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When you have a yard or property of any kind whether residential or commercial, it needs to be kept up. That also includes the yard or surrounding areas if it is a business.  Mowing works for a large portion on the yard but to get everything neat and tidy chances are you will need a weed eater.  Most weed eaters come with trimmer line that will need to be replaced as you use it up.

Trimmer line is not supposed to last for long periods of time. If you have a weed eater you should try to have an extra roll of trimmer line on hand so you have a fast replacement when it runs out. This will prevent you from not being able to finish a job due to running out of line.

Weed Eater Trimmer Line Reviews

There are many different types and styles of trimmer line on them market to choose from.  Different types of weed eating call for different trimmer line styles.  Knowing which one to purchase can be really overwhelming especially with so many choices available. 

We have listed three of the top-rated trimmer line products on the market below so you can learn about their features and benefits and see if one of these great choices will work for your trimmer line needs.

We have also included a buying guide with information on the different types of trimmer line, how to choose the best trimmer line for your weed cutting needs and much more. This information will make sorting through the numerous selections much simpler and less confusing.

1. Black and Decker

Best Overall Weed Eater Trimmer Line

Black and Decker’s 3 pack Trimmer line replacement spools will provide you with a strong, reliable line that will cut through the weeds around your home. 

These spools are meant to be used on the auto feed trimmers.  Each spool features 30 feet of cutting line that will auto feed it as necessary.  

Buying this three pack of spools means you will not need to buy trimmer line for a long time.  There are several Black and Decker models that these spools will work with. 

Each spool has been factory wound for your convenience so you don’t have to do it yourself; a tedious job that can take a while.  Each spool comes with a two year warranty.


Best Overall Weed Eater Trimmer Line – Runner Up

DEWALT string trimmer line features a whopping 225 feet of line providing you with plenty of line for lots of trimming sessions. 

You won’t have to buy line for quite some time unless you use your weed eater constantly.  The line is impact resistant and flexible so it lasts longer.

This trimmer line is compatible with most weed eaters and is perfect for edging and trimming around mailboxes, fences and other places mowers can’t reach.

Despite the long line, this is a very affordable option for your weed eater. The line is created with a convenient and effective aerodynamic design that makes it more efficient when cutting your weeds.

3. Cyclone

Cyclone 400 foot trimmer line is the perfect choice if you have a commercial lawn business.  This huge roll provides plenty of trimmer line for huge areas so you don’t have to stop and replace the line mid-job.

The 0.80”  diameter is just right for fine chopping. The 6-bladed line shape provides extra trimming power so it cuts through even tough grass easily.

The Cyclone trimming line is made from nylon that is commercial grade, making it very durable and super strong. The Cyclone trimmer line is great to use with high-wheel weed eaters and it will also work with trimmers that have a diameter of 0.065”. 

Summary of Our Top Picks

The three top-rated trimmer line products featured above are all excellent examples of the kind of quality you should look for when browsing.  All three selections are made with quality line that is durable and long lasting.  Each one provides plenty of line to take care of the trimming jobs you have.  Two of the three selections above have more than 200 feet of line!

Taking the time to be prepared for lawn work by choosing a quality trimmer line will save you money, time, and headaches as well. The right trimmer line will make quick work of most weeds, even dense ones.  Choosing the right trimmer line will cut your weed eating time down because you will not have to struggle with subpar line or your spool running out mid-job.

Once you are ready to purchase trimmer line considering one of the three selections we have above is a great place to start.  If you do not see the trimmer line you are looking for in these three selections we have added 7 more for you to consider.

Weed Eater Trimmer Line Buying Guide

Weed Eater Trimmer Line Buying Guide

A trimmer line’s shape affects how well it works among other things. There are several different shapes on the market that you can choose from. Determining which shape is best can be daunting if you are not familiar with the line shapes or what each shape is best suited for so we have provided this information to you below.

  • Round – The most popular shape for trimmer line is round. This shape is found in most home trimmers. This type of trimmer line can usually refill any type of weed eater but it is not designed to handle anything more than light weeds and grass and will wear down much quicker than other shapes. It will last longer if you only use it for small jobs and is one of the most inexpensive choices on the market.
  • Twisted – Twisted trimmer line is great for commercial use and for clearing gardens and other spaces that have thick, heavy weeds. It is the strongest line available for professional use because you don’t have to worry about it breaking if it hits concrete or trees. The twisted design of the line makes if much more efficient and strong and reduces the noise level. You will also have to deal with less vibration and provides an even, clean cut.
  • Square – If you have heavier weed coverage to deal with you will get favorable results from square-designed trimmer line. This line is medium-sized and can handle hitting rocks, trees, and other hard things without breaking. The square trimmer line works great on thick weeds due to the multiple sides it has. Since it is thicker than most other lines as well as bigger it will clear weeds or grass standing in the way easily and efficiently. If you are clearing areas of weeds and grass that have a lot of trees and rocks in the way this is the best line to use since it will cut like there are no other obstacles at all. It’s not well-suited for light trimming but if you have a lot of heavier jobs you will be pleased with its performance.
  • Weed Eater Trimmer Line Buying Guide

