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We spent 40 hours researching and testing more than 10 different types and styles of bowling glove and found that proper fit, durability, and cost were the most important factors for consumers who were shopping for bowling gloves. Monster Grip Bowling Glove scored high marks in all categories and is our overall top pick. Despite not having the metal inserts that some bowling gloves have it provides plenty of support including a durable nylon strap for extra wrist support.  The ventilation this glove offers keeps your hands dry and cool during the game.  The premium materials used in construction provide you with a glove that is comfortable, stylish, and flexible.

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1. Monster Grip

Best Overall Bowling Glove

5/5 Product Rating

The Monster Grip Bowling Glove is an excellent choice for beginners.  It is made from premium, durable materials that will give you a comfortable fit that is flexible.

There are no metal additions in this glove the way there are in some other styles but the nylon strapping gives you plenty of wrist support.

In addition to performance, the Monster grip glove is stylish as well and will look great with any attire you wear. The off-finger thumb design offers plenty of ventilation so your hands stay dry and cool throughout the game. 

There is not a tremendous amount of support with this glove but once you get familiar with the design it is a good glove to get you through the beginner and intermediate levels.

The Monster Grip bowling glove is very affordable which makes it a good glove to start with if you are just getting started in bowling or for the casual player that only plays once in a while.

Jonathan Maxwell

2. Ebonite

Best Overall Bowling Glove – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating

This quality bowling glove is from Ebonite, a leader in the bowling industry and is the preferred brand of many pros.  The top grade leather used in construction provides plenty of durability. The spandex between each finger area provides the user with plenty of stretchability.

The back of the glove has steel added that gives the glove more rigidity and keeps your hand in the proper position.

The glove is lightweight and comfortable although it does not have the ventilation that some have.  You may notice your hand gets a little warm when wearing the glove.

The wrist closure features a hook and loop design that provide the kind of support that a bowler wants to improve their game.  

You will get better results when wearing these gloves if you take them off every so often to let your hands relax.   The cost of these gloves is a bit higher than other styles due to the brand name and quality.  They are a good choice for advanced or expert bowlers.

Jonathan Maxwell

3. Snow Fox

4.4/5 Product Rating

When you purchase these Snow Fox Sports bowling gloves you get a pair of gloves, one for the right hand and one for the left hand. 

The flexible design of these colorful gloves includes wrist support that features a 3 exposed finger design that gives you plenty of flexibility and power.

They are made from premium materials that include an anti-skid palm with silicone printing, a lycra bowling thumb saver that is super breathable and more.

These colorful gloves are available in bright orange or bright green and can be worn by men and women. 

The company offers a 30 day money back guarantee that covers product quality. They also have a very helpful, responsive customer service team that is happy to help you.

Jonathan Maxwell

Bowling Glove Comparison

Monster Grip


Snow Fox







Size S – XXL S – XL M – L S – XXL S – XL XL S – XL L S – XL L
Both Right Both Both Right Right Both Right Both Right
Material Synthetic Textile Supple Leather Lycra Wavy Spandex 300D Tatting Fabric Soft Leather Synthetic Fabric Nylon Cool-Max Fabric Spandex
Color Black Black Green / Orange Gray / Black / Orange Black Blue Black Red / Yellow Black / Blue Black / Blue
1 1 1 3 5 2 1 1 1 5


Bowling Glove Buying Guide

Bowling Glove Buying Guide

Bowlers of all skill levels use bowling gloves to prevent injuries, develop the right form and enabling experienced bowlers to maintain their proper form when they are bowling. The right bowling gloves can also offer support to any existing wrist or hand injuries you may have. We’ve listed additional reasons that bowlers choose to use bowling gloves as well.

  • Bowling gloves give you a better grip on the ball. Some styles have tackiness along the fingers or palm.
  • Provides padding so you have a better feel of the ball without hurting your skin.
  • Prevents calluses from developing
  • Sweaty hands and oil from the ball don’t affect your throw since the glove helps stabilize it before you release.

Types of Bowling Gloves

There are a few different styles of bowling gloves on the market that serve the needs of different bowlers. Some offer little support while some look like arm casts. Determining your specific needs is paramount in figuring out which bowling glove you should purchase. Below we have listed the different styles of bowling gloves you will encounter during your browsing and shopping experience.

  • One Finger Bowling Glove – One finger gloves both protect the first finger or the pinky and adds grip. The ring and middle fingers are fingerless so they can be inserted into the ball unobstructed.
  • Fingerless Bowling Glove – Fingerless bowling gloves offer a natural feel because more of your hand comes in contact with the bowling ball. The padding these gloves have add grip to the palm for better control.
  • 2-Finger Bowling Glove – The most popular bowling glove is the two finger glove which features fingerless middle fingers and ring finger. The pointer and pinky have fingers with a grippy surface that helps provide more control for the other fingers.
  • Finger Socks – These sparse “gloves” cover your thumb and provide your palm with grip.

