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Every wakeboard has some similarities but there are also a lot of differences in their shape, the profile of the rocker and the set up of the fin. You need to understand these different properties so you can choose the right wakeboard for your need and preferences. We looked at the 15 most popular wakeboards on the market and considered their length, durability, construction, the rocker profile, the wakeboard fin set up and other factors. The three wakeboards that are featured below were the clear winners in all of these categories that we considered.

Best Wakeboard
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1. Hyperlite

Best Overall Wakeboard

5/5 Product Rating
Full Throttle presents a wakeboard that is perfect for all skill levels but seems to be the best suited to the beginning rider or intermediate rider.

There are many channels that are defined and run from the tip of the board to the nose. These channels increase the edge control and the stability of the board.

Lace-up boots is another feature of this wake board and are part of the simple design.

Additional features include a continuous rocker that will give the rider an easier turn and will also easily life them off of the wake.

There are two molded fins, ABS retention strips, an ABS fin block that is reinforced and other great features. The reinforced fin block increases the strength of the wakeboard.

This great board from Full Throttle works great for riders that weigh 230 pounds and above.

You will also get boots that come with the wakeboard so additional purchase isn’t necessary. Some of the other features that are a part of this board include a floating EVA toe, molded EVA heel, a claw plate that has a traditional design and elastic laces.

Jonathan Maxwell

2. Rave

Best Overall Wakeboard – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
If you are looking for a higher end, quality wakeboard, look no further than the Rave Lyric Wakeboard that has advantage binding that will provide plenty of security in the fit.

It works well for riders that weight more than 125 pounds.

The stable and secure fit of the board and the sharp looking design is perfect for getting out on the water in style.

There are many features that make this a terrific wakeboard that you will love using and owning.

The 3 stage rocker features a rounded edge that will provide the user with plenty of versatility to perform tricks on the surface of the water. You will also be able to make sharp cuts as well.

One of the really outstanding features of this wakeboard is the Advantage boot with the bindings.

There is a binding system that has multiple points and allows the rider to make whatever adjustments that will make you feel like you have a custom made wakeboard. Riders that weigh 125 pounds and over are the perfect candidates for this board.

Jonathan Maxwell

3. Hydroslide

Best Budget Wakeboard

4.5/5 Product Rating
Another board that is perfect for intermediate and beginning riders is the Black Widow by Hydroslide.

This easy going design has characteristics that make this board easy to learn on for the new rider and enjoyable for the rider that has been doing this for awhile.

The Universal Jr. bindings will give you a very secure fit while you are getting familiar with the board and are learning to do different jumping tricks and other things.

The flashy design on the board is Hydroslide’s logo in sharp black and red.

These chaser bindings make this a very simple board to use.

It will fit the majority of adult shoe sizes. The channel at the bottom is a Quad channel.

This is a great wakeboard for getting started with this fun and exciting sport.

Jonathan Maxwell

Wakeboard Comparison




Body Glove

Absolute Outdoor

Hyperlite State


Liquid Force



Color Black
/ White
Black Black Yellow
/ Black
/ Blue
Black Black Multi
/ White
/ Red
52.75 – 55.90 55.51 56.00 55 – 58 55.10 51.18 – 55.11 52.75 – 57.48 52.75 – 55.90 55.11 54.72 – 56.30
2.50 3.00 5.08 5.00 2.50 2.50 2.70 2.60 2.25 2.83
100 – 230 125 – 220 130 – 136 125 – 220 155 – 200 130 – 200 133 – 160 127 – 136 40 – 230 130 – 136
Warranty 2 Year 1 Year 2 Years 1 Year 3 Years 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
8 – 14 7 – 14 5 – 12 6 – 13 7 – 14 7 – 10.5 6 – 14 6 – 13 8 – 11 6 – 12


Wakeboard Buying Guide

Wakeboard Reviews

Things to Consider

Wakeboard1There are several things to think about when you are searching for a wakeboard. We have outlined the different ability levels as well as provided you with the different characteristics that make up a good quality wakeboard.

Ability Level of the Rider

The ability of the rider is one of the most important considerations to think about when looking at different wakeboards. With all of the shapes and sizes available it can be a challenge to decide. The information below will help make the choice an easy one.

