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The best baseball bat bags have plenty of compartments for your bats, gloves, cleats, and other sports gear. They are made of durable, long-lasting material that stand up to all kinds of use without tearing or wearing out.  Our pick, the Easton Walk-Off Bat Pack, is a combination of all these features.

This bag even features a helmet holder on the outside so there is more interior space for other gear. A bonus feature that we liked with this bag is that it has outside space for your team’s logo to be embroidered should you desire. The vented shoe compartment can hold your cleats and allow them to breathe so the bag doesn’t hold shoe odors. We also liked its felt-lined compartment that we used for cell phones, wallets and other belongings.

Winner: Easton Walk-Off Bat Pack
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Introduction to the Baseball Bat Bags

Rather than carry bats and other baseball equipment in a plastic bag or in your arms, you can have everything neatly held and easily carried by purchasing a baseball bat bag for all your gear. There are many types and styles of baseball bat bags on the market that will work for any number of bats, gloves, cleats or additional gear that you need when playing.

In addition to keeping all the gear contained, baseball bat bags have several added uses. Having a good quality bag makes carrying all your baseball gear much easier and efficient since you won’t have to make more than one trip. It also keeps your gear protected from the elements or getting lost.

Baseball bat bags are designed to keep all your gear in one place which reduces the chances of anything getting damaged. Modern baseball bags have several compartments that can be used for gloves, extra baseballs, or even personal belongings including keys, your wallet and other items you may need.

There are several factors involved in looking for the best baseball bat bag for your needs. With many choices out there, picking the best bag can be challenging if you don’t know what to look for. This buyer’s guide will help guide you through some of the considerations you should take into account in order to make an informed decision.

Top Ranked Baseball Bat Bags

Easton Walk-Off Bat Pack

Easton is a well-known and trusted name in sporting equipment. This baseball bat bag has a variety of features that make it one of the most popular bat bags on the market.

With all the pockets and extra storage this bag has you can use it for all of your baseball gear and personal belongings too.

There is a helmet holder, a vented pocket to hold your cleats and two side sleeves for carrying your bats.  There is even an external padded pocket that allows users to carry their tablets or laptops as well.

There is a pocket on the front that offers an organizational panel and the straps for the shoulder and back are padded too.  The utility, dual zipper has a fence hook for maximum functionality.  Put your valuables in the felt-lined pocket that can hold keys, your wallet, and cell phone during the game.

This roomy, valuable baseball bat bag is made from 420D honeycomb, ripstop polyester that is 600D.  With the proper care and not overloading it beyond capacity, this bag will last a good long time.

Louisville Slugger 7 Rig Baseball Equipment Bag

Louisville Slugger is another well-known name in sporting equipment.  This wheeled bag offers plenty of storage and can hold up to 4 bats.

The durable construction provides users with a long-lasting bag that can hold plenty of gear.  It even has a removable personalization panel that can be embroidered with the team logo.

The bottom of the bag is rigid and has rails that stabilize the bag and allow it to roll smoothly.  There is a separate compartment for your cleats, a protective pocket where valuables such as keys and cell phone can be kept, and it holds a helmet and facemask as well.

If you’re looking for an attractive, stylish bat bag that has room for all of your baseball gear, look no further than this Louisville Slugger 7 Rig bag.

Youth baseball bag from ABD ATHLETE

Adults are not the only sports fans who can benefit from a good quality baseball bat bag.  This youth baseball bag from ABD Athlete has many features that make it a great choice for your child’s baseball gear.

There is a main compartment on the front which is large enough to hold a batting helmet and all your other gear, plus it has 3 adjustable external straps that can hold 2 bats.

The padded side picket will hold a tablet or a 15” laptop and the soft-lined valuables pocket will protect your cell phone and other valuables while the game is on.

There is a separate compartment for cleats that is vented so your shoes won’t cause the entire bag to have a shoe odor.  The cleat compartment fits a pair of shoes up to a men’s 14.

The shoulder straps are padded and made from ultra-comfortable mesh that is breathable and allows for plenty of air circulation.  The handle is rubberized for maximum comfort and grip.

The ABD Athlete baseball bag is a durable and long-lasting bag made from 1200D heavy duty nylon.  It is waterproof, weatherproof, and features upgraded, strong zippers, and a moisture-resistant, rubberized bottom material with reinforced fabric for the ultimate in durability.

This isn’t a bag you will have for a short time. With the proper care, it will last through many baseball seasons.  Easily hang it up, out of the way, with its heavy-duty carabiner hook.  There is a 90 day guarantee on this product.

Baseball Bat Bags Summary

There are many different types and styles of baseball bat bags on the market. They are functional bags that provide baseball players with a useful place to keep all their baseball gear and personal items such as tablets, laptops, cell phones and more. You will not have to worry about juggling your gear in your hands or making multiple trips; this bag will hold all your baseball gear and make traveling from the car to the field a one-trip endeavor.

With all these choices, it may feel overwhelming to try and sort through them to determine a good-quality bag from lower-quality, cheaply-made bag. That is where this buyer’s guide comes in. We will provide you with the information you need about these versatile and functional bags so you can sort through the choices easily and make a good decision for you or your child.

