Best Golf Bag Travel Cover

We spent over 41 hours researching and testing 15 different types of golf bag travel covers and found that number of pockets and storage, durability, and value were most important. The CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2 Golf Bag Travel Cover scored high marks in every category and is our top pick. The 1800d nylon fabric used to create this tough and durable travel bag will protect your clubs and last a long time. The additional padding at the top of the bag protects the club heads while you are traveling. The lockable main zipper gives you some security and the inline skate wheels make it much easier to pull through the airport during your travels.

Golf Bag Travel Cover Review
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1. CaddyDaddy Constrictor

Best Overall Golf Bag Travel Cover

5/5 Product Rating
The name may not sound very tough, but the 1800d nylon fabric that makes up this golf travel bag provides long lasting durability.

There is additional padding at the top of the travel bag which will protect the heads of your clubs during travel.

In addition, there are compression straps that will keep the clubs from moving around and rubber and padded nylon handles located at the top, center and bottom of the bag for easy transport.

The lockable main zipper provides some security for your clubs while you are traveling and the in-line skate wheels make pulling the bag through airports much easier.

The bag weighs about 8.2 pounds. The heavy duty curb rails and reinforced stress points add to the bag’s durability. There are two oversized pockets that are lockable and can handle shoes and extra belongings.

The restraining straps on the outside of the bag provide support and an address slot is stitched to the bag along with a removable luggage tag provide your information for your clubs’ safety. This bag comes with a 1 year limited warranty. The bag comes in black with navy highlights or black with grey.

Jonathan Maxwell

2. Bag Boy

Best Overall Golf Bag Travel Cover – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
This quality golf bag cover from Bag Boy allows golfers to transport their clubs safely and easily.

The extra thick padded top is made from high density foam and PVC that is impact resistant to protect clubs while traveling.

This cover is made from a combination of Fabric and Nylon for maximum durability.

The wrap around main zipper is lockable and makes access super easy.

Other features of this golf bag cover include inline wheels that provide easy transport through busy airports via smooth rolling wheels, deluxe style skid bars on the back that have a long lasting skid resistant PVC base.

This cover will fit up to 10” cart bags and can cover a 48” driver as well. The internal compression strap helps to stabilize the bag whenever you are traveling.

Jonathan Maxwell

3. CaddyDaddy CDX-10

Best Budget Golf Bag Travel Cover

4.5/5 Product Rating
The CaddyDaddy CDX-10 makes sure that you can bring your clubs with you wherever you want to go. The performance and superior quality of this travel bag makes it one of the best you can buy.

The durable nylon construction and generously padded interior keep your clubs protected during trips. The adjustable clamps keep all of your clubs securely in place.

The top handle makes transporting it much easier and pulling it through busy airports is simple thanks to the in-skate wheels.

You will not need to use a lot of effort or energy to pull or push the bag even when it is fully loaded. The lockable zipper helps keep your clubs protected and is easily accessible.

The interior of this great golf travel bag is soft and padded to protect all of your gear and keep the club heads from getting damaged.

There are two large pockets that can be used for shoes and extra clothing if needed. The unique handles are riveted to the bag, providing extra strength.

There are heavy duty curb rails and many other features that combine to provide you with a travel bag that is easy to move around and that also keeps all of your golf clubs safe and sound while you are traveling from place to place. With a golf travel bag like this you will be able to take your clubs with you anytime you like. There is a 1 year warranty on this bag as well.

Jonathan Maxwell

Golf Bag Travel Cover Comparison

Caddy Daddy

Bag Boy

Caddy Daddy CDX10


SKB Deluxe


Caddy Daddy Hybrid

SKB Staff

SKB Standard

Sun Mountain
Color Black Black
/ Camo
/ Charcoal
Black Black Black Black
/ Silver
Black Black Black Black
/ Red
/ Royal
Material 1800D
Nylon 600D
Polyethylene 600D
Polyethylene Polyethylene 1200D
1 1

1 1 Limited
5 1 Limited
9 10.8 8.5 3.2 17.6 14 12 15 14.8 11.8
2 1 2 0 0 2 3 0 0 2
13 x 50 x 15 13.5 x 51 x 13.5 13 x 50 x 15 48 x 13 x 13 48 x 14 x 11 54 x 14 x 17 9 x 49 x 12 49 x 16 x 12 48 x 12 x 11 52 x 14 x 14


Golf Bag Travel Cover Buying Guide

Best Golf Bag Travel Cover

What is a Golf Bag Travel Cover?

golf-bag-travel-cover1A golf bag cover is designed with the sole purpose of providing golfers with a way to travel with their golf clubs while keeping them safe and protected. These bags typically have padding, zippered locks, and other features that will keep your golf clubs safe and sound. If you travel and play golf wherever you travel, getting a good golf travel bag is a must. Deciding which golf travel bag you need depends on the type of traveling you do.

Is a Hard Cover or Soft Cover Best?