  • Beginner to Intermediate Rider – There are wakeboards that are equipped with continuous rockers or 3 stage rockers that are perfect for the rider that is just getting started and hasn’t ridden before or riders that have been riding for a little while and is starting to be able to cross the wake. These wakeboards are typically priced to appeal to riders that use wakeboards for pleasure and recreation.
  • Intermediate to Advanced Rider – Intermediate and advanced wakeboards are perfect for riders that are able to cross the wake in either direction and for those that are now clearing that wake. This particular level has a lot of variety and choices available. It will help for you to understand the different features that are prevalent in this category.
  • Advanced to Expert Rider – This level is for riders that are working on tricks, spinning, or stomping inverts. The aggressive continuous rockers or 3 stage rockers at this level are far less lenient than the other types. There are many pro level models available at this level.

Wakeboard Characteristics

If you understand what your own needs and preferences are when it comes to a wakeboard, you will be able to choose the kind of characteristics you want as well. We have listed the different types of design features and added a little bit about each one so you understand them well and can make a good decision.

  • Shape of the Rocker – The rocker shape is affected by the level of the curve from rear end to tip. A continuous rocker is also known as a smooth curve. It will provide a smooth start and stop for the rider.

    A continuous rocker will be able to handle more speed going into the wake. Beginners, intermediate users alike enjoy these wakeboards with a continuous rocker due to the smooth ride they get from them. Professional riders also like to use a continuous rocker due to the soft landing it provides.

  • Wakeboard2

  • Profile of the Edge – Another name for the edge of the wakeboard is the rail. The edge will hold better the sharper it is, especially when it is making heel or toe side cuts.

    In many cases a beginning rider will want to find a board with a thicker edge to avoid problems with catching since they are not as experienced at getting out of it if the edge is caught. Advanced riders know how to use the edge better and know how to keep the board from kicking out when they are performing cuts that are harder.

  • Size of the Fin – Fins play a part in how easy the board will break out when it is being ridden on flat water. Larger fins allow the board to behave much like a surfboard and they can add stability to the board when being used in rough water.

    Smaller fins can break out much easier and behave a lot like a snowboard would. A lot of beginning wakeboards are equipped with larger fins which will provide the stability a beginner needs. Intermediate and advanced boards provide a smaller fin to give the rider much more control.

    The great thing about these fins is that they can be replaced and are just bolted on. It is recommended to get an extra set of fins that are different from what is already on your board. This will prepare the rider for different conditions.

  • The Channels in the Board – The grooves that are located in the bottom of your board are called grooves. These channels play a part in giving the board stability and allow easier edging.
  • Width of the Board – The width measurement is taken from the middle of the board. Wide boards get a lot more pop from the wake but there is a noticeable decrease in the ability to edge since your foot is not as close to the edge of the board.
  • Size of the Board – The measurement of the board from the tip to the tail is where the size of the board comes from. When choosing the right board for your needs, you will look at your weight. Most companies have size/weight recommendations so take a look at what they recommend in terms of length based on what you weigh. It does vary between companies.

Maintenance of the Wakeboard

There are a few things that you need to remember when it comes to maintaining your wakeboard and keeping it in great condition. We’ve listed these tips for you below. Taking care of your wake board will enable you to have it for a long time.

  1. Do not keep the wakeboard in the sun for a long stretch at a time. The sun will damage the wakeboard just like it will damage your skin when you are out in the sun too long.
  2. After riding, rinse the saltwater and sand off of your wakeboard. If you’ve been riding in freshwater, it is still a good idea to rinse it off before putting it away.
  3. Wakeboard3

  4. Get a good quality wakeboard storage bag. This is great for protecting the board during storage and travel. Bags will prevent scratches and sun exposure. Dry the wakeboard off before putting it into the bag for long stretches of time.
  5. When storing your wakeboard, be sure to keep it in a cool and dry place.


Many people enjoy wakeboarding due to the excitement that this sport generates. Make sure that when you are looking for a wakeboard that you take into consideration the style of riding and the ability of the rider as well. Both of these factors will help you decide how long of a board that you need as well as other things like the material of the board, the bindings, the rocker, the fins and even the ropes.

With all of the choices available, it is important that you have the information you need to make a good decision. We’ve provided you with the knowledge to sort through all those available choices and decide on just the right wake board for your needs.


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