can do with your metal detector. Here are some great tips to help you increase your chances of finding them.

Tips for Finding Coins in your own Neighborhood – Did you know that there are probably old coins scattered throughout your town?  Here are some tips from the experts on how to increase your chances of finding some.

How to ask for permission to metal detect on private property – Metal detecting on private property without permission is a big metal detecting no-no.  Here’s some great advice on how to ask for permission the right way.

Proper Digging Technique and Recovery Methods for Metal Detecting – Learn how to perform he proper recovery methods and digging techniques that are needed for metal detecting.

11 Safety Tips for Metal Detecting – Look over these 11 safety tips before you begin your metal detecting outings to ensure your safety.

Metal Detecting Terminology

Metal detecting enthusiasts have a vocabulary all their own. Learn the terminology and definitions of this interesting hobby so you understand what is being said.

Metal Detecting Terminology – KellyCo detectors presents this extensive terminology guide that is perfect for beginners who want to learn the language and for advanced detectorists that want to refresh their knowledge.

Glossary of Metal Detecting Terms – Want to fully understand everything you are learning and reading about metal detecting? Check out this glossary of metal detecting terms to arm yourself with the right knowledge.

The Metal Detector Glossary: What Does All This Stuff Mean? – Learn all the right words and language for this interesting hobby that has a long list of words and terms that most people don’t understand.

Metal Detecting Jargon Glossary – Learn the jargon and feel like a seasoned pro with this glossary of metal detecting words.

Taking Care of Your Finds Properly

One of the best things about metal detecting is what you find on your outings. Below we have provided some links on how to take care of your finds and what to do with them once you have found them.

Care and Preservation of Relics found with Metal Detectors – Find some great treasures on one of your outings? Here are some helpful tips on how to preserve them and clean them properly so you don’t ruin anything.

Best Ways to Clean Metal Detecting Finds – Preserving your finds properly can ensure that if you find something of value, you don’t accidentally ruin it.  Take a look at these tips to take care of your findings the best way possible.

How to Clean Your Metal Detecting Finds – This article is full of tips and strategies on how to clean the things you find while you are out metal detecting.  These methods are popular with seasoned detectorists and will work perfectly for sprucing up your treasures safely.

Cleaning Your Metal Detecting Finds – Cleaning your metal detecting finds the right way is very important if you want to preserve them, especially coins. Read this article for some important information that will give you the know-how you need.

Removing Rust with Electrolysis – A Detailed Illustrated Tutorial – if you find some treasures that have rust on them don’t despair, there are things you can do to safely remove the rust.  This article will show you how will easy to follow illustrations.

Revealing the treasure you’ve found – Once you have uncovered some treasures, chances are they are covered in rust, dirt, and other things that are not very good for your relics.  Check out these easy tips to ensure that you are preserving things the proper way so they don’t get ruined.

Cleaning Tips for Your Metal Detector Finds – Learn how to clean your treasures so they not get ruined.  

Tools and Supplies for Metal Detecting

Having the right tools and supplies for metal detecting can make a big difference in how your excursions go. These links will give you the information you need to ensure you have the right accessories for your outings.

8 Metal Detecting Must-Have Tools – Take a look at 8 tools for metal detecting that you will definitely want to have before you get started.

Beginning in Metal Detecting–The Tools You Need – You need more than just a metal detector if you want to fully enjoy your metal detecting activities. Here are the tools you will need.

10 Metal Detecting Accessories Needed for Treasure Hunting – Check out these 10 metal detecting accessories that can help you get the full metal detecting experience.

Metal Detecting for Beginners

Getting started with any hobby can feel a little overwhelming at times, especially something that comes with an electronic device that can be really confusing to use.  The resources below will help beginners figure out the easiest and least confusing way to get started in this great hobby.

Ultimate Beginners Guide to Metal Detecting – This incredible, all-inclusive guide to metal detecting for beginners covers every aspect of metal detecting in detail.  You have got to read this guide! It will prepare you for metal detecting in every way so you can get the most from this hobby.

Beginners Guide to Metal detecting and Treasure Hunting – Terrific information about metal detecting including how to choose the right metal detector.