All three of the baseball bat bags featured above exemplify what we mean when we say a quality baseball bat bag. All of them are from reputable and well-trusted companies and each bag has plenty of storage capacity and extra compartments for all the baseball gear you need. They all have pockets for valuables that are lined for maximum protection. Any one of these pockets can hold a 15” laptop if needed.

Baseball Bat Bag Comparison





Easton E100T



Mizuno Wheel

Louisville Series 9

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/ Navy
Platinum Camo
/ Black
/ Scarlet
/ Pink
Material 420D
420D Hex
Nylon 600D
Polyester 600D
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Baseball Bat Bag Buyers Guide

Basic Features to Consider

There are a few basic features that most baseball bat bags have.  The three main types of baseball bat bag are:

  • Handheld – Handheld bags have the same basic idea that duffle bags do. They are narrow and long and can accommodate bats and have enough room to carry balls and gloves.
  • Shoulder carry – The shoulder strap bag is better for carrying a lot of heavy equipment since you carry the weight of the bag with your body and not just your arm.  However, if you need to walk long distances, a shoulder bag can still become cumbersome and tiring, especially because they tend to pull your body unevenly to the side.  Many bat bags have both a handle and a shoulder strap.
  • Backpack – This style of bat bag is relatively new and is designed to be like a regular school backpack.  These backpack bat bags have two straps that allow the weight of the bag to be more evenly distributed across your body. The backpack bat bag typically has at least two sleeves on the outside of the bag for carrying bats; one per sleeve. But there are bags that can carry more than two, if needed.

Any of these three types of bags may include wheels which make carrying all your baseball gear even easier.  With all of the types of baseball bat bags available, choosing the right one for your needs will depend on how much gear you carry, what gear you need and how many players you need to carry gear for.

If you are a catcher, having a bag with wheels can be incredibly helpful when having to tote around all the additional gear a catcher wears.  There are two types of wheeled bags; inline wheels and tank wheels.  If you are considering wheeled bat bags, look for models that have rails on the bottom since they are stronger and more durable. The rails will prevent premature ripping and tearing especially if you carry a lot of gear.

The Design of the Bat Bag

Take a look at the layout of the bat bags you are considering.  You want to make sure that the bag you purchase has the capability and capacity to carry the gear you need to carry. Most bat bags have a lot of different compartments on the outside and inside that can accommodate every piece of baseball equipment that you will need.  Determine what gear you will be carrying and look for the right bag to accommodate that gear.

Below we have listed the most common baseball equipment that you may be carrying and the kind of bags that will accommodate those items.  You do not need to get a bag for each piece of gear so what you will want to do is look for the bag that has a lot of the different features needed to carry multiple types of equipment and then all your carrying needs can be met from one bag.

  • Bats – Bats are one of the main pieces of equipment that you will be carrying.  Look at the bag to make sure that it can carry your bats either in sleeves on the side or if it is a long, narrow bag; inside the compartment.  Bat bags protect your bats from damage so it is important that your bag can accommodate them in some way.
  • Clothing – many bags advertise compartments that will work well for carrying extra clothing or your uniform.  These compartments are for clothing and not usually the same compartment where cleats can be kept. Keeping clothing and cleats separated will prevent shoes from catching on clothing and damaging it.
  • Gloves – One of the most personal and expensive pieces of equipment that you have in baseball is your glove.  When gloves are just tossed into a compartment with cleats and other gear, the gloves can lose their shape and become worn out.  You can protect the shape and surface of your glove by finding a bag that has a pocket specifically for your baseball glove.
  • Cleats – The dirtiest item in your bat bag will be your cleats.  They can also harm your clothing, gloves and bats with the spikes that are on the bottom.  Most bags have a dedicated cleat pocket for your shoes. Definitely utilize this pocket to keep your shoes separate from the rest of your gear.
  • Helmet – Many bat bags have a single storage pocket that will hold your helmet and your gloves.  Storing your helmet in its own place will keep dirt and grime away from it.
  • Gloves for batting – Gloves are small and easy to store in one of the many pockets of bat bags.  Some bags will have a hook for your gloves but a pocket works just as well.
  • Water Bottles/Sunscreen – When you are playing baseball, it can get incredibly hot and you may be outside for extended periods of time.  Make sure that you include a water bottle and sunscreen in your bat bag to protect your skin from getting burned and to keep you hydrated as well.
  • Valuables and personal items – It is frustrating when there is nowhere for you to carry your personal items.  Baseball pants don’t have pockets so your bag is the only safe place to put your valuables. Most valuables-pockets are on the smaller side and are often lined with felt.  These pockets, especially if they close with a zipper, are well worth the investment since the helpful zipper will keep your valuables from falling out.


A good quality baseball bat bag will do a lot more than just help you move the gear from the car to the field. It will help you keep track of all your gear, protect it from the elements, and protect it from getting damaged by being all together.

With so many different styles and designs of baseball bat bags on the market, you will definitely be able to find that bag that you truly love, especially if you have been paying attention to the different bag type descriptions above. The information we have included in this buyer’s guide will help you understand the differences between various models and styles.

All this information can be applied when you start researching different bags. You will now be able to make an informed decision that will take care of your needs. Knowledge is key to knowing how to sort though all the different bat bags available so you can spend your money on the one that is just perfect for carrying all your baseball gear.


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