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We spent 25 hours researching and testing 15 different types of tape measure and found that sturdiness, length of the tape, and brand reputation were most important. The Stanley 25 foot FatMax tape measure scored well above the others we tested in all categories and easily became our top pick. Users will have 25 feet of measuring capability. The first 6 feet of the tape measure is reinforced so it is not floppy like many cheaper tape measures are. The comfortable cushion grip is built-in and provides non-slip grip and the impact resistance protects against drops.

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1. Stanley 33725

Best Overall Tape Measure

5/5 Product Rating
This 25-foot tape measure has the strength and durability that you want in such an important tool. Although tape measures often get overlooked when stocking the tool box, it is a tool that you will sorely miss when you need to measuring something.

The first 6 feet of this Stanley tape measure has been reinforced with BladeArmor coating, which strengthens the whole blade.

The built-in cushion grip provided us with a non-slip grip during use that was very secure. It also offered impact resistance in case it is ever dropped.

Features of this tape measure include a blade lock on the top that makes it easier to lock the blade in place and then unlock it when the measurement has been taken.

The spring that is responsible for recoiling the tape measure blade has been heat treated so the recoil is smooth and easy. This heat treatment also extends the life of the recoil so it does not jam up. The entire blade of the tape measure is coated with a Mylar polyester film that increases longevity and durability. This Stanley tape measure is tough and long lasting and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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2. Trust

Best Overall Tape Measure – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
The Trust 25-foot measuring tape makes your measuring tasks much easier with its auto-locking blade. We didn’t have to struggle one-handed while trying to hold onto the end of the tape measure.

When the blade of the tape measure is extended it automatically locks. When you’re done getting the measurement, just press the button and the tape measure blade retracts.

The marks on the tape measure are easy to read. There are stud markers every 16” which makes this tape measure perfect for professional builders or hobby carpenters.

The impact resistant case is .14mm thick and made to last. The blade is made from bonded steel that will stand up to heavy use.

The Metric and Imperial markings on the blade are certified accurate so your measurements will always be on point. This industrial-quality tape measure can handle any job whether it’s for the average homeowner, the avid DIYer or the professional construction worker. This tape measure comes with a lifetime warranty making it one you will have for life, provided the proper care.

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3. Quickdraw

4.6/5 Product Rating
This tape measure has raised the bar and is fast becoming what the industry expects in terms of quality. It has been called the game changer and we quickly noticed why.

The first thing we noticed is the rugged, molded case that has industrial-strength star-drive screws holding it together securely. The blade of the tape measure can be extended 9 to 12 feet, freehanded and with no issues.

Other features we love include the marking wheel which is made of hardened steel and provides precise accuracy as well as rugged durability. This tape measure has a TruView WEDGE indicator that is patent pending and exclusive to Quickdraw Pro.

It works the same as a gun sight and lets the user know where the marking wheel will make the line. This patent pending technology makes the QUICKDRAW PRO tape measure the most accurate measuring tape on the market.

Reloading is super simple and quick and provides 2000 marks per cartridge. Every tape measure has a RollMARK chain that clips to your tool belt and holds the refill graphite for measurements. There are many different features that make this tape measure comfortable, easy to use, and accurate as well.

In addition to all the above-mentioned features, users can make a radius or curve easily by putting the tip on the end of the tape measure. These radius pro tips can be purchased separately. This tape measure can be used in all weather conditions without getting ruined. It is the perfect tape measure for the professional contractor and features a clip with which you can secure it to your belt.

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Tape Measure Comparison

Stanley FatMax Tape Measure
Komelon Scale Power Tape
QUICKDRAW PRO Self Marking Tape Measure
Trust Magnetic Hook Tape Measure
Stanley Powerlock Tape Rule
Pink Box Tape Measure
eTape Digital Tape Measure
Ubante Heavy Duty Tape Measure
Magnelex Measuring Tape
Lufkin Quick Read Tape Measure
1.25 x 300.00 1.00 x 300.00 1.25 x 300.00 1.00 x 300.00 1.00 x 300.00 1.00 x 300.00 1.00 x 192.00 1.00 x 300.00 1.25 x 312.00 1.00 x 300.00