Getting Started with Metal Detecting – Everything You Need to Know – A great guide for the beginning metal detecting enthusiast with info on how to get started to how to choose the right detector.

Metal Detecting Secrets for Beginners – Learn about some of the best and most helpful metal detecting secrets for beginners to help you get started correctly. 

20 Metal Detecting Tips & Tricks For Beginners – Take a look at these 20 helpful tricks and tips about metal detecting for the beginner.

Metal Detecting Tips – The Basics – A great article full of basic knowledge that is important to know if you are just getting started with metal detecting.

Metal Detecting Tips and Tricks – 16 fantastic and informative tips and tricks for metal detecting that can get you ahead of the crowd and having a good time.

How to Metal Detect – Learn how to use your metal detector properly with this Wikihow article that includes diagrams.

6 Crucial Tips for How to Use a Metal Detector Effectively – Follow these 6 tips to ensure that you are using your metal detector as effectively as possible.

Beginners:  Identifying the Tones Your Metal Detector Makes – When you are first starting out learning to use a metal detector, all the different tones can be very confusing. Here is a guide on how to understand what those tones mean.

Metal Detecting for Advanced Users

Once you have mastered the basics of metal detecting you can move on to more complicated outings and even upgrade equipment so you can detect things deeper and farther than you can with a basic detector.

Metal Detecting Tips For Treasure Hunters – Check out these tips for experienced treasure hunters.

A Complete Guide to Metal Detecting Activities – An incredibly huge guide to the activities you can do with your metal detector. Check out page after page of information that will teach you everything you want to know about these interesting activities and how to do them correctly.

Truth about Search Coils for Metal Detectors – Here is another HUGE resource with tons of pages and information on search coils and techniques that are perfect for the advanced metal detecting enthusiast.

Metal Detecting Tips & Techniques for the beginner and advanced enthusiast – A great resource with some tips for beginners as well as advanced prospecting techniques.

10 Tips for Successful Treasure Hunting with your Metal Detector – If you have mastered the basics it’s time to take your metal detecting to the next level with these 10 tips.

Metal Detecting and Kids

Metal detecting is something that kids can do and is an activity that they usually like. The following resources will give you some tips on how to teach them how to use a metal detector and how to enjoy this interesting hobby.

Metal detecting with kids – Metal detecting is a great activity that the whole family can enjoy. Here are some tips for teaching kids how to enjoy this hobby.

Kids and Metal Detecting: A Great Match! – This article has some good information on how to choose a metal detector for a child as well as providing some tips on where to take them to use it.

Metal Detectors for Kids – This archived collection of articles provides some great information on why metal detecting is a great hobby to introduce them to and how to get them started.

Why Our Kids Need to get Outdoors with a Metal Detector – Kids nowadays spend far too much time in front of the TV. Taking them out to use a metal detector is a great way to pique their interest and encourage them to want to go outside more often.

Take a Kid Metal Detecting – Teaching children how to use a metal detector is a great way to get them interested in other things besides playing video games.  Finding treasure is something that children love to do. A metal detector is not too difficult to use and there are detectors that are the perfect size for kids. – Childrens guide to metaldetecting ! – Take a look at this site that is written from the kid’s perspective.  An interesting site with some good information on choosing the right metal detector for your child.

Metal Detecting Maintenance and Care

Taking care of your metal detector and keeping up with the maintenance can ensure that it will last a lot longer than if it just tossed into a corner when you are done. The links below will help you understand what type of cleaning and maintenance your metal detector will need.

How to Take Care of Your Metal Detector – Wikihow provides this great resource on how to take care of your metal detector properly. Includes pictures for easy to follow instructions.

How to clean and store a Metal Detector. – If you want your metal detector to last, learn how to clean and store it properly when you are not going to be using it. It will make a big difference in the condition of your metal detector.

Metal Detector Routine maintenance: How to Make Your Metal Detectors Last – Follow these great routine maintenance tips to keep your metal detector running properly.

Metal Detecting Books and Magazines

There are dozens of books on metal detecting as well as online and print magazines for enthusiasts to enjoy and benefit from.  Take a look at these suggestions below and see which ones appeal to you. All of them offer plenty of tips, strategies, interesting stories and much more.

