The Ultimate Resource Guide for Parenting

Having a child is a life-changing experience even before the baby arrives. There are many aspects of raising a child that range from basic needs like feeding and healthcare to keeping them safe in a world that isn’t always so safe, to learning to let them go when they are grown. It is an experience like no other you will have in your life but sometimes it can be really challenging and even scary when you’re dealing with new situations.

This resource guide contains links to helpful sites and valuable information that will help you navigate every stage of your child’s life from before they are born through 18 years old and even longer; after all, a child doesn’t stop being your child once they hit 18.

These resources will help guide and instruct you as well as provide plenty of encouragement and humor as you go. There is no such thing as a perfect parent but our goal is to provide you with a large array of resources for every stage so you can be the best parent you can be. Sometimes all it takes is the right knowledge and information to make it through certain situations as smoothly as possible. This resource guide will provide that for you.


Resources for Parents-to-Be

17 Ways to get Ready for Baby – Being prepared for the arrival of your newborn can be an exciting and nerve wracking time.  Here are 17 ways that you can prepare for those early days of being home with your baby.

A Man’s Guide to Pregnancy: Getting Ready for the Baby Bomb – The mother isn’t the only one that may be feeling nervous about the new baby. Here is an entertaining and helpful guide for the Dad-to-be on getting ready for the new baby’s arrival.

25 Things to Do Before Your Baby is Born – If you’re having trouble getting organized, here is an article with 25 important things to do before the baby is born.

A Nine-Month Plan for Getting Your Family’s Finances in Order – Worried about your finances after the baby arrives? Here is an excellent 9 month plan you can implement the takes you from finding out you’re expecting to the delivery of the baby to help you be as financially prepared as you can be.

How to Prepare for a Baby on a Tight Budget – Sometimes it is necessary to have a strict budget.  It doesn’t have to be miserable to follow a plan. Here is an article on preparing for the baby on a tight budget.

How to Choose a Pediatrician – Finding the right doctor for your baby is very important. You want to find someone who loves what they do and that you have a rapport with. Here are some great tips on finding the perfect pediatrician for your child.

Resources for Parenting Newborns (0-3 mo)

A Man’s Guide to Pregnancy: Your Progeny Enters the World – It’s time for the new baby to arrive. Are you ready to bring it home? Do you have everything in place? Here is a great resource for Dad with information pertaining to before, during, and after the baby’s birth.

Introducing your child to your new baby: Overview – A great resource for introducing your children to your newborn. Covers introductions from ages 1-8 years old.

15 Financial Must-Do’s to Prepare for a New Baby – Here are some very important things that will need to be done as soon as the baby is born. This article also includes pre-birth financial planning.

The Essential Checklist for Preparing for Baby to Come Home – Congratulations! You’ve had your baby and it will be time to bring him or her home soon. Is the house ready? Here is a checklist of things you can do to make sure your home is ready for the new bundle of joy.

The First Day of Life – The very first day of your baby’s life outside the womb can be very worrisome for the new parents. Here is some information on what to expect that first day.

The Ultimate Checklist of Baby Essentials – Babies require a LOT of stuff, especially in the very early months when they are newborns.  This ultimate checklist provides you with an extensive list of must-haves that you can get before and after the baby comes.  Perfect for when people ask what you need for your newborn.

A Guide for First Time Parents – A great resource that will help nervous, first-time parents feel more confident when it comes to taking care of their newborn.

Bringing Home Your Adopted Baby – a helpful article on what to have ready and what to do when bringing home your adopted baby.

Newborn Care and Safety – Taking care of your newborn can be really scary if this is your first experience handling a baby. They are tiny, they can’t talk, they are fragile and 100% dependent on you for everything in their little lives.  Here is some valuable information on taking care of them and keeping them safe.

23 Ways to Calm a Fussy Newborn – Babies cry the most, according to research, between 2 weeks and 3 months of age.  Here are 23 great ways that you can try to calm your baby.

Coping with a Crying Baby – The resource above listed 23 ways that you can calm your crying baby but do you know WHY your baby is crying?  This resource helps you look a little deeper and explains the reasons why babies might be crying a lot and what you can do about it.