Nylon Mylar
Nylon Poly
Nylon Rubber Nylon
Type Manual Manual Manual Manual Manual Manual Digital Manual Manual Manual
1.20 1.00 1.10 0.90 0.06 0.85 0.60 0.80 0.88 0.35
12 12 Limited
3 Limited


Tape Measure Buying Guide

Tape Measure Reviews

Types of Tape Measure

There are several types of tape measures on the market to choose from. The type you need will depend on the kind of measuring jobs you will be doing. There are three basic categories of tape measures that the different models will fall into:

  • Conventional – A conventional tape measure has a metal blade that is extended out from the hand held case. It extends the length of the item or space being measured and you read the distance on the tape measure that corresponds with the length of the item.
  • Digital – Digital tape measures work by utilizing different technologies that calculate the distance of the item or space is being measured. The measurement is then displayed on an LCD screen.
  • Measuring Wheel – This type of tape measure counts the number of revolutions the wheel makes as it is walked along the area being measured. It is not a measuring device that is good for small measurements on boards, etc, but it is very good for longer distances that can be walked.

Conventional Measuring Tapes

Conventional tape measures are just as popular now as they always have been. They are not electronic and can be very simple in design. Some of the more modern conventional tape measures have features such as auto-locking and design features that make them easier than ever to use.

They are long lasting as well. Most DIYers and contractors have a regular, conventional tape measure in their tool box for quick measuring jobs. They are not expensive and can be found easily. There are a few different types of conventional tape measures including:

  • Flexible tape measures – flexible tape measures are used for sewing, sizing clothing, tracking fitness progress, and measuring the circumference of various things including waists and busts in dress making. Flexible tape measures are not typically used in woodworking projects or larger scale building projects.

    Flexible tape measures usually come in plastic, cloth, or fiberglass. They can measure anywhere from 60” up to hundreds of feet when used for industrial applications.

  • Metal tape measures – This type of tape measure is the one you see in garages, tool boxes and on the tool belts of most contractors. The blade of the measuring tape is made of metal, usually steel, and can extend out anywhere from 3 feet to as much as 30 feet or more.

    Conventional tape measures are easy to use, just pull the end out and measure whatever you need to measure then let the metal blade retract back into the casing. Some conventional tape measures have auto lock features that hold the metal blade out to the desired length.

    This makes them very easy to use one handed. The blade will stay extended until a button is pressed which retracts the blade. Other features include a hook on the end of the tape measure that allows it to be hooked onto whatever you are measuring so one person can easily measure longer items.

  • Measuring Wheels – This is not exactly a full out tape measure but it performs the same function when measuring longer distances. Surveyors, contractors, and landscapers commonly use measuring wheels. They are especially good for measuring trails, pools, and other outdoor areas that you can walk along.

    Most measuring wheels are designed similarly in that they all have a wheel which rolls along the ground and a long handle that enables the user to walk normally while measuring.


Tape measures have changed and upgraded in technology over the years. While they were once considered high tech gadgets, they are now a necessary part of any homeowner, professional contractor or DIYer’s tools. They are mostly an inexpensive tool, even the high-quality brands, which makes them an easy purchase for any budget.

Since there are so many different applications in which a tape measure can be used, it is recommended to get a few of the different styles for your various needs. Regardless of the style you choose, make sure to look for one that converts imperial measurement to metric and metric to imperial. This will save you time in making those conversions manually.

Most DIYers and professionals know to keep tape measures in several places around the home and garage or workshop and even their vehicles. This way you will always be ready to take care of any measuring task that arises.

The information contained in this buyer’s guide is designed to help you sort through all the different tape measures on the market so you can make a choice that will work for most, if not all, of your measuring needs. We have gone over the different types that are available as well as the features that some models might have that can make the tape measure more convenient to use.

Tape measures come in many different styles, colors, and widths. Most people prefer the wide-style tape measure and like brightly-colored casings so they are easy to spot in the tool box. Whatever your preferences, make sure the tape measure you choose is made from durable materials, offers features that simplify its use, and will last a long, long time. When taken care of properly, there is no reason a high-quality tape measure can’t last a lifetime.


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