  • Spiral – If you are weed eating in an area that has noise ordinances such as residential spots you can get the results you want without a ton of noise. The spiral line is considered medium to large-sized and can take a lot of rough use without creating a lot of noise. Spiral trimmer line is best suited for commercial areas where there are some noise restrictions. You will also find they are best used in electric or battery powered trimmers rather than gas powered since the former is quieter to use.
  • X-shaped – The X-shaped trimmer line is great for professionals as well as homeowners and is used for cutting tough materials. The surface area and shape of the x-shaped trimmer line is resistant to melting caused by overheating and is very flexible as well.
  • 5-sided – The 5-sided trimmer line comes in a variety of sizes and helps cut weeds and grass more easily than smooth line will. It also feeds easily despite the 5-sided shape.
  • 6-bladed – This durable, sturdy line offers 6 blades with a ribbed design. That can withstand even severe cutting jobs. This is a great line for landscaping professionals. It fits on the end of high-wheel trimmers. The ribbed design of the trimmer line increases cutting ability through grassy areas and weeds and will last a long time.
  • Serrated – If you have a lot of weeds around your yard or you have your own professional lawn business you will like the efficiency of serrated trimmer lines. If you are cutting down plants and weeds that are thicker than normal you will like the performance of the serrated trimmer line.
  • Titanium – This is one of the next generation trimmer lines on the market and performs better than the others on every level. Titanium trimmer lines lower noise pollution, is faster, and reduces fuel usage on gas powered trimmers. It also fits all standard weed eaters for easy and convenient installation. Titanium trimmer line is best suited for residential and commercial use where you want a crisp, professional look.

How to Choose the Right Trimmer Line

Before you make a trimmer line purchase you should start by checking the manual for your weed eater. Some models can only use a certain width of line or it will cause a lot of problems. The manual will provide the information on what size refill will work the best with that model.

Once you know what size you need the next step is to take a walk around the area you will be cutting regularly and see what kind of materials you will be cutting. The typical rule of thumb is that larger line will cut anything below its own size. If you don’t have anything other than grasses and light weeds to cut, spending money on a heavy duty, professional style trimmer line is just a waste of your money. Noise pollution is something else to consider if you are weed eating in a residential area. If you live in a place where there are noise ordinances consider buying the type of trimmer line that is designed to be quieter such as the x-shaped line. It will be a little more expensive but you won’t have to worry so much about noise.

  • Material – There are several different materials that trimmer line is made from. Light duty line is usually made of plastic and nylon. The heavier-duty lines are made from a combination of materials including synthetic polymers, nylon, and aluminum. The additional materials added to the line provide more strength and durability.
  • Durability – If your trimmer line breaks down fast you will need to replace it more often. There are some trimmer lines available that are much more durable and will not require you to have to replace the spool so frequently. Look at the list of line shapes above and match the shape with the type of cutting jobs you will have and you’ll be able to purchase trimmer line that will last. If you have a lot of dense weeds and grasses or you have your own professional lawn service, it is wise to spend the money on the best quality, strongest trimmer line you can purchase. You do not want to have to stop in the middle of a paid job to change out the string or fix jammed lines from using a trimmer line that is not up to the heavier jobs.
  • Diameter – Diameter of the line is one of the most important factors to consider. The diameter of the trimmer line determines how well it will cut through certain weeds and grasses. The different diameter stages are as follows:
    1. Light diameter – .065” to .080”
    2. Medium diameter – .085” to .105”
    3. Large diameter- .110” and above
  • Customer comments and reviews – One of the best ways to gain some inside information on the different trimmer lines that you are considering is to read customer comments from people who have purchased the trimmer lines you are interested in and are using them. You’ll be able to find out information about longevity, performance, ease of installation, durability and much more. This inside information can help you eliminate trimmer lines that are not performing properly. You don’t want to choose line that is weak and that breaks a lot.
  • Weed Eater Trimmer Line Buying Guide

  • Brand name – As with every product on the market, brand name means something. This doesn’t mean that there are not decent no-name trimmer lines on the market but in general you get what you pay for. Buying brand name trimmer line doesn’t 100% guarantee excellent products but more often than not, it does and the company typically stands behind their products with good warranties as well. When looking at the brand name trimmer line, make sure that it ticks off all the boxes and that you are careful to choose the line that works for your specific cutting needs.
  • Ease of installation – No one wants to struggle with a complicated weed eater, trying to install a new trimmer line. Some types of trimmer line install easily and others are much more complicated and involve hand winding the line around the spool. Look for trimmer line that is already spooled if possible or brands that advertise they are easy to install. That will prevent frustration and hassle when it comes to replacing the existing spool once it runs out.



A weed eater with quality trimmer line is one of the most important yard tools you can own. Mowers get a lot done but there is always need for a weed eater that can take care of weeds and grasses that are in places the mower can’t reach such as along the fence line, around posts and mailboxes and more.

To ensure that your weed eater works properly you will need to choose the right type of quality trimmer line. Once you have determined your needs you will be able to start sorting through the many different choices that are available.

With all of these choices, the information you have gotten in this guide is crucial to understand the differences between all these lines and how to determine which type of trimmer line you want for your weed eater. This buying guider was designed to help you understand everything you need to know about choosing the right line for your weed eater based on the weed cutting needs you have and whether you

Don’t forget to check out the three top-rated trimmer line selections to see if they are what you are looking for. All three of these selections offer quality, variety of line shapes, and a lot of line per roll so you don’t have to change them so frequently. If you’re looking for a fast solution to your weed eater trimmer line problems, any one of these great choices will fit the bill nicely.

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