Sheck Wes Net Worth in 2022 – Age, Height, Life, Family

sheck wes net worth

Sheck Wes Quick Facts

Net Worth $2,500,000
Age 23 years
Date of Birth September 10, 1998
Height 1.88m / 6’2ft
Source of Income Youtuber/Rapper
Residence Miami, Florida United States of America t
Youtube Channel

Sheck Wes Early Life

24 years old Sheck Wes is one of the most successful hip hop stars in America. He was born on April 3, 1997, in New York City to Afro-Moroccan parents. His father Maalik is a Muslim and his mother Keisha is Christian. His family moved to Missouri when he was just two months old. When he was growing up, his family had a tough time and they lived in one room together. So Sheck Wes used to share the room with eight other people and sleep on sofa bed along with his brothers and sisters.

At school, Sheck Wes was interested in dancing more than learning. He often used to skip classes and spent the whole day dancing in a local studio. Due to his mischievous behavior, he was thrown out of the school for few months. He again joined two months later with a different name Sheckwes MMMG.


Sheck Wes acting career began when he was just 14 years old by joining amateur video rapping on YouTube channel. With time, he started coming out in the mainstream. After building a considerable fan following, Sheck released his first single titled “Mo Bamba” which was an instant success and charted at number 74 on the US Charts. His debut song was featured by famous rapper Quavo of Migos who also became his mentor later on. He is currently working with famous rapper Kanye West and he has also launched his own record label in collaboration with Interscope Records.

Sheck Wes was listed on Forbes Richest Rappers List for 2018 at the age of 21. He is one of the youngest rappers to make it to this list. Sheck Wes net worth currently stands at 2.5 Million US dollars as of 2018.

Sheck Wes Personal Life

Sheck Wes is a Muslim and he goes to mosque regularly with his dad Maalik, who converted to Islam from Christianity before Sheck was born. In June, he married a woman named Zaina Javaid as per Islamic tradition as at the age of 22. His wife is currently in Muslim country with Sheck Wes’s family to give birth to their child.

Sheck Wes has two brothers and two sisters who are all his half siblings. He loves spending time with his family when they are back home in New York. Together they go out for dinners, visit theme parks and play video games. Despite earning millions of dollars, Sheck Wes still lives with his parents as he is not married and his wife is away in Muslim country for now.

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