Features to Consider When Buying a Bowling Glove

During the research and testing of many styles of bowling gloves top features that pro bowlers look for were discovered. We have listed these important features below. These are the features you want to look for when you start shopping.

Materials – The most common materials used for bowling gloves are leather and nylon which are the best materials you could look for. Nylon is flexible and lighter but leather offers a lot more durability. If you prefer leather bowling gloves look for models that feature spandex for extra flexibility and stretch. Some bowling gloves have a combination of leather and synthetic materials which can lower the price a little bit. Gloves are not typically washable so it is very important to take care of them properly. If you have a leather bowling glove and it gets wet it can ruin the glove so allow them to dry flat.

Bowling Glove Buying Guide

Design – There are several designs that are used for bowling gloves. Some bowlers prefer full gloves while others would rather play with 2-finger gloves or fingerless gloves. Full gloves lack ventilation and can be a lot more expensive. When wearing full gloves you may need to take them off occasionally during the game to let your hands breathe. Gloves that have thumb protection have more ventilation but they can cause blisters on the thumbs.

Stability – If you are just starting out with bowling you will find that gloves that offer extra stability are very helpful. Gloves that have metal added will help you maintain the rigidity that is needed for a good throw. The gloves with metal added are heavier but they will improve your game, especially if you are a beginner.

Left or Right Handed – Bowling gloves are designed for either the right or left hand. If you are only wearing one glove you need to buy a glove that is for the hand you bowl with. (The one that releases the ball) some bowlers like wearing two gloves but this is not the norm.
Quality stitching – How well the bowling gloves are put together plays a big part in how long they last and how strong they are. The brand of bowling glove plays a factor in how well-made the glove is so keep that in mind when you are browsing.

Brand Name – The Company that manufactures the bowling glove you choose is important if you want to ensure that you get the right bowling glove. There are several popular brands that are leaders in the industry including Ebonite, Brunswick, and Columbia. When looking at different types of bowling gloves focus on the ones from these reputable companies.

Style – While style is the last thing on the list that you need to worry about when it comes to a bowling glove, it is always nice to have a bowling glove that you enjoy wearing and like the look of. There are many different styles but not a whole lot of colors available. It is more important to choose a glove that is well made, fits well, and has the features you want than to worry about color.

Cost – Bowling gloves can range in price from as low as 10 dollars and as high as 20 dollars or more. It is a piece of bowling equipment that does not cost a ton like balls and shoes can so if at all possible you should spring for the best quality bowling glove you can afford. High prices don’t always mean quality but if you look at the other factors as well you can find a bowling glove that will last.

Customer Comments & Reviews – One of the best things you can do when looking for the best bowling glove is to read comments and reviews from other customers that have purchased the glove you are interested in and are using it in day to day situations. People who leave reviews on products they are using can give you a lot of insight into how the product performs when in use. This is a very valuable way to get insider information on any bowling glove you are considering.

The importance of grip

One of the most important aspects of a good bowling glove is grip. Excellent grip is necessary for a good bowling game so it is something you should pay attention to and look for when you are sorting through the different bowling gloves on the market. Features that improve the grip of your bowling glove include tackiness (stickiness) that adds a little bit of friction between your gloved hand and the ball.

Bowling Glove Buying Guide

Without the right grip it is easier to drop the ball on the approach which can cause injury as well as ruining your game. Make sure that grip is one of the major features you look for as you browse.

The bowling pro or other bowlers who use gloves will be a great resource for telling you about bowling gloves that have really good grip. Get their suggestions and browse through them to see which ones appeal to you.

The importance of support

Support is another area that is important for a good game. It is also important for reducing any bowling injuries to your wrist. The wrist can become strained when bowling frequently or bowling in a long tournament.

Bowling gloves offer many different degrees of support from very little support at all to heavy support that feels a lot like a cast. Choose the level of support you need based on experience level, any previous injuries you may have, and what your bowling pro recommends.


The right bowling glove may not be as important as the right ball or shoes but it is a major component in an excellent game and can help improve areas that you may be struggling in such as hand positioning and grip. Now that you have more understanding of what bowling gloves offer and how they are designed you will be able to determine what your own preferences and needs are.

The three top-rated bowling gloves we have reviewed above are great examples of the type of bowling gloves you want to choose for your own game. All three of them are made from quality materials that will allow you to start as a beginner and consistently improve your game. As you progress you may choose to purchase other gloves that match your skill level.

Each of the featured bowling gloves above can supply the features you want so you can work on your bowling game and get accustomed to the glove’s fit and performance. Each glove will fit and feel different so you may end up trying several before you settle on one specific type of bowling glove that you really like the feel and performance of.

An expert bowler will probably choose a very different bowling glove than a beginner will. If you know some expert bowlers watch what they use and if you know them well enough ask what they like about one glove over another one. Their experience can be very helpful in steering you the right way in your own search.

The information in the buying guide has provided you with the features to look for as well as the different styles of bowling gloves there are. This information will allow you to make a confident decision on the right bowling glove that will enhance and improve your game.

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