Newborn Milestones | The first four weeks – A week by week guide to what you can expect with your newborn developmentally.

Resources for Parenting Infants (3-18 mo)

Choosing Childcare – If you’re a mom or dad that will be working outside the home, you will have to secure childcare of some kind, even if it is with a relative.  This link provides some excellent resources on how to find the best childcare and how to deal with leaving your baby.

Your Baby Week by Week – A wonderful week by week developmental guide on your baby that helps you know what to expect as your baby grows.

10 Mistakes New Parents Make – No parent is perfect no matter how many children they have but there are some common mistakes that you can avoid if you know ahead of time what to look out for.

Parenting Your Infant – Once your baby is not a newborn anymore you will notice that they are changing sometimes daily. Here is a resource that helps you know what to expect and how to be the best parent to your infant that you can be.

Infant Development & Parenting Tips – A useful, informative guide on what your baby may be doing from 0-18 months old.

Childproofing checklist: Before your baby crawls – The time to childproof is BEFORE your baby starts crawling. Most start to crawl between 6-9 months old. Once the baby starts crawling the next step is to start pulling up. This extensive guide will help you prepare for your baby to become mobile so you can keep them safe.

Resources for Parenting Toddlers (1 -2 years)

12 Safety Devices To Protect Your Children – There are many safety devices that you will want to get to keep your children safe and sound as they get older. This article will tell you what devices to get.

Help Your Older Child Adjust to the New Baby – A wonderful resource to help toddlers adjust to a new sibling in the house.

5 Common Mistakes People Make When Parenting a Toddler – It’s bound to happen at least once, even with the best-behaved toddlers…your child will have a tantrum. Do you know how to handle it and other toddler issues? Here are 5 common mistakes parents make with toddlers.

7 Tips for Disciplining Your Toddler – 7 great tips that you can try when it comes to disciplining your toddler.

What Doctors Wish Parents of Toddlers Knew – Pediatricians all over the country were interviewed to find out their top tips for parenting toddlers.

Easy Potty Learning for Toddlers – Potty training doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are some easy tips to help make potty training much easier for everyone in the family.

10+ Effective Strategies to Mitigate Difficult Toddler Behavior – The toddler years are not always easy. Here are 10 fantastic strategies that will help deal with a toddler’s difficult behavior.

7 Parenting Techniques to Get Toddlers to Cooperate – toddlers love to cooperate when you approach them in the right way. Here are 7 techniques that will get your toddlers to cooperate.

Taking Care of a Sick Toddler? – A great resource on how to take care of a sick toddler including when to call the doctor.

Flying with children: 25 top tips for keeping kids happy on board – Flying with your toddler?  Here are 25 tips that will keep them happy and quiet while on the plane.

How to Take a Road Trip with your Toddler – taking a long car trip with your toddler?  Here are some valuable tips on how to take a successful road trip with your toddler.

All About Pets and Kids – If you have pets you will need to make sure that you teach your toddler how to properly pet with and act around your pet regardless of what kind it is.  And never leave your toddler and your pet alone together.

7 Tips for Managing the Holidays with Toddlers – The holidays should be a time of happiness and fun. Here are 7 good tips for managing your holidays with your toddler.

Resources for Parenting Children (3-10 years)

9 Steps to More Effective Parenting – 9 things you can do with your child to be a more effective parent.

Age Appropriate Chores for Kids (Infographic) – a great reference chart on chores that are listed by recommended age. Also has printable charts as well.

4 Ways to Make Holidays Better for Kids – The holidays can be stressful for kids for various reasons. Here are 4 terrific ways to make the holidays fun for them.

How to Prevent Holiday Stress and Anxiety in Children – Follow this great advice to prevent stress and anxiety in your kids over the holidays.

10 Ways to Prepare Your Child for School – Starting school can be a scary time for a young child. Here are 10 ways that you can prepare your child for school so they look forward to it.

14 Preschool Activities To Get Your Child Ready For The Classroom – If your child is getting ready to go to preschool or kindergarten, these 14 preschool activities will help them get prepared.

