Sheff G Net Worth in 2022 – Age, Height, Life, Family

sheff g net worth

Sheff G Quick Facts

Net Worth $1,000,000
Age 23 years
Date of Birth September 23, 1998
Height 1.70m / 5’7″
Source of Income Youtuber/Rapper
Residence Brooklyn, NY

Sheff G Net Worth

Sheff G is an up-and-coming rap artist from Brooklyn, New York. He rose to fame with the release of his single “No Suburban” in 2017 which was a response to 22Gz’s song “Suburbian I” on SoundCloud. Since then Shefif has been getting support by various notable figures including Wale and Meek Mill just last year alone! His latest album entitled ‘The Soul Food’ dropped earlier this month July 9th 2018 (on 51st Street Music Group) containing 12 songs heavy beats dark lyrics witty rhymes hot sauce everything you need.

Sheff G’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $1,000,000. His music career has just recently started gaining major traction in the last few months of 2017 since his first major single release of “No Suburban.” It is said that he sometimes performs on the streets of New York City during the weekends for extra cash.

Sheff G Early Life

Michael Kyle Williams, better known as Sheff G (born September 23rd 1998), is an up-and coming rap sensation that has been making waves across all of social media. His single “No Suburban” hit number one on the Billboard Heatseekers chart within just two weeks! This song was a response to another track by 22Gz – they’re not big fans of each others’ music so it only makes sense for them both try their hardest in this brawl which resulted with nothing but bloodbottles being thrown around between rappers from rival crews like some wild street fight without any rules or regulation whatsoever: Brooklyn style babyyyy

Sheff G Career

Sheff G has been hot off the heels of his first major single “No Suburban” which reached number 1 on Billboard’s Heatseekers chart after being out for only 2 weeks. This song is a response track to a diss track by 22Gz whom he also went head to head with in their rap battle. Some of his most popular songs are “No Suburban”, “Sunshine Oil”, “Anime Style” and “4 The Bitches”.

Sheff G Personal Life

Mikey Sheff G Williams is a young rapper from Brooklyn, New York. He has been known to have people that are close to him in the rap game, including well known rapper Wale whom he has worked with in the past. Sheff G is often seen at major rap events and concerts around New York City, such as when he was mentioned by Meek Mill during his performance in December 2018. Mikey Shef G is currently signed to 51st Street Music Group.


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