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We spent 45 hours researching and testing 15 different brands and types of painter’s tape and found that performance, ease of use, and brand reputation were the most important factors for consumers who were shopping for painter’s tape.  ScotchBlue 2090-48A-CP Painters Tape scored high marks in all categories and is our overall top pick. This ScotchBlue painter’s tape is perfect for taping off trim, metal, glass, smooth walls, and lightly textured walls.  You can leave this tape on for up to two weeks and still remove it with no residue left over.  There are 60 yards of painter’s tape on one roll and several rolls in this pack to provide enough painters’ tape for your painting projects.

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1. Scotch Blue

Best Overall Painters Tape

5/5 Product Rating

Scotch Blue is the most well-known brand in painters tape on the market.  With a width of 1.88” each roll of tape contains 60 yards that you can use to protect areas of your project that you want to protect from getting paint on them. It works great on glass, trim, lightly textured and smooth walls, metal and more.

This #1 selling tape can be left on for up to 14 days and will still remove easily and cleanly with no stickiness left behind. The tape itself is smooth as well as lightly textured so it does not damage or affect any surfaces you apply it to.

This is the perfect tool for professional painters, painting contractors, and homeowners that enjoy doing their own painting.  It is not difficult to use or dispose of when the painting is done and will produce the kind of clean lines and protected areas you want.  You will get 6 rolls in this pack.

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2. Frog Tape

Best Overall Painters Tape – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating

Another great product in the painting industry is frog tape, a multi-surface tape that is used to protect areas you want to shield from getting paint on them.

These areas can include trim, walls, ceilings, windows, and much more.  Although it is not as popular as Scotch Blue, this is still an excellent product and is used by professionals regularly.

One of the great features of Frog Tape is that is has a special PaintBlock technology that features a polymer that is very absorbent that reacts with latex paint, forming a gel barrier that will seal the edge of the tape and prevent any paint from bleeding onto areas you don’t want it to go.

Frog Tape will provide clean release indoors for up to 21 days without leaving residue or sticking to the surface.  If the project is in direct sunlight, it has a 7 day clean release.  There are 60 yards of FrogTape on every roll and it comes in a convenient can that will protect the tape from getting nicked or dirty. 

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3. Duck

4.4/5 Product Rating

Duck brand painters tape has been around for a long time and is a well-known brand of quality painters tape.  Each roll features 60 yards of high-quality, quick release tape that features a crepe paper back.

This backing prevents the paint from bleeding into the protected areas.  Duck painters tape can be left on for as long as 14 days and still have easy removal with no damage to paint.  After 14 days it is possible for the tape to stick a little.

You can use Duck painters tape on metal, rough exteriors, glass, trim, and wood to protect against unwanted paint marks.

It is also UV resistant for both outdoor and indoor projects so the sun will not affect adhesion.  Duck Painters tape is available in different widths for all your painting needs.

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Painters Tape Buying Guide

Painters Tape Buying Guide

Painting so carefully that you do not get paint on the baseboards, door frames or windows is almost impossible even for the most practiced professional.  For this reason, painter’s tape was invented, to tape off these areas, and makes it much easier and less stressful to paint those areas that are adjacent to the areas you DON’T want to paint.

When you have these areas protected with quality painter’s tape, the whole painting process goes much smoother with a lot less worry over ruining trim or something that you didn’t want to paint.  There are several things you should consider when it comes to choosing the right painters’ tape for your needs.  We’ve listed these things below.

