The Complete Resource Guide to Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is probably one of the most popular hobbies that exist, especially in America, but it is certainly not limited to just the United States. People have been collecting scraps of things from their activities and preserving them in books for centuries. Over the years it has progressed to what it is today; a way to express your creativity while preserving moments, events, and other memorable things of their lives.

This resource guide will provide you with everything you need to learn all about scrapbooking and get started with it yourself. Scrapbooking is ageless and anyone can do it, young or old. Instead of having to spend a lot of time searching all over the internet looking for scrapbooking information, it is all here in one great guide that you will refer back to again and again as you embark on this journey of discovering this wildly popular hobby.

The History of Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking in one form or another has been around for centuries.  It didn’t start off looking like it does today but people still kept bits and pieces of their lives and preserved them in between the pages of books. The following links provide you with some fascinating information on the history of scrapbooking that you will truly enjoy.

The Fascinating History Of Scrapbooking – Did you know that forms of scrapbooking date back as far as the Middle Ages?  Read this interesting article that gives you a loose timeline of how this practice progressed.

Scrapbooking History: How It All Began! – A terrific article on how scrapbooking came about along with its progression over the years.

The Cherished Tradition of Scrapbooking – This fascinating article provides plenty of interesting reading about this beloved hobby that has exploded in popularity over the last 10-15 years and is still going strong.

A Brief History of Scrapbooking in America – A timeline that shows the progression of scrapbooking in America.


Misc. Resources for Scrapbooking

The links in this section will provide you with plenty of ideas for projects, organization and much more about this creative and fun hobby that is enjoyed by millions.  Look over these links before you get started to give yourself a good foundation.

Scrapbooking Facts – 10 tips that will help make you a better scrapbooker

Scrapbooking Organization – Being organized is a good way to ensure that your creations are much easier to put together.  Here are some good organization tips that will help you while you are creating your albums.

10 Amazing Scrapbooking Ideas & How to Start a DIY Blog – Not only will you get to read about 10 amazing scrapbooking ideas but this article will tell you how you can start a DIY blog so you can make money doing this great hobby.

15 Must-Have Craft Tools – Having the right tools is always important when it comes to being able to create the pages you want to create for your scrapbook.

Custom Leather Scrapbooking – Whether it’s for a personalized scrapbook album, a family keepsake photo book, or a custom journal or portfolio, the roles of each original creation by Marcia Engeltjes, are as unique as the books themselves.

Stickers Organized! – This project is a great example of a super cute and effective way to organize your scrapbooking stickers so you can find what you want quickly and easily.

The Most Amazing Scrapbooking Room You Ever Did See – This wonderful scrapbooking room could give you some inspiration for your own space.

10 Essential Tools for Scrapbooking – Check out this list of 10 crucial tools to have on hand for scrapbooking.

5 Scrapbooking Mistakes to Avoid – Making mistakes is a natural part of any hobby but it doesn’t have to ruin your enjoyment.  Here are 5 common scrapbooking mistakes to avoid.

How to Correct Your Scrapbooking Mistakes – Just because you made a mistake it doesn’t mean the whole page is trashed.  Here are some terrific ways to correct some of the mistakes that can be made while scrapbooking.

Weekly Round-Up: Free Scrapbook Layouts and Templates – If you are looking for layout suggestions, this article will be a great help.

Scrapbooking Ideas – Tons of ideas and layouts as well as suggestions for themes on this great page from

Scrapbook Layouts – Free scrapbook page layouts that you can print out and save

Joann Scrapbooking – is a huge crafter’s site with tons of resources for all kinds of crafts. Scrapbooking is a big draw for people when they go to the Joann website. You’ll find plenty of resources, layouts, supplies, and projects here.

27 Cute Scrapbook Ideas with Images and Instructions – These 27 scrapbooking ideas will keep you entertained and busy for a while. Includes with instructions and images as well.

33 Cool DIY Scrapbook Ideas You Have to Try – >Once you have the basics down it’s time to try some new techniques. Here’s a list of 33 DIY scrapbook ideas you will want to try.

Resources for Beginning Scrapbookers

How to Start Scrapbooking – Learn how to get started with this popular hobby that allows you to be as creative as you want while preserving important and cherished events and memories.

Scrapbooking Ideas for Beginners: 5 Tips for Getting Started – If you are a scrapbooking newbie just getting started, these 5 tips will help you get off on the right foot.

Scrapbook Ideas for Beginners: 25 Inspiring Layouts – If you are brand new you may be overwhelmed by all the choices you have. Here are 25 layouts that can help you get started while inspiring your own creativity.

Easy Scrapbooking for Beginners – A simple and easy to understand guide for beginners on how to scrapbook.

Hand Lettering for Beginners: 5 Tips to Get You Started – Part of scrapbooking is writing so why not learn how to write beautifully so your book is as good as it can be? Here are some basic lettering tips that will work great for scrapbooking.

53 Tips for Beginner Scrapbookers – Tips are always great when you are first learning something. Here is a list of 53 great tips for beginning scrapbookers.

The Ultimate “Learn to Scrapbook” Guide for Beginners – This step by step guide covers everything you need to know to begin scrapbooking. Easy to read layout makes getting started easy and less overwhelming.

Beginner Scrapbooking – These 9 steps can help you go from a complete newbie to being able to create your own basic pages.

Resources for Advanced Scrapbookers

Once you have mastered the beginning skills you need to get started, you can advance to the next level in your scrapbooking adventure and start tackling some advanced skills. The links below feature resources that are perfect for the advanced scrapbooker.

15 Creative Scrapbooking Ideas to Try! – Try these 15 scrapbooking techniques to add even more style to your pages.

Video Tutorial: “Customized Polaroid Frames” – A beautiful and unique way to add polaroid frames to your scrapbook pages.