10 Life Skills to Teach Your Child by Age 10 – Teach your kids these 10 life skills and get them started on the right paths.

School Age (age 5-9 years) – A great collection of resources for the middle ages 3-10, including many difficult topics like bullying and alcohol.

The Emotional Lives of 8-10 Year Olds – This age group can be really emotional at times as can all kids. Here are some tips to helping your emotional children cope better and lead happy lives.

Allowance Troubleshooter: 4 Common Problems with Kids’ Allowance – Thinking about giving your child an allowance?  Here are 4 common issues that parents have with their kids’ allowances and how you can avoid them.

Resources for Parenting Preteens (10-12 years)

New baby: helping school-age children and teenagers adjust – If you’re having a new baby and your children are school aged, you might be worried how they will handle it. Here are some tips for making this a joyous time for everyone involved.

10 Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in Elementary School – How well your child does in school has a lot to do with your involvement.  Look at these 10 ways you can help your child succeed in school.

From Sweetheart to Monster – Understanding your Tween – Moving from child to teenager can bring a lot of challenges for both parent and child.  Here are some tips for parents to help them understand the tween age and how to handle it.

Parenting Preteens: letting them grow, keeping them close – It’s hard to let go as your child gets older. This resource helps parents let the reins out a little while still keeping their children close.

7 Ways to Fix Rude Tween Behavior – If your tween is exhibiting rude behavior that makes you want to ground them for life, take a look at this article with 7 ways to fix that rude behavior.

How to Handle Your Child’s Video Game Obsession Positively – Has your child forgotten what it is like to play outside because they are always in front of the video games?  Here is an excellent article on how to handle your child’s obsession with video games in the most positive way possible.

Internet Safety – An age-based guideline – This valuable resource will help you keep your children safe online from age 2 to 18.

Resources for Parenting Teens (13-18 years)

5 Mistakes Parents Make with Teens and Tweens – Parenting teens can sometimes be a really tough job, especially if your teen has decided that you don’t know anything. Here are 5 common mistakes that parents can make with tweens and teens.

5 Tips for Raising a Modern-Day Teen – Want to raise a teen that succeeds in today’s modern world? Here are 5 tips to consider.

Teenagers (age 16-18 years) – a collection of different resources and topics about raising teens that can help you navigate this tumultuous time.

Six Ways To Help Your Teenager Get A Job – Getting a job is one of the privileges of becoming a teen. They can make their own money and learn about responsibility as well. Here are six ways you can assist your teen in their job search.

12 Compelling Reasons Your Teen Should Work – Is your teen reluctant to get out there and go to work? Here are 12 great reasons to encourage them to.

Normal teenage behavior vs. early warning signs of mental illness – A good resource for parents that have some concerns about their teens.

Teen depression – A valuable resource for parents to use if they are concerned about depression in their teen. 

10 Fun Things to Do with Your Teens – You may feel like your teen doesn’t want to hang out with the family, but if you can get them to do it, here are 10 activities that they may enjoy doing with the family. Give them a try!

100 Activities for Bored Teens – Do you hear often that your teen is bored? Here are 100 different activities that you can suggest and/or do with them.

College Readiness: How to Know if Your Teen is Prepared – A great resource for helping parents see if their child is emotionally and mentally ready for college and how to help them get ready.

Driving Privileges and Your Teen – A great article on how to parent a teen that can drive. Just because they can drive doesn’t mean they get to choose when and where they drive all the time. Some great guidelines in this piece.

Misc. Parenting Resources

Types of Parenting Styles – An interesting article on the four different types of parenting.  Which one are you?

50 Easy Ways to Be a Fantastic ParentWant to be the best parent you can be?  Take a look at these 50 easy suggestions on how to be a fantastic parent.

25 Scientific Tips for Raising Happy (& Healthy) KidsParents almost always try their best to raise happy kids.  Here are 25 tips that can help parents accomplish their goals.

An age-by-age guide to disciplining your kidDiscipline is never easy but it IS necessary. Check out this age-by-age guide for disciplining.

8 Practical tips for Adoptive Parents – Being an adoptive parent is just as exciting and confusing as being a biological parent; sometimes more so. Here are 8 tips for adoptive parents that can be a help.