  • Application – What kind of painting will you be doing? There are several different methods of painting: rollers, sprayers, and brushes.  For most jobs, painters will use a combination of methods to get all the painting done.  It may take a little longer to get the job done by using all three methods but the job will come out a lot cleaner and better looking.   Regardless of which method you choose to paint your room, carefully applied painters tape can protect all those areas that you want to keep paint off of.  Painters tape will ensure sharp lines along the door frames, baseboards, and ceiling seams. 
  • Surface you are taping – Not all surfaces are the same and neither are all painters’ tape products. Some surfaces are a little more difficult to tape than others. Glass can be troublesome as can stone, metal, and wood that is not finished.  There are many different kinds of painters’ tape on the market to choose from and surface type is one of the major considerations to look at when tape shopping.  Some brands of painters’ tape will work better on certain surfaces than others so read the description to see which surfaces that particular brand is best suited for. 
  • Size of the area – How big is the space you will be painting? If the area is large you will need painters tape and plastic sheeting. The painters tape can secure the sheeting so it does not slip or slide around leaving areas unprotected. If you are taping off a larger area you will need to choose tape that has strong adhesive to hold the sheeting in place.  
  • Length of the roll – Painters’ tape comes in a variety of lengths but the most common size is 60 yards per roll. Many brands come in multiple roll packs.  Some brands offer rolls that are longer in length than 60 yards. If you are doing a lot of painting jobs or you are a regular painting professional, longer rolls will be a better buy. 
  • Width of the tape – Painters’ tape comes in a variety of widths as well. The most common widths range between .94 and 1.88”. Wider rolls will cover wide trim better than having to use multiple strips of thinner tape.  Thinner rolls work well for ornate designs on the furniture you are painting or for protecting light switches and outlets. 

Painters Tape Buying Guide

  • Multiple roll packs – Many brands offer painters tape in multiple roll packs for cost effectiveness. These multi-pack rolls are usually less expensive when you factor in the cost per roll and also provide you with extra if you need it.  Most packs offer 3, 6, o, 9, or even 12 rolls per pack.


Painters Tape Features

We have listed the common features that the best painters tape will offer.  Take these features into consideration when you are browsing the different brands.

  • Edges – If the painters tape is damaged in any way you will not be able to get the same sharp results that you will with a roll in perfect shape. Most damage that a roll has is due to transport problems and not a manufacturer’s problem but still be mindful of the condition of the roll when you open it. 
  • Surface compatibility – If you need painters’ tape that works well for a particular type of surface, make sure to check that out before you purchase. Most brands will list the types of surfaces that the tape adheres well to. 
  • Flexibility – Painters tape is more rigid than masking tape. You want tape that has a little bit of flexibility to it without being TOO rigid.  This flexibility is especially important if you are covering decorative trims that have edges and curves to it.  The tape needs to stick to the whole surface so there is no risk of overspray or bleeding. 
  • Brand Reputation – Brand name is very important when it comes to painters’ tape. High quality painter’ tape will not have problems when it comes to clean release, adhering to the surfaces, and other factors that are important when choosing a quality product. Well-known companies are not going to sully their reputations by producing low quality products so by choosing brand names you have extra security that you will be using a product that will deliver on its promises. 

Painters Tape Buying Guide

  • Customer comments – If you want to get some inside information on how a particular brand of painters tape works, go to the customer comments. Customers that have purchased that brand of painters tape often leave reviews that will let you learn how it works in day to day scenarios.  Look for information on how well the product sticks to the surfaces you are protecting,  how easy it comes off when you are done, if any residue is left or the tape damages the finish or paint underneath, and other inside information like this. 



The whole purpose of painters tape is to protect areas of your project area that you do not want to paint.  One slip and you can ruin the trim and you’ll have a job that you are not happy with. Planning ahead and getting the right painters tape can ensure a great outcome for your painting project.

Choosing the right painters tape can make a big difference between a project that is a real showpiece or one that is a disaster and has to be fixed.  Painters tape is the only tool that can ensure you don’t get uneven lines along baseboards, ceiling seams, and windows. It is a relatively inexpensive tool that every painter, professional or not, should have in their tool box.

The biggest factor to remember when searching for the right painters tape is that it is suited to the surfaces you will be using the tape on.  If the tape is not sticking to the surface it will not protect it very well, compromising the whole job.  You can get painters tape that is really cheap but it will perform like a cheap product as well, most often not sticking to the surface properly. 

It is much better to spend more on brand name painters tape ahead of time and have a quality tape that works well, adheres properly and comes off cleanly when the job is done than to have to battle cheap tape that peels off and doesn’t stick, exposing the surfaces you want to protect.

All three of the top-rated painters tape products we have listed above are high quality tape from reputable brand names that you can trust.  Any one of these three selections works on the most common surfaces that people typically need protected while painting. 

The information in the buying guide will help you sort through the different painters’ tape products on the market so you can eliminate the ones that are not high quality or that are from no name companies that you have not heard of.  

The information in this guide will help you understand the features painters tape has, how to determine your own needs before shopping, and how to find the right painters’ tape for your specific painting needs.

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