There are pros and cons about both types of golf bag covers. We’ll outline these differences and benefits below.

Hard case – A hard-sided golf bag travel cover provides the most protection for your clubs during travel. If you travel frequently with your golf clubs, you will more than likely prefer a hard cover so you have the maximum protection. They are the more expensive option between the two, but if you do a lot of traveling, you want the most protection you can get.

A hard cover is heavier than a soft one. Most of them have wheels for easier transport. Be sure to consider the weight when deciding so your clubs, within the case, will still fit within the golf restrictions and requirements. Sometimes the rigid casing of the hard cover is more difficult to get into cabs or rental cars.

Soft Case – Soft covers are cheaper and much lighter which tends to make them a more popular choice for those who don’t do a lot of traveling by air. They are typically easier to maneuver as well. Another benefit to the soft cover is that it is easier to store and put into different types of vehicles which make them a very good choice if you do most of your traveling by car.

Soft bag covers offer a lot more protection than others, so be certain that you are looking at everything you need to before making a decision. Construction, materials the case is made of, stitching and more are all factors that will affect the reliability and longevity of your golf bag travel cover.

Features of a Good Golf Bag Travel Cover

We have outlined all of the features that can be offered in a golf bag cover for traveling. Decide which of these features are important to you so you will search for styles that have those features.

  • Travel Bag Weight – A lightweight golf bag cover is much easier to travel with than a heavy one. Another factor to think about is the extra cost that is involved in traveling with overweight golf gear. The normal maximum weight limits for golf gear are between 50-70 pounds and this includes the bag as well. Make sure you include the weight of the bag when you estimate the total weight.
  • golf-bag-travel-cover2

  • Travel Bag Size – You want to make sure that the size of the travel bag cover fits within airline guidelines. You will need to check with the airline you will be using for their specific guidelines as it will vary from airline to airline.
  • Material – The material your bag cover is made of will determine the durability and weight of your golf travel bag. The sides of the golf bag are going to be the most vulnerable to problems so be sure to look for bag covers that have thicker, more durable sides. You also want to find a bag cover that has an easy to clean material. Cordura is extremely durable and very popular for golfers who like the soft travel cases.
  • Padding – Padding is an important factor in how well your bag cover protects your clubs. Look for bags that have generous padding at the top to protect the club heads and also padding elsewhere so your clubs are protected all the way around. The more padding the better although this will affect the weight of the bag a little bit.
  • Organization – You want to find a bag cover that has extra storage for shoes and gear as well as a bag that has good organization of your clubs. Many covers have large pockets on the outside for those extras that a golfer has.
  • Wheels – The majority of golf bag travel covers, both hard and soft, have wheels so the user can pull them through the airport easily.
  • Handles – It is important and beneficial to get a bag cover that has durable handles. They need to be able to handle carrying the maximum weight that the bag allows without breaking or snapping off. You also want to look for models that have multiple handles to allow for different ways of carrying the bag.
  • Easy Storage – Soft case golf bag travel covers are collapsible which makes them very easy to store away when not in use. This is much more convenient than trying to store a hard case.
  • Luggage Locks – Most golf bag covers come with zippered locks at the top so you can lock your clubs up securely. Because they are usually considered oversized luggage, you will more than likely have to pick up your clubs separately from the rest of your luggage. This means that your golf clubs will be unattended longer than your luggage and the locks help keep your belongings safe. Padlocks are much stronger than zipper locks but make sure that you get a TSA approved luggage padlock.
  • Appearance – Do you want your golf bag to stand out or blend it? There are many different color varieties available and this is up to personal preference which one you get. Golf gear is expensive, so you want to avoid drawing a lot of attention to your bag. If you have a brand new bag, it is advisable to get some dirt on it before you travel so people don’t see it as brand new gear.
  • Warranties – Check the warranty on your travel bag cover and look for the best warranty you can find. Some offer just a year or two, others have lifetime warranties.

Travel Tips

  • Use head covers on your irons and insert them into your travel bag head down to give them added protection.
  • golf-bag-travel-cover3

  • If the heads on your woods are removable, take them off and insert the shafts into the bag tip side down.
  • Be sure to lock up your bag before checking it.
  • Make sure your address and name are clearly visible on an address tag that doesn’t come off easily.


Many golfers that are businessmen or women love to play golf on their trips. It may even be a part of certain business trip activities when meeting new clients. For this reason it is a good idea to get a good golf bag travel cover that protects your golf clubs and makes traveling with them much more convenient.

We have provided the information you need to choose the perfect bag cover for your needs. With the information you have learned in this guide and the detailed reviews on the three top choices above, you have all you need to make a confident decision on the kind of bag cover that will be the best for your personal needs.

There are a lot of good bag covers out there, but you want to make sure that you get the best you can get so your golf clubs are safe when you travel. This information and researching carefully will ensure that you choose a cover that you will enjoy using and that will do the job it is supposed to do.


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