Bringing Your Adopted Child Home – An excellent source of information on how to move your family and yourself through the process of adoption until all of you can finally be together.

Rules for raising a child with ADD that every parent should hearTips and advice on parenting a child with ADD

Resources for Parenting Books

The Only Parenting Books You’ll Ever Need to ReadA collection of twenty great parenting books provided by the Cut.

The 7 Best Parenting Books to Buy in 2018 – If you are looking for some positive parenting books that you can get inexpensively, you’ll find them here.

 The Best Parenting Books to Best Help You Raise Your ChildAn extensive list of parenting books including the best parenting books of all time.

Parenting Books That Have Stood the Test of TimeThese classic parenting books have worked for years and are still popular today.

6 MUST Read Books for Large FamiliesIf you have a large family, these 6 must-read books are for you.

7 Essential Books for Adoptive ParentsIf you are an adoptive parent, here are 7 essential books that will help you with this wonderful parenting life.

Top 10 Parenting Books for Raising BoysA great list of parenting books for the parents of boys

10 MUST HAVE Parenting Books for Raising Christian TeensA helpful list of parenting books for parents of Christian teens.

Top 10 Parenting Books for Raising Girls – A helpful list of parenting books for the parents of girls.

The Best Parenting Books For New Moms…You Can Chunk The Rest!If you are a brand new parent, these are the three books you need.

Parenting Toddlers Without Losing Your Mind: 4 Books You Need To Own NOW!– Parenting toddlers and looking for help and advice? These four books are just what you need.

Parenting Blogs

The Best Parenting Blogs for 2018Take a look at these great parenting blogs that have been listed as the best parenting blogs of 2018 so far.

The 100 Incredible Parenting Blogs Every New Parent Should Read –  If you are a new parent you will love getting your hands on this terrific list of 100 blogs that every new parent should read. Plenty of wonderful advice on parenting and kids on this list.

33 Mom Blogs for the Christian MomIf you are looking for Christian mom or parenting bloggers, this is the list for you.

Top 10 Blogs For Parenting TeenagersIf you have teenagers and want to find blogs that are specifically by parents of teens, take a look at this list of the top 10 blogs for parenting teenagers.

TOP 25 ADOPTION BLOGS BY PARENTSIf you are an adoptive parent, it really helps to read about other adoptive parents’ experiences. Here are 25 blogs that are written by adoptive parents.

5 Foster Care Blogs Worth Readingif you are a foster parent or considering becoming one, these five blogs will be of interest to you.

7 Wonderful Working Mom BlogsBeing a working parent can be really challenging. These 7 working mom blogs will help you deal with the guilt and frustration working parents feel sometimes.

10 Blogs for Parents by Parents Raising Special KidsIf you are parenting special needs children, these 10 blogs that are written for parents of special needs children  BY parents of special needs children will be a real source of comfort and inspiration to you.

Top 25 Large Family Blogs – If you have a large family and want to read about the lives of other large families, take a look at this list of 25 blogs that are about large families. You’ll find a lot of comfort and camaraderie here.

15 Large Family Blogs with The Best Advice (You Should Be Reading) More blogs about large families that contain plenty of advice on budgeting, taking care of multiple children and much more.

Parenting Websites

The Best Parenting WebsitesReal Simple has put together a list of parenting websites, separated by category. Helpful and informative list that you will want to check out.

21 Best Parenting WebsitesLooking for more great parenting sites? Here is a list of 21 top parenting sites by more 4 kids.

The Best Parenting Websites for New ParentsIf you are a new parent you will love this list of parenting sites for new parents by cheatsheet. Com

9 Popular Parenting Websites for Successfully Raising Teenagersthese nine popular websites are successful for helping parents raise teenagers. Take a look if you have teenagers or will have them soon.

10 Best Educational Websites for Kids – A great list for parents who are looking for good sites for their kids. These educational sites offer parents and kids positive information and educational opportunities that are safe for kids.

Helpful Links for Parents – a great site with 28 helpful sites for parents

50 Great Websites for Parents of Children with Special Needsan exceptional list of resources for the parents of special needs children.

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