How To Layer Paper Like A Pro – Paper layering is an advanced scrapbooking technique that adds texture and style to your pages. Here is a step by step tutorial that will help you learn this technique.

Scrapbooking tips for the beginner to the advanced These great tips for beginners and advanced scrapbookers provide you with some valuable information for making scrapbooking fun and successful.

Advanced scrapbooking techniques – Once you have mastered the basic techniques it is fun to expand your skills and try some of the harder techniques. Here are some great advanced techniques that you can try when you are ready to take it to the next level.

Distressing Techniques for Scrapbooking and Paper Crafting – Here are some excellent distressing techniques you can learn for your scrapbook pages.

How To Make a Mini Album with Glassine Bags – This amazing technique teaches you how to make mini albums for your scrapbook that are just fantastic when adding to a travel scrapbook.

Advanced Scrapbook Tips & Tool Techniques – Some helpful videos with techniques and tips for the advanced scrapbooker.

Resources for Kids and Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is something that everyone in the family can enjoy. Kids love to make fun crafts so scrapbooking is perfect for them and it’s easy to learn the basics. Here are some links that will help with teaching your kids to scrapbook.

How to Scrapbook with Children – The perfect activity for children that love to create things.  These easy steps will help you get started teaching your children how to scrapbook.

Scrapbooking for Kids: Nurturing Creativity and Skill – This article will help you understand the importance of art and how scrapbooking can be a real big part of your kid’s childhood and stay with them for life.

Simple Summer Scrapbooks Kids Can Make – A fun project that your kids can make at the end of summer.

Summer Scrapbooking Projects for Kids – Martha Stewart, the Queen of crafts and home décor, brings this great article to you with several summer scrapbooking projects that your kids are going to love.

Easy Scrapbooking Crafts for Kids – These scrapbooking projects will keep your kids entertained for hours.

Resources for Scrapbooking Supplies

Having the right supplies is always important no matter what hobby you are doing. There are tons of scrapbooking supplies that can make your scrapbook pages works of art. Below are links to resources that will help you ensure that you have the supplies you need as well as advanced supplies you can get as your skills grow.

12 Must-Have Supplies for Scrapbooking Beginners – A helpful list of 12 scrapbooking supplies that you need to get started scrapbooking.

Best Scrapbooking Tools for Every Project – If you are looking for a great resource for supplies, this is it. These are the best tools you can get for every scrapbooking project you do. 

What You Need to Get Started Scrapbooking – Once you have decided to start scrapbooking you will need the right supplies. Here is a list of what you will need.

New To Scrapbooking: Supply List Tutorial – If you are brand new to scrapbooking you will need supplies. Here is a tutorial that will help newbies choose the right supplies.

Scrapbooking Tools and Materials – A handy list of the basics you will need when you first get started scrapbooking.

Scrapbook Supplies–So Organized! {12 Awesome Ideas} – Take a look at these 12 great ideas for organizing your scrapbooking supplies.

Resources for Scrapbooking Blogs

Blogs are a great resource for many things. Not only can you find ideas for new projects, pages, and techniques you can meet other like-minded scrapbookers and maybe even form local groups and events.

The Top 10 Scrapbook Blogs Online For Ideas & Inspiration! – 10 blogs that you want to follow for all kinds of inspiration and ideas.

7 Top Blogs on Scrapbooking – These go-to blogs will help you create beautiful pages, learn new skills, and enjoy other people’s scrapbooking stories.

The Best Scrapbooking Blogs – Five great scrapbooking blogs you want to follow

Resources for Scrapbooking Social Media

Social media is an excellent resource for scrapbooking people, blogs, groups and more. Below we have provided you with many scrapbooking social media resources where you can find inspiration, tutorials, videos, and other scrapbooking friends to share ideas with.


A big list of Cardmaking & Scrapbooking Facebook Groups to Join! – A great resource for finding scrapbooking groups and pages on Facebook along with a little about how to navigate these groups.

Scrapbooking on Facebook – A great list of different scrapbooking groups that might have something that interests you. Separated by medium.


5 Scrapbookers You Need To Follow – These five scrapbookers are highly recommended from other top scrapbookers and scrapbook lovers too.









Scrapbook Center

Today’s Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking for Less

America’s Scrapbooking

Scrapbook Adhesives

Ripbook Scrapbooking


Meet Six Amazing Scrapbooking Youtubers

Scrapbooking Topic


Scrapbooking Meetups – Want to meet other scrapbookers in your area? Meetups are a great way to do that. See what meetups are available in your area.

Resources for Scrapbooking Forums

Forums are a terrific and very popular way to meet others interested in scrapbooking as well as to help answer other people’s questions and get your questions answered as well. It is also a valuable resource for sales, layout ideas, new techniques and more.

Paper Wishes


Digital Scrapbooking Studio

2Peas Refugees

Cherry on Top

Resources for Scrapbooking Classes

There are many places online that offer scrapbooking classes. Most have a cost but there are some that are free. We have listed several links below to some great scrapbooking classes that you may be interested in.

Traditional Scrapbooking 101This 17 lesson scrapbooking class is perfect for beginners and covers everything you need to know from first getting started to hosting your own scrapbooking events and parties. You can choose from two tracts; the certificate class and the non-certificate class.

Scrapbooking,com offers craft lovers a variety of great classes for free or very low cost.

Scrapbooking classes on SkillshareSkillshare offers many different classes that will increase and improve your scrapbooking skills.  

Fun and Fast Scrapbooking – This exciting scrapbooking class is offered by Craftsy for a low price.  It is a good class for intermediate to advanced scrapbookers to take. 

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