Best Plantar Fasciitis Socks

Plantar Fasciitis Socks Review

Many people suffer from a common foot problem called Plantar Fasciitis.  This condition typically causes pain in the heel that can range from moderate to really severe.  Having Plantar Fasciitis can influence what activities you are able to do.  Our top pick is the Plantar Fasciitis Compression Socks by RiptGear.

Best Overall Plantar Fasciitis Socks

Plantar Fasciitis Socks by RiptGear

RiptGear Plantar Fasciitis Compression Socks provide you with relief whether you are working all day on your feet or you are running in a 5k race.

They use the #1 recommended design for this type of compression sock that will help reduce inflammation and improve circulation by providing compression on both sides of your feet and also on the bottom.

This all-over compression helps with healing and also compresses the ligament, relieving the pain you are feeling in the arch of your foot and the heel as well.

The RiptGear Plantar Fasciitis socks are available in Small/Medium and Large/X-Large sizes and they are machine washable as well.  (In cold water)

RiptGear provides users with compression socks that are comfortable and easily worn under your existing socks.  You will recover much faster when you choose these top rated plantar fasciitis compression socks by RiptGear.

Bitly Plantar Fasciitis Socks

Bitly Plantar Fasciitis Socks will help you deal with the pain that prevents you from fully participating in exercise or even day to day movement. These socks offer support that provides plenty of the benefits that ankle sleeves offer so you heal faster.

These compression socks are available in a variety of sizes and colors. It is important to get the right size so the sock isn’t sliding off or slipping down during use or that is so tight it cuts off circulation.

The hygienic fabric is comfortable for all day use and is made from material that won’t trap in odors. The moisture-wicking properties of these socks keep your feet dry while preventing swelling of the feet and promoting faster healing.

Best Budget Plantar Fasciitis Socks

Thirty48 Plantar Fasciitis Compression Socks(2 Pairs)

The material used in Thirty48 Plantar Fasciitis Compression Socks is lightweight, stretchy and designed to be as comfortable as possible while promoting support and fast healing. The elastic design is so comfortable you can wear them for leisure, exercising or while working.

You will get 20 to 30 mmHg of compression in a design that fits tightly around the muscles and nerves which helps increase circulation while reducing inflammation.

Made from 75% Nylon and 25% Spandex, you can wear these socks with any type of shoe comfortably. The strong protection it provides at your ankle will keep the foot balances, reducing the chances of sprains or twists.

Plantar Fasciitis Socks Buying Guide

Plantar Fasciitis Socks Reviews

What are Plantar Fasciitis Compression Socks?

These special socks are designed to help reduce pain and inflammation for those suffering with this condition. During the healing process, compression socks are able to provide you with fast relief so you can get around as needed. If you have to spend a lot of time on your feet, plantar fasciitis compression socks will reduce how much heel pain you have during the healing process.

The plantar fasciitis socks provide extra pressure on the fascia ligament which can provide a lot of pain relief. The socks are not meant to cure the problem so make sure that you also add special shoes or orthotics if you have to spend a lot of time on your feet on a regular basis.

Benefits of Plantar Fasciitis Socks

There are several benefits that you will get from wearing these specially designed socks. One of the biggest benefits is pain relief. It won’t cure the problem or remove 100% of the pain but when worn with the right shoes or inserts, there will be a drastic difference in how you feel and the level of pain you are dealing with.

Wearing these socks will enable you to walk and move around as you need to in your day to day activities. Your morning pain will be much lower due to the stable position that your foot will be in.

Features to Look For When Purchasing Plantar Fasciitis Socks

There are several key features that you want to look for when researching different plantar fasciitis socks.  We have listed these features below so you can research with confidence and choose the right pair of compression socks for your needs.

  • Compression zones – Look for plantar fasciitis socks that feature compression zones in the ankle area on both sides and the bottom of the foot as well. These are the areas that tend to be the most effect by this condition.  A snug fit in these areas can help significantly with pain reduction.  The compression these socks provide will also speed up the healing process and provide more circulation to the area.
  • Moisture-Wicking/Odor Reducing Material – If you are extremely physically active, this type of material will keep the foot comfortable and dry. The compression socks with this moisture-wicking material are good for those who are physically active. This also helps to prevent odors from building up.
  • Lightweight, stretchy material – If you want to wear these socks day and night for maximum comfort and pain relief, you want material that is comfortable and easy to wear under any type of shoe and with your regular socks as well. The main objective is to find the socks that will provide you with the right compression in the right areas and that will keep the plantar fascia in a stable position to reduce pain.