Online magazines

The Lost Treasure – A fantastic online digital magazine that offers tons of information for beginning and advanced metal detecting enthusiasts.  This magazine is also available as a print magazine and can be found on magazine stands in major bookstores or can be purchased by subscription.

Western & Eastern Treasures – Take a look at the World’s leading magazine for metal detectorists that have been around since 1966.  Full of resources, clubs, stories, and much more. 

NumisMedia’s Fair Market Value Price Guide (Coins) – It is very possible to find all kinds of old coins when out on your excursions. You need a reliable price guide to help you determine what your treasures are worth.

Detecting365 – A huge assortment of great articles and information on metal detecting. This great site will keep you busy for hours. 

Relic Hunting – This online magazine provides plenty of tips, stories, photos, and more for your metal detecting enjoyment. 

Treasure Hunting (UK Based) – This is Britain’s best-selling magazine for metal detecting.   Lots of great things here.


4 Best Metal Detecting Books for Beginners 2018 – If you’re just starting out with a metal detector, these four books are must-haves for your home library.

Best Metal Detecting Books – These books are great for beginners as well as seasoned treasure hunters.

All About Metal Detecting – Find tons of great books on this amazing and fun hobby on this site.  

Metal Detecting Blogs

Blogs are a great way to get ideas, learn new skills, read about others that love the hobby and even meet like-minded people that share your interest in metal detecting.

Big Boys Toys

Hobby Detecting

Randy’s Metal Detecting Blog

Mr. Metal Detector Blog

Janner53’s Metal Detecting Blog

Dirt Girl Unleashed: Whit and her Metal Detector

Stout Standards

Metal Detecting Forums

Forums are a terrific place to meet others, ask questions, and help by answering other people’s questions. Here are some great, active forums about metal detecting that you can join and interact with.

Find’s Treasure Forums

Friendly Metal Detecting Forum

Dankowski Detectors

Detector Prospector

Treasure Net Forum

Metal Detecting Clubs, Associations, and Organizations

There are several organizations and associations that you can be a part of as a metal detecting enthusiast. Some may have dues but those will be individual to the organization or association itself.

World Wide Association of Treasure Seekers – The WWATS is an association for metal detecting enthusiasts. This site will list events going on, provide discounts and specials on equipment and offers enthusiasts a place to meet others interested in this hobby.

Metal Detecting Hobby Talk – This excellent resource provides ton of information for the metal detecting community.  You can join clubs, get information, learn about proper etiquette and more.

Tom’s Treasures Internet Magazine – A resource of links to articles that provide information about metal detecting from newbie to advanced.

KellyCo Metal Detectors – Find metal detecting clubs in your area with this easy to use resource that offers all the states and a list of close by clubs for each state.

Metal Detecting Clubs – Find metal detecting clubs in your area so you can meet with other like-minded metal detecting enthusiasts.

The Federation of Metal Detector & Archeological Clubs, Inc. – A terrific resource for metal detecting enthusiasts who want to join others in this hobby and also for learning about the rules, state park regulations and much more.

National Council for Metal Detecting – This group of volunteers provides metal detecting enthusiasts with club info, rules and regulations pretty much everything you need to know about this popular hobby.

Metal Detecting Resources and Directory – A directory of clubs and links about metal detecting that is great for expanding your knowledge about this fun hobby.

Metal Detecting Social Media Pages and Accounts

Social media is a popular means of following sites, meeting other people interested in metal detecting, getting questions answered, learning about detecting activities and sales and much more. Below we have provided you with the best Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube metal detecting social media venues on the internet.

Facebook Groups

Ten Killer Detecting Facebook Groups

Metal detecting finds

Metal detecting

Metal Detecting U.S. Only

DIG THIS! Metal Detecting & History Group

Southern Seekers UK.


Green Mountain Metal Detecting

Metal Detecting Finds








Metal Detecting News

OMG! Metal Detecting

Metal detectors

Metal Detector SA


Relic Recoverist

Bill Ladd DigFellas

The Hoover Boys



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